Author's Notes

To Angel of Azarath, I am certainly flattered by your dedication to this story, but I would advise that you focus on your schoolwork instead of this site. You'll find out what Raven gave Starfire to give to Cyborg at the start of this chapter - it's gonna answer a lot of questions for the Titans.

To JP-Rider, the ending of this story is certainly going to be a big one - even the ones that ultimately failed to make the cut are going to be fairly big and intense (even though I don't go into excruciating detail with the endings that failed to win the poll).

To Iskandar06, I'm not saying that Raven is returning to the Titans, but the cliffhanger last chapter opened up the possibility for Raven's return to the team - it all comes down to the results of the poll, and it was without question a landslide vote.

To fandomenforcer, like I said to Angel of Azarath, you'll find out exactly what Raven gave Cyborg momentarily.

To LordMesirix, the Titans are about to fully understand Slade's plan, what he was trying to do with Raven this whole time, trying to turn Raven to him by turning her away from them (the first mission that ended with them identifying Raven, the battle between Slade and the Titans, and the rooftop battle, as well as all of the criminal activity (murders) done). These actions were fully meant to break apart Raven's association with the team, to ensure that they would not trust Raven. Conversely, Slade did what he did to Raven (revealing she had been replaced) in order to make Raven not trust the Titans anymore, so she would fully fall to Slade. He used her friends, the Titans, to fully turn Raven into his apprentice - using the probes to ensure her loyalty and his actions to convert her.

To Snow Blind Raven, you did spell anticipation correctly. Seeing how this story was in essence a sequel to Betrayed, Cast Off, Angry, I had to implement elements of it into this one, primarily with the canon dissonance that ultimately ended with Robin's transformation into Claw.

To Darkrai842, like I said with Iskandar06, the results of the poll will determine the ending - two of the endings would ensure Raven returned to the Titans while the others would end with her departure. You will find out momentarily just how Second Chance ends (and how it could have ended).

To jovanchin2013, when I was conceptualizing How Long is Forever?, I figured it was going towards the end of the story, so I could do this cliffhanger, and I figured that Raven would need to be the one that Starfire encountered, and seeing how Betrayed, Cast Off, Angry ended, Robin was probably going to die. For being the Boy Wonder, Robin certainly has a lot of blunders. When the Titans broke up (the day Starfire disappeared, i.e. Blorthog), something eventually snapped in Robin that caused him to turn into Claw.

To Kaarlina, this is it, the final chapter of Second Chance.

To shadowyshadow, with last chapter, this has become my longest story yet, edging out Betrayed, Cast Off, Angry and also became my most reviewed (also beating the former).

Now, let's finish the story.

February 5, 2016. Cyborg was in his room, studying the stick that Starfire had given him that she had received from Raven in the future. He was trying to figure out what exactly it was, and why Raven had given it to him.

He already figured it wasn't a bomb, but it just seemed to elude him. Cyborg then noticed an end of the stick that could connect into his own circuitry.

As a result, Cyborg placed the stick into the outlet and the device activated. After a few minutes, Cyborg realized, "Oh my God. That's why she gave it to her."

As a result, Cyborg ran out into the main room quickly, alerting the other Titans who were a little exhausted.

Robin asked, "Cyborg, what's going on?"

Cyborg replied, "I inspected the device Star gave me, and I figured it out. It's an advanced X-ray device."

Beast Boy commented, "Big whoop, dude. But why did you tell us this now?"

"Because of what I saw in my body using the device."

Cyborg went up to the main screen and grabbed a USB cable, plugging it into his circuitry, bringing up his systems as he then proceeded to activate the X-ray device.

The Titans were all shocked to see running through Cyborg's bloodstream the nanoscopic probes. "What are those?"

"Robotic probes, undetectable on even the most nanoscopic levels, even with my sensors."

"Are those in you, really?"

"Yes. And I think I'm not the only one."

Cyborg proceeded to use the X-ray to scan the other four Titans - Beast Boy first as he soon discovered the probes in his body. He shivered, grossed out, saying "Eww, those things are inside me!?"

Then, Cyborg scanned Robin and revealed the probes running in his system before revealing the existence of the probes in Starfire's body. Lastly, he scanned Terra's body and then remarked, "Only one of us without them is Terra."

Robin asked, "What are those things for? And why doesn't Terra have them?"

"My systems are analyzing them now, but from what I can tell, these were designed to destroy us from the inside out. Trying to figure out the when."

"Would have had to been a time when we wouldn't have suspected it, probably before Terra came along."

"Do you think Raven has the probes inside of her, Friend Cyborg?"

Cyborg ran up some last data in his system and was shocked, despondently explaining, "No. You're not going to like this."

"What do you mean, dude?"

"The probes were injected into us on September 22, 2015, the day that Raven disappeared."

Robin suddenly figured it out. "The day of the Chronoton Detonator. Dammit! The cannon. It wasn't designed to attack us, infect us. Slade lured us away from Raven so he could infect us with this technology."

Cyborg lamented, "Billions of robotic probes, all inside of us."

Starfire realized, "With such technology at his command, Slade can destroy us whenever he wants."

Cyborg explained, "These things have a five-minute timer that can be stopped but not reset. They were activated on December 10, the day Raven robbed Wayne Enterprises."

