Beast Boy looked at the crumbled entrance of the library. Then turned away and morphed into a cat. He scampered around the ground, looking for any sign of land that felt slightly hollow underneath. His whiskers twitch as air picked up then stilled, and an ominous feeling radiated from the library. He always picked up the same offish-feeling around this place whenever he was an animal.

He took a step forward with one of his paws and felt something. The soft echo beneath his paws, almost a unmoving shudder. With a slight softness that gave away easy-to-dig-through soil. This spot would do. He shapeshifted into a mole and started digging down, relying on his keen animal senses to drive him the right way. Every once in awhile he would hit a rough patch where he couldn't dig through and would have to go another way. He made sure that his bag was always somehow with him, he couldn't afford to loose it.

He let out a growl as the amount of dark energy around him grew, the bestial side of him instantly disliking the unnatural power making itself present. However, he used the growth to his advantage and moved towards it. The best portal site was where the energy was greatest, so the sooner he reached the core of that energy, the sooner he could open the portal.

After awhile his digging reached what much have been a natural tunnel, most likely created by another burrowing animal. A maze of tunnels leading around the library. Hopefully Beast Boy could find a part of the tunnel that led straight into the part of the library he needed.

After a couple hours of digging, Beast Boy's mole-whiskers twitched, air was blowing through the tunnel he was burrowing through. Although that didn't necessarily mean that he was almost to a surface, it could mean that the wind had came down this far by running through of shafts into the lower areas of the earth. But it could also be a sign he was reaching a surface.

He kept digging. His tough claws scrapping away at bit after bit of dirt. He couldn't see, but his whiskers provided all he needed to tell his surroundings. Suddenly his claws struck something and bounced off of them. The stinging ran through the nerves in his claws and raced painfully throughout his paws. Small bits of stone embedded themselves in the soft skin of his paws and dust gathered in his fur, but he didn't think to care.

He raked his claws across the hard area of ground. Before a shattering sound and the feeling of wind blowing straight into his face alerted him. He had gotten to his destination.

He dragged himself out of the ground and morphed back to human form. He opened his bag and gave a sigh of relief, all of his stuff was still there.

"Okay Beast Boy, you can do this. All you have to do is go straight into hell, find Raven, tell her to come back without being stabbed or killed in any way... oh and not cause the end of the world!" He thought about his words, and doubled over and letting out a mix of a laugh and a moan. "Wow that sounded dumb... and why am I talking to myself?"

It was official, he was going crazy. He sighed and looked around his surroundings, trying to figure out where he had popped up at. It was old, ruined, dusty, not to mention very old. Yup Beast Boy was hundred percent sure that this room looked just like the majority of the other rooms in this place. "I guess there's only one thing to do... Start walking!"

His footsteps rang out loudly if uncertain in the complete silence of his surroundings. He desperately hoped that he wouldn't encounter any ghosts or other deadly supernatural beings since the whole Raven-became-portal thing had passed.

A shriek made him jump slightly. He cursed and looked around for the source of the noise. However there was nothing after that, not even the sound of movement. And there was no one around. He looked around, confused. After listening carefully for a few moments and still not hearing anything he proceeded, but more cautiously than before.

He stopped and glanced around again as another shriek tore through the air. What's going on? Is this place playing tricks on me?" he asked himself. He gave a shrug and continued. The shrieking wasn't heard again, except every once in awhile he heard something scratch against stone or the crumbling of small rocks.

The trip was filled with the task of endless walking and breaking down old doors, which aside from creating new ways to break down the door using his animal forms and daydreaming about meeting Raven-something which he decided not to think deeper on, he was completely bored. Beast Boy felt him become more like himself with every step, his confidence increased with his unease.

He withdrew the radar from his bag and checked it. He had come far into the ruins of the library, and the device showed it. It was going off the charts with demonic energy. It's a good sign. Beast Boy noted.

Slivers of silver streaming past his eye made him stop and look up from the radar. A door sat in front of him, heavily covered with wooden planks. Red letters were painted in some unknown language on the boards. Beast Boy didn't even try to read them.

However, it was what was in front of the door the drew his attention. The streaming silver mist was gathering itself in front of him. A sound like the wind howling drowned out the sound of even his own thoughts.

He watched as the mist twisted and wrapped around itself to form a giant lumbering creature. With large bristling fur, a large snout, he thought that it was some kind of boar-monster. Then he considered the other parts on it, like the cat ears, lion-like tail and large fangs. Hmmm... It's a Cat-boar-minotaur! He gave a snicker at his own thoughts.

The ghost-creature apparently didn't like being laughed at. It lowered its tusked head and roared into Beast Boy's face. Instantly the changeling's eyes narrowed and he took the shape of a gorilla, before responding in kind.

