It was a peaceful and happy day on the island. Why wouldn't it be? The whole gaang made their way up to Republic City to celebrate the glorious birth of the grandson of the Avatar. Yes, he's only a few days old, but already more famous than the battle that almost brought down what use to be the greatest place in the world, Ba Sing Se, led by the honorable General Iroh of the Fire Nation.

This boy will indeed be known for greatness in future days to come, knowing that everyone around him will expect great powers and leadership from him. He will be one of the few Airbenders in existence, three to be exact.

And today we celebrate the joyous occasion with a gala in the young child's honor where the most respected and worthy benders and none benders will get to meet one of the last Airbenders of the bending world.

The room filled with laughter and people chatting away with one another as they awaited the arrival of the guest of honor, who was getting ready with his parents in a room not too far from where the guests were. Bumi was at the punch bowl, complaining about how his little brother didn't think to have alcohol at the party, which his sister mentioned that it was probably because he didn't want people drunk when meeting his son. Of course, Bumi frowned and went to go find Toph to see if she had any liquor on her. Firelord Zuko was with his daughter, chatting with his good friend Aang and his wife, Katara. They were chatting about how disappointed they were that Mai and their other family failed to make it for the meet. Sokka and Suki sat at a table in the back talking to one another about the occasion. In fact, for most of the guests the baby was the topic of conversation in the room. They were all looking forward in seeing the young boy.

Meanwhile, in the other room Tenzin hummed a little tune as he began to wrap his young bundle of joy up in a traditional airbender blanket. The baby, with big emerald eyes, looked up at him and smiled, which made the smile Tenzin wore grow even bigger.

"Dear," Tenzin called, "do you suspect we should make our way to the party? I can only imagine how our guests are feeling about waiting so long to meet our little boy," he picked up his son and kissed the little hairs on top of his head.

A woman walked out of the bathroom, looking not pleased at all. She wore a wonderful Earth Nation gown and her black hair was down, like it always was.

"I look like a mess!" Lin announced angrily.

"You look beautiful," he told her with a smile.

"I'm too fat, so nothing fits me! Everything I wear makes me look like a melon!"

"You're over exaggerating, dear," Tenzin said calmly. "What you're wearing is breath-taking, Lin. It's just the hormones talking."

"Oh, so now I'm hormonal!"

"Of course you are," he explained. "You just had a baby." Tenzin walked over to Lin, who was looking into a mirror, adjusting her dress in many ways to try and figure out a way to make herself look less fat. "People in the crowd will think you're beautiful, like I do."

Lin turned to look at Tenzin. She opened her mouth to say something when a knock on the door interrupted her. Shortly after the knock, Lin's mother walked in.

"Can we hurry this thing along," she said with a smile. "You've got tons of people out there wanting to meet the little squirt." The proud grandmother smiled, hearing the small yawn that came from Tenzin's arms.

"We'll be right out, mom," Tenzin assured before watching Toph exit the room. He then turned to Lin. "Are we ready?" Tenzin asked, Lin nodded.

"Quiet down," Toph spoke, everyone went silent. "They're coming!"

The room silent in anticipation as the guests heard footsteps come closer and closer toward them. Finally, the door opened and the family walked in, being presented with cheers and applause. The couple glanced at their child that lay comfortably in the warmth of his father's arms before looking up at the smiling faces around them.

"I suppose you're all curious to meet the bundle covered in these robes," Tenzin began calmly. "Well, about a week ago we," he looked at Lin, "became parents to a boy. He has his mother's beautiful emerald eyes and, from what I can tell, her dark black hair. We've already have signs he's an airbender and we're so happy that you all can be here to celebrate this with us. Thank you very much."

The room soon filled with applause and the proud parents made their way toward the crowd to mingle with their guests.

"Tenzin," Katara spoke behind the couple. They turned to see Katara and Aang smiling at them, "we're so proud of you. And you too, Lin." She hugged both of them.

"I can't wait to see him grow up," Tenzin told them, handing his son over to his mother. "I want to see his personality develop and I want to hold a conversation with him and I-"

"Oh, Tenzin, cherish the moments you have with him now," his mother interrupted as she cradled her grandson. "Soon you'll miss the moments of him being able to be small enough to hold in your arms. And the many adventures you'll have with him as he discovers the world as if it's brand new."

"Your mother's right, Tenzin," Aang added. "Soon your baby is going to have a baby of his own."

Tenzin knew his father wasn't meaning his baby, but his own baby. Tenzin.

"I love you, dad."

The gala went on for about two hours, but, of course, everyone had lives to live and as much as they wanted to stay and chat with loyal friends, they had to leave.