Beast Boy commented, "Slade was ordering Raven to fight us, and when she didn't, Slade triggered the probes."

Robin analyzed, "Guys, don't you see it? Slade's been playing us all, manipulating everything to make Raven his apprentice. He knew about her demonic ancestry and wanted it. He sought out Raven, testing her and manipulating us. When Slade placed the probes in our bodies, he threatened us to force Raven under his wing. Unless she did whatever he said, he would destroy us. And when we added Terra, Slade used that to finally wedge us apart. We should've seen it sooner."

"So, uh, can you get these things out of me, dude?"

"No. I can't initiate removal of the probes unless the trigger to them is deactivated, and knowing Raven, Slade will keep the detonator on his person."

Terra noted, "We need to find Slade. We need to end this once and for all."

With that, the Titans soon went to work trying to locate Slade's base - where he had Raven and the trigger to the weapon that could end their lives. They needed to find it and soon - Slade has had Raven for over four months and God knows how far away she was from finally falling to the one-eyed mastermind's influence.

February 6, 2016. Back at Slade's base, Slade once again sat at the monitors, watching the Titans as he saw they had renewed their hunt for him, now fully knowing the truth about the probes.

Slade called, "Apprentice, report to the main room immediately."

Raven rushed into the main room, having been about to start her physical training for the day. Raven asked, "What is it, Master?"

"We're leaving."

"Why? What is it, Master?"

"The Titans are about to locate this base, and I would rather not be taken down. Get your things and then we're leaving the city."

Raven knew what this meant - there was no chance she would ever see the Titans again, no chance to stop Slade - she would be condemned to Slade for the remainder of her life. Raven spat, "No."

"What do you mean, no? Apprentice? Have you forgotten the arrangement?"

"I remember the arrangement. This is the end, Slade. We're finished. They know the truth now, all of it. I will return to them and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

"How about this?" Slade pulled out the trigger and threatened to press it. "I will kill them if you try me again."

With that, Raven leaped at Slade, sending him to the ground with a single kick. Raven walked up to Slade and soon stepped onto his arm, trying to grab the trigger. "Not unless I beat you to a pulp first."

As Raven reached for the trigger, Slade grabbed Raven's leg and whipped her onto the ground. Slade got up and proceeded to move towards Raven, trying to stomp on her stomach.

Raven rolled away as she jumped up and got back on her feet. Slade ran towards her but Raven moved away and grabbed a pipe, swinging it at Slade and striking him in the shoulder. However, Slade soon grabbed the pipe and ripped it from Raven's hands before swinging it back at her, sending her flying into the gears. "You need a reminder in respecting your master. I thought you've learned that by now, apprentice."

"You need a reminder in not messing with me." Raven leaped at Slade from the gears, landing on Slade's back and squeezing her arms around Slade's neck, trying to choke him as she reached for the trigger, trying to rip it off from its arm.

However, Slade proceeded to run up and slammed into a wall backwards, with the impact striking Raven and forcing her to let go as she fell onto the floor.

Slade, enraged, charged back at Raven but she moved out of the way as she activated the thermal blaster on her wrist, firing it at Slade and causing him to fall back.

Raven reassumed the offensive and delivered a spinning kick that struck Slade in the chest as she sent two punches towards him. The first punch connected while the second was caught by the criminal, and Slade then threw Raven away from him.

"We went a long way, Raven. I thought I had actually accomplished something with you, but all you care about are the friends that fucked you. Why do you think that they would let you back in with them when you betrayed them? Fought against them? Fought the laws they swore to uphold? Killed people? Why do you think they would accept you back?"

"Because they are my friends."

Raven moved back against Slade, sending a punch his way that he easily caught before moving her hand against her, punching her in the face before delivering a spinning side kick that blasted Raven into another wall.

"If you care so much about your friends, then you really shouldn't have started this fight. Then I wouldn't have cause to eliminate them just as I told you. You will fall in line, I guarantee it."

Raven, enraged, got up and began firing the thermal blaster at Slade, who dodged each blast remarkably well. Realizing that a direct blast would be ineffective, Raven fired it at the ceiling, causing a chunk of rock to fall onto Slade.

With the hand holding the trigger exposed, Raven walked over, intending to grab it and finish this once and for all.

However, Slade grabbed Raven's leg and slammed her back onto the ground as he emerged from the rubble, soon moving his foot onto Raven's stomach, causing her to cry out in pain.

"Get off of me."

"No, it is not your place to be making demands apprentice. Now, I will make you watch as your friends spend the rest of their lives suffering, which should only be for four minutes."

Raven attempted to fire the thermal blaster but Slade soon kneed Raven in the elbow, preventing her from firing.

Before Slade could press the trigger, he heard a sudden explosion and was startled as a green cougar proceeded to tackle him, moving him away from Raven as he sputtered away onto the floor.

Beast Boy turned back into a human and growled, "Leave her alone."

Raven turned around to see the other Titans there.

Raven urged, "Get out of here. You don't know what those beams did to you!"

Starfire started, "Friend..."

Robin continued, "...we know..."

Cyborg finished, "...and we don't care."

Beast Boy added, "We're your friends, Raven. We're not leaving you. We know everything now."

