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BLANKET WARNINGS FOR WHOLE FANFICTION: Rape, prostitution and lots of violence. Not too graphic in this chapter though.

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The train ground to a stop, screeching as the announcement rang out: "Please check for all your belongings!"

For the Elric brothers, this was pretty standard; they had travelled on more than enough trains than to make the stupid mistake of leaving their luggage on the vehicle. They stepped out of the station, as they had done so many times before.

"It's snowing pretty seriously now." Edward sounded a little surprised, though he wasn't. Not really. There wasn't much in the world which surprised him. Central was as beautiful as always, but they weren't here to see the sites. They were here to…

"Ni-san, aren't you cold?" Ed looked up to see the concerned face of his brother.

"I'm fine! Don't worry." He'd been saying that a lot of late recently too. Sometimes it was hard to remember how long they'd been doing this for; hunting the world for a sign, any sign that a philosopher's stone was in existence. They needed it and finally, they seemed to have almost achieved their goal of restoring their bodies.

"Well then, before finding a hotel, we'll…"

"Yes, we'll have to visit that bastard first."

They walked fairly quickly, arriving at their destination soon after setting out. Al hung back a little as his brother set his luggage down and brought the knocker crashing down against the wood of the door.

"Colonel!" Ed's voice rang confidently in the street; the snow seeming to amplify the sound rather than muffle it like it was supposed to.

"So you came?" The man's tone was flat, but Al could sense something in it. Amusement perhaps? It made him a little worried. But his brother, being the insensitive midget he was, didn't notice a thing and remained standing brashly in the doorway.

"Yes I did," he replied, sounding a little annoyed by the thought that Mustang would have thought that he wouldn't come. "You said you got your hands on some interesting material?"

"Yes, it was hidden between some secret military notes. It's a pretty old report on experiments with body parts." He smiled, suddenly at Al. "I'm sorry but would you mind leaving us alone?" Ed looked back at his brother, his eyebrows drawn together in question. Al raised his metal shoulders in a slight shrug. "It's secret military material, you know. I can't show it to outsiders."

There was definitely something off with the colonel's behaviour but still, Al could not tell what it was.

"Whatever. I'm going to tell Al everything afterwards anyway. So I don't see why…"

"Upholding procedures is very important for the military." The colonel paused. "Fullmetal," he added as an afterthought.

Perhaps it was the very valid arguments which the soldier had put forwards or maybe it was the usage of his older brother's official title which reminded him that, to those with rank, he was just a regular civilian. Alchemy or no alchemy. "Nothing we can do about that, ni-san." He reached for the briefcase. "Well, I'll wait at the hotel that we always stay at. Don't forget anything and tell me later in the right order, OK?" Then seeing Ed's confused look, he sighed and added, "Ni-san, your stories are always messed up."

Mustang laughed a little. For some reason, the sound made Ed irritated. "I get it!"

Al smiled (or as close to a suit of armour could get to smiling anyway) leaving with a wave and a 'don't overdo it!' Ed waved back, not noticing that Roy had already turned his back and entered the house.

"Well. Let's go inside." The young alchemist followed the other into a spacious living room. It was scarcely furnished, with a low couch and a coffee table near an open fire. "What's wrong? I especially lit up the fireplace so take off your coat." The tone was rather demanding and Ed was bewildered by it. He complied, slowly slipping off his red cloak and unravelling his scarf, all the while looking round.

Now that I think about it, this is the first time that I have been in here…

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of rustling of paper and footsteps against the floorboards. Ed turned to see the colonel holding a yellow envelope in his hands, stuffing the last of the papers into it and sealing it.

He's wearing his gloves inside?

Something about that struck him as odd. It was not cold indoors and had Mustang not just told him to remove his outer garments? Dismissing it as an eccentricity of his peer, he held his hand out for the files.

"Thank you."

To his surprise, Roy immediately held them up into the air so that Ed could not reach them. That bastard! Is he trying to tease me? But Roy's face was serious apart from a snide smirk as he looked down, patronizingly at the boy in front of him.

