Jack: Hello everypony,Jacky here agian with chapter two of my birth, and to show the power of the elements of hate,that will be near chapter 4 or 5,so once again where we left off but first,some reveiws.

Captainaswum9999:True,true but the question is,why Discord kept on telling him stories on these elements,think about it.

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Episode 1:Proving to be.

"JACKY!"Yelled Twilight,waking him up,Jack walked down the stares,seeing a purple dragon still asleep."I knew it was a baby dragon."Jack then faced Twilight."S'up Twi,is breakfast ready?"Twilight nodded "Hay pancakes,with apple syrup." Jack glared the plate of pancakes,with a devilish smile,ready to bite them to the bone."Hey,Twilight."Said the baby dragon,waking up to the smell of pancakes.

"Hey Spike."Twilight said refering to the dragon."Uh...Twilight,who is he?"Spike said pointing to Jacko'lantern."He's Jacko'lantern,he's a simple earth pony-"Jack interupted."Corecction,Fire breathing bat-pegasus."Twilight was confuesed."How are you a bat-pegasus,let alone able to breath fire?"Jack smirked at this question,then Jack's left eye (Red eye) was brightining, he then started to breath a red and black flame."Wow!"Twilight Yelled in surprise."AWSOME!"Spike yelled in happines knowing he had a fire breathing brother.

A sudden explosion occured,it was a cyan pegasus with a rainbow mane that bursted through the door."AHHHHHH" She screamed causing a mess in the library."Ow hehe,sorry 'bout that Twilight."the mare said."Great... Another morning cleaning."Twilight sighed,Jack put his hoof on her shoulder."I'm on it."Jack said,exactly after saying that,the room was cleaner than anything she seen,even the cyan mare's jaw dropped in awe.

"Hey, kid,what's your name."She asked to Jacko'lantern,Jacko'lantern had a fangy smile."Prince of chaos,lord of speed,the screech you can never see,Jacko'lantern"The mare and Twilight were shocked of what they heared,they thought that the prince of chaos was a legened."HAHAHA yeah right."The mare laughed while Jack had a dead serious look at both of them."Well,whatever name's Rainbow dash,fastest flyer in equestria,and soon to be captain of the Wonder bolts"The mare said,Jack nodded in disagreement."Yeah,right."Jack said in a sarcastic tone.

"Your saying your faster than me?"Rainbow said as if it were a challenge."Pretty much,yeah."Jack said,Twilight was sweating a bit to what Jack said,remember filies and colts,never challenge Rainbow dash to a race."Where and when?"Jack said with a stern look,Rainbow grinned at this."All of Equestria, NOW!"Rainbow declared,Jack smirked.'WHAT IS HE THINKING!?'Twilight thought.


We were in the centre of Ponyville,getting ready for the race,Rainbow looked at me,with a cocky grin."You won't win,you might aswell give up now,to save the humiliation."She said,but I knew,that deep down,she felt...odd...the same thing went for every mare that was there,they were looking at me,flirting...Then the checkered flag was held by a yellow mare with a pink mane.

Right at the second that the flag was pulled,I was going my regular running speed which was mach 6 speeds,Rainbow was surprised that I was going at her speeds without breaking a sweat,We were at Las Pegasus still going mach 6,but when I felt an explosion out of nowhere I imidiatley looked up and saw Rainbow,this time mach 10."You wanna a battle,I'll give you a war!"I said,I then unleashed my wings and used my signature move the Scary Screech I was flying at mach 15 speeds,and a sudden scream of pain and sufferment was heard before I left a stream of orange and black.

I took the lead,without Rainbow noticing,she was still in the canyon behind ponyville while I was already at the finish line,I took in my wings and troted the rest of the way there,I crossed the finish line with ease,by the time I saw Rainbow on the horizon,I was waving,she landed next to me with her jaw dropped below the ground.


"How do you like them apples."Jack said with a triuphent tone of voice,Jack just walked away not caring at all,then Rainbow grabed his hoof"How did you do that?"Rainbow said angerly."Do what?"Jack said,walking away again,Rainbow flew into Jack's face."How did you beat me!"Jack shrugged,and replied."I guess it was skill."Right then a pink mare jumped from behind Rainbow,tackling Jack down."Hi there I'm Pinkimena Diane Pie but everypony calls me Pinkie Pie I noticed that you're new and I need to throw a party just for you!"Said the mare before blasting off."Cute."Jack said,Standing back up & looking back at Rainbow,who was suddenly replaced by the yellow pegeasus.

"Um...Hello?"Jack said."Hi..."The mare said lightly."My name is Jacko'lantern"Jack said,she turned her sight to the ground,but didn't answer."And what's your name?"Jack asked."Flutter shy..."she said barely hearable."Sorry,what?"Jack asked again."Flutter shy..."She said a bit louder."One more time please."Jack said,extending his ear to her."Flutter shy..."This time he heared her but barely."Well see ya later Flutter shy,got to head off."Jack said,he kissed her cheeck and ran off,leaving the yellow mare blushing ferociously.

While he was getting flirty comments from almost everypony in ponyville,he wanted a simple look of seriousness,but what he asked for was coming to be,he saw the mail mare being bullied by some stallions."HEY!"Jack yelled,the stallions looked at him and laughed.

"You think,I'm just a joke."Jack said with a devilish smile."What are you gonna do,punk."the stallion leader 's blue eye grew dim,while his red eye grew brighter then before,all of a sudden he started to breath the red and black,while his wings were slowly growing claws.

