The Next Great Adventure Edge of the Abyss

Ch. 1 Meeting of Champions

The Mass Effect series is the property of Bioware studios and E.A... Harry Potter is the sole property to J. . This written story is not an attempt by me to rip-off these individual's works but to combine both into a great new story.

Arcturus Stream Arcturus station 2183

Arcturus Station was one of the most impressive space stations that Spectre Harry James Potter had ever been aboard besides the Citadel. The station was shaped like one of the dozens of mass relays that occupied the star cluster. But it represented the face of humanity to the galaxy. The Systems Alliance maintained a parliament on the station along with the military headquarters for the alliance's top admirals. But that was not why Harry was here. He was here in the military docking bay X-13 to board the galaxy's first stealth ship and make history of his own. Wearing his custom built emerald green and black armor and Turian shaped helmet the Spectre was also carrying two custom made weapons a Scalarin shotgun and Erebus Assault rifle. The Spectre stepped away from the observation port and slowly marched towards the docking bay whose airlock which would lead him to the SSV- Normandy. Not surprisingly the airlock was guarded by two human marines with matching Hahne-Kedar light Mantis Armor and Lancer assault rifles. One of the guards a female with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes stepped forward and stopped him.

"Hold it right there. This area is restricted to all non-authorized personal. Identify yourself."

"Basilisk. Council Spectre here to see Captain Anderson."

This statement made the marines jump and fumble with their weapons.

"My apologies Spectre. If I had known..."

"It is all right marine you were only doing your job. Just get the captain for me."

"Of course sir. Wait right here sir."

The female marine turned to the airlock and entered a code on her Omni-Tool before entering the airlock leaving Harry and the second marine in the bay. After several minutes the female marine returned but this time she was accompanied by a tall dark skinned human wearing a navy blue uniform with a captain's bar on his shoulder.

"Ah Basilisk you have arrived. Would you like a tour of the Normandy? Dismissed marines."

"It would be a pleasure Captain."

The two entered the Normandy's decontamination room and during the waiting period. Harry said.

"I have read your file Captain. You were considered for the Spectres eighteen years ago."

"And you are wondering why I failed is that it."

"Not at all. I was just curious. Who was your mentor?"

"Saren Arterius."

"Ah, I think I can see what happened. Saren's hatred of humanity is well known throughout the Spectres."

"He wasn't the most warm and inviting person when I meet him. But he hates humans for no good reason."

"Actually Captain you are wrong. Saren hates humans because of the Relay 314 incident. His brother was killed during the conflict. It was caused by a disloyal human who shot Desolas Arterius while he was being exchanged for human prisoners."

"How do you know that?"

"I was there during the conflict Captain. I was watching the exchange happen and when two mercs that were captured by the Turians were being exchanged for the General a lone human solider fired his weapon at Desolas striking him in the head. I shot the man a few seconds later and maintained the peace."

"You have had an interesting career Spectre."

"That is the past Captain. When can I meet your protégé?"

"In a few hours. The Commander is transferred here by high command."

"Are you sure that she is well enough for this mission? I mean being the sole survivor of a Thresher Maw attack can be very traumatic."

"The consolers we sent her to reveled a small amount of post-traumatic stress but that was it. She is fit for service. Why do you want to know?"

"I need to know if she is ready for the trials ahead that she will soon face in becoming a Spectre."

The conversation between the two was ended by the decontamination doors opening up and reviling the Normandy's interior. The lighting was low giving the grey and dark blue metals a more significant meaning. The cockpit was empty except for the pilot who was a brown haired man with a full beard wearing a SR-1 cap on his head. The man was muttering to himself but Harry caught the words "my baby" being said. The Captain and Harry moved out of the pit and into the Command Information Center where Harry meet the Normandy's Navigator Charles Pressly. Pressly was an older gentleman with healthy tanned skin a bald head and small greyish brown Goatee. He was quickly debriefing Captain Anderson about a few of the Normandy's systems before leaving the pair. The Captain continued the tour showing Harry the comns room at the back of the CIC along with crew quarters on the second deck. He also showed Harry the engineering deck with the Tantalus drive core and the M-35 Mako. Anderson ended the tour at the small room assigned to Harry for the duration of his mission aboard. Harry thanked the Captain and dismissed him before entering his room. The room was bare except for a bed, dresser, desk and chair combination with a console that would connect with the extra-net and a small closet. Harry quickly scanned the room for listening and recording devices and quickly found three before disabling them. He then removed his helmet setting it on the bed and then sat down on the chair. He opened his Omni-Tool and pulled up an Omni-Photo of him Benezia and Liara sitting around the giant Keliaba tree which was on The T'soni manor's grounds smiling. The picture had been taken by Lenna when Liara had graduated from the University of Armali. It had been one of the proudest days of his life having Liara show him her college diploma and a personal recommendation from the Archeology department's head Arila G'oaia for an immediate position with a prominent Prothean dig team in the Attican Traverse. Harry close his Omni-Tool and began storing his weapons and armor in the closet and laid on the bed wearing a under armor suit. Harry then closed his eyes for a small nap.

