Well guys, this is the end of the road for this fic. Will probably come back and do a sequel to this later if you guys are interested, but I'm anxious to get going on the sequel to Mended Hearts. This has been the most fun I've ever had writing a fic! Thanks for coming along on this amazing ride! :)

Chapter 16

Diana sleepily opened her eyes, her body stiff and sore, but it had been worth every moment of it. Rolling onto her side, she smiled at the dozen red roses sitting on the bedside table, a note leaning against the crystal vase.

Taking the note, she opened it to find Bruce's neat print.


I find myself loving you more every day, Princess. Because of you, I have another son to love along with my beautiful wife.

Love always,


Diana felt tears well up in her eyes with his heartfelt words. He had difficulty expressing his emotions at times, but when he did, he always managed to get it perfectly right. Sitting up, she felt an overwhelming urge to see him, to hold her son.

Moving to sit on the edge of the bed, she looked around to find some clothes laying on a chair waiting for her. She began to wonder where everyone was, who had her son at that moment. She felt a pang of loneliness creep up over her as she thought about the two men in her life now.

"And what exactly do you think you're doing?"

Diana looked back over her shoulder to find Bruce standing in the doorway, a concerned expression on his face and their son in his arms. It was a sight that she'd never get tired of seeing for as long as she lived.

"Looking for you," she replied.

Bruce made his way to her, sitting on the edge of the bed with their son in his arms. "I'm right here," he softly told her. "And you should be resting."

"I don't want to rest anymore," she murmured as she leaned against him and inhaled deeply. She loved his masculine scent. "I want to be with my new family."

"I had a hell of a time prying him away from Alfred," Bruce chuckled softly. "I'm afraid he's quite taken with our son. Tim and Dick have been trying to wrestle him out of Alfred's arms for the last hour and a half."

Diana grinned in response, taking her son from her husband's arms. "Do we still have a living room full of superheroes?"

Bruce groaned at the reminder. "Afraid so," he groused, settling back against the pillows with his arm wrapped securely around his wife. "They all took turns holding our son before Alfred decided to keep him. Now, it's just turned into a party. I think they've moved in to stay."

Diana could just imagine how small her son must have looked in the powerful arms of the Man of Steel or the militaristic stance of the Green Lantern. "Is that why you came here to see me?" she asked. "To avoid having to socialize with our friends?"

"Not the only reason," he thoughtfully said, gazing down into his son's sleeping face. "I mostly just wanted to see you."

Diana turned and kissed him sweetly. "Thank you for the roses.

"Thank you for my son," he told her, brushing his nose against hers.

"We did it, Bruce," she sighed. "We survived bringing our first child into the world."

"Not before nearly giving me a heart attack," he shook his head. "Why didn't you tell me you were having contractions the last couple of days?"

"I knew you'd worry," she muttered, her finger lightly tracing the gentle curve of her baby's cheek. He looked so much like Bruce in every way. It made her heart melt. "Besides, Dr. Leslie told me they were just part of being pregnant. Did she find any complications because Nicholas was born two weeks early?"

"No, Nicholas is just fine," he reassured her. "Leslie and J'onn believe it has something to do with your Amazonian physiology. It was just time for the baby to come."

Diana leaned even more against Bruce's muscular body. "I'm just so relieved that J'onn was here to save Nicholas."

Bruce felt her shudder in his arms, knew the fear that had gripped her in that moment because it'd had a death grip on him too. "I know," he agreed as he tightened his hold on her. "I don't think I've ever been so scared."

"Not you?" she grinned. "You're the formidable Dark Knight. I didn't think anything scared you."

"Diana, when it comes to you or my family, it's a completely different story."

"Well, everything is alright now," she reassured him, lightly running her fingers through the dark tuft of hair on top of his head as a smile formed on her lips. "He looks just like you."

"Poor kid," he frowned.

"No, I think he's absolutely perfect," she murmured as tears pooled in her eyes before slipping down her cheeks.

Noticing the tears, Bruce grew concerned. "What's the matter?"

"I don't know the first thing about being mother let alone raising a little boy," she admitted.

"Well, I don't know anything about babies either so I guess we'll just have to learn together, but I do know that little boys aren't that much different than grown men," he teased her. "I'm afraid it's just going to be trial and error."

