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In this story:

Dick is 18

Jason is 16

Tim is 13

Damian is 10

This is before Jason dies in Young Justice and hence before Wally quits/retires. Dick is Nightwing and lives in Blüdhaven. Jason is obviously still Robin and Tim and Damian are in training (Damian recently arrived) and I will leave it up to you what they go by as heroes. I hope you enjoy!

Crash-Course in Birdnapping

Part I

"Shut up, Tim, no one cares."

Dick glared at his younger brother. "Jason." He hissed.

"It's true. Whatever happened to honesty is the best policy? And keep your eyes on the road!" Jason shoved his older brother's face back towards the road. "Knew I should've drove." He muttered under his breath.

"I don't think anyone was in the mood to crash today." Tim shot back from the backseat of Dick's Lexus. "And it's driven."

Dick grabbed the front of Jason's jacket as he started to make a lunge for Tim, trying to keep the wheel steady at the same time.

"While Grayson's driving leaves much to be desired, I must agree with Drake that it's far more desirable than Todd's."

"Demon." Jason muttered, shooting a look to the youngest.

"Street rat." Was the hissed reply.

"Devil's spawn."


"Damian! Jason! Please, just act civil for once?" Dick begged, glancing in the review mirror to give Damian a pleading look.

They both muttered under their breaths but didn't say anymore and Dick sighed in relief. As much as he loved spending time with his brothers, and as much as he'd jumped on Bruce's request for him to pick them up from school, there was a limit to how much even he could handle.

Dick turned off the main road and onto the country road that led to Wayne Manor, slightly off the beaten path. Dick didn't mind the location of the manor - he actually appreciated it even more now that he was living in the inner city in a small apartment building - but he always hated driving on the road leading to it. He didn't know why, as he'd driven it too many times to count and Alfred countless more, not to mention there were rarely any other cars at all on it, but for some reason it didn't sit well with him. Maybe it was the curviness, or the hilliness, or the fact that it was bordered by treacherous drops into thick forest on either side, but whatever the reason, Dick hated it.

"Woah, look, road kill." Tim leaned forward in his seat to look out the windshield. "Looks like a big one."

"Dick probably hit it on the way here." Jason slouched farther down in the seat, not even looking out the window.

"I didn't even come this way." Dick replied, leaning forward slightly and searching the road. His eyes soon caught what Tim was talking about and saw that it was indeed a dead animal of some kind. As they got closer to it, Dick saw that it was a deer, though so mangled it was almost impossible to tell.

"Ugh." Tim groaned, looking away.

At Tim's groan Jason sat up and looked at the deer. "It's definitely dead." He said, looking mildly disgusted.

"It was obviously hit by something pretty big." Tim was shooting brief glances at it as they passed.

"Tt, even an idiot can see that." Damian scoffed, giving the dead deer only a quick glance.

"Maybe Bruce hit it last night." Jason said, implying that the Batmobile was involved. "It looks pretty fresh."

"Maybe..." As Dick drove past the deer, his sharp eyes took in the details and he felt a shudder run through him at what he saw.

The side of the deer facing upwards, the right side, was caved in, the animal's ribs obviously broken, and Dick could see a few spots of bone peeking through the matted, bloody fur. Its head was crushed as well, barely recognizable, and its legs were sticking out at odd angles from its body. Jason was right: it looked newly dead, fresh blood still oozing out of its wounds. Its head was facing towards the manor so that as Dick drove, the legs were the first part the car passed. That meant….

"Whoever hit it was going this direction." Dick muttered.

"Hm?" Jason asked, raising an eyebrow at his older brother.

"I just said that whoever hit it was heading towards the manor."

"Told you it was Bruce."

"I'd think Father to be aware of such things as a deer." Damian retorted.

"I'd think so too. But they can be hard to spot sometimes." Dick added the last part quickly, hoping to avoid another argument.

"Why would it be anyone else but Bruce?" Tim asked.

"It was probably that incompetent delivery man." Damian huffed, seeming uninterested in the conversation.

"No way that guy's truck could do that to a deer." Jason retorted.

Dick had to agree with Jason, but he wasn't about to say that. He hoped whatever had hit the deer was simply a lost semi and had already realized his mistake and was halfway to who knows where, because, for some reason, Dick had a bad feeling about the situation. A foreboding that he couldn't seem to shake off.