"I'll be polite and let you apoligize for what you said,or else!"Jack said with anger."Oh,then I apoligize,for you bein' a freak."Jack chuckled like a monster,prepared to elimanate every thing in his way,he then swung his left wing covered in fire causing a massive amount of damage,seeing that it sent atleast 23 feet away from him,the other two ran away like cowards.

After Jack calmed down,his eyes were retrieving their origanal color,he entered his wings and tried to walk away,but the mail mare grabbed him before he could leave."H-hi"the mare said."Hey...Name's Jacko'lantern."Jack responded to her,though he was confused,he thought that using those wings in public or breathing fire would scare them."My name is Dinky doo,but every pony calls me Derpy."the mare said,blushing a bit,but not as much as any other pony did.

Jack smiled and headed off waving to a new friend.

Monday,3:54 PM,Out skirts of Ponyville

'I am so lost...'Jack thought,he bumped in to a tree and out of no where a collar fell on his neck."Torture!"He yelled,alerting a mare similar to Jack's color but,she had a blonde mane."Now who in tarnation are you?"She said."Name's Jacko'lantern"Jack said,then she got flirty."Mah name is Apple jack,shugah lump."Jack sighed,but laughed noticing the similarities they had.

"Being honest,it looks your flirting with your self."Apple jack blusjed a lot noticing the joke he made,Jack just laughed."Well ah can't believe that ah look this hot."Jack blushed slightly."So uhh... need any help here?"Jack asked sheepishley."Yeah,if yah can take down all these apples."She said pointing to over 200 trees with about 6 to 7 apples each,Jack grabbed her shoulder like he did with Twilight and whispered in her ear "I'm on it."

After that said,he blasted through the trees knocking down all of the apples in 2 seconds."Lighten up."(Pun intended) Both of the Jacks started laughing."Bye Apple jack,I enjoyed helping you."Jack chuckled a bit before hugging Apple jack,Apple jack tightened the hug and whispered into his ear "Ah enjoyed that yah came to visit"Apple Jack kissed Jack's cheek,Jack actually liked her but he wasen't interested in having a fillie friend.

Jack walked away waving with his bat wing,Apple jack giggled and waved back.

Monday,7:28 PM,Ponyville Spa

"I could go for -"Jack was interupted by a shriek."OH THIS IS HORRIBLE!"Tha shriek was quite loud,it almost made Jack deaf."Uh...Hello"Jack said entering the spa."OH NO NO NO THIS JUST AWFUL!"A white unicorn mare cried."OW,WOULD IT KILL YA TO STOP SCREAMING! Jack yelled in pure rage,he leaned back."I am so sorry,it wasen't my intention to yell."the white mare stood back,in anger yet interested in his mane cut.

"Oh my,what an splendid mane,your ears go right through it,how did you get it to do that?"Jack was a bit confused,but he was reliefed that she didn't flirt with him."Um...I guess I was born with it."Jack shrugged."And what is your name,you handsome stallion."Jack sighed, he backed her up against the wall and whispered in her ear "My name is Jacko'lantern."

Jack walked away hoping that nopony would flirt with him,but the mare grabbed his hoof before he could take another step."Would you like to go for some dinner this evening,by the way my name is Rarity."The mare said,Jack smiled."I'd love to but I must decline,you see I'm not really looking for that special somepony,I hope you understand."

Jack trotted,still being flirted at,he flew all over equestria just to find a place to seem normal,but he found something a little bit better,he found a colt,he was red,had a black mane,similar to Jack's except with red streaks,he was a blank flank pegasus,it looked like if he was being flirted at aswell.

Monday,9:02 PM,Filliedelfia

"Man,is it hard to find a decent place to chill."the young colt said,Jack flew down to him."Tell me about it,I mean really,first the princess sends me to Ponyville,I accept that,but the pain in the plot is that every pony I see is flirting with me."The colt looked at with a smile,he found a good friend there."Name's Pyro."The colt said,extending his hoof to Jack."Jacko'lantern"He exteneded his hoof towards him with a bit of strength."BROHOOF"The both said in union."You have a brother?"Pyro asked."You want one?"Jack responded."Heck yeah!"Pyro yelled."Then c'mon,let's get you outta here."Jack said extending his wings,Pyro Smiled with glee and got up on his back.


"Well let's get home little bro."Jack smiled back at Pyro,who was fast asleep,Jack walked up the door and openned it with his wing,he pulled his wings in,he put him on the couch,and went to bed,he realized that what he did was wrong,so he put him on his bed,leaving him there,he was obligated to sleep with Twilight.

"Jacky?"Twilight asked."Yeah?"Jack responded."What are you doing in my bed?"She said blushing a lot."Don't get the wrong idea,your an awsome girl,but I'm not interested,it's just that I brought my little brother here and he's sleeping on my bed."Twilight hugged Jack."Oh thank Celestia your okay I thought that you were going to come after the race then I spoke to everypony to see if they knew where you were."Jack snuggled up to Twilight."I'm fine,you don't need to worry."Twilight kissed Jack until she fell asleep.'I need to speak up fast,if they don't understand that I need to hate everypony and that my power won't be able to help them.'Jack thought before sleeping.

What is gonna happen next time,here is a little summary of what will happen:

Jack is very angry at the mane six for something in particular,Pyro meets the Cutie mark crusaders and consider their cutie mark,but they will have something midnight,Jack takes Pyro for firebreathing training.

A/N:Well this was fun,I mean I never new that I could put so much in such short time,I was origanly gonna post this a Tuesday,And just so we are clear,NO Jacko'lantern is not based off Apple Jack,he is based of the date of my birth which is about during the end of this month,and like last time,Let the Spirits and demons be with you.

Team Demon (Team Spirit Force)~~