Author's Note: Okay now, let's see the results of the poll. I will reveal the poll choice that came in fourth and show the ending that would have resulted, and then do the same for the endings that came in third, second, and then the first place ending (and the true ending to Second Chance). Altogether, forty-two people voted in the poll.

#4 - "Breaking Her" ending: Raven is freed from Slade but leaves the Titans (6 votes, 14.3%)
Note: This ending was the RaeRavager ending. I was trying to think of a fourth ending, other than the three above it, but I just couldn't think of another one, so I ultimately went with Breaking Her - a story that wasn't a Raven-apprentice story, but I couldn't find a suitable fourth possible ending to the story.

Slade got up from the ground and remarked, "How very touching, but Raven doesn't need friends."

With that, he pressed the trigger and the probes instantly came back to life, beginning their attack on the Titans. As the four-minute mark soon clicked, the other Titans all fell to the ground, beginning to face the pain. Raven knew they only had minutes left before they were dead.

He continued, "This is the price of your disobedience, Raven. Now do as I command! Attack them."

Suddenly, he was blindsided by a rock that came right behind him and slammed him onto the ground. Terra cried out, "You forgot about me, Slade."

Raven yelled, "Terra! The trigger is on his arm! Grab it and destroy it!"

Slade got back up and proceeded to charge at Terra, but she raised a piece of rock as a shield, blocking his blows as he rained them down on the geomancer.

Distracted by Terra, Slade did not have to notice a blast from Raven's thermal blaster that sent him spiraling away from Terra.

Terra moved towards Slade, rushing to grab the trigger as the time neared three minutes - the probes would be lethal at thirty seconds, and Raven knew the Titans were running out of time as they painfully squirmed on the ground.

Slade charged back at Terra and burst through the rock shield she had formed, sending a punishing kick that sent Terra plunging to the ground. Slade remarked, "Your skills have gotten better, truly. But there are still some things you need to work on, my dear."

Terra cried out, "Shove it, old man!"

"I am getting increasingly tired with you teens being so disrespectful."

With that, Slade sent a series of kicks that moved Terra along the ground, causing her to spin as she tumbled around on the ground.

Raven moved in as Slade was distracted with taking down Terra. She grabbed onto Slade's arm, causing him to fidget it around in order to get her off.

Slade tried to grab Raven with his other arm, but she was out of reach as her fingers began to slip onto trigger. He realized what she was doing and proceeded to grab the trigger.

However, Raven had finished getting her hands on it and now the two of them were battling for the trigger. Raven looked at the Titans and knew that they didn't have much time left - only a minute and a half remained on the probe timer. She noticed that their skin was starting to fade and tear - she needed to get rid of the trigger before it was too late.

As the two fought for the trigger, Raven activated the thermal blaster and proceeded to fire it right at Slade's mask. Unfortunately for Raven, the blast ricocheted and proceeded to strike her in the chest, flinging her away. Slade began to gloat, "You thought blasting my mask off would have worked. It's made out of Nth level metal and it ricochets a lot of projectiles. What chance did you think you had of blasting me away?"

Raven replied, "None. That wasn't my intention." Slade soon realized just what Raven meant as he stared at the burned-out top of the trigger. Raven had used his mask to destroy the trigger in his hands.

"You bitch. YOU BITCH!"

Slade proceeded to run towards Raven as she tried to get up from the ground, only to be met with a blast from Cyborg's sonic cannon that threw him into the screens previously containing footage of the probes, breaking them.

Raven asked, "Are you guys all right?"

Robin responded, "Yeah, we're alive but not perfect at the moment."

Slade jumped out of the monitors and charged at the Titans. Starfire then shot Slade back with a starbolt, which sent him spiraling into the ground.

Robin sent two bird-a-rangs towards Slade. The first bird-a-rang was caught by Slade in mid-air while the second connected with the ground right in front of Slade.

Slade snapped the first bird-a-rang in two just before the second one detonated, sending Slade up into the air before crashing down onto the ground. His armor was now torn in several places, exposing skin that was healing itself rapidly.

Angered, Slade pulled out his old Army knife and readied it against whoever was going after him next. That turned out to be Beast Boy, who charged at him as a hawk, but Slade swung his knife at the changeling, forcing him to back off else get stabbed and killed.

The knife was soon blasted right out of his hand by Raven's thermal blaster as she charged at Slade only to get quickly get her arm caught in Slade's hand. Slade said, "You gave up everything, everything I was offering you, for them?"

As Slade was speaking, Raven began moving her arm, pushing it downward so the temporary power suppressor was now in Slade's hand. Slade remarked, "So now I guess I'll have to kill you as well."

With that, Slade then threw Raven towards the Titans, sending her crashing towards the staircase. However, before Raven could land with a crunch, she stopped and proceeded to levitate away.

Dumbfounded, Slade stared at his hand and saw the temporary power suppressor. Raven had tricked him into removing it, giving her full access to her powers again.

Raven proceeded to surround Slade with a black glow and chanted, "Azarath metrion zinthos!", slamming him into the ceiling before pummeling him around his base, impacting every wall and surface before causing him to crash back into the gears.

