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I know a lot of you wanted Rachel as one of the babies, but considering she was the main character of Twister, I wanted an equal role playing field for everyone. So that's why she's a momma.


Brittany woke up alone, as usual. She knew her wife always woke up at six every morning to maintain her lovely figure, but this morning, she knew Rachel woke up for a different reason. She knew Rachel was getting ready for the two little girls that were coming over.

Rachel is what we like to call a perfectionist. She doesn't want something to go right, she makes it go right. And surprisingly, that was one of the best qualities about her. She knew the arrival and the visit of these two girls would define their whole future. With or without them.

Slipping on the sweatpants she kicked off last night, (mainly because their room was an oven at night), Brittany made her way downstairs so see her wife talking on the phone.

"Okay thank you Kay… Yes, yes two o'clock is perfect….. oh no they don't need to bring anything other than a night bag…. Okay thanks again." Rachel said hanging up. She noticed her wife walking down the stairs. She skipped over to the foot of the stairs and pulled Brittany into a burning kiss.

"Good morning, future momma." Brittany hummed into the kiss as a respond. Rachel took her hand and lead her to the living room and sat her on the couch.

"When did you get up" Brittany said through her second yawn that day while rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"Maybe a few hours ago? I just did some tidying up… placed the kid floaties by the pool, put together the harnesses for the rock climb outside, Oh! And I set up the rooms for them. Since Quinn's file said she hates sleeping alone…" she said in an exciting sing-song voice while pulling Brittany up the stairs. They appeared in the white walled room with cream carpet. The room could easily fit up to two king sized beds in here and there would still be more room.

Taking a better look at the walls, Brittany notices star shaped sticky notes plastered across the wall. She walked over to one to see it saying "Changing Table" and another one saying "TV" and another one saying "Bed or crib".

"Umm baby? What are these?" Brittany asked with a concerning look.

"Well looking at my clock its… 8:19. Seeing that the girls are going to be coming over in six hours, I thought we could start working on their room. So I set up these." She said gesturing around to all the sticky notes. "And can you believe that the home depot down the street opens up at six here? And everything in there is like for age-play babies! From car seats to high chairs, the place is loaded Britt! And I got the paint too! I was thinking half the room could be pink and yellow, for Quinn, and red and purple, for Santana. I know it's not really that much. I thought maybe when were done painting I could take you to the Home Depot and we could get the furniture and everything?" Rachel finished with hopeful eyes.

She squealed as Brittany nodded her head and spins her around the empty room.

"We're gonna be mommies" Rachel said smiling.

"We're gonna be mommies" Brittany confirmed while crashing their lips together.


After two hours of painting, they were finally done, half of the rooms were painted pink and half purple with yellow and red stars. Even though the colors are meant to be contradictory, they seem to go together extremely well. They opened the four windows in the room so the paint will dry a little faster.

The women decide to go out and do some shopping before their girls get here, so they throw on the shorts and loose fitting neon tank tops and make their way out the house.

They, I'm Rachel decides to hit up Home Depot to show Brittany all the stuff she was looking at. Once they were in, she lead her wife over to the furniture department to show her the supplies. After twenty minutes of disagreeing, hey decided on the following things:

Two cribs (One White, One Black) *Seeing that Santana is not ready for a big girl bed JUST yet*

A Full sized bed (For adult Santana and Quinn's intimacy) *Of course, Rachel's idea*

A Changing Station

Playpens (portable and permanent)

Two high chairs

A two person stroller

Four Dressers

Two baby tricycles

A baby bouncer for Quinn

A potty training potty for Santana

A few carpets with flowers

Two rocking chairs

Purple bedding for Santana

Pink bedding for Quinn

A 27x40 poster of a red power ranger for Santana

A 27x40 poster of Cinderella for Quinn

DVDs of every known Disney Princess film

DVDs of every known Barney, Blues Clues, and Spongebob season

And lastly, a mini lamb blanket, and a mini horse blanket for each of the girl

Very thankfully that money was no concern anymore, they spend to their heart's content. They ordered all their stuff, and the store said all of it should be over by the end of tomorrow.

Seeing that it was almost noon, they decided to make a quick stop at the clothing store across the street for the girls. After buying 27 baby dresses along with shoes, jackets, and hair accessories, they made their final stop to the grocery store to get food, diapers, baby shampoo and soap, toothbrushes… you name it they got it.

