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AN 3: The timeline will remain the same except it will all take place a 100 years later than canon.

The Harbinger Of Change


Year 2257

Deep in the void of space

The hum of the engines always served to calm him.

It was both magnificent and humbling. To look outside and realize that it was these engines that saved you from a slow death, trapped in dark space.

Even as he brooded over the everyday problems that he dealt with, his mind analyzed and deconstructed every part of the engine's blueprint, out of nothing more than pure habit.

Then his thoughts jumped back to the one thing that never failed to make him smile, a true open smile. He thought about his wife back home, dealing with the political problems that she thrived on. Problems that always gave him a migraine. He thought of his children, each one so strong and responsible. They always made him proud - whether with their successes or the way they handled their mistakes. And his newborn son John was so loveable. He had everyone wrapped around his little finger.

Ending his brooding, he strode purposefully to the bridge of the dreadnought 'Majestic Spirits' in order to talk with the admiral. Every step he took was measured, calm and precise. The sound of an ornate walking stick hitting the ground came periodically, even though the dark figure did not lean on the stick in the slightest. He knew however exactly how the impression you gave could influence the people around you. The air around him was shifting slightly. It was as if this person's very presence was enough to influence reality. Each and every member of the crew could feel his aura around them. It was like a hulking beast, barely restrained and waiting to strike. None of them wished to anger the man. None of them would dare to.

Yet they all loved him and some even worshipped him. How could they not? He had given everything to them. He was the reason they managed to reach out to the stars. He brought them together and saved them all.

Spotting the person he needed to speak to, he made his way to the young admiral and immediately received a salute and a short bow in respect, and maybe even a little awe.

"Admiral, I trust we are close to our destination?" he asked, his voice little more than a cultured drawl which only added to his image.

"Yes My Lord, we shall reach Shanxi in a short time. If the reports are correct, then we shall soon be able to see this active relay for ourselves." came the prompt reply.

"I see. Tell me Admiral Drescher, what do you think about the mass relays? About Element Zero?" His eyes seemed to search her very soul, trying to find out what thoughts dwelled within her mind. She quickly ended her musings though. If the Emperor wanted to delve into her mind, he could do so easily. And she probably wouldn't be able to do a thing to stop him.

"Sir I think that it's too convenient. A supposedly extinct race leaves behind beacons and an entire network for quick FTL travel while there is no clue as to what happened to them. Humanity reached out to the stars and the one constant that we notice are a series of pre-placed Relays, which would have guided any space faring species into relaying upon their networks. We neither need this luxury nor should we use such frivolous means to transverse the stars." The admiral's sentiments were shared by the entire crew. Throughout their two hundred years of space travel and exploration, Humanity had left the relays alone, leaving them inactive within their territories but closely monitored. In fact the one found at the very edge of the Sol System had been moved deep into the dark space in order to prevent a back door for any possible enemy.

Apparently he was satisfied with the answer. "Very well Admiral. As soon as we exit warp space, have all the ships be prepared to form a defensive perimeter surrounding the relay. Since Orion, the AI of your ship is currently receiving upgrades, Athena will handle his responsibilities for now."

"It is an honor to serve alongside your daughter Sir."

"It is an honor to be here Admiral," said Athena, Humanity's first and most advanced AI as she materialized in her full size holo form, wearing an elegant Greek robe. "All preparations have been made and General Williams has been alerted to our presence. Whatever might come, we will be ready. After all Dad you did mobilize the entire 2nd fleet for this."

"There is no such thing as overkill," he replied with just a hint of humor in his voice.

Admiral Drescher looked around nervously and mustered up her courage before asking, "Emperor what if today is the day we finally contact the Citadel Council officially? I am worried that it might cause unnecessary bloodshed and war."

Ever since humanity had proof that they were not alone, they had sent many probes and stealth ships out into the galaxy. This had caused them to stumble onto the extranet and by extension the Citadel Council and the Terminus Systems. While many wanted to make contact immediately, the Emperor had publicly declared that they would spy on the council first in order to acquire information and translate their languages.

That had proved to be a wise decision.

Many of the council's laws would clash with the Empire's ways. This could even cause a war. A war they would have lost at that time.

Now they had watched them for almost a hundred years and consolidated their strength. With their technological edge, they could now probably defeat the entire Citadel Council if it came down to it.

"If that does happen Admiral, and it would only happen after we have exhausted all options of peaceful coexistence, then we shall stand strong and do our duty to the people of the Empire." All of the crew members in the bridge saluted and showed their support to the Emperor's statements. And if more evidence was needed, then the Empire's Second Fleet consisting of over 500 vessels and heading at full speeds towards the relay would certainly be enough to back up that statement.

As everybody returned to their duties, he continued to stare out across the void. His eyes changed from their normal intense emerald to a stormy grey with silver and gold flashes constantly moving around it - a color that represented a great lightning storm. He thought about his family, his children and his people who depended on him. He would do whatever it took to keep them safe.

He was over 250 years old. He was a genius with an multiple doctorates and an IQ that is off the charts. He had united his race and reveled the magicals to the world. He was a master of all fields of magic that exist, including soul magic, blood magic and temporal magic. He had managed to discover and enhance the magical gene so that the arcane was not limited to only a select few. He developed EMP shielded technology which could withstand magic. He created a new system where any form of energy could be used to power anything, even magical energy could be used. He revolutionized many different forms of magic and started projects to enhance technology with magic and vice versa. He united the nations of Earth through both war and peace. He led the project which created Warp technology and took Humanity to the stars. He was fully immortal with the ability to grant partial immortality or eternal youth to anyone he wants to. He was the Master Of Death. He was the Man-Who-Conquered. He was the bloody Boy-Who-Lived.

He was Hadrian Potter.

And he was the Emperor of the Arcane Empire.