Author's Notes

With this story, I will be alternating between this and "The Dark Army". Like "The Dark Army", this will be a fifteen chapter or so follow-up to "Betrayed, Cast Off, Angry", with this story being the alternative scenario (if Slade's plans had actually succeeded and he reset time). Like "The Dark Army", this will be rated T. Oh, and I suggest reading this if you plan on reading "The Dark Army", as there will be elements from this story that tie into that one, as you'll find out this chapter.

Tonally, this will be akin to "Betrayed, Cast Off, Angry" but also a bit more like "The Dark Army" as a sci-fi mystery/crime story. Hopefully this tonal difference won't matter too much to you.

The overall structure of this story will be inspired by Lord-of-Change's story "The Mercenary", with episodes from the series (in this case season 1) being rewritten to support Slade's new view on Raven and his new plans with the success of the URB from "Betrayed, Cast Off, Angry". A lot of the elements will be the same from the show, but there will be quite a few differences you'll see.

Now, let's begin the story.

Raven, Jinx, and Kid Flash arrived in the Keyola building in Bucharest where Raven had tracked the URB device, only to be met by stiff opposition in the lobby in the form of dozens of Slade-bots. Slade had locked himself in with the URB deep in the basement of the building and set wards that prevented Raven from teleporting in or Kid Flash from vibrating in.

Raven unleashed a burst of soul-self energy onto the Slade-bots, knocking a lot of them down as Kid Flash and Jinx began to work on the rest. Jinx fired pink hexes into many of the Slade-bots, which caused their chests to explode and knocked them down, as dead as a deactivated robot could be. Kid Flash was zipping through the Slade-bots, quickly ripping off their limbs as he delivered blows to their heads.

Their attacks were effective, but the Slade-bots were holding an advantage in numbers. While delivering a rapid attack to a Slade-bot, Kid Flash was knocked out by another Slade-bot behind him. Jinx's hexes were effective but they were only good for one at a time as Slade-bots overwhelmed her and made it hard for her to use her hexes against them.

Raven was trying to avoid the Slade-bots while trying to take them down and save her captive allies, but she was surrounded and soon winded by a surprise blast to the shoulder. The three were overwhelmed and about to be taken down when unexpected help showed up. Truly unexpected help.

Melvin, Timmy, and Teether rode in on Bobby who then began his attack on the remaining Slade-bots, destroying them to save Kid Flash, Jinx, and Raven.

Karen the Dove soon flew in to finish off the remaining Slade-bots, delivering powerful attacks through flapping its wing to send Slade-bots crashing into the wall.

Raven got up and said, "Thanks guys. I thought you were told to stay at the monastery."

Melvin countered, "You didn't tell us not to come here."

Raven replied, "Touche. Now we have to move."

With that, the three Titans and the three kids moved through the basement, rushing to find Slade and where he was. They only had a little time left before the URB could be activated and finally used.

In his base in the Keyola basement, Slade patiently watched the monitor as it rapidly began to increase. Ninety percent charged. Ninety-one percent charged. Ninety-two percent charged.

The Titans made their way to the bottom of the basement, where they saw a massive door, which they theorized was where Slade had the URB. Now all they needed was a way inside to get in and defeat Slade.

Jinx tried firing a hex at the door, hoping it would cause the door to fall down, but the door was so heavily reinforced that Jinx's hexes would have no impact on it. Kid Flash tried vibrating through, but he soon discovered that the door was covered in wards that prevented entry. Raven used some of her black energy to try to lift the door or break it down, but it ultimately was unable to have any effect on it.

Since the door was not glass, Timmy was essentially useless in getting in. Melvin sent Bobby and Karen to attack the door to bring it down. They had slightly more of an effect than the others but they were only able to bang the door. It was up to Teether as the monitor on the URB now read Ninety-six percent charged.

Teether climbed onto the banged door and began to chew threw it, quickly creating a large hole through the door that the Titans were able to get through. Raven picked up Teether and put him on Karen as they looked for Slade and the URB, but there were quite a few doors.

Raven used her empathy to try to sense where Slade was, discovering that there was a significant amount of energy coming from the door on the left. Jinx used a hex to take it down and revealed another door. They quickly went through the doors, trying to beat the clock.

However, they were not lucky as the monitor on the URB now read Fully charged. Ready to activate. With that, Slade pressed the master button on the URB, beginning the reset, which would be a three minute process.

Slade began to make his exit, confident that the reset could not be stopped. However, before he could make it through a door, he encountered the party. Not knowing who they were, Slade charged at the brightly-colored one of the bunch. However, before he could attack, he found himself impaled with a black bolt.

The lights grew brighter as Raven walked up towards Slade, who was beginning to die from his wounds. Raven said, "I'm sorry Slade. It had to be done."

