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Egypt 1919

They had traveled for months, without orders across Egypt to find nothing but this crumbling excuse for an ancient city. Now having angered natives from a close by village the soldiers were forced to defend themselves. The heat of the desert was unbearable as Klaus and his men ran into the dead city of Hamunaptra, trying to get away from a small army of men who had followed them. The captain called to Klaus, telling him to ready the men behind the city wall. As the men sat on a slight edge still covered by the four foot wall, Klaus signaled them to have guns at the ready. Soldiers started loading their weapons as the second in command looked warily at the horsemen, increasing quickly onto the garrison, and turned to his friend. As he cleared a space for himself and his gun pushing the sand away from the wall a bit. When he did he hit something shaking it to clean he put it in his pocket for later inspection.

"You still with me?"

"Your struggles are my struggles, friend," Finn said.

Klaus laughed at the inside joke, remembering the trouble Finn had caused when the pair had first met. He'd said those same words back then.

Suddenly, he heard the yell of his captain ordering his horse. When he looked around, he saw his captain running away from the deadly battle.

"Looks like you just got promoted," his partner joked, following his gaze.

Suddenly finding himself in charge, Klaus Mikaelson turned back to the attack. He held his gun higher and began shouting orders.

"Steady!" The enemy were a close hundred feet away charging on horses screaming a foreign battle cry that was not lost on his garrison.

"Steady!" At fifty feet and closing, his soldiers began to look nervous.

"FIRE!" he called and shooting began. Though his men seemed to have the advantage, their older guns put them at a loss when the front line of the other side continued to push forward. His soldiers then began to retreat without permission, taking the lead from Finn who turned screaming for a retreat. Looking around, he realized he was the only one still at the crumbling wall. Pulling out a smaller gun of his, he ran, occasionally turning to shoot at whomever of the enemy was pursuing him. Nearing the center of the ancient city, he saw Finn running into one of the buildings and called out to him.

"Finn! Where are you going?"

With no answer, Finn turned into a dilapidated building and began to close the door.

"What are you doing?! Don't close that door! Don't close that door!" Klaus ran closer trying to cover himself from the gunfire. Finn however was only concerned with his own life and sealed the door behind him.

Klaus ran, his enemies close behind, to the closed door. Once he realized the old building wouldn't open for him, he turned and fired a shot, killing the man closest to him, buying time to run for safety. Soon, most of his men were dead or gone.

He ran into a dead end, where he could see the head of an old god's statue peeking through the sand. Klaus watched as the last four men on horses gained on him, and, realizing he had no chance to escape, he closed his eyes and waited for the end.

He stood listening for the sound of his enemies, and his heart beating to the rhythm of the galloping of their horses. Suddenly, they stopped. The horses began to whinny, and soon the noises faded as the men rode away in unexplained fear. As he opened one eye to look around, Klaus saw that he was the only one in the area. Then a loud guttural noise came from the ground, and sand started rising in short sprouts, almost as if a geyser was behind the act. The blonde decided it was time to leave and find some civilization and began his trek across the desert. Walking away, he looked up the cliff next to the dead city in Egypt and saw several men watching him.

"Should we kill him?" one asked.

"No," the leader replied. "The desert will do that for us."

five years later 1924

"Setti The First," Caroline spoke to herself, deep in concentration as the put the books away. "Atlas volume one, two, and three."

She was once again alone in the Cairo library organizing the shelves. It was an ambitious project, considering the room was about two hundred feet wide with all of the bookshelves in a circle. The formation left an empty space in the middle for some moving room, but the sheer volume of books was impressive.

As the only librarian qualified within fifty miles, Caroline was often left to herself to make everything look organized, while her boss, Alaric was probably off drinking with her brothers again. Caroline was just finishing up with the books, standing on a ladder with only a few steps to the top of it when something caught her eye.

"The Life of Cleopatra, thats an L," she said looking for where the book should go "L, L,L, Ah! there you are!"

Caroline turned slightly to face the bookshelf behind her and reached with book in hand to put it away. "Almost there, just a little further."

She leaned in just a little too much, and before she knew it, the ladder went with her. Caroline dropped the book and frantically tried to balance herself and the ladder so she wouldn't fall.

"Oh no," she cried, leaning back and forth between shelves. She lost balance and tipped forward, pushing the bookshelf over, creating a domino effect. Each bookshelf would land on the one in front of it. They fell in order, circling the room. She crawled away before the last one fell and stood in the middle looking at the damage.

"Oops," she whispered.

No sooner had the incident happened that she heard an all too familiar voice. "What, Caroline, what did you do?" Alaric said, at a loss for words to describe the sorry state of his library.

"It was an accident," she explained meekly.

"Well I certainly didn't think you did it on purpose," he said. "Please tell me, Caroline, this is the fifth time this month something like this has happened. Why do I put up with you?"

"You-you-you put up with me because I can read and write hieroglyphics and I well," the librarian stuttered nervously. "I'm the only person within a hundred miles who can organize this!"

Alaric sighed, "I put up with you because your brothers used to be two best archeologists in the area! I don't care how long it takes Care, straighten up this mess!" Alaric turned from her and left to his office.

"Not to mention they are also your favorite drinking buddies," she said under her breath as she began to clean.

"I heard that!" he called

A few minutes later Caroline heard a strange creak coming from the basement where the artifacts were kept. Curiosity getting the best of her, the blonde went to investigate. Grabbing a torch from the side of the hallway, she proceeded, listening for the noise again.

"Is anyone here?" she called. The hallway responded, the strange noise coming back louder. This time, though, it appeared to come from a coffin containing one of the newer mummy exhibits.

She swore she heard heavy breathing as she approached the coffin. Once she was in front of it, she timidly reached to open it. Suddenly the top swung open revealing a mummy sitting up, and Caroline jumped back screaming. When she realized she had bumped into someone, her screams became louder. Soon she heard the hysterical laughter of Damon and Stefan, her older brothers. She opened her eyes and watched as Damon drunkenly crawled out of the coffin, Stefan tripping over himself to help his brother sit on the ground, leaving space for their sister to sit in between them.

"You two have no respect for the dead!" she admonished.

"Lighten up sister!" Damon called, helping her to sit next to him. "You have no sense of fun."

"Well I'm having a bit of a rough day. The Bembridge Scholars turned down my application again saying I don't have enough experience, and Alaric yelled at me, too. I made a little mess in the library," Caroline said, pulling her knees up to her, hands covering her face.

Stefan hugged her. "It'll be okay, Care, besides, we have just the thing to cheer you up. " The younger brother searched his pocket.

"Oh no. I don't want to see whatever it is, I swear if I have to take another trinket to the curator to try and-"

Stefan held out his hand, cutting her off. "I have something for you."

In his hand was a round shaped box, with old etchings on the sides of it and two buttons across from each other.

A very old something. "Where did you get this?"

"We picked it up down on a dig in Thebes," Damon explained. "Care, we have been looking for a long time for a big break. Tell us we found it." he asked softly.

Turning it in her hands she saw the two buttons on either side. When she pressed it the top of the trinket, it opened, revealing an old piece of paper.

"Boys," she paused, looking up at them, her smile wide. "I think you've found something."

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