The Remains of Heaven By Ryan Bodle

Disclaimer: Prologue

Ok, so in retrospect of my life, I made some bad decisions. Most within the last few days. Still one I never regretted, again within in the last few days. That was saying three words that would kill any guy.

'I love you.'

I didn't know what she had to say, next thing I knew I was hanging by my wrists within a huge light in my eyes, blinding me. Then there was some voice demanding to know who this oracle was. How the hell should I know? I've been looking for the same person since this whole crap started.

Confused? Well I'll start at the beginning, then things will take form. Even after being a chosen child from a world made from the data of every computer in the world and having a one-time only mon for a best friend. This is pretty unbelievable, even by my standards.

"Out Wide!" Daisuke Motomiya made a run to the side of the pitch, the ball came speeding to his foot. One touch and he headed further down field, that slight knock, guiding the ball over the foot of a defender. He flicked his own, using the outside of his boot to make a short pass. He carried on running past another. The ball bounced back to him in a one-two move. He was now free for a few yards.

He started to move more central again, he had made it past the half way line in a matter of seconds on a counter attack. Again his feet moved effortlessly, flicking the ball on, he moved with it. He came to a gradual halt as another defender came up to him. He faked left then moved right, the defender followed well. He tried another move to get past, it wasn't happening.

"Back and over Davis!" He heard Ken behind him. He turned and passed the ball back solid to his team mates feet. Then he made a split. The defender didn't know whether to follow Davis or tackle Ken. It was too late, Davis was gone and Ken reacted to the pass by sending the ball over their heads.

Davis ran with his neck turned so he could see the ball land. His foot came up and the ball landed softly on his foot, bringing it down without bouncing, the outside flicked it again. It went straight through someone's legs and he carried on past them. He was inside the box now and the goal was in sight. Still three to get past, two defenders, one goalkeeper. He dragged his leg back and released it like it was spring loaded. The ball was shot like a bullet. Unstoppable, the frame almost shattered as he hit the crossbar. A sigh of disappointment from the watching crowd, but Davis wasn't done. As the other three watched on, judging the landing zone. Davis moved again, right under the ball, his legs cocked and sprang again, he rose into the air and thrust his head forward. He felt contact as he looked to goal.

The keeper dived, as the ball bounced right under him and hit the net. There was a cheer and he landed. The three left walked away in defeat. Ken was the first to come up and jump on Davis, the rest of the team soon joined.

"That's the winner Davis, we've got five minutes till full time and we're one up! You won this one!" Davis sprawled for breathing space as he was pounced on. A whistle sounded to break up the celebrations.

After what seemed like five seconds, the whistle blew again. Sounds of victory started up like fireworks. Their team had beaten the toughest team in the tournament. It was no doubt now that they would win.

The players became infused with energy suddenly and some of the crowd had joined them on the pitch. An unsuspecting Davis and Ken both received a reward from Yolei and Kari. Ken had a grin on his face. Davis looked shocked and held his cheek for a second.

"You guys looked great out there," Kari started.

"Ken, you were amazing, there was no way Davis could have scored without you!" Yolei screamed.

"He did pretty well on his own that far, I was going to leave it to him," Ken smirked. Davis done the same.

"She's right, it was a good pass," he added.

"You both played great all the way," Davis turned his head. T.K held his hand out with a smile. Davis took it and Ken afterwards.

"Thanks T.K," the scorer replied. 'Surprising to actually congratulate me and shake my hand,' he thought. "Hey you guys need to shower, why don't you meet us at the shakes bar in the mall for a celebration."

"Sounds like a plan," Davis answered.

"Alright!" Yolei shouted again. "Lets get to it, I'm starving!"

"Yolei," Cody said, being silent so far. "Down with the decibels."

"Hey come on, Ken and Davis just whipped their biggest competition. How can you not be happy?"

"I am happy, just not deafening," Cody answered. Yolei let a short growl at him but it hadn't ruined her mood. With some goodbyes. The two stars for the day made for the changing rooms.

Davis turned the faucet and water gushed from the shower head. He jumped back as it touched his skin. "Damn that's cold!" Him and Ken were the last now and it seemed the hot water had been used. 'Great,' he told himself. He heard Ken scream and grinned, thinking he had the same problem.

"Davis!" there was a quiver in his voice.

"What?" He asked.

"The water."

"I know, it's freezing."

"No! Come look at this!" Davis grabbed his towel and walked around to his team mate. Ken was pressed up against the wall holding a towel of his own. He was keeping away from the water that poured from the shower. Davis then noticed why, it ran as black as a shadow. Ken looked at Davis, pale white and eyes shot open in terror. He turned the water off. "That was, that was, the-."

"I know," Davis answered. "Ken, it can't hurt you anymore, it can't affect you like it did before."

"You don't know that," he answered. "If it can't why did it come after me just now? It never came from your shower did it?" Davis had no answer. "It's back for me and if it's back for me."

It Davis' turn to shoot his eyes open. "Then it could be after Kari too!" He shot for his clothes. Ken had gathered himself slightly and chased him to their clothes.