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Chapter 6!

The end of the beginning I guess you would call it.


Chapter 6

"OUT!" Ratchet's scream echoed around the crowded medical bay.

"I'm not going anywhere!" Ironhide growled.


Getting patched up after Ratchet finally screamed loud enough that every mech in the ship went running from the bay doors surprisingly entertained Bumblebee once he knew he was safe again. Despite all that was happening the little sparkling did kind of love being the center of attention.

Alright, more like he wallowed in it.

Now that he was save in Ratchet's hands he knew the medic would make him stop hurting, and with Ironhide and Optimus pacing impatiently on the other side of the bay doors Bee was certain that everything was going to be alight again. His family would make sure of that.

It was several breems and a whole lot of painful pokes with various needles and tools later before the skilled medic finally let out a tired sigh as he stared down at the little sparkling who played with the wrench he'd given him to keep him busy while he was patched up. The medic had to do a slight energon transfusion when he finally got Bee to sit still long enough due to the amount of energon he'd lost from the gash Skywarp tore in his side. With no other options Ratchet used his own, just to keep Ironhide from having another panic attack. Not to mention what he figured Prime would do. Somehow through it all though the little sparkling had come out of the whole horrible experience not too worse for wear.

He'd be just fine in a couple of orns with a little rest.

There was just one thing Ratchet stood before Bumblebee wondering.

How in the name of Primus did the little mech managed to get away from that idiot Skywarp anyway?

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe had seen the seeker teleport away. How was it that Bumblebee ended up just outside the fighting where Optimus found him? There was no way he could have gotten away from the Decepticon on his own. The sparkling was clever, but not that clever.

"Ratch?" The CMO shook his head realizing the sparkling had questioned him.

"What is it, Bumblebee?"

"Can see Opt? Can see Hide?" Bee's optics glittered with hope as he smiled up at the large mech offering up the tool he'd been playing with as some sort of bribe.

Ratchet chuckled. "I don't see why not."

"Yay!" Bee cheered his bright little spark warming the whole room. Ratchet had grown use to the little sparklings abilities, but they still amazing him. Walking to the sliding doors Ratchet pushed in a code opening them with a hiss just in time to see Ironhide slug Hound in the head. Hard.

"None of this would have even happened if you hadn't lost him in the first place!" Ironhide snarled.

Jazz threw his hands up in the air practically fuming from where he was pacing behind the massive weapons specialist. "How do you lose a sparkling that can hardly walk!?"

Hound picked his green frame up off the floor with the help of his older brother's extended hand before he bowed his head in shame. "I really am sorry." He whispered. "One klick he was there and the next he was gone."

"We really were watching him." Trailbreaker bowed his own head behind his brother. "But it really was like he just vanished."

"He crawls!" Ironhide fumed pacing around the hall his cannons whirling with anger. "How can he crawl away from you that fast?"

"You're the one that watches him the most you answer that!" Hound snapped only to get slugged to the floor again.

"Alright enough of that!" Prowl jumped forward placing himself between Hide and the caretakers that had let the sparkling vanish. "He's fine. Right Ratchet?"

Prowl had seen the medic open the doors even if no one else noticed. He cast a quick glance around Ratchet's thick yellow and red frame to see Bumblebee grinning on a berth behind him twirling a wrench. Relived, Prowl knew that for a moment at least the inner fighting would stop. However, if Ratchet had kept that door shut much longer Prowl was sure Ironhide would have blasted something, and Red Alert really didn't need any other bots needing to be fixed up at the moment. The other medic had to take up the slack when Ratchet's whole focus went onto the sparkling, and there were enough battered frames in the other medical bay across the ship that needed patching. Hound's didn't need to be added to them. Even if the quiet mech had lost the sparkling. A fact that Prowl still didn't really understand.

Bumblebee was a sparkling after all. How did he sneak away? The notion wasn't logical.

"He will be fine." Ratchet nodded. "But Hound won't be if you don't stop denting mechs, Ironhide."

