Warning: this chapter has mature stuff, not for tiny babies and/or kittens ;u;

-trigger warning-

Realization hit him harder than the ground he was pressed against.

Eren craned his head to see Roman still mounted on top of him. He tried to jerk away, but felt that the man had a grip on his waist. He narrowed his eyes and tensed; I don't need a savior.

Eren took every bit of strength he could muster and rolled. He jerked up so hard that Roman was forced underneath him. He felt the pressure leave his ass, and he found himself sprawled on top of the rapist. Roman looked to be in shock, so Eren jumped onto his feet and pulled up his pants to scramble away.

Unfortunately, he was slowed by the damned alcohol. He felt a wrist grab his hand, and he yelped as he was pulled to the ground.

"You little shit-"The man straddled his waist and raised his arm to punch Eren in the face. The freshman held up his own arms in defense, and tried to buck him off. Roman pulled at his left arm, and Eren took the opportunity to punch him in his already injured mouth with his right hand.

The man growled as Eren desperately tried to escape. A hand clapped over his mouth and his head was sent back towards the concrete. "Stop fighting." Roman hissed.

"No!" Eren's voice was muffled by his hand. He bit him, and that earned Eren a slap to the face. Eren kicked his legs and resisted as best he could when Roman took both his wrists with one hand.

-trigger end-

Suddenly, there was a shout.

Eren looked up just in time to see Levi lift him by his shirt with one hand and throw him against the wall. It was like a cartoon; Roman hit the wall with his back and flopped to the ground. Eren watched wide eyed as Levi jumped in the air and connected a high kick to his face. Eren felt another bad sense of déjà vu.

Levi was completely silent as he delivered kick after kick into Roman. The tall man tried to defend by blocking with his arms, but Levi wouldn't stop. He swept out his legs from underneath him and punched him in the jaw.

"L…levi." Eren sat numb as the senior beat the shit out of this guy. Despite the notable size difference, Levi pinned him against the wall and shoved his knee into his stomach.

This time, it wasn't Eren who had to stop Levi from beating someone an inch from their life; it was Erwin.

He apparently wasn't alone, either.

Eren must have zoned out, because he found himself being lifted onto his feet my Armin and Marco. He gawked as Erwin had to literally pull Levi back by his waist.

Erwin demanded, "Levi, enough."

"You let go of me you motherfucker!" Levi hissed. He twisted around in Erwin's grip and broke free. He took another lunge at Roman, but this time he was caught by Bertholt and Reiner. He kicked and screamed but the strong duo held him back far enough.

"Are you okay Eren?" Armin asked.

"We saw you fighting him and came running- you put up such a fight!" Marco marveled.

Eren didn't reply. He just stared at the beaten man on the ground. Roman tried to stand up, but Jean appeared out of nowhere and slammed his foot down on the guy's chest.

"Don't you even think about it." Jean snapped.

"How the hell are you guys not dead." Roman coughed and stared directly at Erwin and Levi. "That drug should have had you two wasted." He spat out on the ground and pulled himself into a sitting position.

"It did." Erwin replied as he pushed Jean aside. "For a couple hours."

Roman wiped his mouth, "So what? You two are a couple of dicks immune to sedatives?"

"In a way." Erwin reached down and lifted him up single handedly by his shirt. "But that's none of your damn business and the least of your worries."

Meanwhile Levi was practically biting at Reiner and Bertholt to let go; his colorful language came into play as he hissed.

"You fucking drugged us you mother-" Levi continued to yell. "I'm going to cut off your dick and feed it to the dogs you piece of shit-you're gonna wish you never even looked at Eren!" Bertholt and Reiner desperately tried to calm him down, but it was to no avail. Honestly, the teenagers wanted to let Levi loose on the asshole...but Erwin told them to hold him back or else it was going to get bloody.

Roman snapped back at Levi, "Oh yeah?" He was still being held up by his shirt. "I'm the bad guy right? You two fuckin' cheaters were off with all those-"

"Hey." Erwin barked into the man's face and forced him against the same wall Eren had previously been held against. "I'm talking to you not him. Now listen here asshole, you have two seconds to explain yourself. Go."

Roman flinched against the wall and growled, "I wanted Eren's ass and I needed you two out of the picture."

"Oh yeah?" Jean yelled from the sideline, "Shoulda' just fuckin' drugged all of us because I am going to-" Erwin dropped the man to the ground and let Jean do as he pleased.

He said through clenched teeth, "Cops are on their way, don't kill him."