"Tt, he was probably going far too fast and his momentum was what did it." Damian continued, shooting glares at Jason. "If we're lucky, he died too."

"Dami!" Dick exclaimed, turning around and glaring at his younger brother.

"I'm just stating what we all are thinking." The younger boy pointed, hunching slightly in his seat. "And pay attention, Grayson!"

As Dick turned back around he heard a low mutter of "incompetent fool", but ignored it.

The car fell silent for a minute or two and Dick rubbed his eyes, the idea of bed sounding wonderful at the moment. It'd been a busy week in Blüdhaven and he couldn't remember the last time he'd had a full night's sleep. Dick realized those were probably not the best thoughts while driving, though he knew he'd be able to stay awake for another twenty-four if not forty-eight hours if he had to. But he sincerely hoped he wouldn't have to.

Just take the kids home, he thought, and then you can go back to Blüdhaven and sleep until Tuesday. But then, he'd also been hoping he'd get to spend some time with his brothers in the evening as it was Friday and they were all off school the next day. Bruce had invited him over for dinner (not that he ever really needed an invitation as it seemed there was always someone who wanted him to come over every night) and he'd been looking forward to the idea of some real, quality food for a change. Maybe he could just take a nap on the couch….

As they rounded a particularly sharp bend in the road, Dick glanced momentarily over at Jason, who'd pulled out his phone and was fiddling with it, then in the rearview mirror at Tim, a book open in his lap, and Damian, leaning against the door, his cheek smushed against the window as he glared out. Dick smiled, looking away and back to the road... only to stamp on the brakes and swerve to the right as a giant truck barreled towards the car.

Tim screamed, Damian gasped, Jason grunted, and Dick prayed they wouldn't die. The front of the truck slammed into the left side of the front of the car, sending it flying sideways and spinning wildly off the edge of the road and down the side of the ditch. Dick watched as the front of his car was flattened into the windshield and felt the glass shatter around him, cutting his face and arms. He felt his body slam forward into his seatbelt, momentarily wondering where the heck the airbag was before his head banged on the steering wheel and his thoughts went fuzzy. He was aware of something slamming into his left arm, followed by a sharp pain, and smashing and crashing and then everything was still.

Dick groaned, blinking, trying to clear his foggy vision. Lights were flashing around the edge of his vision and he shook his head, though nearly crying out in pain as it hurt. He managed to turn his head to his right and saw Jason, glass falling out of his hair as he shook his head, his face covered in tiny cuts.

"Jay," Dick croaked, raising his right arm and putting it on his younger brother's shoulder.

"What happened?" The boy groaned.

"We got hit…." His face stung when he talked.

"No way." Jason paused a moment before turning to Dick. "Are the others okay?"

"Timmy, Damian, are you guys alright?" Dick struggled to pivot in his seat to see behind him.

"I'm fine." Damian managed to drawl, though looking a little less than fine. "Drake's not though."

"Timmy?" Dick had a brief war with his seatbelt before Jason reached over and cut it off with his pocketknife. Free, Dick was finally able to see the boy clearly. He was pale, his eyes closed and head flopped forward. Dick didn't see any blood, which was a good sign, but he knew enough about internal injuries not to thank any stars yet. Leaning forward, Dick put a hand to his brother's neck, feeling for a pulse. There was one, thank goodness.

"We gotta get him out of the car." Dick announced, moving to open his door. He found it wouldn't budge. Upon closer inspection he saw that the hinges were completely destroyed from the impact.

"Come out my way."

Dick looked over and saw Jason standing outside the car, his door hanging open. Dick crawled across the seats, gasping as pain shot through his left arm. Jason grabbed him under his right arm and pulled him out, making Dick painfully aware of how tall Jason was getting. He was already taller than Dick!

"Thanks," Dick gasped, noting vaguely that Jason was on his feet, looking pale, but at least able to stand. He also noticed that they were now standing at the edge of the woods, trees surrounding the car, one of which was now standing in the trunk.

"We must've rolled down the hill." Dick muttered, gazing back up the steep incline, unable to see the road.

