It was officially Eren Jaeger's second month being a freshman in college. He was incredibly happy that he was done with the craziness of moving into dorms, finding classes, and just all around knowing where the hell everything is.

It wasn't that big of a deal though. It was just some community college in California. It was in a somewhat okay part of town, but the best part was that it was close to the beach. Eren wasn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, but he had determination. He knew he'd find a way to survive college.

Eren had seen his fair share of trial in his life. His mother had passed when he was only eight. That left him and his sister to be raised by his not-always-there Dad. He had grown up on the rough side of town, so he learned quickly.

The only good part about his home town was his friends. The majority of his friends had actually all decided to go to the same community college. They were a fairly large group of about twelve people. They all had lived somewhat close to each other, and were known as a typical group of people you'd see walking around. They went to some rinky-dink highschool that was absolutely ancient. They were the 104th graduating class, if that gives you a picture. Eren was just happy to get away from the chipped walls and broken tile floors into a place with actual working toilets.

Eren was currently in his dorm with his roommate and best friend, Armin Arlert. They'd practically grown up together, along with his adopted sister, Mikasa. The three of them had been a trio since elementary school, adding new people to their group as they entered middle and high school. Armin was extremely smart; being pretty much the only way Eren was able to graduate high school with fairly good grades. Mikasa was sharp also, but she was extremely protective of Eren. Sometimes she can be embarrassing, but he knows she has good intentions.

"Eren, are you coming?" Armin stood holding the door to their shared dorm open.

"Yeah yeah, hold on a sec." Eren ran around looking for his jacket. As soon as he found his hoodie he threw it over his head and ran out the door.

Eren walked towards the dorm across from them, and Armin went the one next to it.

Eren rapped on the door, "Marco, Jean. We're leaving!"

He heard a muffled voice on the other side, "We're coming!"

Eren looked over at Armin knocking on Ymir and Christa's door, the two opening and joining him immediately. The two had been dating since middle school; it was no surprise when they got a dorm together. Eren thought they were pretty adorable.

The best part about having dorms had to be that they shoved all the freshman into one area. That meant that the entire group of friends all lived in the same hallway. Their college didn't even bother separating girls and boys. If they had, Eren was sure Sasha would have dressed up as a boy to be in a room with Connie. He had no doubt about that.

Eren sighed and knocked on the door again, "Marco, just pull your dick out of Jeans ass and hurry up." All the good food is going to be gone by the time we get there.

He could hear Ymir laughing from down the hall. A voice screamed on the other side of the door, "I swear Eren I am going to kick your ass-"

The door flung open on the last word to reveal Marco standing in the doorway with his hands pressed up on both sides to keep the fuming Jean behind him. "Hi Eren."

"Hey Marco," Eren laughed. Marco was literally a saint. He had no idea how he put up with Jean. But, the two were practically inseparable. They both claimed that they 'weren't dating' but everyone knew that was a complete lie.

He walked down the hall, knocking on Bertholt and Reiner's door as he passed by. He noticed Armin getting tackled by two friends down the hall.

"I'm so excited guys!"

"We're just going out to eat Sasha," Armin tried to keep himself standing under the weight of the girl.


"But we all go to dinner together every night-"

"Food!" Sasha now had her arms around Armin's neck.

Armin whined, "Connie help."

Connie did not in fact help.

Instead he jumped on Armin's back.

Eren just stood watching the three wrestling around on the ground. Connie and Sasha had been dating since junior year of high school, although half the time you couldn't even tell. They're just two goofballs who run around causing problems. "You two are not college students. You're preschoolers." He heard Jean say from behind him.

"But they're our preschoolers," Reiner said laughing. Bertholt stood behind him quietly. They were another pair of best friends. You never saw one without the other. They were also the reason why people rarely ever messed with their group of friends. Both were very tall and pretty freaking strong. It was always Bertholt and Reiner that broke up the fights between him and Jean.

"Who are we waiting for?" Ymir asked.

"Nobody, let's go!" Sasha said running for the stairs. Connie ran with her, while everyone slowly followed.