After a long, long shopping spree and putting everything in their responsible places, the couple crash on the couch seconds after entering their home. Glancing at the clock, the women notice they have 30 minutes until the girls should be arriving with Mrs. Kay. Rachel shoots of the couch and gets a lunch consisting of chicken nuggets and strawberries, washed down with a nice cold beverage of milk. Rachel prepared four bottles of milk in the fridge just in case.

She turned on the slide for the pool and set up the diapers in the bathroom. Seeing she still had five minutes to spare, she planted a wet kiss on her wife's mouth and prepared herself for a day of fun.

"Are you nervous?" Brittany asked while sitting on the couch when she saw Rachel's leg start bouncing slightly and biting the inside of the thumbnail. She always knew what types of actions Rachel did when she was nervous or stressed, when something was bothering her, or even when she wanted some lady loving.

"Hmm, I guess I've been running around so much, I never allowed myself to be.. nervous." She said taking a deep breath. Brittany her into a hug and nuzzled into her neck "There going to love you baby. You know that. Let's just make this day as fun for them as possible hmm?" she hummed waiting for an answer while planting a long kiss on her wife's neck to calm her down.

Rachel relaxed at Brittany's touch as it was short-lasted considering the ring of the doorbell. Rachel pulled Brittany into one last tight hug before releasing from her grasp.

"Let's go get our babies" Rachel said with determination in her eyes. Brittany grinned excitedly and bounced over to open the door, grabbing Rachel's hair before she opened it.

She opened it slowly anticipation glowing from the surface of her skin. She opened wide enough to see three people.

The first girl they saw was Santana. From up close she looked far more stunning that the picture gave her justice for. She had her hair in braided pigtails with pink ribbons attached at the end of each one. Her dark denim overalls covered her dark red shirt with white heart across the front of it. Her white sketchers and pale pink socks finished her look. She hid behind Mrs. Kay.

The second girl they saw was Quinn. She was as well more miraculously way more beautiful up close. She had high pigtails with yellow bows on the top of them. She had on a pink fluffy sundress with white shoes just like Santana's. She was on Mrs. K's hip holding a stuffed worn-out lamb with a greyish color to its fur. She grinned through the pacifier in her mouth and kicked wildly when she saw Brittany smiling at her.

The blonde gladly took the baby away from Mrs. K placed her on her front so that Quinn was fully facing her. "Hello pretty girl" she cooed holding Quinn close. She was still giggling wildly as Rachel started to tickle under her chin. They all faced the front door to see Santana still hiding behind the older woman's leg.

"Tana, don't you wanna see miss Britt and miss Rachel? They sure do wanna meet you baby girl" said Mrs. K trying to convince the girl to come out from hiding. Santana vigorously shook her head and kept her face hidden.

Rachel passed by Quinn grabbing Brittany's nose and studying her face to crouch down to where Santana is grabbing Mrs. K's leg securely. "Hi sweetie. I'm miss Rachel. Are you Tana?" She said in her gentlest voice imaginable. The girl slowly came out of hiding with a slight pout on her face giving Rachel a cautious nod. "well you are a very pretty girl. Too pretty to be shy. Yeah?" she said rubbing up and down the girl's arm. Santana stuck her left thumb in her mouth and nodded again. Rachel let out her hand and Santana immediately took ahold of it.

"Well here are some overnight clothes, in these bags here hold pretty much everything they own. I'll be back tomorrow around this time to see how everything went. We'll discuss all the important stuff tomorrow as well. Call me if you need anything." She yelled over her shoulder leaving the four individuals in the front door.

"Let's get you girls inside okay?" Brittany said leading all the girls towards the family room in the kitchen. As they were walking through the house, Tana couldn't help but notice how big it was. She was a little troubled with the size because her old house was big like this. But her views were completely forgotten as they entered a room with a bunch of toys scattered across the floor.

Quinnie squealed and squirmed out of Brittany's hold onto the floor. She crawled over to a babyfied Jack-in-the-box, all you have to do is push a button and a baby frog pops out. Once she joyfully pushed the button, her joy instantly turned to horror as soon as she saw the giggling frog.

She screamed on the top of her lungs, making her pacifier fall out of her mouth. She began to cry, tears falling out of her eyes. The two women started to panic not knowing how to start consoling the distraught baby girl before them.