As Slade slowly emerged, he noticed that several of his vertebrae were out of alignment and he was heavily bruised all over. His healing ability was going into overdrive trying to keep him from dying.

Slade limped away from the Titans, as the teenage superheroes watched their nemesis, who had stalked them for months, tried to kill them and break them apart, fall from grace.

Slade found the knife that Raven had shot out of his hand and picked it up, proceeding to aim it and throw it at Terra, trying to cause a distraction so he could flee.

However, Raven surrounded the knife in a black glow and sent it right back at Slade, impacting him square in the heart. Slade stopped as he realized what had happened, slowing down as he fell down onto his knees. His hands drooped to the floor as he collapsed onto the ground.

Slade was dead.

Robin urged, "Let's go home."

Aftermath: After returning to the Tower, the Titans congratulated Raven's return to the team after Raven healed them up from the damage of the nanoscopic probes and Cyborg removed the deactivated probes from their bodies, so they can never be utilized again. However, something still didn't feel right in Raven, and the next day, Raven left the Tower for the final time, leaving behind a letter. When the Titans found it, they saw that Raven had decided to resign from the team, feeling that after all she had done, she no longer felt worthy of being a Titan and decided to set out on her own path, but said if they needed her, she'd know. Raven left Jump City and proceeded to head to Cartagena, Colombia, where she had tracked down Rose Wilson. The two talked about what had occurred and ultimately struck up a partnership, becoming a mercenary duo, a bit akin to Slade, but working for the right people, making Raven feel she was where she rightfully belonged.

#3 - "Apprentice" ending (just like the series): Raven is freed from Slade and returns to the Titans. Happy ending (7 votes, 16.7%)
Note: This ending was the BBRae ending, but looking at the description, the happy ending statement is a bit of a misnomer - mostly because not everybody in this gets a happy ending.

Slade got up from the ground and remarked, "How very touching, but Raven doesn't need friends."

With that, he pressed the trigger and the probes instantly came back to life, beginning their attack on the Titans. As the four-minute mark soon clicked, the other Titans all fell to the ground, beginning to face the pain. Raven knew they only had minutes left before they were dead.

Soon after, Slade went in for a punishing roundhouse kick that sent Raven flying away from the other Titans, leaving Terra alone to battle the criminal mastermind.

Slade noted, "So it's just the young one left to stop me. The one who proved alarmingly ineffective in combating me the last time we fought. So, Miss Markov, what will be your next move?"

Terra's eyes glowed yellow as she smirked, "Wresting that trigger from your cold dead hands."

Suddenly, Slade was catapulted into the air before landing painfully on his back. Terra asked, "Ready to rumble?"

Slade performed a backflip and soon wound up back on his feet, ready to battle Terra.

Terra sent two rocks flying towards Slade, both of which got punched out of the air by the criminal mastermind.

As Terra was stunned by Slade's remarkable power, she soon felt his fist glide right towards her as it instantly connected, sending Terra backwards and crashing into a wall. Terra instantly knew she was horrendously outmatched and she thought that she might as well give up.

However, the Titans were still dying and they only had minutes left to live, if Terra did nothing to stop Slade and retrieve the trigger. Raven was temporarily incapacitated (and unconscious), leaving her unable to join Terra in fighting Slade.

Terra sent more rocks Slade's way but each rock was either destroyed by one of Slade's powerful punches or avoided by him. Now that Slade was alert, he was impossible to land a hit on - while Slade was impossible to avoid. For every blow Terra managed to avoid, Slade impacted two more into her petite form, dishing out a lot of damage.

And every second Terra was acting as a punching bag for Slade, was one second less the Titans had. Terra could not hope to win this fight to save the Titans especially since they were unable to act. Only a miracle could save the four struggling Titans especially as the Titans now had less than three minutes to live. And two and a half minutes until the probes became effectively lethal.

Terra backed away from Slade, quickly taking a look at her opponent, trying to find some way to wrest control of the trigger away from him. Then, it struck her - she didn't need to beat him, she just needed to get the trigger away from him and deactivate the probes. Question is, could she do it in time to save the other Titans?

Terra then sent a collection of rocks right towards Slade, hoping to distract him long enough so she could reach the trigger. As Slade punched through each rock, turning it to dirt and pebbles, Terra ran past him and grabbed onto Slade's leg, soon crawling her way up to reach his arm.

As she reached for the trigger, Slade noticed and instantly used his other arm to grab Terra by the throat, dropping her onto the ground. He remarked, "Clever tactic, if an ultimately useless one. Now, if you would just be so kind as to surrender. You've already lost this fight." As he pulled out his army knife, pointing it at Terra, he continued, "Do you want to lose your life?"

Terra growled, "If it means ending yours." She charged back at Slade, aiming to deliver a massive blow to the criminal mastermind.

Before she could reach him, Terra felt the knife run through her abdomen just as her hand reached the trigger. Slade withdrew the bloody knife from Terra's body before delivering a kick to her abdomen that sent her crashing head first into a wall.

Slade said, "You really shouldn't have done that. You lose, I win."

However, Terra smirked as blood began to pour out of her mouth and commented, "Actually, you lose." When Slade turned to notice the arm holding the trigger to the probes, he saw it was gone and now in Terra's hand.

