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Author's Note: I started rewatching Warehouse 13 this summer and ended up with a lot of ideas for Claudia-centric one shots. After toying around with a few, I decided it would be interesting to try and write something for each episode of the show. So here I am. We'll see how this goes. I decided to go ahead and start with the first episode of the show, despite the fact that Claudia doesn't even appear until episode four. This scene is what I think Claudia might have been up to during the events of the pilot. It's a bit short because it was all off the top of my head. Once we get up to episode four, I'll actually have solid material to work with. Enjoy!

An Unexpected Ally

"Son of an Android!" Claudia swore. She slammed her fist onto the top of her desk in frustration. The digital fortress that was Warehouse 13 had once again withstood her attempts to sway it. Curses! Foiled again.

An irritating line of script rolled across the screen, clearly spelling out her repeated failure. Claudia answered it with a glare.

"Yeah, well, your mother was a hamster," she said venomously.

She leaned back in her chair, trying to think of something else to try. It had taken months of research (also known as digging through what the government thought were top secret files) to confirm that Warehouse 13 even existed. She had thought that would be the hard part. But now, after a week of carefully prodding the firewall, she was still no closer to finding a way in.

Her email beeped, signaling that she had a message. That was a surprise. Claudia never heard from anyone these days. Mostly because there wasn't really anyone to hear from. Her foster siblings through the years had been little more than forced acquaintances and her fellow inmates in the psych ward didn't really have reliable internet access. She also had no credit cards or online bank accounts. Well, none that were actually hers, but that was a completely different issue. In other words, who in the world was she getting mail from?

Curious, Claudia pulled up her email account. Her shoulders sagged a bit in mild disappointment. Oh. It was another notification from the social network she had joined a few years ago to... Actually, now that she thought about it, she couldn't really remember why she had created the account. She clicked on the message, fully intending to delete it and then go delete her account as a vindictive statement against society. Her fingers stilled, however, when she saw what the message was. A friend request. From someone named Michael Reynolds.

Reynolds? Wait a minute. She knew that name. Joshua had studied physics under a Professor Michael Reynolds. But that had been a full thirteen years ago.

"Whoa," Claudia said in surprise. "Talk about a blast from the past."

She had always liked Professor Reynolds. He had been more of a fond uncle to her than just her brother's professor. He had also been the only one at the university who treated her as a fellow scientist instead of an irritating child. She would have accepted the request for that alone. But he was also the one who had given Joshua the Rheticus compass in the first place. Claudia could already feel the gears turning in her head. Maybe he would be able to give her a nudge in the right direction.

With that in mind, she clicked to accept the request. That automatically linked her back to the social networking site. Claudia opened her notifications and clicked on Professor Reynolds' name. Maybe his profile would give her some clues as to what he had been up to since she had last seen him. At the very least, it would provide a welcome distraction. Her fried brain was in desperate need of a break.

She picked up the last slice of cold pepperoni pizza left over from last night's dinner and began to read. She had barely made it through the small paragraph of basic interests (she hadn't known he was a fan of H.G. Wells) when a chat window appeared on the bottom of her screen. Claudia stopped reading with the partially eaten slice of pizza halfway to her mouth. The tab at the top of the chat window said Michael Reynolds.

"Speak of the devil," Claudia said. She set the pizza back in the bottom of the grease-soaked delivery box and clicked the chat window. The message was short, but it still caused the corner of her mouth to tug up in a small smile.

Hello, dear Claudia! It has been far too long. How are you and Joshua?

"Well, hello to you too," Claudia said out loud as she began to type. "I'm just peachy, thanks, but Joshua's spent the last twelve years stuck in an inter-dimensional space."

She pressed enter to send her carefully constructed reply, which vaguely indicated that Joshua was in some degree of trouble. A moment later a small pencil appeared in the chat box to signal that Professor Reynolds was writing back. The message appeared shortly after.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Claudia grinned. She had finally managed to catch a break. Maybe her luck was slowly beginning to change.

"Alright, Professor," she said, giving her knuckles a good crack before touching her fingers to the keyboard. "Let's see what you remember about Georg Rheticus."

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