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No one had moved. The shocked silence seemed to reverberate throughout the room and Roy continued to glare at the huge suit of armour which held him several inches off the ground. They watched each other, each daring the other to make a move.

In the hotel room, Ed shivered as he woke up. It was the cold which roused him and he wondered vaguely if he was still dreaming. He ran his tongue over his dry lips and winced at how swollen they felt. That bastard…

"Al?" he called tentatively, easing himself into a sitting position. There was no reply. Slightly confused at his brother's absence, he looked down at himself, grimacing when he noticed the marks left on his skin. They were red and stood out against his pale skin. That bastard… He left marks like there was no tomorrow… He sat still for a second, running his fingers along the line of stained skin around his stomach. They had been completely visible while he slept. What if Al had seen them? What would he say? Al!

He pulled on his clothes quickly, suddenly aware of the burden of the lies and secret meetings. They fell onto him, weighing him down as he tried to hurry. He tore into the street, running around blindly before he realised that he had no idea where his brother had gone. Maybe he hasn't worked it out. Maybe he's just gone for a walk… He squashed down the feeling of dread in his chest. But…

Damnit, this bad feeling usually means that something is wrong. He turned swiftly, running towards a nearby corner shop, dipping his head as a greeting to the shopkeeper.

"Mister, do you know where my brother, Al, went?"

"Hm? That guy in the armour? He ran left down that road."

Left…? Towards headquarters? Al…!

Not even pausing to thank the man, he turned and sprinted out of the shop.

Colonel Roy Mustang was beginning to choke.

"Alphonse-kun," began Hawkeye again, in that steely tone of voice which was so often used on those ready to be brought into custody. She aimed the pistol at where she knew the blood seal resided. This was only to be a last resort after all; she would hate to hurt either of the Elric brothers who she had watched grow up. Her fingers tensed, ready to pull the trigger… Only for her to stop as her superior officer moved his hand, not in an attempt to free himself but as a gesture for everyone to relax. Though his words, when he spoke were anything but unperturbed. They sounded cold and underlined by something which sounded like maliciousness had she not known better.

"Alphonse-kun… Do you intend to let me tell you the situation of your brother here in front of everyone else?" The boy stiffened and paused uncertainly. "Let me go." The order was quiet almost as if the colonel had complete confidence in the fact that the other would listen to him. But Al didn't move, save for the angry tightening of the huge metal hand which threatened to crush the soldier's windpipe. Hawkeye strengthened her resolve and raised the gun.

"Al!" Edward pushed past the guards only to stumble to a stop as he gaped at the sight in front of him. Mustang's subordinates regarded him with something akin to surprise at his sudden entry and offered him words of greeting. He brushed them off. "Al, let him go," he murmured softly, the words heavily laced with his older brotherly authority.

"But… But he did… to you…" The younger Elric never got to finish his sentence.

"Let him go, Alphonse!" The order was shouted this time, like a reprimand to a dog which had refused to listen to his owner. Roy's mouth twitched at the irony. Al shuddered, out of anger or confusion, no one was quite certain, but stepped back, releasing the man who fell to the ground in relief at being able to breathe without restriction again. He hands flew to his neck, nursing the tender skin there, ignoring the anxious cries of his subordinates.

"Alphonse-kun, tell me, what was this all about?" Hawkeye had a worried crease on her forehead. Had Ed just been one second later, she might have pulled the trigger and the situation may not have resolved itself like this. The suit of armour seemed to be struggling for an answer.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you!" Ed bowed low, speaking as if he had not heard the lieutenant's question. "Al, let's go back."

"Ni-san…" The young alchemist must have heard the sad question tone in his brother's voice because he turned back and leaned his head on his brother's large metal chest; the closest thing they shared to a hug.

"I'll explain everything to you in our room. So let's go back now, Al."

"Ok..." He slipped his hand into his older brother's because he could not offer any more comfort than this and he hated himself for it.

The door clicked softly shut behind them and there was a stunned silence as everyone tried to process what had happened. The quiet was broken by a slightly exasperated sigh from the colonel.

"The papers I was working on are all over the place, could you please pick them up for me?"

