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In the darkness of hell, lit only by the scorching flames that burned whoever ventured into the ancient underworld. Four red eyes, each one burning with the rage that turned people into seething frenzy and sent anger into people's hearts glowed cruelly.

"Yes, soon it shall begin," rumbled the demon through an unseen mouth. He had a plan, one that would very soon bring his daughter to his side, and the world with it.

Trigon was coming.

Raven woke up shivering and covered in sweat. If it wasn't for the other emotions running through her body, she would feel disgusted at her sweat-covered body. A few books coated with shadow energy were hurled across the room as the memories of her dream sent her emotions into chaos.

Her dreams had been wild. She dreamed of rivers of blood and screams of pain… and worst of all… she had enjoyed them. Shuddering at the thought of admitting that to herself she looked at her clock. It was exactly six a.m., Raven sighed and got up. She changed into her standard leotard and cape and wandered out of her room.

It was still the early morning so no one else would want to get up this early, except for Robin. But unless she ventured onto the rooftop she shouldn't see him; he only went up there to watch the sunrise every morning.

"Thank Azar that's over with," Raven muttered as she entered the kitchen. Raven prepared her morning cup of tea and headed over to the couch where a lone book sat. It wasn't as if she was lazy to put it away or anything but had forgotten to take it back to her room the previous night.

It had been a year since the Trigon incident, and not a single day since then had Raven not woken up relieved that the horrible destiny that she had been born into would not occur. Raven laid down on the couch, set down her tea, and opened her book to the spot she left off at.

It had only been two hours when the door opening had alerted Raven to another person entering the room. Raven looked over the back of the couch to see Robin. He was obviously a morning person, his eyes held only a little trace of having just woken up.

"Good morning Raven." Robin walked over to the kitchen to begin making his breakfast. Raven, knowing that this marked the end of her time alone in the mornings closed her book and sat up. She took another sip of her tea and left the room after responding to Robin with the same.

Beast Boy had woken up early, well he considered it early. To him no sane person would wake up before eight forty-eight, unless they were an emotionless demoness or workaholic boy wonder.

Beast Boy had just left his room went he collided with someone and fell backwards. "Owwww!" He grumbled, rubbing his head. When he looked up he saw a familiar gray-skinned, purple eyed demoness glaring at him.

"Not my fault you weren't looking where you were going," said Raven, giving him a neutral look. Beast Boy noticed her content demeanor and relaxed stance, even though her face revealed no emotion. He scrambled to his feet and smiled at her, thinking of how nice it was that she actually seemed to be able to enjoy herself now that the threat of Trigon wasn't hanging over her.

"What are you smiling about? You do realize that smiling at people for no reason is weird right," Raven snapped. Her eyes had narrowed and were staring right into his.

Beast boy's ears grew warm and he stuttered "Nothing, I'll see you around... Rae," Beast Boy said nothing else as he walked around Raven and left.

When Beast Boy had reached the main room he picked up the scent of the other three titans. Starfire, Cyborg and Robin were already there and wide awake.

"Good morning Beast Boy." Starfire was the first one to notice him as he waked in. He noted in the corner of his eye Cyborg and Robin playing a video game while Starfire was scrambling around the kitchen with glee.

Beast Boy slunk over to the tamaranean and mumbled a hello back. His sharp ears picked up Robin saying hello to Beast Boy as well over the noise of the video game.

"I am going to make the food that will break the fasting of the morning," she said cheerfully, while Beast Boy grimaced. He didn't miss the small groans coming from the two male titans on the couch and he couldn't blame them for being hesitant. But he was still the one who had to suffer through tasting her food since he wasn't busy doing something else. He couldn't get away! At least… Not without hurting Starfire's feelings.

He saw tentacle twitching while being fried in a frying pan and a shiver snuck past his spine. This was not going to be a good morning.

Raven was thoroughly confused by Beast Boy's behavior. He's acting really odd, I wonder if something's up. In her mind, a voice that sounded a lot like hers giggled "He likes you silly!" Raven scowled as her emotion love giggled even more.

"Yeah right" Raven muttered. He was most likely thinking of his next prank on her, or had just learned a new immature joke that they would be hearing later. And why was he calling her Rae? She never gave him permission to call her that.

Raven calmed herself down by finishing the last of her tea and got ready to meditate. She didn't have time to ponder over what a silly green prankster was going to do to her, if he tried anything she could just launch him out the window. She just needed to figure out what was going on inside of her head right now.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos...Azarath Metrion Zinthos," Raven chanted slowly. Her meditative state gave her a sense of tranquility. Suddenly she felt a stab of pain and screaming filled her mind. She got visions of her friends, cowering in fear and her father's presence nearby, full of satisfaction. Electric sounds whizzed in her ear and tainted whatever she saw with a feeling of foreboding.

Her inner rage grew, and tried to push its way out. Raven had to constantly jab it back, like a man trying to fend off a wild animal he knew could kill him using only a knife. "Come on Raven," Rage snarled. "You know you're enjoying this." NO! Raven couldn't stand it.

She tried to push it out of her head. It was too much. Too much! Raven screamed as she tried to escape the vision. She collapsed on the ground, unconscious. What Raven could not see was the mark of scath glowing on her forehead, right around the chakra stone.

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