When Harry awoke it was two hours later in the day. Harry got up from the bed grabbed his Helmet, Armor and weapons and exited his room. He then walked past the med-bay and ran into a middle age woman with slivery grey hair sending both of them to the floor. Picking himself up Harry extended his hand to the woman to help her up.

"My apologies for the accident madam it won't happen again."

"No harm no foul Spectre. Thank you for helping me up."

"I did not get your name Dr.?"

"Chakwas. Karin Chakwas."

"You are the chief medical officer for the Normandy?"

"Yes I am. I have spent most of my life aboard starships. Treating the brave marines and navy crew men that make up the Alliance."

"That sounds like an interesting life to live."

"It is a good life. Why are you really here Spectre? It can't be for the reasons I was told."

"Please doctor call me Basilisk. I am afraid that my mission on the Normandy is top-secret. I do however have questions to ask you about the XO of the ship."

"What do you need to know about her that you can't get from the Captain?"

"Normal stuff really. What I am personally interested in is her genetic code."

"Why do you want to know about her genetics?"

"I have had an interest in human genetics ever since the time your species has stepped onto the galactic scene."

"I guess that I could send a small copy of her genetic structure to your Omni-Tool. But I have to ask. Why are you so interested in the Commander?"

"Let me just say that the Commander will leave a great mark on galactic affairs. Thank you for your time doctor."

"Of course Basilisk. You are not as unpleasant as some of the rumors make you out to be."

Harry then left the doctor to her own chores and made his way towards the staircase that led upwards towards the CIC. He was greeted to the sight of more crewmen walking around the CIC doing their jobs and to marines guarding the door to the stairways and comns room. Captain Anderson was on the step above the galactic map overlooking the rest of the crew. But what caught Harry's attention was the appearance of the Commander. Grace Shepard was walking around the CIC slowly. She was inspecting the crew carefully before she turned to face the stairs. She was about five eight with long black hair tied into a ponytail. Her skin was lightly tanned and extremely fit with looked to be decent sized muscles. Her eyes were a light sea blue but the beauty of her face was marred by a nasty looking scar that started at the edge of the right eye and ended at her mouth. The scar was mostly healed but parts of it were still angry red.

Shepard was busy watching the crew do their assigned tasks when she spotted out of the corner of her eye an armored figure standing in front of the doorway leading to the crew deck. The figure was in an interesting black/green combo with a helmet that seemed to be shaped like a Turians. The figure was wearing two weapons a shotgun and an assault rifle both were unknown weapons so she had no idea how many shots they would fire before overheating. The figure moved from the doorway and over to where the Captain was standing. She couldn't hear what they were saying but she could feel the stranger's eyes on her. The figure then left the CIC and returned to the crew deck. Shepard made her way over to the captain and asked

"Who was that?"

"Someone important Shepard. You will find out soon enough."

The captain's statement left a bad taste in Shepard's mouth. She did not trust non-humans with any Alliance secrets and the being who had left was definitely non-human. But she held her discomfort in check. With that being said she returned to watching the crew do their jobs.

Harry for the next two and a half hours went about the ship getting to know other members of the crew from Chief Engineer Adams who was a pleasant enough man who somehow got into a debate with Harry about the basics of engineering. He was in charge of making sure the drive core was running a hundred percent. To Mess Sergeant William Walker who was a rare blonde haired man that made sure that the crew was fed properly. Harry eventually ended his tour when the Normandy's pilot called out through the ship's radio that the Normandy was preparing to leave port. Going up to the cockpit Harry watched as Joker who he learned was the pilot's nickname an what he liked to be called was being helped by the head of the Normandy's marine contingent Lieutenant Kadien Alenko. Harry had always been amazed by mass relays and watching a ship depart through one was an awe inspiring sight. He noticed as Commander Shepard started approaching the cockpit and struck a small pose by standing at his side. Just as the Normandy went through the relay and entered FTL Harry praised Joker's piloting skills.