For the next few minutes, all that could be heard in the office were quite mutterings and the rustling of paper as the soldiers painstakingly picked up the sheets of paper littering the floor. Mustang was so lost in his thoughts that he did not even notice his lieutenant next to him, efficiently sorting out the papers which had strewn themselves all over the floor.

"Colonel, Edward-kun aside, but Alphonse-kun would not get angry over something small. What the hell..." Her eyes smouldered with anger. "Did you do to them?"

There was a pause as Mustang considered what he should say.

"I... I did nothing wrong. He started that game." The excuse sounded feeble and hesitant to even himself.

"Colonel!-" But the topic was dropped as a button was worked loose from Roy's shirt and fell to the ground. The lieutenant picked it up and handed it back to him without a word.

"Ah, sorry." The words were quiet.

"Why?" she asked.

"It's nothing," he replied. But he ended up telling her everything anyway. Her eyes never once wavered from his face, though they became more and more clouded as he went on. "A child getting serious is scary... That's what he told me." And when he finished talking, for the first time he saw pity in his lieutenant's eyes and wondered why she was feeling that way.

"Do you think that I'd be happy if you sacrifice yourself to return me to my body?!"

"It's nothing as big as a sacrifice. It's just a deal." But Al could tell that his brother was uncomfortable with talking about the subject. It was as if he was avoiding his eyes; deliberately facing the other way to stare steadfastly at the window.

"If you don't start this kind of relationship on your own it's pretty much a sacrifice!"

"It's not like I like it, but I go to the colonel because I agreed to it." The reply had come, almost as if it had been replied and Al wondered how many times his brother had replayed this conversation in his head already.

"Well, I can't agree with it."

"It's nothing to get so serious about." Ed realised that this was his last chance to persuade his brother that this was his choice and that the fucking bastard had nothing to do with this. "About sleeping with the colonel... Well at first it hurts and afterwards my hips hurt too but... In the middle it feels pretty good and... If I get up early enough, I can see the bastard's stupid sleeping face which is a special bonus. It's just the right thing to get rid of some sexual desire!" By the end of his speech, Ed had his usual mischievous grin plastered on his face and Al… If Al could still blush, he would have coloured upon hearing this detailed anecdote of his brother's sex life.

It sounds like ni-san is inconspicuously trying to change the subject. Then as he realised the important thing… While I wasn't looking, ni-san became an adult and left me behind! I feel lonely. In this armour, I can't even get a girlfriend…

"Come on, don't sulk, Al!" He smiled at his brother who had retreated to his figurative corner. "Well that's how it is so don't worry. Besides, what the colonel said is true too. That's the price for the colonel crossing a dangerous bridge to help us find the stone. There's nothing we can do but pay."

Edward sounded so unlike his usual proud self that Al was tempted to march back to the Central Headquarters and finish what he had started.

"But only you, ni-san..."

"You won't be a good partner for the night with that body."

The words had been spoken with enough bluntness for Al to feel like he was about to blush again. "N-ni-san..."

"If there's something that you can help with, I'll let you do it when the time comes. OK?"


Al could tell that there was something else but he did not press it. After all, a promise like that would surely allow him to protect his brother, even in a small way, right?

So, come that evening, neither of them were particularly surprised by the letter which found its way to their room either.

"The colonel is asking for you. It's...tonight?" Al's voice was incredulous. After all that had happened, he still had the guts to… to… He had a sudden urge to burn the letter.

"Well then, I'm going to worship his stupid face." Edward must have seen his brother's uncertainty, because he continued gently. "Don't look like that. I'm fine. It's really nothing." And then he was gone, leaving Al with a façade of their mother's carefree smile. And at that moment he realised that people who looked like that were not happy at all. And he hated it.

Outside the room, Ed leaned against the door, breathing heavily and forcing himself to calm down. Yes it's nothing. I'm fine. I thought that I had lost the ability to attract people and be embraced. He remembered the colonel, tracing the length of his spine with kisses, each touch sending tendrils of fire through his body, making him feel warm just thinking about it. But my right hand is still here and so is my left leg. I haven't lost anything yet... Not yet. He thought of Al's anxious words and entreaties and steeled himself. That's why I'm fine. I'm fine. And then he was running, because he knew that if he stalled any longer, he would not be able to make himself go at all.

