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Chapter 2

Allen felt something warm down her throat as the darkness took her sight and then she heard a voice.


The voice first said, it was truly odd for her because hear voice was so familiar, yet it was so unfamiliar.

As she walked towards the voice she heard another voice towards the other side of the darkness was a voice she knew all to well.


She heard the voice plain as day, she knew "Kanda" she said as she walked towards his voice when the other voice behind her grabbed her left arm, her innocence hand force her towards it, as she turned around she saw a shadowy figure with pure golden eyes, "HELP SOMEBODY!"

She yelled as she tried to reach for the voice that belonged to Kanda but failed at trying to grad hold of the voice. I'm scared, please some one help me. she thought as she was almost face to face with the shadowy kidnapper.

Then she felt her innocence burn as it got closer.

Mine once ag-ahhhhhhhhh!

the figure screamed as it released her hand and she ran as fast as she could to Kanda

Kanda did his in famous 'che' as he set the girl he called moriashi down on the wooden bench beside him, he saw streaks of her silvery white hair on her face and
saw something in the corner of her mouth, but for the most part she seemed at rest, her boy cut hair was now longer and instead of the normal uniform she

wore a simple black dress and her normal exorcist jacket, he keeped on looking at her not realizing he was getting closer to her lips until he was about to lay a kiss

on her when she slowly opened her eyes, "Oh and I thought I was your stupid moriashi, now you think I'm your moriashi." she looked at the older man that was both confusion and yet relief, why is she looking at me like that, he thought as for some odd reason she got close to him wanting to curl up with her but as he was about to, the finder who was assigned to them returned with a surprise.

It was a little old lady her body no more to the height of a young ten year old child was wrinkly in the face, her eyes a shade of blue that had seen it all.

"Allen, Kanda this is Marry, she lives near the outskirts of town and offered us a place to stay." He said as the women smiled at the two exorcist. "Come children, before The Lord strikes up down with his mighty lighting on us." she said in a horse voice as the two exorcist jolted away from one another, then they got up and started to walk following the old women.

The figure screamed her face clawed from the innocence. but slowly it returned to its beauty. "Damn that girl, well she is like me, she is determined to stay with the one she loves." she said as she looked at a small doll bunny with a red ribbon around his neck, "Excita vessiel sanctum, qui clamas, et revertentur ad verae matser exercuit animae." she said as she held her hand on the doll, then it glowed a strange dark purple color as it's eyes glowed the same color and then it changed to a mosterous bunny form.

the ribbon now a shredded form around its neck and the eyes changing from a black to a wole blood red color.

"You little pet shall do my bidding and do this." she said whispering into the ear of the beast, witch nodded and it dissipated into shadow.

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