"Get out of my way!" The massive black mech shoved past Ratchet hurrying into the med bay and the berth that his little charge sat on giggling and reaching out for him. Ironhide scooped him up, snuggling the tiny form close to his spark as he stared down at those bright baby blue optics that glittered up at him like he was the whole universe wrapped up in a mech. Ironhide could do nothing other than smile down at him in return as the anger that had his cannons pulsing slowly slipped away into relief. He'd already lost one sparkling, and he would die before he lost this one.

He'd vowed that the klick he laid optics on him.

Now all he could do was soak in those magnificent blue optics and that happy, warm, glow that reached back at his spark. That is until suddenly the optics narrowed and Bumblebee curled up a tiny fist slamming it with a thump into Ironhide's thick, battled scarred, chest with a tiny clink. He hardly even felt the thud, had he not been watching Bee he probably wouldn't have even known what happened, but he had been watching and the sight threw him for a loop. Shocked he blinked in surprise at the violent act until Bee wiggled a short finger up at him accusingly.

"Promised!" Bee let out an annoyed click.

Ironhide visible deflated at the anger glittering in his sparkling's optics. "I know, Bee."

"Not back!" Bumblebee turned away crossing his short arms over his tiny chest. "Hide lie!"

Ironhide's spark ached at the words.

"Bumblebee," Optimus walked forward quickly from the gathering crowd outside the door. Reaching Ironhide's side he knew just how worried his friend had been the last few breems. The leader could still feel the panic that had assaulted his best friend's spark when Jazz's comm cut off. He could still see the terror that had taken over Ironhide at the notion of losing the sparkling.

Optimus never would have forgiven himself if something had happened to Bumblebee, for more reasons than he could sit down and count, but most of all because of two. One, he felt as close to and as responsible for the little one as Ironhide did, and two because he agreed to let Ironhide get attached.

He could have easily just let the sparkling be Jazz's charge, or Ratchet's, even Prowl's or Magnus's.

But he hadn't.

He knew how much Ironhide could do for the sparkling and vice versa.

He had wanted it to be Ironhide.

He wanted his old friend back. It had been selfish of him, but he had done it all the same. He knew the risk or letting the mech care for another that could so easily be taken from him. Just like before. Yet he did it anyway.

"He didn't lie, Bumblebee." Optimus scolded as he gazed down at Bumblebee who pouted in Hide's hand. "And it's cruel to say such things."

Bumblebee turned a pout to the massive mech who's spark opened up to him so much and allowed Bee to feel just as safe and protected as Ironhide did. Only this time he wasn't satisfied with the safety he could be welcomed into. He was very, very, put out with his family.

"Opt lie too." He pointed up into Optimus's kind eyes that went wide with shock.

Huh? The commander blinked.

"Now that is priceless." Sunstreaker, who had been leaning in the hallway watching everything go down faking that he wasn't absolutely terrified about the welfare of Bumblebee—well to everyone but his brother who could feel it drowning him—pushed himself to his feet and strolled into the bay ignoring the glare Ratchet shot him. "Optimus Prime. Shocked. This little mech really can do anything can't he?"

"He truly is something else." Sideswipe joined his twin, casting Wrench a playful smile.

"Sunny!" Bumblebee threw open his arms wiggling them so the warrior would pick him up.

Now it was Sunstreaker's turn to be shocked into silence. The sparkling wanted him?


Half the time he figured he scared the Half Pint.

Sides, sure, he understood why Bee liked his brother so much, but Sun was violent, egotistical, loud, annoying, and not really all that much of a team player. He liked sparkling sitting Bee—though he'd die before he let anyone other than his brother know it—but the Half Pint always stuck closer to Sides. Or maybe that was just because Sides was the one that would hold him in public.

It kind of confused the weathered warrior as to why Bumblebee wanted him at the moment, and then that terrified little face he'd seen clutched in that pit slaggin' Decepticon's hand flashed across his processor. Quickly shaking the thought away his spark shuttered at the lingering memory long enough that Sides picked up on it. His brother cast him a knowing glance that the twins were pretty cretin their commander, CMO, and weapons specialist caught before Sides snatched up the giggling sparkling and plopped down on the breath ignoring the glare Ironhide gave him.

"What?" Sides defended. "Obviously he's mad at you."