He was there and it was so hot. Hotter than he remembered as he sat there, trying to not to breathe heavily and disguise the sounds which were being forced out of his throat. His fingers were digging into the other's back and every time he moved he was disgusted to hear the wet sounds of their skin on skin contact. There was a sigh as the colonel leaned back, his hand massaging his neck.

"The mark your brother left is taking its time to heal. It's quite troublesome. I'd be glad if you took responsibility for this."

There was a moment of hesitation, followed by the small subdued voice which Roy had learned to associate with this submissive Edward which only he got to see.

"What do you want me to do?" he asked.

"Lick it like a dog would to make it better." He saw a flicker of reluctance in the boy's eyes before he reached out with one hand and forced his head onto his shoulder. The breaths came out rapidly, tickling his neck. "You're my dog after all, right? If you're a dog, then you have to follow your master."

The breaths were replaced with a warm, wet tongue, softly caressing the bruise on the man's neck. He shuddered, holding the other to him and revelling in the heat, until, unable to hold back, he leaned forwards, tipping the young alchemist onto the pillows and pinning him down. Ed lay, tensed and with his eyes shut as tightly as possible, as if bracing himself for the worst.

"Fullmetal," he crooned. "If you feel it, then voice it. Otherwise, it's only half as much fun. Or do you want me to up the pace until you can't help but call out?"

"Is this... also an order?"

There was a pause as the soldier contemplated the question and how he should best answer it. "Yes."

The reply was sharp, not betraying the other's fatigue at all. "Yes, sir, Colonel Mustang."

Ed relaxed slightly, letting his lower lip escape from his teeth; but he was still; even as he felt Roy straddle his waist and press down so that it was almost painful. True to his word, he called out, the moans ringing around the room.

Hearing myself… It's disgusting…

But he had no say in the matter; he was only a dog following his master.

In the morning, Roy was woken by the sound of his shower being turned on and the relentless hammering of the water hitting the plastic tub. He reached out, seeking his companion's body, not surprised, albeit a little disappointed when there was nothing but a warm patch where he'd been. Snuggling down deeper into the blankets, he soon fell asleep again.

By the time he was fully awake, the warmth had faded as if there had been no one there all along.

How meaningless. But at least it's better than some clingy woman, I guess.

Because after all, no one could call Edward Elric clingy. At just the age of sixteen, he outranked over half of all the soldiers in the military force. In fact, had he not outranked the young prodigy, he himself would have been rather jealous of the attention the other was seeking. He felt no guilt in forcing the younger like this; after all, it was not as if the boy didn't have a choice. Besides, had Edward not openly declared the fact that his was just another challenge to him?

He glanced over at his clock and heaved himself out of his bed. If he was late again, the first lieutenant would probably break his spine in half and shove it up his ass.

I can't concentrate on the book. Al put it down in frustration. Winter's evening sky is reflecting snowy mountain valleys with its deep purple colour. How long has it been since I've last felt the freezing evening wind? I can't remember how coldness felt; it's strange.

The fact that I can't concentrate is probably because ni-san is with the colonel. I wonder what face he makes when he embraces ni-san. How does ni-san look in the colonel's arms? Mental images filled his mind and he was suddenly very worried and embarrassed.

Ah... Ni-san who seemed to be the furthest away from love affairs of us all is...

Why does it have to be ni-san anyway? Don't you usually do such things with a woman?!

He held his head in exasperation.

I DON'T GET IT! Al rolled on the floor; a nervous habit he had acquired and failed to break out of as a child.

The door clicked open. "What are you doing Al?" His voice held a trace of alarm (which was quite understandable for anyone who had just walked in to see a suit of armour rolling on the floor in a panic.

"Ni-san! Welcome back." Said suit of armour lunged halfway across the room in an anxious attempt to get to his brother.

"Here, this is the report for today. The colonel said to burn it once we're done reading." The envelope was about as thick as usual; the papers filled with row upon row of neat handwriting and carefully drawn arrays.


"Well then, I'll get some sleep. Don't wake me till noon."