The geomancer then smashed the trigger onto the ground, instantly deactivating them and stopping the timer at a little over a minute and a half.

As the Titans got up, they soon saw the mortally wounded Terra and rushed over to their dying teammate. Raven soon joined them, having regained consciousness, looking at the thin blonde as she continued to bleed.

Raven pointed at the temporary power suppressor said, "Remove this and I can heal her."

Terra urged, "No, Raven. Don't. I'm a goner."

"No, I won't let this happen. I can't. Dammit! This is all my fault! I should have acted sooner. I should have broken free from Slade, I should have saved you all much earlier."

"None of this is your fault, Raven. Beast Boy?"

"Yes, Terra?"

"Send me off with a kiss."

Beast Boy moved over to Terra as she neared death, her eyes fluttering open and shut as she faded out of consciousness (and out of life), and as her fingers jittered for the last time. He placed his lips onto Terra's, his hands on Terra's head as the two kissed.

It obviously moved the other Titans, as tears formed on the eyes of Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg. Even Raven was on the verge of tearing up. Terra sacrificed herself to save their lives.

When Beast Boy removed his lips from Terra's, he saw that she was not breathing, her eyes were closed, her heart not beating. With immense sorrow, the changeling calmly laid Terra's body on the ground.

Beast Boy snarled, "He took her away from us. And I won't let him take another! Terra was right, this ends now!"

The angry Titans turned their attention to Slade, who still stood there, unmoving, unfeeling, still ready to strike.

Raven coldly said, "Titans...go!"

Then the Titans moved out against Slade. He charged at Robin first, only to get his knife sent away from him by a bird-a-rang. Robin pulled out his bo-staff and moved on Slade, striking Slade repeatedly in the face before vaulting away and sending an explosive bird-a-rang that sent Slade into the air.

Before he could come down, a double blast of Starfire's starbolts and Cyborg's sonic cannon rushed downwards towards Slade, impacting the masked mastermind and sending him backwards into a wall, only to be grabbed in the air by an angry green T-Rex that tossed him around before smashing him into the ground.

Cyborg pulled the temporary power suppressor off of Raven after deactivating it, and Raven's eyes glowed white, surrounding Slade's mask in black energy before finally ripping it off, exposing Slade's face to the Titans - a nearly sixty-year old man with white hair, a goatee, and an eyepatch on his right eye.

Raven fired the thermal blaster at Slade and knocked him onto the floor. She grabbed a pair of handcuffs from Robin's utility belt before remarking, "Slade, you're under arrest for drug possession, kidnapping, theft, murder." As Slade stayed unmoving on the floor, Raven attached the handcuffs to his wrists, clamping them on extra tight as to hurt him.

Beast Boy asked, "Is it over? Is he finished?"

"Beast Boy, it's over. He'll never hurt another soul again."

Aftermath: The Titans returned to the Tower and Raven healed their wounds from the nanoscopic probes and Cyborg removed the deactivated probes from their bodies so they could never be utilized again. With Slade arrested, he was brought to Jump City Courthouse and found guilty on all charges, receiving a life sentence for all of his crimes, which pleased a lot of people, including the Justice League. With Terra's death, she was returned to her home country of Markovia for a proper burial, receiving high honors from her brother, Brion Markov, aka Geo-Force, a funeral attended by the Teen Titans. Back at Jump City, Robin commented to the papers about Raven's activities with Slade that she was an undercover agent working to bring him down for the Titans, a ploy that ultimately worked and satisfied the media, not pressing for Raven's expulsion (or arrest) and saving her reputation. After Terra's funeral, Beast Boy and Raven have a talk about everything that happened, with the changeling assuring the demoness that he never lost faith in her, and Raven responds that she never lost faith in the Titans, no matter how bad things got.

#2 - "The Chronicles of Raven" ending: Raven is freed from Slade but at a heavy price (8 votes, 19%)
Note: This ending was the RobRae ending. This was also my favorite choice of the four - if I hadn't done the poll, this would have most certainly been the ending to Second Chance.

Slade got up from the ground and remarked, "How very touching, but Raven doesn't need friends."

With that, he pressed the trigger and the probes instantly came back to life, beginning their attack on the Titans. As the four-minute mark soon clicked, the other Titans all fell to the ground, beginning to face the pain. Raven knew they only had minutes left before they were dead.

Terra tried to bring an attack to bear, sending a massive boulder Slade's way, but without any trouble, Slade eluded it before leaping towards Terra, moving faster than the geomancer as she tried to dodge Slade.

Alas, it was to no avail as Slade grabbed Terra and sent Terra crashing to the ground, leaving only Slade and Raven - master versus apprentice for the trigger to the nanoscopic probes.

Raven fired the thermal blaster at Slade only for him to move away from the blast causing it to merely impact a section of the wall.

Slade charged at Raven only for the demoness to move out of the way as he came at her, allowing her to deliver a couple of strikes to his backside, sending him to the ground.

As Raven reached for the trigger, Slade grabbed hold of Raven's leg and swung her away from him, causing her to crash into a table, breaking it in two. Raven picked up the table and soon threw both halves at Slade, only for each half to be knocked away by Slade. Slade rammed towards Raven only to be dodged and Raven soon hooked onto his shoulder, soon entrenching herself on his back, aiming for the trigger to the probes.