Santana's eyes got big as she watched her sissy/girlfriend continue to sob. Not many people knew her phobia of frogs, but Santana sure did. She toddled her way over to the distressed girl and took her face in her hands.

"No Cwry Qwuinnie no Cwry. Pwease nooo cwry" she kept repeating until her weeping turned to sniffling. Quinn looked deeply into the brunette's eyes and focused on her only her. She found it more and more easier to calm down looking at her sissy. Once her cries were no more, Rachel came over and kissed Santana on the head, "What a good big sister you are. She complemented while picking up the distraught girl while tears were silently falling from her eyes. "Ohh baby momm- Miss Rachel's sorry she forgot you don't like frogs. Quinnie kept her face hidden in the crook of Rachel's neck, slipping her two fingers into her mouth.

"How about we eat some nummy nummies and watch Cinderella?" Quinnie's head popped up clapped her hands laughing loudly. "Dats Quinnies bestest movie!" Santana squealed hugging Rachel. She laughed loudly placing the girls on the couch and popping in the movie for the girls. Brittany smile softly at her upcoming family and made her way to prepare the girl's food.

She returned with broken apart nuggets and tiny slices of strawberries for Quinine and full nuggets and strawberries for Tana. She had a bottle and Sippy cup of mink in each of her side pockets, a bib hanging out of her butt pocket some napkins balancing on her arm.

"Look girls look how silly Miss Brittany looks" Rachel said pointing at Brittany's struggle to balance everything in her arms. The girls giggled wildly kicking pointing at Brittany finally settling everything on the Coffee table beside the couch. "Miss Britty funny Qwinnie" Tana whispered to her little sister sitting next to her "Ah-huh!" she nodded trying her best to stop her giggling.

Once the laughing dies down, Brittany pulls Santana off the couch and sits her in front of the coffee table. "Eat up big girl" Brittany tried cooing, but Santana pouted and shook her head. "Yoo feed mee Miss Bwitt" Tana asked with hopeful eyes. "Why of course, that's what I'm here for" She said gladly taking a piece of strawberry up the Santana's lips.

"You want big girl food like Tana or a Bottle?" Rachel asked Quinnie still sitting with her on the couch. Quinnie thought about it for a minute and made her final decision. "BahBah!" she chanted while Rachel laughed softly. She got up to get the bottle for Quinnie and settled back on the couch. Quinnie climbed her lap and replaced her two fingers with the bottle she was being fed to by Rachel.

She looked up adoringly at Rachel and notice the older woman to start tearing up. She placed her petite hand on Rachel's face and traced it up and down her cheek. Her whole life, all Rachel really wanted was someone like Quinn and Santana. Two stunning babies that she can give as much live and compassion as her mother never gave her. All she's ever dreamed of was someone to look at her so motherly like Quinn was looking at her in that moment. The situation was so fulfilling she began to tear up.

After Quinn was fed and burped, it was at the same time Santana just got done eating. Seeing that no one was really paying attention to the movie anymore, and seeing the two exhausted looking girls, Brittany decided to declare nap time..

"I think someone's getting sleepy" she said looking at Quinn fighting to stay awake. Santana was rubbing her eyes placing her thumb in her mouth. Rachel picked up a dozing off Santana and placed her on her hip, while Brittany grabbed a now sleeping Quinn. They carried the sleeping girls to the couple's bedroom, since the girl's room was still in the works.

"Sleep tight Tana" Brittany whispered while they settled the girls down. Santana started to fuss wildly reaching for Rachel. "What's wrong baby girl?" Rachel asked with a furrowed brow. "Paci. I need Pacci and Quinnie need Wittewl Wamb. She wont sweep withowt it" she pouted looking over at a sleeping Quinn. Rachel rushed out the room to go looking for the stuffed lamb and two pacifiers while Brittany was with the girls in the bedroom. "I wike you mommy" Santana stated sleepily snuggling to Brittany's side. It brought unleashed tears to her eyes hearing that.

She always thought when Rachel used to call her mommy was the best feeling in the world, but hearing it from her soon to be daughter, was beyond striking. "I like you too Big girl" she cooed, trying to hide the shakiness in her voice.

Rachel entered the room with all the needed items for nap times. She gently placed the pacifier into Quinn's lips and places the stuffed lamb next to her side. She gave Santana her beloved pacifier and lovingly kissed her head. "Sleep well baby girl" she whispered to the girl. "Night night Mama" she said barely audible.


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