"There are many enemies in Central," began the man. He ignored the glare or the raised eyebrow of his companion. "Even though I fight my territory and defeat my enemies, it is impossible. It is full of people who think that they can only achieve promotion through war. I'm worried what those people would do if they found out what happened to your body. A national alchemist who disobeyed that rule. Do you think that covering up for you is easy? Being your ally means being exposed to that kind of danger. Borrowing this report is only a small part of that." Ed's face relaxed slowly into understanding. "If someone knowledgeable sees that I'm mostly borrowing works on human transformation and the Philosopher's Stone, they'll find out soon enough. Especially information on the stone is pretty much considered worth of national security. I'm braving that danger not knowing what small thing will do me in for real." He brought his face close of Ed's, their noses almost touching and his eyes holding the hypnotic gold of the younger. "Don't you think that I deserve something in return for that?"

He closed the distance, brushing his lips against the boy's and cradling his face in his gloved hands. The young alchemist remained still; the only warning Roy got was a slight stiffening of the muscles in his left arm. He leapt backwards as the boy struck out angrily, one hand covering his mouth as if in shock at the blatant violation.

"What are you up to?" he demanded.

"I'm expecting you to pay with your body for exchange." There was a malicious glint in the other's eyes.

Then realisation struck. "Do you want to use me for human experiments?!"

Roy resisted the urge to facepalm. "You really are a child... Not understanding even now." This was met with an indignant protest. "Ah, maybe you did get it and tried to evade me?" He loomed over the boy, taking the automail hand in his own and held it so that the boy was helplessly trapped. "I'm talking about this," he whispered, the sound sending shivers of something which wasn't coldness down Ed's spine.

Then in several swift motions, Mustang kicked the boy's feet under him, wrestling him down and pushing him onto the low couch. In one fluid movement, he tossed the files onto the coffee table and knelt down so that the boy couldn't move.

"Let me show you the price of getting into danger, Fullmetal."

There was a beat of silence as Ed digested what had happened to him. Then he was struggling. "You bastard… Let my hands go!"

"Do you think that I'd let your hands go in such a situation?"

The question was responded by a kick to the stomach. "I still have my legs," Ed growled.

Angry now, Roy forced a smile onto his face. "If you don't do what I say, I can always tell my superiors about you and your brother." That caught the boy's attention. He stopped squirming. "So what do you do? There are more than enough people who would love to find out about your crimes. If you want me help, I'll be equally guilty. I'd have to cross a dangerous bridge. If you choose this, I want a reward. Well?" Certain that he had struck the right chord, he continued. "I'll say it once more. Show me your utility value, Fullmetal. If you want me to keep your secret, that is."

"My utility value…?"

"You're no longer the army's dog. Instead, you'll become mine. That's how it is."

The words were chilling and prompted the boy to start struggling again. "That's a bad joke, colonel."

"If this were a joke I wouldn't be able to do this," Roy replied, slipping his finger in the waistband of Ed's trousers, only for it to be pushed weakly away. "Still resisting? That's also fun. But if you struggle too much, the report might fall off the table and into the fire by chance." Ed went stiff as his eyes fixed anxiously on the envelope. "And I might... accidentally set it on fire... with these gloves. Now what? Will you keep resisting me?"

Ed's arm fell weakly to the ground in submission as he processed his ultimatum. He screwed his eyes shut, lying limp and pretending not to be there as the colonel manhandled him out of his shirt. He couldn't do anything after all… His eyes flickered towards the envelope one last time before he felt fingers slipping into his trousers again. He moaned and shuddered as he flailed weakly. He couldn't see… couldn't process what was happening to him… Only that the gasps and moans filling the air were his and no matter what he did, he couldn't keep the sounds inside.

The click of the door drew Al's eyes to it as his brother entered, the report clutched tightly in his hand.

"Ah, ni-san! Welcome back!" There was no reply and Ed did not look up, leaning tiredly against the door, his eyes tracing over the floorboards. Al chose not to comment. "You're pretty late. Did something happen? Your hair is all messed up."

Ed pulled himself together and forced him to act naturally. He held out the report. "Here, I couldn't finish it so I borrowed a copy." He turned away and pulled off his coat. "I'm going to sleep now, don't wake me up."