Much like last time, though, Slade jumped into a wall to bump Raven off of him. However, before he could land, Raven jumped off of Slade and tried to grab the trigger as she floated through the air.

Unfortunately, Slade stopped her short and zipped her away from him, leaving Raven no closer to getting the trigger and only three minutes remained for the other four Titans.

Raven grabbed a chair and threw it Slade's way as she ran towards the mastermind. Slade kicked the chair out of his way and onto the ground but not before Raven fired the thermal blaster point-blank into his stomach, causing him to stumble onto the ground.

Raven rushed up to Slade and grabbed the trigger, and before Slade could grab it back from Raven, she had deactivated the probes with around two and a half minutes remaining before smashing the trigger onto the ground, ensuring that Slade could not use the probes again.

As the Titans started to regain their bearings, no longer being attacked by the probes, Slade quickly got up and grabbed Raven by the throat, tossing her far away from the Titans, passing through a door frame in the process.

Before the Titans could move to stop Slade, he had closed the door, now holding a knife, his army knife, in his hands.

Slade picked up Raven and held her against a wall with one hand while his other hand aimed the knife at her. Raven struggled to break out, but Slade's hand proved too powerful as she squirmed.

Slade coldly spoke to Raven, "So your loyalties do lie with the Titans. I will let you return to them, but before you go, I intend to make sure that you never forget: we are more alike than you want to realize."

The Titans rushed to the door but were unable to get inside as they heard Raven scream through the door. At last the door opened and the Titans saw Raven on the ground, face on the floor with blood coming from her, the temporary power suppressor gone, and Slade missing.

Over the intercom, Slade remarked, "Another day, Titans. Another day."

Robin ordered, "Let's get her home."

The Titans quickly brought Raven back to the Tower and into the infirmary where they bandaged the wound and waited for her to awaken. While she was once again a Titan, she would never be the same Titan that they had met ten months earlier.

After a few hours asleep, Raven awoke to see Robin, Cyborg, and part of Starfire, but couldn't see Beast Boy, Terra, or the rest of Starfire. Raven asked, "Are the rest of you even here?"

Beast Boy answered, "Yes, Raven. We're all here, but not all of you is."

Realizing that she was only seeing through one of her eyes, Raven placed her hand on where her right eye was, only to find that a bandage now resided in its place. Cyborg explained, "Slade gouged your right eye. From what I've seen with your healing powers, I'm sorry to say you're never going to see out of it again."

Raven got out of the bed she was residing on and rushed over to a mirror only to see that an eyepatch now crossed her head, with the strap going over her chakra stone and through her hair. Raven lamented, "Slade told me we are similar, and now he's affirmed it. Identical personalities, identical injuries. And he made sure that I never forget it. How can I live like this? How can I look at myself and see...this? How can any of you look at me and not see Slade? Every time you see me, you will only see the killer, the demon, not the hero, the soul."

Raven proceeded to quietly levitate out of the medical bay, moving her hood over her head. As she left, Robin began to follow her, hoping to console her.

In the hallway, Robin shouted, "Raven, stop."

Raven asked, "What do you want, Robin? To expel me? To arrest me? To kill me?"

"To talk."

"Is everything okay?"

"I'm sorry, Raven."

"You're sorry? For what? From what I've seen in you, apology doesn't seem to be in your nature. Even back with Cinderblock when we first formed, you had a hard time saying you're sorry."

"When things were bad, I truly believed that you were like Slade. That you had willingly joined his side. That you surrendered whatever good remained in your system. I doubted you, and I'm sorry for that."

"I doubted myself, Robin. Focused, serious, determined, as much as I hate to admit it, Slade and I are alike, almost the same."

"But there is one difference between you and him. He doesn't have any friends."

With that, Raven turned around to face Robin, her sole violet eye looking at Robin's masked eyes. "Everyday, you wear that mask to hide your identity, but I'm the one that truly wears the mask, hiding who I really am, trying to conceal my emotions. I had to put on an act to keep Slade from destroying you, and I became the very mask I wore, something I never wanted."

"You should have told us, Raven. We're your friends."

"I never got to experience friends back in Azarath, my home. Everybody hated me, ridiculed me, beat me. I expected Earth to be the same. Who would be friends with an interdimensional half-demon bred to annhilate everybody?"

"We would. That's what friends are for. Come on, we need to remove the probes from everybody."

As Robin turned around and headed back towards the medical bay, Raven stood still. Robin turned around to notice Raven standing there, quietly. When Raven noticed Robin, she said, "Slade is still loose, still free to continue his crime spree, remaining free from the law. He'll never be caught, and he'll just do the same thing he did to me for some other poor soul."

Robin commented, "We will find him. We will capture him. We will end this, I promise you."

Robin walked away, and was soon followed by Raven, reassured that everything will be alright.

#1 - "Deal With It" ending: Raven stays by Slade's side as his apprentice (21 votes, 50%)
Note: This ending, obviously the Slaven ending, consistently held the majority of the votes throughout the run of the poll. This is the true ending to Second Chance, so there won't be an aftermath, just a continued flow of story until the end.

Slade got up from the ground and remarked, "How very touching, but Raven doesn't need friends."