"Excellent job Flight Lieutenant. The captain will be pleased by your work."

Harry then turn around and made his way towards the comns room but caught a little of Joker's response "What an asshole." Harry chuckled at the words and continued on his way. When he reached the comns room the Spectre pulled up a picture of the colony world of Eden Prime. The planet was beautiful with plenty of vibrant greens and oranges. So a few minutes later the comns room door opened with a slight hiss and harry turned around to see Shepard walking into the room.

"Commander Shepard. Good to see that you are finally here. This will give us a chance to talk."

"Cut the crap Spectre. Just tell me what you are doing here."

"Be mindful about how you speak to me Shepard. I hear this colony we are going to Eden Prime is quite beautiful."

"They say it is a paradise."

"It may be a paradise for humanity. But how safe is it really?"

"Are you trying to imply something unpleasant is going to happen?"

"Not at all. But humanity has only been a spacefaring species for only forty years. There are still things in the galaxy that may want to destroy you." The door to the room opened a second time allowing Captain Anderson into view.

"I think it is time we tell the Commander what is really going on."

Basilisk turned to Shepard and said. "This mission is far more complicated than a simple shakedown run of the Normandy's stealth systems." Shepard turned to Anderson before specking "That was obvious. Everyone on the ship knew that. What is really going on sir?" Anderson face grew impassive before replying. "We are making a covert pick up on Eden Prime. That is why we need the stealth systems. A construction team from the colony was preparing to lay down a new road to the more rural areas of the colony when they found something. Calling in a research team they discovered that the objects were Prothean in nature."

"Shepard raised an eyebrow at the word Prothean. " I thought the Protheans disappeared 50,000 years ago."

"They did but their legacy remains the mass relays our ship drives the weapons you carry all based upon Prothean technology." Basilisk reminded.

"This is big Shepard the last time we discovered Prothean tech it jumped our technology forward 200 years. The object in question is a Prothean beacon." Captain Anderson explained.

"Obviously this matter extends beyond human interests Commander. I was sent here for the retrieval and for something else." Basilisk cut in.

"And what is the second objective? Shepard asked?

Anderson's face seemed to light up with pride as he said. "Basilisk is here to evaluate you."

Shepard was shocked at the statement. "You can't mean what I think you are implying sir."

"It is true Commander. I was the one who chose you to become a potential Spectre. Your adaptability and intelligence allowed you to beat your opponents on Akuze. I was very impressed with your work. Those skills are highly desired in potential recruits we look for." Basilisk explained.

"Humanity has been pushing for this a long time. Shepard. We want more say with the Citadel Council. The Spectres represent the Council's power and authority. If they accept a human into their ranks it will show to the rest of the galaxy how far the Alliance has come."

"Shepard This mission will be the first of several together. I hope that we can work aside any differences that we may have during the course of your tutelage with me."

"Any further questions from you Shepard?"

"I have a few Captain. Why is retrieving this beacon so important other than gaining favor with

The Council?"

"The Attican traverse isn't the most stable sector of Citadel space. Pirates from the Terminus Systems regularly stalk the trade lanes hoping for easy pickings. This area is also full of mercenaries from the big three."

"The big three?"

"The largest Mercenary gangs. What the Captain is saying is that the Blood Pack, Blue Suns and Eclipse are heavily involved in the Traverse. The Suns and Blood Pack are especially dangerous." Basilisk explained

"Tell me more about the Blue Suns." Shepard said.

"The Blue Suns were formed by two humans about twenty three years ago. The humans were Vido Santiago and a still as yet unknown partner. They are the most corrupt merc band of the big three. The company is involved with nearly every sort of illegal activity imaginable. There are rumors that the Suns are connected with the slave trade but there has never been a conviction of any Blue Suns employee."

"And the Blood Pack?"

"Believe it or not it was actually a small Terminus Systems Vorcha Pirate gang before a Krogan battle master reformed the gang as a Security company. They are the most violent gang of the big three."

"So when are we going to start?"

"You will be in charge of the ground team that will be retrieving the beacon. Basilisk will be watching you for the rest of the mission. When the beacon is aboard the Normandy we will depart for the Citadel."