After the gala ended, the family all sat down and relaxed, Lin having her son snuggling against her chest as they all talked.

"Did you see Haru?" Katara asked. "He didn't look well at all. I talked to his wife and she said they had to hire a healer to come and take care of him."

"Yes, well, I must admit it's hard to see friends eventually leave us," Sokka replied sadly. "I can't believe we're getting to that age where our friends start to die on us."

Outside it began to become rather noisy.

"I suspect Bumi invited some of his United Forces friends over for an after party," Tenzin said, getting up to inspect the ruckus.

"But Zuko looked well," Suki continued their conversation. "I doubt he's retiring from Firelord anytime soon."

The noise outside became even louder.

"Bumi sure is loud, but I guess it is a special occasion," Kya smiled at Lin, "maybe we should join them."

"Quiet, it isn't Bumi," Tenzin spoke, walking into the room. "We need to get out of here. It isn't safe."

Everyone seemed to have worried looks on their faces as they got up from their seats.

"Then what's happening out there?" Aang asked his son.

"Someone's attacking the island," Tenzin announced. "I'll be able to stall them long enough for you all to get off the island."

"I'm helping you," Lin said, handing her son off to his aunt.

"No," he refused. "Protect our son."

Lin nodded her head as Kya handed the sleeping boy back to his mother.

"I'll be by your side, son," Aang told him. "As the Avatar it is my duty to protect the people."

A wall to the side of them collapsed and two men wearing red coats with silver linings began to run their direction. They both had red helmets on that covered their faces. One of them held a sharp sword, the other had no weapon, but was barefoot, a suspected earthbender, which explains the collapse of the wall.

Toph quickly earthbent them away. Aang commanded them to "Go!" and they quickly ran off, leaving him and Tenzin to fight.

As they ran the halls of the building they could hear voices behind them that wasn't Aang or Tenzin. Lin held her son tight, promising she'd protect him. The noise was definitely too much for the young child, for he was crying and had no clue as to what was going on.

As they were about to turn a corner, Toph stopped them.

"No," she said, "there's more of them that way."

"Where else are we suppose to go?" Sokka asked with a worried tone in his voice. "We're surrounded by them and the only exit on this side of the building is around that corner... which is surrounded!"

The voices from both sides started to sound like they were getting closer.

Sokka, Suki, and Katara hid in a room to their left and Toph and Kya took the one right beside theirs. Lin took the room to the right. It was one of the storage rooms that hadn't seemed to be dusted and was filled with old boxes that contained who knows what. A closet in the corner seemed to catch Lin's eye and she quickly hid in there.

Trying to calm her son down, she tried to rock him to sleep or at least try and stop him from crying. She softly comforted him with the sound of her voice, telling him that it was all going to be okay. This seemed to calm him and his crying stopped as she held him tightly.

The voices outside the room were fuzzy, Lin couldn't tell what was going on. She wanted to fight, but couldn't risk it. So she stayed, protecting her child. There was no way to know if the others were safe or if they had found them. We should have stuck together, Lin thought. Soon she couldn't hear any voices at all, they must have left, but still, there was no way to make sure. It was best to just stay put-

The closet door flung open, a man who had black eyes, that seemed to have no glimmer of emotion, except despair, and red clothing similar to the ones that the two men before wore. He glared at the mother and child. For a moment, Lin just stared in shock and fear, until reality kicked in and she earthbent a rock toward him. He blocked the rock with a tilt of his head. Her earthbending isn't too good with a baby in her arms. She was about to try again when the mysterious man yanked out the bar above Lin, the clothes and hangers dropping on top of them. Lin was about to ask him what he wanted, but before she could do so, he took the sharp edge of the bar and slammed it on both Lin and her son's faces, knocking them out. The last sound Lin heard before going under were the cries of her son. That would always be the sound she fears most. That will always be the sound that haunted the nightmares to come. They both will always have scars because of that event

"..Lin.." she heard a voice. She opened her eyes and at first saw a bright light and blurry figures around her, but after she blinked a few times the blurry figures became Tenzin and the others. As Tenzin helped her sit up, she grabbed the side of her face in pain. It was bloody.

"That will only take a few minutes to heal," Kya reassured.

It only took a few seconds to realize her baby was no longer in her arms.

"Where is he? Where's our baby?"

Tenzin looked at her and by the look on his face he didn't want her to know, but she deserved to know the truth.

"They took him," Tenzin spoke. Lin quickly got to her feet, but being too weak, she almost fell to the ground. Tenzin caught her before she did so. "But.. needn't to worry, Lin. Aang went after them. He'll bring him home."

They never saw their son or Avatar Aang again.