With that, he was about to press the trigger when Raven suddenly cried out, "Master! Stop!"

Slade, interested, asked, "What is it, apprentice? Why should I not punish you for your disloyalty?"

"Because I no longer know if they are my friends. Over the past several months, you have been the only one there for me, even if it was forced, though. The Titans treated me like I was a criminal, like I was a traitor, though then again, you did prevent me from warning them about the truth. I have only known the each of you for so long, not long enough to determine my true destiny. The Titans were there to help me embrace my human side, my mother's lineage. You were here to help me embrace my demonic side, my father's lineage. For my entire life I have lived on the gray line of good and evil, and everybody here each lies on one side of that line or the other. I can no longer accept this clear-cut line. As such, I no longer know which side I belong on."

Robin urged, "Raven. You belong with us. You are a Titan, a founding Titan. We can't continue without you."

Raven replied, "Well it looks like you've been going on just fine without me, with Terra taking my place."

Slade added, "Yes, it does appear that way, Titans. Raven is doing just fine here, and she is irreplaceable."

Raven snapped, "And you, Slade. You rip me from my at-least former friends and press me harder and harder as if you want me to become your successor. Your tactics are borderline evil, and if that is such, I don't even need you. You don't know evil unless you know the true fury of my father. You keep secrets from me even though you know everything about me, and have seen all of me. While I haven't seen your face, the true you."

Robin commented, "Yeah, Slade, take off your mask."

Slade responded, "Oh, and maybe you should take yours off, Robin, or should I say Mister Grayson."

"How do you know my name?" Enraged, Robin threw a bird-a-rang towards Slade only for it to get shot out of the air by Raven. She yelled, "No fighting until we've sorted this out."

"You mean you and Slade?"

"And all of you."

"Anyways, back to your earlier question, Robin, the identity of the Batman is not that hard to figure out. And once you know his, your identity instantly becomes that much more obvious. As for you, Cyborg and Beast Boy, your identities of Victor Stone and Garfield Logan are easy to figure out, judging by your appearances. And for Terra, she is an illegitimate member of the Markovian Royal Family, brother of Geo-Force."

Terra drawled, "Do we have to go into secret identities now, or can we just hurry this up? Nobody's any closer to figuring out Raven."

Raven soon became angry, "Figuring out? You think of me as a lab subject? An experiment?"

"No, no, no. I was just saying we had more important things going on here than blabbering on about secret identities. And what about yours, Slade?"

"Well, Slade is his real name."

"Way to give it away, apprentice."

"You should have stuck with Deathstroke, then nobody would know your real name."

"And then get the League involved? No, dear apprentice, my tasks are much easier with them uninvolved, and besides, there no longer exists any record of my past. So, the files contain no more about me than what you know."

Beast Boy asked, "So are we talking or are we supposed to be fighting?"

"I suppose you're right about that. We still don't know who is on which side, exactly. Which so happens to make all the difference."

"Well, who gives a shit? We can take you on."

"Alright then. Apprentice, stay put until you've made up your mind on your loyalty." With that, Slade pulled out his bo-staff and readied for combat with the Titans.

Robin shouted, "Titans go" and pulled out his own bo-staff, readying for combat against the masked criminal mastermind while Raven waited in the distance, unsure of her own loyalties.

The two bo-staffs clicked as the masked leader of the Titans fought with the masked criminal mastermind. Their duel soon ended when Slade managed to knock the bo-staff out of Robin's hand before kicking him towards the other Titans.

Cyborg fired his sonic cannon at Slade, but he effortlessly dodged the attack and readied his bo-staff as Cyborg charged against him. Slade whacked the underside of Cyborg's cannon, causing him to blast the ceiling before delivering a punch to the human side of his head, sending him spiraling towards the ground.

He was then surprised by a starbolt that sent him crashing into a nearby table and Slade stared as Starfire continued to unleash a continuous string of starbolts on him.

Slade tried to roll away to dodge the alien's attacks but was soon knocked towards the Titans thanks to a piece of rock that socked him in the gut, courtesy of Terra.

As Slade got up, he saw a green gorilla towering above him. Beast Boy grabbed Slade and slammed him repeatedly into the ceiling, beginning to cause cracks in his helmet before he was unceremoniously dropped onto the floor.

Slade could barely look up as he saw the Titans advancing on him, ready to finally take him down. Alas, Slade had one more trick up his sleeve as he dropped a smoke grenade onto the ground that temporarily blinded the Titans, giving Slade some leeway to run away, going through a doorway only to see through the corner of his eye that Raven was standing right in the doorway, aiming the thermal blaster at him.

"Well, well, apprentice. It looks like you have finally decided your loyalty."

"I haven't decided anything yet. I simply don't want you leaving early."

As the Titans watched the situation go down, they cautiously moved in closer only to find Raven pointing a Ruger Mk III at them. Slade asked, "Where did you get the gun?"

"The cabinet in the interrogation room, obviously. In case it was necessary. You never use it anyway." Raven then rotated, so the thermal blaster was now aimed at the Titans and the Ruger was pointed at Slade, specificially his eye.

Robin said, "Raven, if you do this, there is no going back."