"Anything else Commander?"

"No sir I think that is everything I need to know."

The intercom system suddenly started up allowing Joker's voice to reach the comns room.

"Captain Transmission from Eden Prime. Sir I think you want to see this."

"Put it on screen Joker."

The video started bringing up a picture of Alliance marines firing their Lancer Assault rifles at an unknown enemy. The sky above the marines was blood red with charcoal black smoke rising from various points on the ground. The video camera operated was pushed to the ground by a female marine in pink and white Sirta Foundation Phoenix armor saying "Get down now." The video then cut to a shot of something large and menacing cutting through the clouds reviling a large cuttle fish like ship before everything went dark.

"Everything cut out after that. No comns or anything it just goes dark."

"Reverse and hold at twenty-four hundred."

The last image from the video came up. Showing to the trio of beings the massive space ship.

Basilisk made a gentle cough attracting the attention of Shepard and Anderson.

"You have seen something like this before?"

"Only once during an intelligence briefing from the STG."

"What was the briefing about?"

"That is classified above top secret. I can't reveal anything. My apologies."

"Whatever it is this mission has just gotten more difficult. Shepard meet me in the cargo bay."

Harry watched the Commander and Captain depart from the room in a hurry. Harry took one last look at the ship on screen before leaving the room to head for the cargo bay.

In the cargo bay Harry found Shepard and Anderson preparing the ground team for action. The team consisted of Shepard who was wearing medium N7 Onyx armor made by Aldrin Labs. Her weaponry consisted of a Storm one shotgun and a Reaper one sniper rifle. Lieutenant Alenko was outfitted with Alliance standard issue Mantis light armor and a weak Predator pistol. The other marine who Harry heard was named Jenkins had similar armor but carried a Lancer one assault rifle and a Storm two shotgun. Harry prepped his Erebus and Scalarin for duty and heard the last of what the Captain was saying to Shepard's team "….. Go in heavy and head straight for the dig site."

"What about survivors Captain?" Alenko asked

"Helping Survivors is a secondary objective. The beacon is your top priority."

"Approaching drop point one." Joker's voice boomed over the comns

"Basilisk you coming with us?" Jenkins questioned.

"I move faster on my own Corporal. I will stay in radio contact with the Commander and feed you status reports."

Harry then made his way over to the edge of the drop pad and summoning his biotic power he disappeared into thin air surprising the squad with the trick.

"The mission is yours Shepard."

"Approaching drop point two."

With that Shepard and her team jumped out of the Normandy and deployed a mass effect field lowing their mass allowing the team to hit the ground with ease.

Eden Prime 2183 Exodus Cluster Utopia System

Harry was quickly moving around the ruins of a small farming hamlet. There were bodies of the colonists laid out across the ground. The bodies had sighs of mass accelerator rounds entering in the front and leaving ghastly exit wounds. The Spectre shook his head at the needless slaughter. He opened a secure channel to Shepard and said. "Lot of burned out building Commander along with some bodies. How are things on your end?" "We just lost Jenkins to some small drones. They ripped right through his Shields. Call back when you have more information." After leaving the hamlet Harry eventual entered a small forest that was filled with tall conifer trees. Harry was getting close to the edge of the forest when he heard a small buzzing sound. Looking up he saw a trio of small combat drones flying overhead. Harry did not recognize the drones. They were certainly not from any of the militaries or merc groups. That left one group. The Geth. That was not good. If the Geth had finally emerged from the Perseus Veil and declared war on humanity then something big was behind this attack. After the drones had passed Harry approached closer to the dig site what stopped him was gruesome sight. Three Geth trooper platforms and what appeared to be an officer were gathering a small crowd of Colonists into an enclosed with hundreds of devices that appeared to be deactivated. On the command of the officer the devices activated impaling every colonist. The blood from the colonists was flowing down the spikes and pooling around the bottom of the impalement device. Some of the colonists who were being impaled were young children. The troopers and their commanding officer moved away from the massacre site and left without a sound. Harry quietly moved from his place of hiding and approached the spikes with caution. The Spectre heard a low moan and looking around quickly located the source of the Nosie. It came from a nineteen year old girl who was still alive. Harry pulled out his assault rifle and made a clean headshot putting the girl out of her misery. Activating his Omni-Tool Harry opened the channel to Shepard and said.