Eren felt a ping of sadness when he looked around for his sister to reveal that she wasn't there. Mikasa had decided to go to a different college than Eren and everyone else. She had gotten a full ride scholarship, but didn't want to go because she didn't want to leave Eren. It took a lot of convincing, but she finally agreed to accept the scholarship and go to the school. The good part was that she was still in state, and she came to visit often. Eren got phone calls from her nearly every day.

Annie Leonhardt was also another friend that didn't join them. She had left to join the military, something she had always wanted to do. He knew it was hard for Bertholt and Reiner, considering the three had been a trio since anyone could remember.


They had managed to find a table in the cafeteria that could fit them. The group sat around with their food chatting as a group.

"So are you two finally going to try out for the football team?" Eren asked.

Bertholt looked nervous, but Reiner smiled. "Yep! I think try outs are this week."

"You guys will definitely make it." Christa smiled.

"How have you all been holding up with classes?" Reiner asked, taking a bite out of his food.

"Calculus is literally killing me." Connie sighed.

"Agreed." Ymir wrapped her arm around Christa. Sasha also sighed in agreement.

"I don't think it's that hard-"

"Shut up Armin, you're like a fucking genius. It's not fair." Jean said jokingly.

"I could help you!" Armin suggested.

"You already have to tutor Eren in everything, let alone all of us." Jean snickered.

"Shut up horseface."

"Make me-"

"Guys…we've only been here for ten minutes." Christa sighed.

The two stopped and begun eating again. Jerk…

The conversation started to pick up again. "So, speaking of tutoring, does everyone here have Mr. Keith?" Marco asked.

"I don't have 'em." Ymir stated.

"Me neither." Christa added.

"I have the other English teacher," Bertholt said quietly.

"Mr. Mike?" Eren asked.

He nodded. "Yeah."

"You're lucky, I hear he's a hell of a lot nicer." Reiner shrugged.

Bertholdt shook his head, "He's kinda weird."

Connie laughed, "I hear he goes around smelling students." Bertholt just nodded silently.

"Anyways, so, those who have Keith. Did you hear about what we're doing next class?" Marco continued the conversation and took a bite out of his pizza.

"No, why?" Jean asked.

"Oh, I have!" Connie said. "I hear we're getting like, partners for a couple weeks."

"Wait, what?" Eren asked. "I haven't heard of that…?"

"That's because you were asleep." Armin smirked.


"Well, actually,"Sasha began, "We're getting assigned a senior for two months. They're supposed to tutor us, and help us with any extra work we're having issues on. It's something they have to do as well to graduate."

"Oh great. The seniors are complete assholes." Jean crossed his arms.

"I still can't believe you got in a fight already." Ymir laughed.

"Hey, you're not one to talk. We had to pull you away from that dude the other day." Reiner teased.

Connie instantly broke out laughing, "I will never get over the look on that guy's face when he found out you guys were dating."

"I woulda fucking kicked his ass. I swear Christa if he ever touches you again I'm going to-"

"Yes yes, I know." Christa patted her arm and spoke in a sweet tone. "You'll rip off his balls and feed them to the birds."

Everyone laughed loudly at the vulgar words that came out of the innocent girl's mouth.

"Ymir you're a bad influence."

"Shut up."


Eren quickened his pace to his next class. He was determined not to be late this time. He had stayed up the majority of the night before studying for a test, and had slept in past his alarm. As he scurried through the courtyard, he noticed noises coming from the side of a building.


Eren's eyes widnened. Jean?!

He heard more noises that sounded like hits and grunts. He looked at his watch, and then sighed. Really Jean…

He set down his stuff and ran around the corner to see Jean fighting off three guys that had a considerably larger stature. Jean looked torn up, and was sporting a pretty nasty bruise on his right cheek. "Just because you're a year older than me doesn't mean you can make me do whatever the fuck you want." Jean hissed. The three sophomores looked at each other and grinned. "Oh really?"

