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"Daddy, why did you and mom get a divorce?" I asked my father with wide curious eyes. I couldn't- for the life of me- figure out that answer. Was it because mommy didn't share her things? Is that what made them angry at each other? Seems like such a silly reason to be so mad at each other.

Daddy smiled, but it wasn't a happy smile. It was like a sad smile. Which is confusing; how can you smile if you're sad? I thought you cried. I shake my head softly, long ponytails swishing as I did so. I would never understand adults or why they do the things they do.

He reached over and picked me up; placing me gently on his lap. "Sometimes Bella-bear grownups get really mad at each other." I shrug my dainty shoulders.

"So? Sometimes I get really mad at people but that doesn't mean I don't love them anymore. Why can't you just say that you're sorry?"

Dad gave that sad looking smile again. "I wish it was that easy Bella-Bear."

I wake up slowly to a bight October day. If only my spirits were as uplifted as the weather. There was no need to go into work today, or the rest of the week, so I took off again. It seems to be becoming a habit as of late. I stretch and roll over then burry my face into the pillow.

I don't want to get up today.

I don't want to get up ever.

I sigh in contentment and buddle myself into a ball. Then, of course, when I couldn't get any more comfortable, my phone rings. Groaning I untangle myself from the sheets and reach for it. Alice was calling. I've been ignoring her for the past month. She hasn't pushed the counselor topic but I can see in her eyes she wants to desperately talk about it. I debate answering the call. On the other hand if she's calling it's probably important. Alice never calls.

With a defeated sigh I swipe the answer cue and place the phone to my ear. "Hello?"

"Hey Bella! What's up are you busy today?"

I frown slightly. Was I busy? Is not wanting to be bothered considered busy? "No, I guess not."

"Great!" Alice chirps. "Come over my house at around seven. I'm having a get together and I would really appreciate it if you could come."

I run my hand through my thick hair then release a long sigh. "I…sure. Will there be a lot of people?"

I hear rustling on the other head which I assume is the sound of Alice shaking her head. "Nope," she responds popping the 'p' sound. "But go out today to make yourself look good. It's more of a formal event. It's super important so make sure you come and look presentable!" She hangs up before I can argue that I always look presentable.

I sit in bed for a little while longer in a sorry attempt to fall back asleep before finally getting up. I slip on a pair of pants I tossed onto the floor yesterday then slip an oversized hoodie over my head. Tousling my hair to make it appear fuller I look in the mirror to see if my makeup from last night is still intact.

I can't help but to laugh about my appearance. I look homeless. It was the first real laugh I've had in months. Alice was right, I don't look presentable. I haven't looked presentable since the separation. A part of me wanted to look good, but another stronger part of me didn't want any other men looking at me besides Jacob.


I can't help but to let a few tears fall. My short term happiness was shredded with just that one name. I shook my head with determination. I refuse to cry today. I'm so tired of crying. I wasn't even aware I could cry as much as I have. I dab the tears from my face as to not smear my makeup and grab the car keys with my free hand.

I move down the stairs at a fast pace make my way to the garage. The car clicks as I hit the unlock button. Sliding into the driver's seat I shove the key into the ignition and turn. The car roars to life then settles into a gentle purr. I glance at the clock, it read four o'clock. That means I have three hours to be at Alice's house.

I drove around the city until parking in front of a salon that opened up a few months ago. I shut the car off and walk briskly inside. I've never been here before but hey, why not try new things.

A perky receptionist greats me cheerfully with a toothy smile. I guess this place doesn't get as many customers. After taking my information she directs me to an open chair with a ten minute wait. I pull out my cell phone and waste time on twitter and facebook. I hardly ever used social media but figured I could make an exception.

"Isabella?" My head snaps up to the voice that called me. The hair stylist was a young Asian man with flawless complexion and perfect hair. I held my hand out in greeting, which he took enthusiastically.

"Hello, my name is Eric and I can already tell it's going to be a pleasure working with you Isabella. I'd never think I would be so privileged to work with a celebrity," He mused. I chuckled softly before seating myself in his chair.

"Celebrity? I don't think so."

"Oh hush, I know what type of company you run sweetheart. May I as what is having you look like a character from the Running Dead?" I quirked an eyebrow at that while feeling the corners of my lips turn up.

"Oh we have a funny guy over here."

Eric began to apply makeup remover and cleansers to my face. "I try from time to time. Casual? Formal?"

"A mix of both would be nice."

"Frisky, I like it."

I sit quietly while he applies my makeup; only talking to thank him for the occasional complement. Eric then moves onto my hair calling it a, and I quote, "rat's nest". He manages to wash my hair as well as dry it without messing up the make up at all.

"Do you always put on makeup before washing hair?"

Eric shrugs his shoulders. "Sometimes. I like to switch it up every once in a while. Keep things interesting ya'know?" He added a wink that made me think that answer applied to a lot of things in his life.

My hair is styled in large elegant curls that reach mid-back. I thank Eric for the excellent service, tip him twenty, and then exchanged numbers.

With a refreshed face I drive back to my house to finish my preparations. It was already five thirty. I began to run a semi-cold shower so my hair would not be destroyed by the steam and humidity. In my rush to get out of the house I forgot that the shower generally comes first. I throw my hair up into a pineapple and cover it loosely with a shower cap. I then proceeded to very carefully take a shower.

Thirty minutes later I was fully clean and my hair was perfectly intact. I place a warm vanilla rose body lotion on my skin. Rummaging through my closet I pick out a slightly modest thigh length red dress. I slip it on carefully then pull a pair of sleek black heels out. The bottoms were red so it still went nicely with the dress. I wore simple jewelry and finished off my lips with a deep red lipstick.