"Shepard have you come across any impaled colonists?

"The lieutenant and I have not yet seen anything like that. But we just met up with a marine from Eden Prime's garrison and she said that the invaders were impaling wounded soldiers. She also informed us that the attackers were Geth. Is she right?"

"The marine is I am afraid correct Shepard. The invaders are Geth. Be careful though I just saw some Geth platforms heading towards the dig site. I will meet you with your squad soon. Over and out."

Harry continued moving towards the dig site but before he left he looked back on the massacre and quickly made a prayer for the deceased. Continuing onwards Harry eventually came to where the dig site was and spotted the four original Geth platforms along with six additional reinforcement platforms. Summoning his biotics the Spectre threw a very large and powerful singularity that sucked up seven of the platforms dangling them above the ground. The three platforms not caught up in the attack took cover behind various rock outcroppings that lay around the site. Harry popped up from cover and using his shotgun picked off the helpless floating platforms before turning it on the trio of Geth troopers. The first trooper fired its assault rifle at the Spectre trying to land a decent hit. The slugs hit Harry's kinetic barriers making the armor's VI comment that he had lost 40% of his shields. The Spectre threw a flaming hot fireball at the trooper burning it to a crisp. The second and third troopers raised their rifles ready to add their slugs to the firefight. But a loud noise distracted the platforms causing them to look away from the Spectre. Harry took the advantage given to him and unleased a shockwave that threw both Geth platforms up into the air before gravity brought both back down to the ground with a sickening crunch. Harry then turned his head towards the source of the sound. In walked Shepard and Alenko with a female marine in pink and white Sirta armor and a large load out of weapons. Shepard scanned the carnage that was before her before spotting the Spectre.

"I see that you made it here before us."

"As I told you Commander I move faster on my own. Who is the newcomer?"

"That is the marine I told you about. Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams. She informed us of the Geth's presence."

Harry turned to the marine and did a quick evaluation of her. She was extremely fit her eyes were sizing him up too and it seemed like she knew how to handle multiple weapons. Looking at her again Harry turned around and said. "Good to meet you Williams. Do you have any idea where the beacon is?"

Williams shook her head. "There is a small spaceport up ahead maybe the science team took the beacon there."

"Shepard I will move on to the spaceport and see if the beacon is there. Come and find me when you are done checking this area out."

Harry began climbing the small hill that led up to the research camp. The camp was comprised of five prefab habitats. There were also several spikes with corpses of humans standing in front of the habitats. The path from there to the spaceport was clear of any Geth forces so Harry continued onwards. It was when he reached the port that he found a data pad with information on where the beacon was when he heard a loud screech like that of a metal box being moved. So looking towards the source of the sound. He was surprised to see a somewhat familiar face. There standing less than 5 feet from him was Saren.

"Saren what in the hell are you doing here?"

The Turian turned to face him. This allowed Harry to notice several things different about the Turian. His left arm was no longer organic it seemed to be synthetic in nature now. Saren's once brown eyes were no a disturbing sky blue.

"Basilisk funny to see you here."

"I am the one who was supposed to be here Saren. You were assigned by the Council to monitor the Perseus Veil for Geth activity. Why did you leave your post?"

"The council gave me new orders. They wanted me to scout Eden Prime for you."

"That is a load of varren shit. Saren, the Geth are attacking killing without mercy. Tell me right now what you are really doing here!"

Saren gave a great sigh and pulled out his pistol aiming for Harry's head. "I had hoped to get you to leave Basilisk. But it appears that I have no other choice but to do this. I am sorry that you must die. You were my role model as child." Saren fired the pistol forcing Harry to dive for cover. Harry withdrew his shotgun and returned fire with a Carnage blast hitting Saren's kinetic barriers head on and forcing him off balance for a moment. Harry then threw a Warp at the traitorous Turian hoping to get Saren to back off thus enabling Harry to have some breathing space. But the Warp did little to slow Saren down. The Warp hit Saren's shields barley doing any damage. Saren then did something that truly scared Harry. The turian turned a violet blue and launched a biotic Reave at his opponent. The Reave hit Harry hard going right through his shields and hitting his nervous system directly. This stunned the loyal Spectre long enough for Saren to unload six pistol shots into Harry's body. The pistol was modded with phasic rounds so they went straight through the shields. Harry fell to the hard metallic floor screaming in agony. Blood was starting to flow from the bullet holes in Harry's armor. Saren approached Harry looking down at him with eyes filled with regret. "This is where we say good bye. You will be spared the horrors that will come." Saren raised his pistol again and fired a single bullet into the area that would have been the head of a turian. The shot hit Harry in his collar bone forcing him into unconsciousness. Satisfied with his work Saren turned around and began moving towards the rail way system leaving the body of his colleague behind not noticing a small buzzing sound coming from the body.