Eren and Jean didn't get along most of the time, but that didn't mean they weren't friends. Eren ran up behind one guy and swept his feet out from underneath him. He went down, and Jean immediately took the opportunity to take out the other two. Eren round housed another in the face, smashing him into a wall. Jean quickly stopped the one behind Eren by grabbing him by the back on his head and bringing his knee up. He dropped like a rock. The two fought almost perfectly together, like they knew what the other was going to do.

"You…assholes…" One of them panted. He wiped blood from his cheek, and rushed at Eren. Eren ducked, but was caught off guard when the sophomore kicked him in the stomach. Eren dropped to his knees, and Jean took the opportunity to kick the guy over, and then knock him out with another kick to the face.

Soon it was dead silent, only the sound of Eren and Jean panting could be heard. Eren leaned up against a wall, and Jean pressed his hands into his knees to catch his breath.

Finally he muttered, "Thanks."

"Don't mention it." Eren sighed. "That was almost too easy."

"Well we've been in a considerable amount of fights together. I'm surprised we didn't take them down faster." Jean smirked.

"Hey, I'm the one who saved your ass."

"Yeah yeah. We're late for class aren't we?"



Eren and Jean scrambled into their class late, and rushed to take their seats next to their friends up at the top of the auditorium like room. Eren tried to avoid the stares of their classmates and the obvious glare from the teacher. He slid in next to Armin whispering "What did I miss?"

"What happened to you two?" Armin hissed. Eren was now sporting an ugly bruise on his jaw.

"I had to save Jean's ass again."

He heard Jean whisper back from a couple chairs down, "Fuck you." Eren could see Marco fussing over the mark on Jean's cheek.

"Anyways," He turned his attention back to the teacher. "Today we're assigning you your seniors. I'm going to have a student go around with a hat. Whatever name you draw out is your senior for the next two months. Am I clear?"

An assortment of 'yeah' and 'sure' floated from the room. Keith nodded. As the hat came down his row, Eren watched Jean, and then Marco, and then Armin pull names. He reached in and grabbed a piece of paper, then passed the hat onto Connie.

"What does yours say?" Eren asked.

"Erwin Smith." Armin looked ecstatic.

"What, do you know him?" Eren raised his eyebrows.

"Yes! Well, um, not personally, but uh, he's pretty much the smartest student at this school. I see him doing all kinds of work with clubs and whatnot."

"Wow, you sure got lucky." Eren smiled.

"What does yours say?"

"Rivaille Levi." Eren shrugged. "Never heard of him."

"Well I'm sure he'll be nice." Armin smiled.

"Does everyone have a name?" The teacher asked from the front of the room. "Okay. I'm going to bring them in. They're wearing name tags, go find your partner. Get to know them or whatever the hell you want. You have until the end of the class period."

Seniors started to pour into the room, and students rose from their seats to find their partner. It became pretty chaotic; he noticed Armin found his senior pretty quickly. Eren decided to wait it out by the back wall until it calmed down. Some went into the hallway to have more space.

He noticed a guy doing the same thing as him. He was leaning up against the wall looking completely uninterested in what was happening. The senior was wearing all black, with some combat boots and suspenders that hung by his legs. His attention was drawn to the septum piercing and the gages that were in his ears. If it wasn't for the horrible attitude radiating off of him, he would have thought this guy to be really attractive. Eren's eyes fell to his name tag. Rivalle Levi.

Eren sighed. Well okay then. I guess I got this little ray of sunshine.

He slowly approached him, and stood a couple feet away before he cleared his throat. The man's eyes shifted over to Eren and gave him a cold glare. Eren stood a couple inches taller than him.

"Um…I think we're partners." Eren held up the piece of paper that held Levi's name on it.

"Great job, you can read." Levi rolled his eyes and pushed himself off the wall. He began walking towards the door.

"U-um-" Eren stumbled and began following him. "Where are you-"

"Away from here. There's too many fucking people."

"Oh." Well this is going to be fantastic.

He heard Levi mutter, "This is fucking stupid." Eren just sighed quietly.