Eren realized that he was still being held and shook free. "Did he hurt you?" Marco let go but stayed nearby. Armin lifted a hand to Eren's face and traced over a bruise.

Armin sighed, "He looks fine."

Eren remained silent. He was ripped out of his thoughts when he saw Levi stop struggling against Bertholt and Reiner. He hissed, "I wanna see my frickin' boyfriend. Let. Me. Go."

The two shared a look with Erwin, and released him. Levi jogged over to Eren and immediately wrapped him in a hug. Eren returned it desperately.

Erwin stayed behind to deal with all the cop stuff, while everyone else sat around waiting for the cabs they called. Armin would not allow anyone to drive.

"Can't take you anywhere, huh, Eren?" Ymir joked, but rubbed his shoulder soothingly.

Eren actually chuckled at that, "I'm sorry."

"I am so disgusted right now." Jean crossed his arms. "Out of all the scum in the world-"

"Jean." Marco warned. He grunted and looked away.

"You're okay, right?" Christa asked politely.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Eren grinned. "I didn't break anything."

"You know what I meant." She looked him in the eye.

He hesitated before answering, "I uh, I'll be fine."

"...okay" Christa pat his hand.

Meanwhile Levi stood behind Eren, completely silent. After his insane meltdown, nobody knew what to say. Therefore, when Levi spoke, everyone was surprised.

He looked up at Bertholt and mumbled, "I'm sorry I punched you in the eye."

It was quiet until the taller began to laugh. The hard atmosphere melted away, just a little. He held a hand to his bruise, "No, it's okay. You were just trying to protect Eren."

"Yeah well…" Levi crossed his arms. Eren was speechless. He could see Armin and Erwin in the corner of his eye; they had obviously talked and made nice because the two were definitely making out.

The taxi ride home was awkward at first…until realization hit Eren. He covered his face in his hands and tried not to cry- he wasn't quite sure when he was pulled into Levi's lap but at one point he was. Levi did nothing but whisper calming things the entire time.

"I'm sorry, Eren."

"...I'm always crying."

"You did so good." Levi replied in a low voice. "So, so good."

"You still had to save me." Eren mumbled.

Levi smiled, "I could tell you got a kick or two in."

He sniffed, "I ruined everyone's evening."

"No." Levi continued to speak against his neck, "Did you see them all on the dance floor? Please. They had enough fun."

Eren gave a small laugh and Levi breathed out a relieved sigh.

Neither had really spoken much once they got back to the apartment. Eren got several texts from people claiming they got home safe; it was kind of an unspoken rule among his friends whenever they went out drinking. Eren replied to them and looked up when a glass of water was handed to him. He took it graciously and sat on the edge of the bed.

After a moment Levi sighed, "Eren I'm sorry-"

"No." He interrupted, "It was my fault-"

"I fucking lost it." Levi ran his fingers through his hair. Eren stopped talking when he noticed the expression on Levi's face. "I saw you on the ground and I lost it. I promised I would protect you and I couldn't even-"

"Shut up. Just shut up." Eren set down the water on the bedside table. "This is all my fault. It's my fault you were on some kind of drug and it's my fault that everyone got dragged into it and I'm sorry." Eren rambled.

Levi sighed and sat down next to Eren so that their thighs were touching. He spoke, "I don't remember any of it, but I'm sure I was a jerk to you earlier."

"I'm not mad about that." Eren muttered. "...anymore...now that I know it wasn't your fault."

"Still." Levi took Eren's hand in his. "I let him touch you."

"You didn't 'let' him." Eren used air quotations with his free hand. "And newsflash-" Eren turned so that he could look Levi in the eye, "You did protect me. If you hadn't been there-"

"I should have been faster-"

"If you hadn't been there," Eren repeated and leaned even closer, "There's a possibility I wouldn't be here. You're always saving me and I'm always causing trouble."

Levi's expression lightened, "It's the circle of life, I guess."

"Jerk." Eren squeezed his hand.

"Although," Levi's voice was less tense, "You put up one hell of a fight." Eren smiled at that.

After a moment Eren asked, "Why…why did you run off with Erwin? You kinda just…ditched me."

Levi took a deep breath and looked away, "I uh…" he exhaled, "I was telling Erwin what I was going to do on Friday. I only meant to be gone for a few minutes but…you know."

The wheels in Eren's head turned, "For…Valentine's Day?"

"Yeah." Levi shrugged. "I didn't want you to hear."

Eren suddenly started to laugh, and leaned so that their foreheads were touching. "This evening was a disaster."