"Sideswipe," Ratchet warned as he carefully bounced Bee before him earning giggle after giggle. "If you reopen those patches I will dismantle you myself."

"I'm not gonna hurt him." Sides rolled his optics. "Am I, Half Pint?"

Bee just kept laughing.

"See he's fine."

"Fine as a post sparkling-napped sparkling could be I suppose." Sunstreaker snorted.

"Not helping." Sides raised an optic ridge.

"Who said I needed to help?"

"Common sense, duh."

"Since when do either of us have that?"

"He makes a valid point." Ratchet put in.

Both twins turned to glare at him.

"You said it hothead, not me."

"Sides?" The red twin's attention returned to the sparkling that wiggled in his hands.

"What's up, Half Pint?" He questioned.

"Bad bot gone?"

Sideswipe tensed for just a moment before he nodded slowly. "Yeah Bee they're gone. Nobody's gonna hurt you now. You shouldn't have been hurt in the first place, but if you hadn't wondered off it wouldn't have happened."

"Which brings about the raining question of the orn," Optimus crossed his arms over his chest as he stared down at Bumblebee with stern optics making Bee lower his. "Why did you sneak away from Hound and Trailbreaker?"

"How!" Hound snapped from the door. "How did you sneak away from Hound and Trailbreaker!?"

"Yes," Optimus nodded trying to not let the pitiful little way the sparkling wouldn't look at him get to his spark. He had to be firm now. This was not the time to coddle. They had all come very close to losing Bumblebee, and Optimus couldn't let that happen again. "That too."

Bumblebee shrugged slightly as he climbed over Sides arms until he was reaching for Ironhide again. He had moved past his earlier unhappiness and now he wanted his guardian again. He was tired and he didn't want to be questioned about sneaking off. He knew he shouldn't have done it, but that would only make his caretakers angrier with him if he told them that. So he opted for silence while he reached for Hide.

Quickly Ironhide plucked his charge away from the slightly more disastrous of the twins, cradling him up against his chest as the little one yawned. Bright baby blue optics growing heavier by the klick stared around the room until every mech around him sighed in turn.

"He's tired, Optimus." Ratchet relented. "He's had quite the orn."

"Perhaps the lecture can wait until tomorrow." The leader nodded. "No since keeping him up. He's safe now that's all that matters."

"I'd still like to know how he snuck off." Hound huffed.

"Tomorrow, little brother." Trailbreaker chuckled, pulling his last family member from the med bay and back toward the mess hall followed by Sideswipe and Sunstreaker who gave the mechs around the room a brief nod as they vanished.

The four mechs left in the med bay were the very four that had brought the tiny, yawning, sparkling to the ship in the first place.

Ironhide stood watching his new charge curl up against his chest with another yawn before his optics closed. Had he know not that long ago that by now his life was going to revolve around the tiny yellow form he knew he would have thought himself glitchy. Glitchy to get in this deep once again. Glitchy to let that walled off part of his spark open up again. Glitchy to think that he and his closest friends could keep such a helpless life online in the middle of all this. He'd done it though, and he knew that he was never going to regret any of it.

Bumblebee owned his spark now.

He had been gifted with a second chance at having a sparkling. This time he was going to make sure he made it count. He was going to make sure this one lived to be all he was meant to be.

Optimus stood beside his friend watching with wonder as Bumblebee fell into recharge safe in Ironhide's arms. How they'd managed to do it the Autobot leader still wasn't sure. Somehow they had gotten him back. Though he knew their troubles had only just begun. The chances that Megatron wouldn't learn about their little sparkling were slim to none, and when the fact did come to light Optimus knew that his older brother would hunt Bumblebee down. Simply because he would have gathered that the little one was tied to Optimus somehow.

The commander wasn't going to let that happen though. He had sworn he would protect Bumblebee, and he would. He was going to make sure this innocent had every chance in the universe to become all he wanted to be. Optimus knew that a sparkling raised in the middle of a war would have no other choice than to eventually become a part of it, and he hated the fact with every part in his spark, but he knew that it was a fact nonetheless. It was a fact that saddened the commander, but a fact he had to acknowledge.

Reaching forward Optimus ran a careful finger over the sleeping head of the little sparkling before he whispered quietly.