He followed Levi out into the courtyard, where a couple other groups had sat on the outside tables. They chose an empty one, and Levi sat on the table top after wiping it clean with his sleeve. Eren pulled out a chair and sat off to the side of him, a bit intimidated by Levi's demeanor.

"So um, my names Eren Jae-"

"The fuck happened to your face?" Levi asked, even though he looked completely uninterested.

"Oh..uh.." Eren touched his jaw.

"Did it have to do with those idiots knocked out like bitches behind the science building?" Levis voice was deep, he seemed like the type to speak his mind without caring what other people thought. He kicked his feet up on an open chair next to Eren.

Eren shrugged, "They were being assholes to my friend."

Levi looked Eren over, and then folded his arms, "You did a sloppy ass job."

"I was late to class!" Eren defended. He sunk in his seat under the death glare he received.

The senior sighed, "Well at least I know you're not a complete pussy."

Wow this guy is the definition of class. How am I going to get along with him for two months?

"What's your major brat?"

"I haven't decided yet." Eren glared. "And I'm not a brat."

"You are to me." Levi gave him an even harsher look that put Eren's glare to shame. He sighed.

"Well what's your major then?"

"Business management." Levi said simply.


"I'm good with numbers. Is twenty questions over now?" Levi rolled his eyes.

Eren shifted uncomfortably. "Uh well...Do you want my number?"

Levi blinked. "Why?"

"I don't know, just in case you needed to contact me for something? I mean, we are going to be partners for two months-"

The older man sighed, muttering something like "Don't remind me." He pulled out his phone, and the two switched. He quickly chucked Erens phone back at him, and Eren fumbled to catch it. "There."

"Thanks…I guess." Eren said. Levi's attention was taken by two figures approaching their table. Eren's eyes widened.

"Hey Armin," Eren smiled, happy to see a friend.

"Eren, this is my partner Erwin," Armin smiled sweetly. Erwin was tall, and had a professional but friendly aura about him. He grinned, and shook Erens hand. "Pleasure. It looks like you have a good friend of mine as your senior," Erwin took a seat and Armin did as well. Levi still remained on the table top.

"Tch." Levi crossed his arms and his legs.

Erens eyes widened. "You two are friends?" They're like polar opposites!

"Eren." Armin slapped his arm half-jokingly.

"I-I mean-"

"No, no, it's okay." Erwin smiled. "We go a bit back."

Eren nodded. He could relate to that.

"So what the fuck are we supposed to do?" Levi grumbled. How did Armin get such a friendly senior? Eren thought.

"Well…I would say duck." Erwin grinned.

"What the fuck do you mean du-"

"Levi!" A running figure jumped up and hugged Levi from behind. Eren's eyes widened. Oh my gosh does this girl have a death wish!

He noticed Sasha trailing behind. Uh oh.. Eren braced himself as Sasha flung herself into a hug with Eren. Both Eren and Levi sat frozen as their friends hugged them. Armin desperately tried to hold in his laugh. Erwin was already chuckling.

"Levi! My partner is so adorable! Her name is Sasha and we're totally going to be best friends!"

"Get off of me you fucking four eyed idiot." Levi hissed. Sasha took a seat next to Eren, and the senior in glasses took a seat on the table next to Levi.

"Hi! I'm Hanji!" She grinned.

"I'm Armin."

"I'm Eren." He smiled back. Levi just crossed his arms and glared.

"Oooooh! Are you Levi's partner? Ohh Levi he's so cute! My gosh he's totally your ty-"

Hanji was cut off by Levi throwing a hand over her mouth and literally shoving her off the table. She fell, and the angry senior wiped his hand off on his pants. She started laughing, and Erwin helped her off the floor. How does such a grumpy guy get nice friends… He paid no attention to what Hanji was about to say.

Eren then sighed. Well, I guess if these people like him, there has to be something good about this Levi guy. I'll just have to get to know him better I guess.

He caught Levi's gaze, only to have the older look away.