"Who the hell hit us?" Jason demanded, also shooting a look up towards the road.

"You didn't see?"

"No, you were driving."

"They got us right as we were going around the turn. I didn't even know they were there until they rammed into us. It was some type of huge truck, I think."

Jason growled angrily. "Well, they better come find us. What idiot drives on the wrong side of the road? 'Cause I assume they were and not you."

Dick only rolled his eyes, brushing past Jason and trying the other door nearest Tim. It was stuck as well.

"Here, let me." Jason stepped forward and grasped the handle before yanking violently. The door flew open and proceeded to fly off its hinges. Dick glared and Jason shrugged, tossing it aside.

"Timmy?" Dick stuck his head in by his younger brother, a hand going to his shoulder and gently shaking him. There was no response. His fingers brushed over Tim's neck, feeling for any injuries; he couldn't risk moving him if his neck was damaged in any way. He didn't find any and so leaned across the younger boy's body and fumbled for the seatbelt.

"Let me do it." Jason pushed him aside and deftly cut the seatbelt, freeing the younger boy.

Dick reached behind his back and under his legs and began to lift him out of the car. "Grab his head," He ordered to Jason, sliding Tim out of the car, Jason supporting his head, before gently lowering himself and Tim to the ground a few feet away. Damian had crawled out of the car after them and Dick watched as he haltingly stumbled over to where his older brothers were, noting the slight limp in his gate.

"Where is the bas-" He started, stopping when he saw the look Dick gave him. "-Who did this?" He finished, narrowing his eyes at Dick.

"That idiot should be here." Jason muttered, flicking his pocket knife out, his eyes narrowing dangerously.

"He's probably hurt too." Dick replied, carefully bringing Tim's head back to rest on his arm.

"More likely drunk." Jason scowled.

Dick didn't reply, his eyes instead riveted to the large gash across Tim's forehead, steadily oozing blood. It would definitely need stiches. He must've hit it on the hard part on the back of the seat, Dick thought, carefully brushing dark bangs off the wound. As he did this, he felt Tim start to stir, a small groan escaping his mouth as his eyes slowly opened.

"Hey, Timmy," Dick murmured, holding him steady as he tried to bolt up.

"Ugh, what happened?" His voice cracked slightly at the end and Jason snickered.

"We were hit by some drunken idiot." Damian told him. "And you obviously hit your head."

Tim groaned again, turning to the side and abruptly puking. Jason jumped back, a look of mild disgust on his face.

"Ugh, Tim."

"You probably have a concussion. You'll need medical attention as soon as possible." Dick said as he rubbed the boy's back, wincing as his arm twinged in pain. "Jason, could you grab the first aid kit from my car? It's under the passenger seat. And speaking of which, Jason, Damian, we should look at your injuries too."

"Speak for yourself." Jason scowled as headed back towards the car. "You should see your face."

"Tt, your face is hardly any better, Todd."

"Point taken." Dick cut in, realizing again the pain in his face when he talked. He just hoped there wasn't any glass still in the cuts. "We should take stock of injuries. But first, we should try to get back towards the road. Jason, can you call Bruce?"

"I lost my phone when we crashed." Jason called, his head stuck in the car.

"Fine, use mine." But as Dick reached back in his pocket for his phone, his arm exploded in pain. "Agh!"

Jason, Damian, and Tim looked at him, expressions ranging from worry to questioning annoyance. Dick hissed, bringing his left arm forward and gingerly rolling back the sleeve. He found his wrist and hand were bruised and swollen.

"Injuries." Jason nodded, dropping the first aid kit next to Dick before reaching around and pulling Dick's phone out of his pocket. It was surprisingly undamaged, apart from the crack that had been there since Dick had accidently dropped it down his stairs. But that was aside from the point.

"Alright," Dick said, pulling his right arm out from under Tim, letting the boy lean against his chest instead, and popped open the first aid kit, pulling out a tub of antiseptic. He looked up at Jason. "Jason, call Bruce while I clean Tim's cut and then 911. That trucker's probably at least a little shaken up."

"Call Bruce before the police and hospital?" Jason raised an eyebrow. "You really are daddy's boy."