Raven added, "From what? Firing the blaster or pulling the trigger? Or both? Face it, Robin. There's no going back for me. I've gone too far. We both know that."

Starfire shrieked, "Raven, what are you doing?"

Raven coldly remarked, "Goodbye, Titans." With that, Raven prepared to fire the thermal blaster, but just as it was about to fire, Raven changed targets, going from the Titans themselves to the ceiling nearby.

The ceiling soon came crumbling down on the doorway, obstructing it so the Titans couldn't see (or follow) Raven or Slade. Terra used her powers to clear the debris, but all the Titans saw was the empty hallway. Robin lamented, "Goodbye, Raven." Raven and Slade were gone.

Slade and Raven arrived at the alternate base, roughly fifteen miles away from the old one in a cave, having gotten there by the Chrysler Crossfire. The two got out of the car and walked into the base, as Slade turned it on, activating the monitors that soon sprung to life.

Raven asked, "So, what is next, Master?"

Slade replied to Raven, "We're leaving Jump. Go over to the Tower and collect your things." Slade walked over to Raven and pulled off her temporary power suppressor. He continued, "Ten minutes. No more."

Raven replied, "Understood" and engulfed herself in her soul-self, returning three minutes later with a small backpack on her shoulders. "What now? Where are we headed?"

"Before we get to that, there is some unfinished business we need to take care of." With that remark, Slade pulled the trigger off of the arm it was resting on and let it fall onto the floor before he ultimately crushed it. "No more need for it, since you have proven your loyalty."

"I'm not sure I..."

"You have, Raven. You have proven your loyalty to me. You truly are the perfect apprentice. We're off to Italy. I have some European offers that I can't pass up."

"I always have wanted to see Europe. When are we leaving?"

"When I get the helicopter ready. Come on, let's go."

February 8, 2016. It has been a few days since Raven vanished from the Titans, since Raven abandoned them for Slade. The Titans soon learned that the probes had been deactivated and were all promptly removed from their systems in case Slade wanted to try to reactivate them.

Much to nobody's surprise at the Tower, Beast Boy and Terra soon were going steady, much sooner than Robin and Starfire. As for Cyborg, he went down to Jump City Psychiatric Hospital to see how Jinx was doing.

The doctor in charge of Jinx's treatment explained, "She's doing much better than she has been in the past month or so. She's becoming more coherent and while the trauma is still affecting her, she should be able to live a normal life."

Cyborg walked into Jinx's room, where she was just laying in bed, idly laying there. Cyborg said, "Hey, Jinx."

Jinx replied, "Hello, Cyborg. You'd think there'd be more on television."

"Ain't that the truth? So how are you doing?"

"Much better. I heard about Raven. Perhaps she's better off now with Slade than she is with you guys. Sorry, though."

"You're probably right, Jinx."

"Anyways, I've been thinking and I want a normal life. I want to be free from this world of superheroes and villains. I just want to be a civilian, working as the populace does."

"Are you sure about that? You'd rather be doing that than fighting?"

"Yes. I don't want to be front page news everytime there's an attack. It'd be for the best."

"Okay then, I'll tell the others of your decision."

"Sure, and sure to visit me."

"I will."

With that, Cyborg walked out of Jinx's room, leaving the former criminal laying in her bed.

February 29, 2016. At the home of Giseuppe Viozanno, don of the Sicilian Mafia, the don sat in his chair surrounded by bulletproof glass as his guards stood in front of the window, keeping watch for attackers.

As Giseuppe began to fall asleep, two quick gunshots from long range rang out, each one handling one of the two guards present. Before he could wake up and see what had happened, his mouth was surrounded by a pillow from a cloaked girl.

When Viozanno finally suffocated to death, Raven teleported out of the room and went over to the cliff where Slade laid, aiming an M24 sniper rifle at the room. Raven asked, "Mission successful?"

Slade answered, "Mission successful. Let's return home."

Raven engulfed the two of them in her soul-self and brought them back to the palatial villa that Slade used as his base in Europe. Ever since the two of them arrived, Raven had become Slade's right-hand man and partner in assignments, even performing several on her own. Slade already had a bank account formed for her successes, under the alias Marianne Hargrove, and it already had a few million dollars in it.

Raven returned to her room, which she decorated with furnishings from her old room back at Titans Tower as well as some new accessories from Slade, such as some new magical artifacts and weapons. Raven slipped off her blue cloak when Slade arrived in her room.

Startled, Raven turned around to see Slade, who remarked, "You wanted to see my face, well here it is." With that, Slade took off his mask, revealing his cared white hair, goatee, and eyepatch.

Raven asked, "Master, why?"

"Raven, for now on, you can call me Slade. You are no longer my apprentice, but rather my equal. And I see a very prosperous future ahead for us."

Raven inched closer to Slade, getting within kissing distance, and remarked, "Indeed."

And indeed was correct, for a very prosperous future awaited Raven and Slade, as Raven became in addition to his partner, his lover.

Okay, that end seemed a bit talkier than I had originally anticipated, but I still feel it worked to resolve Raven's own personal turmoil and gave the Slaven fans what they wanted. The other endings seemed much more action-packed, but perhaps that was because it was Raven turning against Slade, rather than joining him. The Titans live and will continue to see another day.

And that marks the end of Second Chance.