Eren walked back to the dorms after he had found the rest of his friends. Reiner had a guy named Erd. The two seemed to get along pretty well, considering their personalities were similar. Jean ended up with a senior named Auruo. He looked a couple years older than everyone else. He was probably a smoker or something. Marco got a short girl named Petra who seemed like a sweetheart. He was happy Marco got someone who would be nice to him. Connie got a dude named Gunter. Eren felt a little disappointed that he was the only one who didn't like his partner. Even though he was so damn attractive…

"It's just two months Eren," Armin patted his back as they entered their room. "Erwin says he's a good guy, deep down."

"Deep down Armin. Deep, deep down. So deep I think Satan wouldn't even go there."

"Now you're just being judgmental."

"Well he's kind of an ass."

"Then get to know him!" Armin pulled out his laptop. "I know you Eren. You can make friends with anyone."

Eren sighed. "Not with those guys I beat up today though. I have a feeling that's going to come back to bite me in the ass."



"The answer is not seven over three you fucking piece of shit."

Eren let out a loud sigh and ran his fingers through his hair.

"I swear, out of all the people in the world I get the one who's a mental fucktard. Do the problem over again."

A couple days later the class had broken up into their freshman and senior partners for tutoring. After arguing for about ten minutes about what subject to start on, they finally decided on Math. Eren's worst subject.

"Hey, it's not my fault!" Eren was started to get frustrated. Scratch that. He was beyond frustrated. Levi again sat on the desk shouting orders. Probably so he could sit above Eren to make up for how short he was. Bastard.

"Maybe if you didn't spend all your time jerking off in highschool then you would know this shit. I said do it again so do it again." Levi glared down on him from above.

"Well then maybe if you actually helped me instead of sit on your ass then maybe I'd understand this shit!" Eren hissed back. He instantly regretted the words. He looked down on his paper to avoid eye contact, but had his head jerked up by a hand on his chin. Levi looked livid.

"You wanna repeat that again brat?" He growled lowly.



Erwin and Armin sat a bit off in the courtyard. They had come to a mutual decision to sit on the grass under the shade of a tree. Erwin was generally enjoying studying with his partner. Armin was extremely bright, and understood any concept he taught very quickly. The two were discussing the anatomy of the human being when they heard yelling. Armin and Erwin looked up simultaneously to see Levi kick Eren straight in the jaw, and send him right into the ground.

"Oh my gosh!" Armin shouted, covering his mouth with his hands. Erwin acted immediately; he jumped up to his feet and rushed over to them, Armin in tow.

"Rivaille." Erwin grabbed Levi just as he was about to kick Eren again. Armin rushed to Eren and pulled him off the ground. Eren tried to jump at Levi, but was held back by Armin.

"Eren stop." Armin desperately tried to keep his friend at bay.

"Levi, you could get kicked out of school. We've come too far for you to throw it away like this." Erwin said in a stern but calm voice.

Levi had a straight face, but looked murderous. "I'm so done with all these fucking brats."

"I am not a brat!" Eren busted out of Armins grip, but his friend reacted quickly. He grabbed Erens wrists and pulled him back.

"Both of you, stop it right now." Erwin said calmly. After a moment of silence, Levi pushed out of Erwins grip, and Eren did the same. "Are we okay now?"

"Yeah." Eren muttered. Levi just looked away.

"Okay. Now I want both of you to get along. You've got two whole months together, get used to it. You are both adults. Act like it. Come on Armin." Erwin grabbed the younger's wrist and stalked off.

Levi and Eren just stood around awkwardly, neither saying anything. Finally Eren sighed. I guess it was partially my fault. Even if he is an asshole…

"I'm sorry."

Levi looked up, a little shocked. "This brat is apologizing?" He thought. Levi just huffed.

"Whatever. Does your face hurt?"

Eren held his hand to his jaw that was already swollen from the fight he had days ago.

"Uhh…yeah." Eren chucked. "You're fast."

Levi showed a small smirk. "Of course I am. Now come on." Levi sat back on the table. "What's the square root of a negative?"


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