"Oh Hera, help us," she sighed heavily. "Poor Nicholas. He has superheroes for parents, but they don't know the first thing about how to raise him."

Bruce chuckled softly before leaning in and kissing her temple. "If we can handle Luthor and Darkseide, I think we can handle a baby."

"I certainly hope so," she smiled with his words as she leaned in to kiss her son's forehead.


"Bruce!" she cried. "Bruce! Help me!"

Bruce instantly leapt from his desk in his office at the manor to race up the steps as fast as he could, fear striking deep in his heart with the sound of Diana's scream. He couldn't begin to imagine what could be wrong. The baby was only two days old. Everything had been perfect since she had given birth.

"Diana!" Bruce yelled as he ran for the nursery, Tim following hot on his heels.

"What's going on?" Dick yelled from the foyer downstairs.

"I don't know," Tim shook his head, leaning over the banister to reply. "I just heard Diana screaming."

Bruce raced into the nursery to find Diana standing before the changing table dripping wet, a naked Nicholas looking innocently up at her. Water dripped from her forehead and down her stunned face, her hands held up protectively as if to defend herself against the baby, but it was pointless. She was completely drenched.

"What happened?" Bruce asked.

"He…he just…all over me…" she sputtered. "I was just changing his diaper and he sprayed me!"

Dick and Tim entered at that moment, immediately bursting into fits of laughter at the sight of Diana dripping wet, realizing exactly what had happened to her. Bruce turned and glared hotly at his two sons, attempting to silence them with a single disapproving glower.

"At least Nicholas has good aim," Tim managed to say between choking fits of laughter.

"Keep it up and all three of you will be on diaper duty for the next six months," Diana snapped, looking down at her wet clothes.

Both Dick and Tim fled the nursery in a hurry, unable to hold in their amusement with the situation. Bruce swiftly shut the door behind them, helping to somewhat drown out the sounds of their laughter. He made his way to her, doing his best to hold in his own amusement, but it was damn near impossible.

Diana looked positively adorable standing there soaked to the skin, completely taken aback by Nicholas's surprise attack. He had forgotten to warn her that little boys had the dangerous potential to let loose especially when they weren't protected by a diaper.

Bruce quickly grabbed a towel from the shelf before coming to stand beside her. "Here, let me help you," he gently said.

"Why did he do that?" she demanded to know as she pulled wet strands of hair out of her face, feeling as though she had just completely failed in some unforeseen way.

"I'm afraid that's what little boys do…especially baby boys," he informed her as he began drying her off. "They can't control it. That's why you need to keep him covered until you're ready to put a clean diaper on him."

"Thanks for the warning," she bit out, snatching the towel out of his hands. "A little too late, don't you think?"

"I'm sorry, Princess," he apologized. "I didn't even think about warning you. I forgot you didn't know that."

"Is there anything else you think I might need to know about your son?" she asked, still irritated as she put extra emphasis on the word 'your'.

"Not that I can think of," he replied, deciding he better finish for her. "Why don't you go get cleaned up and I'll take care of Nicholas?"

"Are you going to breast feed him too?" she suddenly teased, her irritation lifting. "If so, I think I'd like to stay to watch."

"No, I'll leave that in your very capable…hands…" he momentarily paused to glance at her generous breasts full with milk for their baby, her wet shirt sticking to her bra in a very sexy way that did nothing to help temper the erotic thoughts beginning to storm through his mind.

Diana didn't miss the heated lust that flashed through his blue eyes. "See something you like, Mr. Wayne?" she seductively purred, drawing closer to him.

Bruce's voice suddenly grew husky, his intense stare falling to her lips. "Most definitely," he murmured, his hungry gaze darkening. "But the smell is a little unattractive."

Diana rolled her eyes with a shake of her head. "This coming from a man who chooses to spend the majority of his time in a dark dank cave filled with bats and the stench of guano."

"Hey, that's only in the back part of the cave," he countered in mock indignation. "The part where I work is very clean."

"Thanks to Alfred," she reminded him. "Hera, I don't think you pay that man nearly enough."