"No matter what happens from here on out you're right where you belong, Bumblebee." He promised. "You're one of us now."

In the gathering shadows of the night a pair of glittering red optics along with an ice like pair of blue watched the darkening battleship Artemis 1 as the mechs aboard steadily fell into recharge. The pair watched silently from the misty night well aware of what bots stood guard and which broke apart from the med bay. One, the massive weapons specialist who was entrusted with the object of their interest, walked with his close friend and commander until they reached his chambers and the warrior mech left his leader to put the sparkling into recharge. Between the two of them they could sense the hulking mech lay upon his own berth cradling the slumbering youth to his strong chest.

The blue eyed mech grinned at the loyalty and love he could sense pulsing from the mech. Then he turned his focus to the commander who made his way to his own quarters. The great Optimus Prime. The watcher could only chuckle lightly at the turn of events.

"You find this funny?" The harsher of the two watchers turned his red optics to his companion. "Because I see nothing humorous."

"I was right." The other said.

"Ha," He was answered with a snort. "That little runt is not what we need!"

"But he is."

"You've finally gone glitchy."

"No I haven't."

"We've been searching the universe for more than a billion vorns, brother." The other replied. "All the time looking for his replacement. I refuse to believe that that tiny runt is who we've been searching for."

"Then why did you save him?"

The other let out a low growl before crossing his strong silver arms over his broad chest tapping a long claw like finger against his armor. "We would have never known if that half wit took him to that poor excuse of a tyrant."

A chuckle broke through the dark air as the shorter of the two lay his massive black head down on his long strong front legs he crossed before his canine like form. His muzzle rested on his wickedly clawed paw like feet as he watched the ship bellow him. His long spiked tail, that was almost as long as the rest of his massive frame, flicked back and forth in amusement.

"I'm still not convinced." His brother continued tapping a clawed finger. "That thing will never ever be any use to us."

"He is young." With a flick of a tail he smiled at the feeling of the little spark down there shining brightly. For him that brilliant spark was proof enough. He didn't need any more convincing. Though he knew his harsher brother would need a bit more. "He needs time."

"He will never amount to anything."

"I disagree."

"You saw him!" Red optics narrowed in anger. "That is not Shootingstar! That little runt will never be what we need!"

"He doesn't have to be Shootingstar!" Blue optics sparkled with their own anger as he turned to glare up at the other. "Shootingstar is dead, and whose fault is that?"

The other turned away charging his rocket boosters before he growled in anger and pain over his shoulder. "That was a very, very, long time ago."

And with that he shoot up into the sky disappearing without a trace.

The remaining watcher didn't even bother to see which way his brother went. He'd made his point, and it was done with. As far as he was concerned the sparkling didn't need to be the one they had needed before. His brother was right. That had been a very long time ago. This one, this magnificent little sparkling, was a million times more than anything he could have hoped for. That brilliant spark could be nothing else than what he knew it was.

After all he'd spent the last billon vorns searching for him. He kind of figured he would know the one he needed when he found it. True, the tiny sparkling was not what he had hoped for, but he knew that one orn that sparkling would have a power that would revile the very ones that searched for him.

He wondered if Prime had guessed what the tiny creature was yet. Had he figured out who the sparkling belong too, truly belonged too. Had he guessed the greatness that awaited such a powerful spark?

He doubted it.

The orn would come though, and it wouldn't be much longer until it did. The sparkling needed to do just a bit more growing. Then the universe would see if the more optimistic of the watchers was right. They would all see if that spark was bound to them the way he thought it was. Until than he and his brother would have to hang back and watch. They would only intervene when necessary, like they had done earlier when Prime was foolish enough to let the sparkling get taken.

Until the orn came that the theory could be tested and eventfully the threads of fate reviled they would all simply have to make sure the sparkling survived.

Pushing himself to his wide powerful paws he cast a knowing ice blue gaze down over where the sparkling slumbered in peace.

"Rest well, Tiny One. Grow a little more. Learn a little more. I will come for you soon. We will come for you soon. For you are one of us, Tiny One, even if you do not yet know it."

Turning into the darkening night, he racing back into the shadows to watch until the orn that he would be needed.

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