Beast Boy charged at the creature, letting out a growl of surprise as he went through his opponent. It's a specter?! He thought wildly—mind racing as he tried to figure out how he would defeat it. His eyes scanned his surroundings even though he yearned to tear the enemy apart.

He didn't have the luxury of time however, as he had to dodge a falling fist aimed right where he was before. He stared at the spot then watched the beast raised its hand again. How do you defeat something you can't even touch? Wait, I can't touch it but it can touch the stuff around me?

The giant threw a punch at him and without thinking he raised his fists to block it. And then he watched, surprised, as his fists collided with the specter's. So he could touch it. He jumped back from the spirit. He felt the door press against him and he kicked away from it, flying through the air before landing in a roll and simultaneously changing into a cheetah. In his cat form he tore across the ground and with a roar leapt at the specter. However the results from before were just the same, he went straight through it. What the hell? He thought furiously. He let out a deep growl of anger and spun around, eyeing the specter.

The specter eyed him back, now that he was away from the door Beast Boy guessed that he wasn't being deemed an instant threat. Good. That gave him time to evaluate the situation.

The specter appeared the same all throughout, it stood stiff and watchful as it guarded the door. If he couldn't hit it than maybe his only chance was to break down the door and escape on his own. He narrowed his green eyes then let his shape as a cat drift away and the idea of a T-Rex enshroud him. He looked down at the specter with primal eyes and gave a roar that shook the room. He ran forward, making no attempt to jump over or move around his opponent.

If I can go straight through his body then it's not as if I'll need to dodge! He thought. However, he quickly found that he was wrong as his foot stumbled into ghostly mass that was now solid and he collided with the door behind it. The door didn't even do so much as tremble with the impact of a giant dinosaur slamming against it. What the bloody hell?! Not even his dinosaur form could bust the thing down. Beast Boy turned into a mouse and quickly scuttled away from the door to prevent another attack and give himself time to think.

His eyes scanned his surroundings for something he could use against this thing. He couldn't fight it and because of the fact that the door wouldn't break he couldn't flee either. He had to think.

You gotta be kidding me... Beast Boy thought as he facepalmed. He could hear the laughter of his teammates now, saying that he was thinking.

Focus! He couldn't mess around right now, he had to get to Raven. He spent a few moments in deep thought. It was good that he had some time to spend, thanks to the specter's dawdling. Then an idea popped into his head, he thought he even saw a flash of light above his head like a light bulb!

He turned into a hummingbird then shot off into the air, whizzing right past the not-real ear of the specter. He felt the air rushed against him as the arm of the specter came hurtling towards him. He raced away from the hand until he reached the door, then he shifted human, dropped to the ground in a roll, and switched to a snake, before slithering away at the highest speed.

The result was the right side of the specter's body pressing against the door, making the door bulge slightly with the pressure. So I was right! The door could be opened and the creature defeated only if done by magical means, so he could use the specter to open the door for him if he was good enough... But he had to be both fast enough to survive and slow enough to make sure that it's the full force of the specter that hits the door.

He looked around for a rock, picked it up and tossed it at the creature. It hit surprisingly! "Hey, come get me!" he blew a raspberry at it and turned into a cheetah. He rushed forward and slipped underneath the legs of it.

The specter turned around instead of reaching underneath for him. It's smart! Out of the corner of his eye he could see the misty apparition follow behind him. The footsteps of it made no noise and no pressure on the ground, making it hard to tell how far it was from him.

The door was awfully close to him, he had to decide what to do. With a hiss he lurched against it and tried running another way. With one eye he saw the phantom crash against the door, breaking it open with a loud wailing sound. The piercing high sound sent him straight out of his cheetah form as a headache suddenly formed. His animal senses only made the noise worse.

But as he sat on his knees, clutching his elfin ears with his hands, he could tell that the specter was gone and the door was opened. I should hurry and move before some other defense mechanism comes into place.

He shoved aside the killer headache the best he could and continued down the path. However he didn't let his guard down nor his gaze linger. He wouldn't be jumped or ambushed or anything of the sort again.

Beast Boy wasn't sure how much time had passed by the time he reached what must have been the final room. It looked just like it did before the previous end of the world. Not even wild nature had invaded the room, a sign of the unholy energy covering the place.

He took the steps up to the hand and pulled out the device he had stored away earlier. The screen showed tremendous amounts of dark energy, he knew that this was the perfect place. He stood on the hand that stood outstretched underneath the skylight, like beckoning something to come from the heavens.

So what do I do now... press the biggest button there is? He spent the next few minutes staring at the device, trying to remember what the directions Cyborg gave him were. Although there was one button that stood out, it was large and purple. However there was an equally large silver button next to it... Which one was he supposed to press again?

He closed his eyes then did "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe." When he opened them again he was staring straight at the purple button. He pressed it and looked down at his feet as the earth started to shudder. The wind blew past him furiously and he looked up to see swirls of darkness reminiscent of Raven's magic. They met in front of him and mixed together, forming a dark purple portal in front of him and oozed darkness.