Al hummed in response, his attention already on the sheets of paper in his hand. This doesn't look like something he couldn't finish. He's a fast reader…

His thoughts were interrupted by a violent flump and a curse as the coat was tossed with more force than necessary onto the bed.


"It's nothing," Ed replied.

It had not been a week since that night but Ed was unable to brush it off as just a bad dream. He felt dirty and violated but there was nothing he could do about it. They'd left the morning after to handle some other small business but they were now due to return.

"A message from the colonel?" The question brought back Ed back from whatever land his brain had been in; filling him with a sort of dread. The railway manager saluted them as they walked away. "It says that we should contact him as soon as possible," explained Al, mistaking his brother's carefully schooled apathetic look for one of blank confusion. "Shall I make the call or will you?"

"You can," replied Ed, facing away from the phone. But he could still hear Al's side of the conversation.

"Eh? New material? If we want to see it? Of course we'll come! When?" A reply buzzed and a second later the receiver was put back into its cradle. "I'm done. Let's go now, OK, ni-san?"

His eyes unfocused slightly as the memory was brought to the forefront of his mind.

He lay, listlessly. It was finally over. Roy slid off the couch, stepping nimbly into his boots.

"If I find something useful again, I'll let you know," he said, turning back to smirk at the younger. "But I can't show it to you for free. You know what that means right, Fullmetal?" He knew what it meant and he also knew that he could not refuse it. If only he hadn't come… If only Roy had never found that information in the first place…

The train journey passed in silence, the monotonous rattling of the vehicle finally cut off by the usual grating noise of the brakes and the cool voice of the announcement ringing out. "Central," it called. To Ed, it sounded like a death sentence.

"Ni-san, shall we go and visit the colonel?"

"No, today, we'll go to the hotel first."

Al was thrown by this. Ed had never been one to put comfort before information so what was the reason for this sudden change in attitude? Ed didn't reply to any of his questions. They checked in at the hotel and Ed flopped onto the bed, sitting quietly and staring out of the window.

I really wonder what's wrong with him. Usually he'd be there by now.

"Ni-san," he began.

"Shut up!"

"The colonel…"

"I'll go later."

The colonel… Ed continued to stare out of the window, looking up at the sky and the streets below filled with the regular citizens. Laughter rang out and the sky was suddenly filled with a flock of birds which flew freely over the rooftops of a street and disappeared. He held up his watch and examined it carefully. His eyes roaming over the familiar contours of the object; remembering everything which had happened and his grim tenacity with which he had hung onto life for the past few years. That's right. I promised myself never to look back.

He stood up and pulled on his coat.


He schooled his expression into what he thought was his usual smile.

"I'm going to find the colonel."

"Ah, I'll come too," offered Al, mildly, putting down the book he was reading.

"There's no reason to... it looks like another top secret document you won't be able to see," Ed replied, trying to keep his tone light. "And... Don't worry, it might get late."

Edward found himself knocking at the door of the block of flats a couple of minutes later.

"Fullmetal?" He looked up slightly startled by the voice which seemed to be coming from above him. He finally located the colonel leaning against the frame of the window. "I wasn't sure you'd be here. The door is open so come in. It's the left room on the second floor." Ed climbed the stairs slowly, each creak seeming to condemn him to yet another night of violation. He pushed open the door as expected and saw Roy in the same position as he had been. "I thought that you wouldn't come anymore," Mustang said, conversationally.

"Me too, I thought a lot about it." He slipped off his coat and Roy raised an eyebrow at this sudden cooperation. "It's true that it's quite dangerous for you to help us out. I don't want to pay with sex even if we did count on you too much. But more than anything, we need you to get us the research data from National Alchemists. Your position and authority is..." He swallowed as a phrase from his lessons long ago flashed back to him. People cannot give something without having something. If you're afraid to lose something, then you can't gain anything. "I don't want to give up," he continued. "I don't care what I have to do for that. So if you want something in return for your services, I don't mind paying. I'll become your dog. That way, we'll both use each other." He raised his chin suddenly so that his eyes, filled with golden fire met the other's. "I'll cross this dangerous bridge with you, colonel. Compared to you, I'm a child who knows nothing about the world. But if a child decides it wants something, it can be quite scary and so something like human transformation. I just want to remind you of that."