Slade responded, "Never be sorry for what you have to do, Raven. Even if you had no choice. I crossed a line. I know that now. And you did what you promised you'd do."

Raven said, "Is it too late to stop the device?"

Slade calmly said, "Not yet. It can be stopped." He slumped over, finally at peace with himself as his eye closed for the last time.

Quickly the six rushed into the next room and saw the URB device, getting ready to activate in one massive pulse that would reset the universe. Raven went to the monitor to see if it could be stopped by there, but the monitor had shut down, making it impossible to just turn off the button to stop it.

Timmy had a solution, however. He quickly unleashed a small screech that shattered the glass on the URB. Raven had a way to shut it down - she could grab the activation energy she put in and deactivate the device.

Raven told the others, "You may want to move away. This will be powerful."

Raven's eyes glew white as black energy quickly flew from her hands into two ports on the URB exposed by Teether, and soon her eyes and chakra both began to unleash dark energy as well.

However, her own energy was beginning to be pushed out, meaning it was beginning to counter it, perhaps rooted too deeply to be removed, indicating that the URB was hanging on. Time was quickly ticking away, as maybe a minute remained before the reset would begin and be permanent.

Raven was persistent. She would refuse to lose. Refuse to let time reset just to make things better again. She knew things were what they were, and nothing could change that. She had to stop the device and began infusing more and more energy into it, beginning to exhaust her.

Raven said in huffed, loud breaths, "Azarath, metrion, zinthos." Raven's power flooded the device, trying to shut it down but it kept going, not shutting down.

At last, the URB's color changed to a bright blue as the reset had been signaled to be complete. Raven mouthed, "No" as a massive pulse soon emitted from the URB across the universe.

Instantly, all of those who had died came back to life while all those who were born went back to being unborn - all of the damage done was undone and all of the repairs were damaged just as they were on April 24, 2015 - the day the Teen Titans officially formed.

The provosional blank came along soon, quickly shifting the crust of the Earth before reshaping it back to the date of which Slade set the URB.

April 24, 2015. The universal reset button had accomplished its purpose - time had been reset and Slade's plans had succeeded. It was early in the morning where Slade was beginning to watch the Titans following the aftermath of their battle with the Gordonian slavers that tried to reclaim Starfire - and failed.

On the island that would become Titans Tower, the Titans were talking now that the Gordonian ship had been crashed. Green Lantern arrived and brought the Gordonians into custody, bringing them to Oa for trial and imprisonment, which brought relief to the alien that was their prisoner - Starfire.

Starfire was currently changing out of her slave outfit - which had convinently been picked by Blackfire to remind her of who was on top - and into a set of Tamaranean clothing - purple and gray stitching that took the form of a short tank top and a pair of shorts. As Tamaranean clothing went, it was amongst the most revealing, especially for Starfire.

Raven, who had finally decided to show her real face to the Titans, commented "That's quite a view."

Cyborg added, "Somebody ought to build a house out here."

Beast Boy then joked, "Yeah if you like sunshine, and the beach."

Raven cut in, commenting, "You know, you're kind of funny."

Beast Boy, whose eyes quickly glimmered, cut in with, "You think I'm funny? Woohoo! Dude I know some jokes."

That last statement instantly made Raven nervous as she tugged on her collar - Raven never wanted to hear another joke from Beast Boy again. That first one was awful, and God knows what would be next.

Soon after, Starfire came onto the island near the other four Titans, now dressed in clothing that is more suited for a Tamaranean than for the Citadel slave.

Starfire inquired, "Please, I look...nice?"

Robin took a good look at Starfire while the others were in silouhette and responded, "Yes, but I still don't know your name."

Starfire said, "On my world, it would be Koriand'r. In your language, it would be Starfire."

Robin then spoke, "Welcome to Earth, Starfire."

She then added, "I thank you all for your bravery and help and I wish to ask permission to remain here. Where the people are most strange, but also most kind."

Raven then interrupted with, "You don't need our permission, Starfire..."

Robin continued with, "But if you want our friendship, you got it."

Cyborg added, "Guess we could all use some new friends."

Beast Boy added, "Besides, we kind of make a good team."

Robin said soon after, "I thought we might want to keep in touch, so Cyborg and I designed these." With that, Robin pulled out five yellow communicators, which lack the T-insignia that identifies them as a Titan communicator, and gives one to Beast Boy, one to Raven, one to Starfire, and one to Cyborg. The first three Titans are instantly impressed with them.

Cyborg then comments, "Made them out of my own circuits."

Robin triumphantly spoke, "When there's trouble, you know who to call."

Slade was watching this all from his lair when suddenly he realized there was somebody else in the room. Slade turned around to see himself, but this one had an electric blue fill rather than the normal black fill.

Slade spoke to the other self, "What do you want?"

The other Slade, which we'll call Slade-P, responded, "To give you a message."