As Ed stepped towards the bed, Al's attention was drawn to a small red mark decorating his brother's neck. It was soon obscured by a curtain of golden hair as the braid was undone.

"What?" he asked, suddenly aware of the fact that his brother was staring at him.

"Nothing," came the reply.

Edward looked on in confusion. "I'm going to sleep now," he said finally.

It didn't even take five minutes until Al could hear him fall asleep.

"Ni-san, sleep well," he whispered, but the words were lost. I'll buy him something he likes for lunch. He decided. So he can at least wake up to something good. So he can wake up and say "Mornin'!" with a smile.

The library was empty of people save one. Ed sat perched on the top of a step ladder, studiously taking notes. He put the pen into his mouth, thinking about the array which sat in front of him. Suddenly, he frowned and shifted to that he could hold the document to the light. To his horror, the pile of books at his side plummeted to the ground, paper flying out. Hurriedly, he clambered down after them and knelt at the base of the ladder, sorting feverishly through the yellowed loose pages. So he was, to say the least, shocked when a cold finger was suddenly pressed to his neck where he knew there was a mark. His first thought was that it was the colonel playing a joke but when he turned around, he was facing Hawkeye.

"Lieutenant-" he began, feeling his face begin to colour and his mind frantically searched for an explanation.

"After doing that you should be careful about marks like this. Havoc and the others would tease you to death."

"Eh... ah... yes." The nervous smile he had on his face froze in place, if she asked… What would he say?

"No one would even think that your partner is that person but still."

The one sentence chilled him, sending thoughts flying throughout his mind. How did she know…?

"Lieutenant…" he started again, cautiously.

"I don't intend to complain on who he chooses to arm his bed as long as he keeps working properly."

The boy began to laugh nervously at the weak attempt at a joke. The sound was cut off by the bitter tone of the next sentence. "But there are times when I wonder… Why didn't he choose me as his partner?" She looked at him strangely, an unreadable expression in her eyes. "Edward-kun would you try to sleep with me? As a way to harass him?" The alchemist froze in shock. There was a tense silence as she skewered him with the look before it softened. "I'm only joking. Edward-kun, I don't know what kind of deal you have with him but it is really worth prostituting yourself for it?" She turned her back and left, shutting the door gently behind her.

Scary... I thought she was trying to kill me with that look. Her words rang through his head, as if branding him with an image he could not be rid of. "But is it really worth prostituting yourself for it?"

"Shit!" he cursed, to no one in particular.

Mustang felt his neck tenderly, the bruise having only recently faded. Cursing the Elric brothers for being so much trouble, he slung his coat onto his shoulder, flicking off the light to his office.

In truth, I wanted to end everything by doing that. You should know about it quite well since your research pretty much focuses on it. The dangers of dealing with the Philosopher's stone.

"This is a first-hand report on the darkest things which have ever happened in Amestris."

The stone is dangerous not only because it can be used for human transmutation. So dangerous that I heard about it even when I was only a field officer. That's why I gave you some time for my own body's sake. To make it in the most hideous way imaginable. He thought of Ed, lying drained after being forced into his bed and for the first time felt a stab of discomfort. He tried to bury it under his reason. The same way there's something you want, there's also something I want. We shouldn't be concerned about appearances, don't you think? I know quite well how stubborn you are. But no matter what I did, I did it so you wouldn't want to see my face ever again... Is my resolution wavering? Farther and farther away. But I never thought it possible that you'd appear before me ever again.

"Colonel, what did you do to those brothers? Please tell me everything about it."

"It's really not my fault. He's the one who started this relationship, lieutenant. I'm the one who got caught up and swept away in his seriousness."

A relationship that wasn't supposed to exist in the first place. But since it turned out this way, I'm going to use you to your maximum and enjoy this relationship. Fullmetal, this is a game. The first one who mistakes this relationship for love loses. But aren't you the last person I should be worried about being sucked into this game? You and I both have something that we want more than anything else. We're both completely full of ourselves. He stumbled over the window and looked down to see the boy standing at his doorstep, waiting to be let in. We both don't have time to get infatuated with something as useless as love affair, right? So I'll keep this relationship with you light hearted. Smiling, he gestured for the Ed to let himself in.