He took a gulp. I guess this is it... I hope I survive. Then stepped inside the portal.

The first thing he noticed was the blazing heat, then the sucking sound of lava, then lastly the darkness lit only slightly by the golden lava-light.

He looked around the hot wasteland for some sign of life. After finding none he knew automatically that he reached the right place. Wherever he was seemed just like what the Earth was like when Trigon first entered.

There was really nothing else to do but continue walking. So that's what Beast Boy did. It was boring and uneventful as well as nerve-rending; it seemed like anything could happen at any moment. He thought he could feel a gaze on him too, burning with fire and ice... and malignant as well.

At first the path were thin rocky roads that sat on top of oceans of lava, but as he go presumably closer he had to jump across broken pieces of black rock. Some of them were so far apart that he had to morph and fly across the gaps.

He glanced over his shoulder as he felt the same evil presence as before on him, before continuing on.

Raven slouched on her throne. The bags were put away neatly and she was really bored now. The only thing she could do now was wait a little. She had to be willing to greet her new guest after all!

She was the queen of hell, why wouldn't she be able to sense the presence of someone new in her domain? Thanatos and Trigon had quickly notified her and she tasked the two with keeping an eye on him. Although, they didn't tell her who the guy was. Now, who could be so important... or so insignificant... as to make them think that it isn't worth notifying me still?

She sighed. A trip back onto the immortal world was imminent. She still had yet to find four peculiar ingredients for the resurrection.

A piece of cyborgic technology, the contained energy of an alien, the DNA of a shape-shifter, and the hair of a normal human. She knew where to find all of these, and wondered if perhaps a trick was being played on her. Those were all things that could be obtained from the Teen Titans.

She felt the swirl of energy in front of her, and a spectral form of Thanatos's appeared; He appeared rather annoyed. "Milady."

"Thanatos... What are you doing here?" she frowned. "I thought I clearly told you to keep an eye on our guest as he tries to make his way up here."

"I wanted to...test our guest a little... So I sent some of our elementals after him." He stalked across the ground and leaned over into Raven's ear. He pushed away her purple hair behind her ear. "He destroyed them all." He moved back out of her personal space and observed her reaction.

The demoness leapt to her feet. "What!" Who is this guest? She voiced her question and Thanatos smirked.


He panted as he hauled himself up from the steaming black rock below him. A quick glance downward told him of the great length that he had climbed. I think I'm almost there... I hope so, this place is way too hot for comfort!

Speaking of hot... he thought. There was something rising out of the lava, one after the other. Their wispy bodies with no legs- only tails, and handless arms. They were the lava wraiths that only Trigon and those he blessed could control.

They were heading towards him, no surprise there. I wonder who sent my welcome party, well can I give them a welcome to my fists? He wondered with a smile before shape-shifting into a monkey and dodging the attack from the nearest one.

Another blast came from behind him, and only his keen monkey hearing allowed him to detect and jump clear over it. He landed as another blast careened towards him, and turned into a mouse and plopped to the floor. The blast scorched the already smoke-filled air above him.

From mouse to snake, then snake to gorilla. He pounded the creature and spun around, only to roar in pain as a bolt of fire smashed against his shoulder. He charged another and swung a fist into its chest... well Beast Boy thought it was the thing's chest. Before shifting to a hummingbird and attacking another one.

He tried to conserve his energy, but found himself shifting forms so quickly he had no choice. The minutes whittled by with no sign of how many passed before he finally destroyed the last one and fell to the ground panting.

"I wonder... if this means... I'm getting close?" He pushed himself to his feet and groaned. Sweating and aching; he continued along the trail for a little longer before sitting down and taking a break, his exhaustion gained through the day—or however long he had been searching now— was starting to show.

A fierce itch-like feeling, one akin to a scrambling bug, moved across his arm. When he glanced over to his arm his eyes widened.

A dark tentacle stretched out of the ground, where it grabbed his hand. He tried to move his other arm to pry it off, but found it incapacitated as well. "What the hell?"

He struggled to move upwards, however his body didn't move. And instead of the heat of burning rocks behind and under him, it was eerily cold. It was so cold it burned.

With a gasp and violently shudder he was torn down through a hole underneath him. Darkness covered his vision and a painful jolt spread through his body in repeating waves. The crisp and light scent of magic, tinted with the stench of rot, filled his nostrils. With a quick inhale his eyes closed and consciousness was lost.

When his eyes flickered open he was alarmed by the sight of a giant red-skinned man in front of him. Thanatos. He thought as a picture of the demon walking away with Raven flashed into his head.

Then the demon's arm shifted and Beast Boy saw another demon, rather, a demoness. A very familiar one. He reached out with one hand, eyes as wide as golf balls but glowing with hope, and mouth gaping open.


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