So, I've been reading some people's versions of Jack's past (which, by the way, are all AWESOME!) and it inspired me to write my own. I've noticed no one has done one with Merida, Rapunzel and Hiccup in it, so I decided to include them for a change.

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Merida sighed irritably and continued drumming her fingers against the table, watching as Hiccup examined a knife and Rapunzel began to gather the things they needed. There was a noticeable lack of a certain winter spirit that Merida had come to see as her annoying younger brother. As much as the summer spirit hated the cold, she knew it meant that Jack was here. Since it was a strange just-over lukewarm temperature with the three other seasonal spirits in the room, it was obvious that, once again, the Guardian of Fun was not where he needed to be on time.

"I give up!" Merida eventually cried, slamming her hands down onto the table as she rose to her feet. "He obviously isn't coming for a while, so why can't we just start now?" Hiccup looked at her, still polishing the knife, forest green eyes meeting sea blue ones. He had no idea where Jack was, nor did he really care, so long as he arrived eventually. Sure, Jack made him worry at times, but the spirit of autumn was convinced that, wherever he was, Jack could take care of himself.

"Merida, calm down. Jack's always late, you're just going to have to accept that." He said calmly, making Rapunzel look up from her work to watch Merida's reaction. Surprisingly, the red-head remained stressed and annoyed. Hiccup could usually calm her down pretty quickly, thus making him the only person who could wake her up if she slept in. "He'll come eventually. You know that. And you also know that the other guardian's won't let us start lunch until Jack gets here."

Merida huffed and sat back down, crossing her arms. "Well, he'd better get here quick, before I go and find him myself and drag him here." Rapunzel chuckled, knowing Merida's threat was half empty. Merida probably would hunt Jack down and force him over there, but probably wouldn't drag him since she was worried that her body temperature would burn him in her annoyance. It had happened before, resulting in Jack with a burn or two on his arm while he covered it in frost and snow to heal it.

It was then a cold gust of wind swept through the workshop as Jack flew in from a window and landed in front of them, grinning. "Hey guys, what did I miss?"

Merida swung around and glared at him. "Jack! You're late! Again!" She yelled, advancing towards him while Jack backed away, his hands held up in defence, yet his grin remained. "So I'm a few minutes late for lunch, so kill me. England needed some extra snow, the kids have been pleading for days to get a day off school. And they hardly ever get snowed in so I thought, why not?"

Merida huffed and turned around, about to storm off down the hallway to get the others when Hiccup carefully guided her to her chair instead. Rapunzel giggled and raced out of the room, taking up the job Merida was about to attend to. Knowing the hot-headed summer spirit, she would probably come back with Bunny as a cooked dish if she left in a mood.

Jack laughed and sat down in his seat, looking at Hiccup with a smile. "So, Hic, how have things been for you?" Hiccup shrugged. "The usual. Although Toothless has been pretty restless lately. It looks like he wants to be in places where winter is, he's constantly trying to fly over there."

"Aww, if you wanted to visit me, you only had to show up." Jack smirked, finally leaning his staff against the table. Hiccup only rolled his eyes, yet smiled. "You wish, Jack." He said, letting out a small chuckle. Jack smiled and turned to Merida. "Hey! Hot-head!What, did someone make it rain and put out a fire you made today? Because you have a face like thunder."

Merida's head snapped towards him, her blue eyes glaring fiery daggers at him. Although it wouldn't bother most people if Jack called them 'hot-head', it angered Merida for some reason. He would usually use the nickname for when he was winding her up, and as a result she automatically became irritated when he said it. "What did you say, Frost?" She yelled, jumping up and practically flying across the table in what looked to be an attempt to strangle the winter spirit, who simply laughed and leapt to the side. Hiccup quickly dived in to calm the summer spirit while Jack laughed.

It was fortunate for everyone that Rapunzel chose that very moment to return with the other guardians, for otherwise, Jack would have probably ended up a pile of ashes on the floor.

Jack began to stop laughing and he fell onto his chair, attempting to get his breath back. Merida just glared at him before sitting down next to Hiccup as Rapunzel took her place next to Jack. Bunny sat next to Merida, diagonal to Jack, North placed himself beside Jack, Tooth sat next to Rapunzel and Sandy next to Hiccup as yetis began to run around and serve them. Casual conversation turned into an argument between Jack and Merida, to which no one was surprised about, as Hiccup and Rapunzel attempted to break up the fight.

"Summer is too better than winter!" Merida yelled. "Oh yeah? Well what exactly can kids do in the summer? In winter they can use snow to have fun! What can they do in summer, just watch ants burn?" Jack fired. Rapunzel sighed, wondering how things had even gotten to this, while Hiccup sniggered, reminded of North and Bunny's continual argument over Easter and Christmas.

"Yeah, well summer's warmer! Plenty of people prefer warmth to coldness. And crops can grow in the summer, crops that keep people alive!" Merida retorted. Jack snorted. "Yeah, but then people start complaining about the heat, and look for ways to cool themselves off."

"One of those forms of cooling down is swimming, Frost!" Merida yelled triumphantly. "And swimming is fun!" Rapunzel noticed Jack tense at the word 'swimming' but assumed that it was just Merida getting on his nerves.