Ah... I see. They are the same as back then... Those challenging golden eyes… Then out loud: "You've prepared well, Fullmetal Alchemist. Well then, let me test it. A child's seriousness."

Ed clamped his hands over his mouth, biting down on his lip so hard that he drew blood in an effort not to make any noise.

"What's wrong? Your hands are shaking," the older man commented in an amused purr as he leant in closer.

"Shut up!"

Roy reached for the hand and pulled it away by the wrist, pinning the younger down.

"Let go of my wrists-!" The demand was cut off by a set of lips, crushing against his in a brutal kiss. He pursed his mouth shut, tightly, resisting the tongue which flicked playfully against his lips. Roy drew back, rather disappointed.

"Oh my, I'll have to teach you how to kiss as well." He put his hand to Edward's face, gently forcing the boy's mouth open with his fingers. "Open your mouth," he ordered, before leaned in again, his tongue already granted access to Ed's mouth, exploring the hot cavern and fighting with the other for dominance. "Yes..." he breathed. "That's how you do it."

Ed collapsed; face down into the sheet, exhausted already. He was so tired… If only Roy would let him rest for a little while. He felt the man's hand fall from his back to an increasingly lower place but could not bring himself to care. Cheeks painted a ghastly pink with lust; Roy examined the unconscious boy beneath him for the taking.

At that time…

"There is a message for you."

The colonel called us surprisingly often. When he does that, he always had some rare materials that only a few people could get their hands on. But did he seem too enthusiastic or did he just have too much free time?

"I can't show this to an outsider."

And I'm never allowed to come in. Ni-san comes back before sunrise and sleeps like a stone.

"Here is a copy of the material. Take a good look too."

"Don't wake me up before noon," Ed sounded as tired as ever as he pulled off his coat.

"Did you stay up all night again? It's not good to lose so much sleep, ni-san," replied Al. He hated that it had become an automatic response.

And I was trying to overlook that whenever he went.

He looked over at his brother, not surprised to find that he was already asleep.

Ni-san, he's always kicking off his sheets.

He reached for the blanket, ready to lay it over Ed's sleeping body when he noticed something rather surprising. Little red blots decorated his arms and stomach. Bug bites? Because he's sleeping exposed like that! On his legs too!... Even on such a place? Would they bite him in a spot that's covered by clothes? In the middle of winter? Are those really bug bites? Al frowned in concentration. Something wasn't right. Ni-san who only comes back before dawn with a tired look on his face. Ni-san who always goes to the colonel alone. His hair that's always wet as if he had showered and I never even wondered why... Why is that? The final pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place revealing a picture which stunned him. I'm such an idiot!

He stood up, furious at the colonel, furious that his brother had not chosen to confide in him and instead, feed him a lie, and most of all, furious at himself for not realising sooner. He hurried through Central, ignoring the weird looks he was getting from the ordinary citizens but he was not in a mood to entertain.

Why didn't I notice it? Ni-san!

"You there, stop!" the soldier raised his weapon uncertainly but before he had a chance to do anything, Al had already barrelled past him.

"Get out of my way please!"

The guard at the entrance must have called security for several soldiers approached him, telling him to leave. But gone was the meek Al who would have cowered under such reproaches. In his place, there was a metal monster, irritable and livid, ready to rip the one who had violated his brother in such a way from limb to limb. He brushed off the entreaties as if they were flies and threw open the door to Mustang's office.

The bastard was standing in the centre of the room, nonchalantly going over paperwork with his lieutenant and several of his loyal subordinates.

"Alphonse-kun…?" Hawkeye never got to finish her sentence as thirty kilograms of angry metal rolled into the room lifting Mustang up by the neck and slamming him against the wall. She pulled out her gun. "Release him please! Alphonse-kun." Her threat went ignored.

Al's attentions were fixed on the man in front of him. He was shaking with anger as he eyed the shocked man in front of him.

"Colonel... People like you are... You... my brother. What did you do to my brother?"

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