Finishing diapering his son, Bruce lifted him up into his arms. "Got your mom good, didn't little guy?" he asked him. "I think you and I need to have a father-son talk about urinating on your mother."

Diana giggled despite herself. "He's all yours," she told him. "I'm going to take a shower and change my clothes.

"Need any help with that?" he asked, his gaze still hungry.

"Give me one more day and I'll be ready for any type of help you'd like to give," she flirted with him.

Bruce's jaw nearly dropped with her revelation. "Are you serious? Did Leslie clear you already?"

"It pays to have a Meta with super healing abilities for a wife," she smirked before turning on her heel and leaving him standing there more than a little aroused now. She peeked her head back in as Bruce began to walk towards the rocking chair with Nicholas in his arms. "And to think, you were against giving me a chance in the beginning."

Bruce looked up with her words in time to see a mischeivious little smile playing on her face as she finally left the nursery. He shook his head as he settled into the rocking chair, holding Nicholas in his arms. She was never going to let him live that down.

Looking into the little face staring up at him, Bruce was in awe for the hundredth time since his son's miraculous birth at the little wonder he and Diana had made. "Nicholas," he began. "Take it from your father. Don't be foolish like I was when a beautiful, amazing woman like your mother comes into your life. Don't fight it. Just grab onto her the moment you meet her and never let her go."

Nicholas just looked up at his father, a yawn forming as if already bored with the conversation. Bruce could only smile at him, knowing he couldn't understand a single thing he'd just told him, but it didn't matter. They had a whole lifetime together to look forward to.


Diana awoke with a start, quickly sitting up in bed to find herself all alone. She glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand. Bruce had gone out on patrol last night for a few hours so no one would connect his absence with Diana giving birth.

She frowned to herself with mounting worry. He should've been home a long time ago. She also realized that the baby hadn't woken her for a few hours. Something was definitely wrong.

Concerned, she quickly got up, grabbing her silk robe and putting it on as she headed for the door. The house was unusually quiet for this time of night, the baby usually keeping her up at all hours.

Opening the door to the nursery, Diana's heart nearly stopped at the site of the empty crib, the blanket Shayera had given Nicholas gone as well. She tried to tell herself to remain calm, that there had to be a logical explanation for all of this, but she couldn't think of any at that moment.

Had she slept through her son's cries? Had Alfred or one of the boys gotten him for her?

She felt immediate guilt for missing her son's need for her, feeling as though she had suddenly failed him.

Stopping outside of Tim's room, she heard his familiar staccato snore, telling her he didn't have Nicholas and Dick's usual mumbling in his sleep next door to him told her the same thing. If they were both back from patrol and sound asleep, then Bruce should be too.

Heading downstairs, Diana was disappointed to find the house just as quiet as it had been upstairs, the lights all off. She tried to fight her growing panic and anger as she searched for her son, knowing if Alfred had him he would've been in the library or the nursery.

She finally decided to check the Batcave in a last ditch effort, hoping against hope that he was down there with Bruce. Hera, help whoever has my son, she silently seethed, her hands clenched tightly into fists.

Descending the narrow steps that plunged her into eternal darkness, Diana began to fume even hotter as the soft glow of the computer monitors came into view. He was home and he probably had her baby too.

Hera help her if he was wearing his damn bat uniform in front of their baby. Diana abruptly stopped in her tracks at the site that greeted her, her anger swiftly melting completely away and being replaced with something sweeter.

Bruce sat his desk completely absorbed in his work, dressed in his black uniform pants and a gray t-shirt with Nicholas propped up against his shoulder sound asleep. Her son was wrapped up in his favorite blanket, a little black knit cap with a gray bat symbol on it that Tim had gotten for him covering his head to keep him warm.

The site of Bruce's big muscular frame protectively holding their baby was just about the sexiest thing that she had ever seen. He had set up a small basinet close beside his chair, an empty baby bottle sitting on the desk.

She watched him for several long moments as he typed with one hand, his other occasionally patting his son's back. She had never imagined that Bruce would react to fatherhood quite like this, taking such an active role in his life like he had. She felt a sudden sense of love for these two men flooding her and warming her clear to her toes.

She finally found the ability to make her feet work again as she made her way to them. "Is this 'take your infant son to work' night?" she lightly teased as she leaned against the edge of the desk so she could face him.