Slade asked, "From who?"

Slade-P responded, "Me. Yourself four years from now."

"What is it?"

"The Boy Wonder is a waste of time. The team has another gem, the girl."

"The alien?"

"No. Raven."

"The witch?", Slade spoke as he looked at the monitor, before continuing, "She has no value to me. She has no physical strength. Her power comes from spells and otherwise she is powerless. What good would she have for me? What is her value?"

Slade-P responded, "She is the Gem of Skaath. The daughter of Trigon the Terrible. She has powers unmatched by anyone. She is the team's most powerful member by a long shot. She is not to be underestimated."

"That has given me a lot to think about."

"And her personality, it exactly like ours. Reclusive, dark, mysterious. Robin may have your fighting style and drive to win, but she could practically be your daughter. She and us are so much alike. I suggest that you begin making preparations to go after her. You'll never succeed with the Boy Wonder even if you use his friends as bait, especially since Raven can heal herself and can feel no pain because of a mark on her back burned as a child."

"Perhaps she would be of value to me. She has evil coursing through her soul and it will be up to me to unleash it."

"That is all, Slade." With that remark, Slade-P suddenly turned into an electric blue ray and blasted itself into Slade, absorbing all of its knowledge into him.

Slade commented, "Time to get to work on Raven. Wintergreen."

With that, an elderly, sixty-plus year old man came into the room, saying "Yes sir?"

Slade responded, "Get me everything on one Raven. The witch of the newfound superhero team."

Wintergreen then inquired, "What about Robin? The Boy Wonder?"

Slade replied, "He is little more than a pretty penny. Raven is a gold mine. He would be nothing to my plan. My succession."

Wintergreen replied, "On it, sir" before leaving the room, leaving his master to look at the five young superheroes beginning to plan out their team - and their name.

April 25, 2015. The new team had begun construction of their base, which they decided to build in a way similar to the fallen Gordonian flagship - like a tall T. Robin, Beast Boy, and Raven were removing material from the ship to use in the construction of the tower while Cyborg and Starfire were at work building.

All the while, Slade was watching down below but the new team did not realize. While working on deconstructing the ship, Beast Boy asked Robin, "So what is our team name? We haven't decided one and unnamed team just doesn't have a ring to it. We need people to know who we are."

Robin then added, "And I'm not too fond of naming ourselves Young Justice."

While removing some of the glass on the ship to make the windows on the tower, Raven suggested, "We are living in a really big T. Our name should have something to do with that. Start with a T, I mean."

Beast Boy suggested, "The Terminators?"

Robin replied, "No. Sounds too violent. We don't want the public to think we are going to 'terminate' the enemy. We are supposed to be on the side of good."

Raven then remarked, "But we can't sound too good, or otherwise they won't take us seriously. I'm thinking about an old Greek myth that may apply here. The myth of the Titans."

Beast Boy added, "Raven, the name Titans sounds really good. Let's go with the Titans."

Robin then threw in, "But we aren't old enough to be called the Titans, and seeing how all of us are teenagers, we should probably go with the Teen Titans."

Raven remarked, "Works for me."

Robin then replied, "Okay so let's go with the name Teen Titans. I'll just ask Cyborg and Starfire if they approve of the name."

Robin picked up some of the metal from the ship and brought it over to the platform where Cyborg was storing the materials that would be used to built the Tower.

Cyborg came down, upside down, looking at Robin and said, "Thanks for the material, Robin. According to Starfire, this metal has a regenerative quality to it. If we get this right, the base would be able to survive a whole lot of stuff."

Robin then added, "I was talking with Beast Boy and Raven about a team name. How does Teen Titans sound?"

Cyborg thought about that for a moment, thinking about the name. It may not have been the first one he was expecting, but at least it could have been worse in his opinion.

Cyborg replied, "Teen Titans sounds good. I'll just ask Star..."

Before Cyborg could complete the sentence, Starfire flew down and told Robin, "That name sounds excellent."

Robin then claimed, "So now we are the Teen Titans. We'll just put a T on the communicator and that would represent us."

Back at his base, Slade was watching the events unfold. He said, "Teen Titans. Now I know what to call you. Let's see how well you do when my threat presents itself."

He continued watching as the Titans took a lunch break. He noted that Cyborg was eating a triple-decker cheeseburger, Robin was eating a hot dog, Beast Boy was eating a tofu hot dog, Starfire was eating a bologna, tuna fish, and strawberry sandwich, while Raven was calmly sipping some tea away from the others.

Slade noted how Raven was already isolating herself from the team, even before their base had been built. While the others were talking, Raven was just reading a book all by herself, away from the other Titans. Slade already knew that Raven was well on her way to becoming his apprentice, but she did not even realize it, which will make it all the more sweeter for him when he triumphs.