A load gunshot was heard in the distance breaking Shepard's concentration from the scientist that the team had found inside one of the campsite's prefab buildings.

"Did you hear that Alenko?"

"I did ma'am whatever sort of gun made that sound was heavily modded."

"Williams take us to the spaceport. Dr. Warren stay here until someone finds you and your assistant."

"Yes ma'am. Right a way."

Leaving the doctor in the building. The team went back outside forcing Shepard to look at the corpses of the zombie like creatures that the team had been forced to kill. Whatever they were before the creatures that corpses were now showed no self-preservation instincts or anything human. The path leading to the spaceport was filled with more of the zombie things along with plenty of Geth platforms all shooting at the Normandy ground team. Once the last Geth platform fell from a metal slug in the head from Williams. Shepard, Williams and Alenko approached the entrance to the spaceport and came across a gory sight. There laided Basilisk on the floor bleeding from many holes in his armor. The blood was red like a humans which was extremely odd because Shepard had pegged the Spectre for a Turian.

"Alenko go check the body for a pulse. Williams collect his weapons and stand guard.

Alenko rushed over to the body preparing medi-gel for use. William gathered up the Specter's weapons looking at them with a guns-nuts interest. So it was a shock to Shepard and the rest of the ground team when Alenko removed the helmet to see what was beneath. Underneath the helmet stood a human face. Raven black hair sticking up at odd angles the face itself was aristocratic in shape high cheek bones, pale white skin and a perfectly sculpted nose. What was extremely odd was a lightning bolt shaped scar on the forehead. It surprised everyone further when the body's eyes opened wide. The man was still alive. The eyes turned to Shepard and recognizing her the mouth to the man opened and out creaked in a raspy voice.

"Shepard I had hoped to share this secret of mine with you later but right now you must listen to me." A single wet cough came from the man's mouth "please get me some medi-gel see if you can do something for me. I have to tell you…"

"Your human how did you..?"

"I will tell you later. If I survive."

"Alright. Just Hold on Basilisk. We will get you patched up don't try and speak."

"No I have to tell you what happened to me. I was attacked by a colleague of mine. His name is Saren. If I don't survive take my Omni-tool and give it to Councilor Tevos. It proves that Saren attacked me."

"Ok I will give it to the Councilor. But that will not be necessary. You are going to make it just hold on."

"Thank you Shepard. I think Saren is after the beacon. It is at the far edge of the spaceport over the railway."

The man closed then his eyes but not before whispering something in a langue that Shepard's translator pronounced as Asari. Alenko had started pumping into the Spectre a large dose of medi-gel in both his stomach and the small bullet wound in his collar bone. Shepard vowed to get the origin story of this man from him when he was better. Seeing that she couldn't just leave Basilisk by himself so she ordered Alenko to stay with the Spectre While she and Ashley would continue on ahead towards the beacon. The two woman squad ran into several Geth patrols but between the two of them they handled the attackers fairly well. The two women eventually came across the body of a dockworker who had been cut down from behind by the Geth. Lying next to him where some grenades and a weapon mod for an advance pistol. Knowing that the dead man had no need for them Shepard picked them up from the ground and attached the grenades to her utility belt the mod was placed into her equipment pouch. When the Geth had been cleared from the railway Shepard and Williams cautiously made it to the rail controls. Shepard manipulated the controls on the holographic keyboard and gave the command to move the railway carts. The ride to the other side of the spaceport took about ten minutes. During that time the cart's passengers had been silent until Williams spoke up.

"Can you believe it Commander? The most respected Spectre in Citadel space is a human, an honest to god human!"

"I still can't believe it. When I had met the man I had thought he was a Turian outcast."

"But how did he come to the greater galaxy? Alliance Intel has confirmed that Basilisk has been active for around some hundred years as a Spectre. That means that the man is one of the oldest humans on record."

"We will question him when we get back to the Normandy and when he is feeling better is that understood Gunnery Chief?"