His lips twitched in amusement as he stared at her, his eyes drinking in the site of her beautiful form draped in a silk robe. Though securely tied around her waist, it did little to hide her perfect feminine curves or the generous swell of her breasts that enticed him.

"Don't tell Dick or Tim," he replied. "They might get jealous I don't hold them like this after patrol."

Diana couldn't help but laugh with his response. "Your secret is safe with me, Dark Knight."

"I wanted you to have a night off to actually sleep for a change," he informed her. "You've been so tired lately being up with Nicholas every night."

Diana quickly forgot all the reasons why she had been angry when she had first discovered Nicholas missing from the nursery, her husband's thoughtfulness touching her heart.

"That's very sweet of you, Bruce," she softly smiled, reaching out to caress her husband's defined jaw with her fingertips. "I don't mind, though. He's worth every moment of lost sleep and so much more."

"I have to agree with you there, but I might be a little biased," he teased. "I am his father after all. I think he's pretty remarkable."

"Yes, he is," she thoughtfully sighed, her hand coming to tenderly cup the back of her son's head. "I still can't believe that we made something so amazing."

"Of course he's amazing, Princess," Bruce frowned in mock disbelief. "Look who his mother is."

Diana smiled, her azure eyes practically sparkling with amusement. "But don't forget his incredible father," she reminded him. "He played a pretty major part in his existence as well."

Bruce smirked. "Well, I don't like to brag about my prowess or anything, but…" he left his voice trail off.

"Oh Hera," she giggled with a shake of her head before turning to look at the computer screen. "What are you working on so late at night?"

"Just reviewing the information that J'onn sent me on Nicholas's work up," he informed her.

Concern quickly replaced the amused expression that had just occupied her face. "What did you find out?" she asked, her voice tentative. "Does he have any of my Meta abilities?"

Bruce cast a glance at her, noticing the worry that permeated her blue eyes. He reached over, taking her hands in his. "He's fine, Princess," he reassured her. "J'onn has picked up on some acceleration in certain cells that would indicate he inherited your rapid healing ability, but it's difficult to say since he's only a couple of weeks old. He said the rest will likely show itself later as he grows more."

Diana was silent for a long moment before finally turning away from the monitor to meet his gaze. "I…I'm sorry, Bruce," she softly said. "I know you were worried that he would be blessed like me, would be a superhero like us, forced to carry on the burdensome mantle of upholding justice."

Bruce squeezed her hand. She never ceased to amaze him with her love and concern for him. "Diana, it's alright," he told her. "I'm actually relieved that he has your powers. It means that he won't get sick like other children, will be able to protect himself against our enemies if it's ever discovered that we're his parents.

"Besides, if we fight hard enough, hopefully there won't be anything for Nicholas to fight against by the time he's old enough."

Diana leaned in, kissing him, his reassurance lifting her fears. Bruce readily returned her love, deepening the kiss and showing his hunger for more as his hand slipped up into her raven hair. She finally pulled back, her lips a tantalizing breath away from his.

"Is the Caped Crusader and his tiny sidekick ready to come to bed?" she seductively asked, slowly running the tip of her tongue along her lips. "It's pretty lonely in that big bed all by myself."

Bruce looked down at the infant asleep against his shoulder, a smirk breaking across his face. "I checked with my partner and he said most definitely," he replied, standing to his feet. "He even said he'd give us a couple of hours of uninterrupted time alone together."

"Hmmm…." she smiled coyly in response with an arched eyebrow. "Well, we'll just have to take advantage of his generous offer, won't we, Mr. Wayne?"

Bruce's breath caught in his throat as Diana slinked her way to the stairs, pausing to look back over her shoulder. "Coming?" she asked.

"Always," he replied.

He let out a long ragged breath as he began to follow his wife, Nicholas securely in his arms. "You just might be getting another sibling sooner than later, little man," he murmured to his son under his breath.

His heart suddenly leapt at the thought of having another baby with his beautiful wife. He couldn't believe how amazing his life had become, his mind taking him back to that incredible moment so many months ago when Diana had told them they were having a baby.

He never would've guessed how his life was going to change so dramatically that night when the two of them had suddenly become three.