Out of nowhere Bunny came into the conversation. "She has a point, Frostbite. People can survive better in summer and still have fun there." Jack tensed, sending glares in the rabbit's direction. "Shut it, kangaroo! Stay out of our argument!" He yelled. Bunny snickered. "And what's gotten you so riled up, Jack? Ashamed to be beaten in an argument by not only a girl, but a spirit who has less believers?" Jack clenched his teeth, and Hiccup shifted uncomfortably. "Bunny..." Rapunzel said, but the rabbit interrupted her. "Of course, it isn't hard to beat you in an argument, you're not very clever or strong."

Even Merida shifted uncomfortably, seeing that he was taking this a bit too far. "Bunny, he isn't-" Jack cut her off. "Shut up! You're just siding with her because she brings warmth, and it's warm when you have your stupid Easter egg hunts!" He yelled, fists clenched. Bunny smirked, ignoring the glares he was receiving from Merida that told him to shut up before he became the next thing the yeti's decided to serve. "Well, at least she brings warmth, which more people are beginning to cherish, since more people are beginning to view winter as cold and harsh." Before anyone could stop him, Bunny crossed the line. "And you are the reason people hate winter so much! No wonder only Jamie and his friends believe in you!"

Rapunzel gasped, her hands flying up to her mouth. Hiccup's jaw dropped and the other guardians just stared. Jack stood up, grabbed his staff and bolted out of the room, keeping his head down, in a matter of five seconds. Merida shot up, practically knocking her chair to the ground and a slap rang through the air as her hand came into contact with Bunny's face, scorching a bit of his fur. Hastily Hiccup removed her bow and arrows from Merida's reach, but the summer spirit didn't even send a glance towards her weapon.

"You're sick." Merida hissed as she stormed out of the room after Jack, with Hiccup scrambling after her. Rapunzel shot a small glare at Bunny before racing after her friends.

"Congratulations, Bunny!" Merida spat as she stormed into the room a few minutes later, with Hiccup and Rapunzel trailing after her, heads down. "You chased him away! He's flown off. It will take ages to find him now, if we even find him at all." Bunny's ears flattened. He was beginning to regret what he said now. When he had said all of that to Jack earlier, he had been angry because of a small prank the winter spirit had played and wanted to get him back. He hadn't meant to drive him away.

Merida resisted punching the Guardian of Hope and instead stormed off to her bedroom to settle for punching the wall. Sure, she and Jack got into arguments all the time but she would never, ever bring that up against him. She would never push it that far. And who did Bunny think he was, getting into their argument like that anyway?

Merida rammed her fist into the wall for the millionth time, leaving a small scorched mark there as her temper began to get worse. Secretly she was worried for Jack. Most likely he needed someone to be around him, yet didn't realise it, and so had hidden himself somewhere in the world. Jack was, unfortunately, very good at hiding, especially when he didn't want to be found. The thought of him out there, alone and upset, only made her angrier as she made another dent in the wall.

Hiccup eventually put a stop to it by wrapping his arms around her, pinning her hands to her side. Merida let out a few deep breaths, her body shaking in anger, before collapsing on the bed as Hiccup released her and trying to avoid burning down her whole room. Rapunzel sat next to her awkwardly and just listened to the girl's rant.

"How DARE he say that to Jack?" Merida yelled, her eyes ablaze. "He's supposed to be Jack's friend! How could he say that?" Hiccup sighed, mentally cursing Bunny. Now Merida wouldn't calm down until Jack returned. The moon only knew when that would be. "Well, you do say your fair share of mean things when you fight with Jack." He said. "Yes, but I wouldn't ever go as far as that!" Merida yelled, looking as if she would like to punch something again, which made Rapunzel grab her wrists. Hiccup sighed, he couldn't deny that Merida had a point.

A knock on the door came and Merida turned her back to it with a huff. Rapunzel got to her feet and opened the door slightly, then sighed with relief when she saw who it was. "Merida, it's only Tooth."

Merida turned to face the door again, and Rapunzel opened the door fully, letting Tooth flutter in. "Merida, Rapunzel, Hiccup, you need to come with us. We think Man in the Moon wants to show us something." Merida scowled but got up reluctantly, Rapunzel and Hiccup following her example. "I don't think Jack will come even if we send out the Northern Lights, so we might as well just check it out without him." Tooth suggested, which only made Merida even more angry at the thought of doing things behind Jack's back. No matter what, he would always respond to the Northern Lights, and would become serious the minute he saw them until he knew for sure that nothing was wrong. Why he was so willing to protect the other guardians was beyond Merida.

The four of them arrived at the Globe Room, where the others were waiting. Almost immediately after entering the room they heard a voice, one they were not familiar with.

Guardians, you are struggling to understand Jack. The only way you can truly understand what he has been through is to see it yourselves. I am going to take you into Jack's memories, both mortal and immortal.

Rapunzel's eyes widened. "Was that... Man in the Moon?" She whispered. North nodded, immediately making the blond excited for what she was going to see. A beam of moonlight fell on a G on the floor, and the guardian's began to advance towards it, when someone flung the doors open and a chilly wind filled the room. "Stop!" Everyone turned in surprise to see Jack, panting heavily, as if he had raced to get there. "Don't you dare!" Tooth shook her head. "Jack, this might be the only way we can find out more about you." "No!" Jack yelled, agonised. North sighed, annoyed, before continuing forward into the moonbeam, everyone trailing after him. Desperate, Jack bolted forward and stumbled, falling into the light just as everything around them turned white.

Guardians, welcome to Jack's memories

I promise I will try and make the next chapter longer, but here just seemed like such the perfect place to end!