"Yes Ma'am."

The railcar came to a sudden stop and the safety bar that surrounded the railcar opened allowing Shepard and Williams a way off the cart. When the two women had stepped onto the spaceport they heard a low ticking sound. The noise was immediately found and what they saw shook both women to the core. Standing near the railway was a Dyminaca-class nuclear bomb. The nuke were strong enough to wipeout the rest of the spaceport and the surrounding towns. But there were more than just the single one the women had spotted. According to Shepard's Omni-tool there were about three of them in the surrounding area, enough to make Eden Prime uninhabitable forever. Rushing over to the bomb Shepard ordered Williams to cover her while she disarming the weapon of mass destruction. Shepard was about half way done with the bomb when she felt her shields take a hit. She shouted at her squad mate.

"Williams get that damn shooter before it blows my head off!"

"You got it ma'am."

Shepard turned her head back to the bomb when a violent bark of a sniper rifle comes from Ashley's position and quickly accompanied by the sound of a dying Geth platform. After a few more seconds Shepard had successfully disarmed that bomb and with Williams coving her from a long range distance Shepard was easily able to disarm another bomb. The Geth seeing that shooting at the humans at long range wasn't doing anything came to a quick consensus to close the gap and try to eliminate the humans from there. Two shock troopers moved up the narrow path way through multiple shipping crates towards the marines but Shepard had prepared for a situation like this. She had during the firefight laid down a tech mine ready for any Geth that tried to approach her and Williams. The mine was in the middle of the walkway. So when the Geth walked closes to the blast radius. Shepard pushed her thumb down on the trigger. The blast destroyed the two shock trooper's shields and cut into their platforms bodies sending them into pieces around the walkway. The last three trooper platforms on the other side of the catwalk near the bomb were deactivated by a mass accelerator slug their flashlight heads by William's sniper. Shepard ran forward and once at the bomb she began disarming it. The bombs countdown was approaching zero when Shepard finally finished stopping the countdown at 0.01. Breathing a sigh of relief Shepard turned in the direction of an eerie sea green light that was bathing part of the spaceport with its light. There standing in the middle of the back part of the spaceport in between two shipping crates was the beacon. It was an 8ft tall orange circular object with an almost organic surface that was reflective like diamond. Williams approached it with a fascinated look on her dark brown face.

"Why is the beacon unguarded? Commander."

"No idea Williams. Do you see any Geth or Saren?"

"No ma'am. It appears that they left on that giant ship we saw when we came near the spaceport."

Shepard nodded her head began slowly approaching the beacon. She paused when she saw something out of the corner of her eye lumbering towards her. The shape came closer and eventually revealed itself to be one of the repurposed colonists that had been impaled on one of the tall spikes. The "husk" charged forward with mindless aggression and slammed into Shepard forcing her into backwards right into the path of the beacon. In less than a second Shepard was picked by some invisible force. Grace heard a faint gunshot and the thudding sound of a body hitting the metallic floor. But the last thing she heard before she hit unconiousness was Williams crying out her name.

Shepard found herself looking over an inhabited planet in some part of the Galaxy. Suddenly she was accelerating down towards the planet's surface. Once Shepard had stopped accelerating she found herself looking over an advance city with multiple beings she had never seen before walking around doing ordinary things. Suddenly a violent screeching blow horn sound that drew her attention to several large objects coming from space. They looked like the ship that had landed on Eden Prime but their appliance made the beings in the street start running in various directions trying to escape. Small doors on one of the ships opened to release things that looked like meteorites that speeded towards the city. Once they hit the ground the meteors broke apart and revealed horrible twisted monsters that looked sort of like the beings that had been on the streets. The monsters advanced onwards looking for the aliens that had once been there. Shepard saw flashes of scenes go in front of her eyes that she could not make out but eventually the scenes died down and once more she was looking down on the planet once more. But instead of the city being one of growth and progress it now resembled a burnt out corpse. The skyscrapers from earlier were now full of smoking holes that had fires burning uncontrollably. The street was filled with destroyed vehicles and dead bodies of alien soldiers. There were more of the monsters escorting alien civilians towards a large ugly building that stood taller than any preexisting buildings. Then the loud blow horn sound came again and the scene changed to another planet with statues of weird looking aliens before it jumped to one of the invading ships looming over the planet before it swallowed the planet whole leaving nothing but darkness.

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