I glace at the clock and almost swear. It was six forty-five. I hated being late and Alice lived well over fifteen minutes away. I sigh in disappointment before grabbing my keys for the second time that day.

The drive to Alice's house was mostly silent with the quiet hum of the radio in the background. Who was going to be at this event? Why was it formal? A part of me wanted to think this was a celebratory dinner for another one of Alice's achievements. Even though she worked for me part time as a secretary she found time outside of work running a small fashion business. Well, small in terms of physical size.

Alice was somewhat of a celebrity in the fashion world and designed many successful runway shows and even designed many well know celebrity gowns.

Perhaps it was just a business meeting that she wanted me to attend. It wasn't uncommon for Alice to throw small "parties" and invite business partners and well off friends. She boasted that it gave her company a good image. I couldn't understand with my job being strictly behind the desk.

I turn into Alice's large driveway and park towards the end. There were already a lot of other cars here. I walk up the drive way and hesitated on knocking on the door. I closed my eyes and began to mentally prepare myself for the night. Walls up, and masks on. Just as I was getting ready to knock a silky voice spoke behind me.

"It's great to know I'm not the only one who arrived late. It's been a terrible habit of mine that I've been having a hard time trying to shake," the woman chuckled lightly. Even in the dim light I could see the beauty she possessed. She was taller than me by a few inches, and had a slender build. However, her bust size was larger than someone of this build would have. I blushed slightly on noticing that detail. From her arms and legs I could see she was a toned woman, nothing was loose or out of place. Her face was perfectly symmetrical and held a slightly mischievous smile. Her pale green eyes shined and contrasted sharply with the night. Blond hair was neatly placed in a tight bun; not a single hair out of place.

To put it simply, this woman was a goddess. I blushed harder at the thought. Embarrassed by my body's reaction I nodded quietly and muttered out an offhanded comment about the time.

At this time the front door flew open with a very excited Alice standing beside it. "Hey! For a second I thought you guys weren't going to be able to make it. Please," she ushered, "come in!" I smiled and thanked her for the invite before stepping into the modest mansion.

Alice's eyes darted between me and the woman mischievously. "I'm glad I can finally introduce you two. Rosalie this is my best friend Isabella. Bella this is my sister Rose."

Rosalie. Rosalie Hale. The Rosalie Hale. If I could I think I would be trying to strangle Alice right here in this very room. I squeeze out a smile and offer my hand. "Nice to meet you Ms. Hale"

"Likewise," Rosalie took my hand with a sincere smile but I could see your eyes searching my face, picking out all the flaws in my mask. Could she see my internal distress? I shifted under the intense gaze and of course, she notices. "I don't mean to make you uncomfortable Isabella. I'm afraid it's another one of my bad habits." Rosalie chuckles for the second time tonight.

"Ah Rose!" A giant bear like man appears from the crowed sporting a goofy smile. "I wasn't expecting you to come, being busy and all." Rosalie waves a dismissive hand.

"Nonsense I took extra care to make sure my schedule was clear today." Rosalie looks at me intently even though she was addressing the man. Again, I squirmed under her gaze

I smiled awkwardly when I and the man made eye contact. "You must be Isabella. Nice to meet you I'm Alice's cousin, Emmett." With a toothy grin he offers his hand and I accept. "Nice to meet you Emmett."

Why does it seem like everyone from Alice's family knows who I am?

Alice left to attend to the rest of her guest. In the meantime we exchanged modest conversation about work and the weather. I was never a fan of small talk so I only added bits of information here and there. Suddenly Rosalie and Emmett began to have a debate on who pushed who off the monkey bars in kindergarten. The banter was cute and playful. It reminds me of when Jake and I used to have silly debates.

I could feel myself smiling softly thinking about the fond memories. It was at a party like this when me and Jake were debating on who kissed who first during our honeymoon. Come to think of it, this is the first of Alice's parties that I had to attend without him. Without warning the intense feeling of loneliness swept over me.

I excused myself from Rosalie and Emmett and slipped away to the back of the party to grab a drink. I wasn't going to let him ruin another one of my nights. I can do things without him. He no longer holds the key to my happiness. Or, does he still? I downed my first class of champagne at the thought. Of course not. I pick up a second glass then immerse myself into the crowd of people.

The next few hours were a blur in my mind. I talked to many businessmen and woman about economics, politics, and companies; all the while still drinking my fair share of alcohol. I think I was on the fifth glass at this time. I excused myself from the group when I began to feel my head spin. I have never been a drinker and generally could not hold my liquor.

I stepped outside onto the veranda and placed my shaky hands on the railing. What am I thinking? I can't drive home like this. Silently I began to let out a string of curses. How pathetic am I. I pluck my cell phone from my bag and dial the first name I see.

The phone rings a few times and for a moment I thought no one was going to pick up.

"Hello?" The deep familiar voice instantly calms and soothes me.

"Jake…" I wasn't expecting him to pick up. "It's late I know but can you, can you pick me up please. I've had a little too much to drink and I can't drive."

There was shuffling on the other side of the phone then a heavy sigh. "Where are you Bella?"

"Alice's," I respond shakily.

It was quiet for a long time before he replied. "I….no sorry I can't I just can't do it Bella." He hung up without saying another word. I could feel tears begin to swell in my eyes. Pathetic. After all these months I still get weak in the knees when I hear his voice. I still feel my heart flutter.

"I don't think it's pathetic at all actually. Seems like you have a lot of connections with this person. Those aren't easy to sever, trust me."

I whipped my head up to see Rosalie resting on the railing only a few feet away.

I know it's a little short but I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. My course load has gotten easier so expect faster updates. Eric is going to be seen more only because I like him as a character.

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