Dick scowled before opening the antiseptic and pulling back Tim's bangs. "This'll sting a little." He told him as he began gently rubbing the goopy paste onto the wound, wiping away the blood around it with a small, white towel from the kit. Why someone would put a white towel in a first aid kit, Dick didn't know, unless it was so you could tell just how much blood you were really cleaning up. He felt Tim wince a little under his touch but was soon done, glad no dirt had gotten into the wound, and started wrapping a roll of gauze around the younger boy's head.

"You gonna call someone or what?" Dick asked, looking up at Jason as he finished tying off the gauze.

"No signal." Jason growled.

Dick sighed. "Then come here and let me clean those cuts on your face."

"How 'bout we get up to the road first, mom."

"Fine," Dick agreed, sending his damaged arm one last glance before threading his arms under his younger brother, who was looking pretty pale out of it, though slightly better without blood running down his face. Dick began to lift him up, biting back a groan as his arm protested.

"How 'bout I carry the replacement." Jason suggested, turning around and offering his back. Dick was surprised at Jason's helpfulness, but gently eased Tim onto the other boy's back nonetheless.

"You gotta hold on, okay Timmy?" Dick brushed hair out his face.

"I got him." Jason hooked his arms under the thirteen-year-old's knees. "Just don't lean backwards."

"Kay," Tim managed to mumble, burying his face in Jason's shirt. The older boy took a good grip and started up the steep slope.

Dick turned back to Damian who had been surprisingly silent the whole time. He was standing a little ways away, leaning slightly against a tree, his face twisted into a slight scowl.

"Ready, Dami?" He asked, rising slowly until he was standing. His head still spun a little, but he'd hit it on something so it wasn't a surprise.

"Of course." The younger boy answered, standing up straighter.

Dick gave his wrecked car a long look, taking in for the first time the full extent of the damage. The front end was smashed up nearly to the windshield, the left side obviously taking more of the hit. The driver's door was destroyed along with part of the left side of the car. The entire vehicle was covered in dents and scratches from all the trees it had hit on its decent and the trunk was bent around the trunk of a tree, the cause of their stop of descent.

Looking at it now, Dick was surprised none of them were hurt worse than they were now. It seemed almost impossible, especially with the lack of airbag deployment, something he couldn't help wondering about. But now wasn't the time. Once Bruce got there, he could tell the older man about it, but now Dick had to get his younger siblings out of the woods. Literally.

Dick started climbing up the embankment after Jason, trusting Damian to follow his lead. It was steep; Dick was surprised Jason was managing to climb it with Tim on his back as he found himself grasping trees for support as he made his way up. Halfway to the top he turned, expecting to find Damian right behind him, but instead the boy was still standing at the bottom. Dick narrowed his eyes, looking for the source of Damian's hesitance and saw a grimace of pain flash over the ex-assassin's features as he tried to take another step.

Without a second thought, Dick slid back down, grabbing a tree at the last minute to slow his descent right next to his youngest brother.

"What's wrong?"

"I fear I have damaged my ankle." His voice was tight.

"Why didn't you say something before?" Dick sighed. "Do you want me to carry you?"

"Tt, don't be ridiculous. I am not as weak as Drake as to need to be carried like a child."

Dick sighed but wrapped his right arm around the younger boy's waist. "Just lean on me," he told him, taking Damian's weight as he began the ascent once more. It was a few minutes before they finally made it to the top and by the time they did, Jason had already set Tim on the ground against another tree and was a few yards down the road, Dick's phone held to his ear, cursing loudly.

Once they were on flat ground, Damian shook off Dick's arm and limped over to a tree near Tim and leaned against it, scowl still in place. Dick shot him a worried glance before going over Tim.

"You okay, buddy?" Dick asked, crouching down next to the boy.

Tim only stared at him, his eyes slightly glazed and his face screwed up in pain. The gauze Dick had wrapped around his head was already red with blood and he was sweating slightly, despite the cool air.

"Bruce'll be here soon." Dick whispered before standing and turning towards Jason. "Jay, what's wrong?"

"It still can't get a signal!" The dark haired boy growled, turning and stalking back towards the group. "Something's gotta be messing with the signals; we normally get reception all through this area!"

"Maybe we're in a dead spot." Dick sighed, taking the phone from Jason and examining it.

"Don't move."

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