"Sort of." Levi mumbled. "You looked like you had fun with Armin for a bit there."

"Yeah, and you with all those girls." Eren moved to bite at Levi's nose. The older hissed and pulled away.

"It's not like I knew what was happening, "Levi defended. There's the Levi I know.

Eren chuckled, "Yeah, you're right."

The two just sat there for a minute, not speaking. Levi eyed the bruises that were around Eren's neck and scowled, "I'm still so fucking pissed."

"I'd never seen you so angry." Eren commented. "Bertholt and Reiner were struggling to keep you back."

"I'm possessive." Levi responded nonchalantly. Eren blew an amused puff of air out of his nose, but didn't reply. Even when he beat up those thugs a couple months ago he was still collected. But today he was just…gone. Eren thought back to Levi kicking and screaming in the arms of his friends.

"Where did he touch you?" Levi asked, randomly.

"Uhh." Eren's mind went blank, "Why?"

"I'm going to erase them."

Eren felt another sense of déjà vu. Levi stared at him expectantly, and Eren silently pointed to his lips. Levi scowled, "He kissed you too?"

"I bit him." Eren narrowed his eyes in response.

Levi smirked and leaned in to kiss him, "Good boy."

Levi gave him such a bruising kiss that Eren struggled to keep up. Levi took complete control by sliding his tongue into Erens mouth and counting every single tooth before pulling away. He kissed him again and again until Eren had to make the move to back away so he could breathe. Eren licked his own lip, sore from Levi's piercing digging into his skin. Levi looked almost apologetically before licking the sore spot as well. Eren took the opportunity to catch the ring between his teeth, and he watched Levi's eyes snap open. Eren grinned and released the ring.

Levi leaned down over the hickeys placed by Roman, "Here too?"

Eren hesitated before nodding and Levi chomped onto his neck. "Ow!" Eren looked down, and Levi began to suck on every single one. "You're making them worse, dumbass."

"I'm making them mine, dumbass." Levi corrected against his skin. He felt Levi reach down and pull up his shirt; he then began to kiss Eren's stomach. Eren began to giggle and Levi couldn't help but laugh too.

He exhaled against his skin, "Where else?"

Eren didn't answer. Levi got impatient; he grabbed Eren, rolled him onto his stomach, and mounted his legs. Eren nearly shouted into the mattress, "What the hell Levi?"

"I know where else." Levi replied. It was almost like he was talking to himself. "Bastard."

He pushed Eren's shirt all the way up to his neck, and then began to lick a long line down his spine. Eren groaned into the pillow, "H-how do you know-"

Levi placed a couple small bites on his back before he leaned away and rolled Eren's jeans over his ass. "I just know." He licked the red marks from the rim of his jeans causing Eren to squirm. "That shitface." Levi reached down and placed a bite on Eren's backside; who in turn yelped. "No one else can have this."

"Fine fine," Eren groaned as Levi licked him again. "Just roll me over before I fucking-"

In one easy swoop, Levi flipped Eren onto his back. He smirked, "Before you what?"

"Nothing." Eren blurted. Levi hummed and sat back so he could take off Eren's pants completely.

"Here as well?" Levi positioned himself into a kneeling position between Eren's legs. He ran his thumbs over the skin of his inner thighs.

Eren flushed,"You don't have to-"

"Eren." Levi demanded and looked him in the eye.

The younger stared before sighing, "...unfortunately."

"I hope he rots in jail." Levi kissed his naval before kissing Eren's length. Eren sighed and allowed his head to hit the pillow. He gripped the sheets and felt Levi's hands pressing down on his hips. In return, Eren wrapped his legs around Levi's torso. He felt the senior finally begin to bob his head, and Eren groaned. He continued to let out more shaky breaths as Levi took his time.

Eren lifted his head to see that Levi was stroking himself as he swallowed around Eren. The freshman flopped his head against the pillow again and he got a shit eating grin. Payback. Suddenly, he let out a loud moan and allowed his back to arch up off the bed. He felt Levi groan around him, and Eren reached forwards to dig his nails into his scalp. I'm not coming first this time you jerk.

Eren unwrapped a leg and pressed it in-between Levi's thighs. The senior literally choked, and began to bob his head even faster. Eren continued to moan and make the most noise he could. He could sense Levi losing control so Eren bucked forwards into his mouth. He rubbed his leg against Levi's crotch again, and finally allowed himself to buck forwards one more time before releasing into his partners mouth. Levi swallowed all of it before pulling away and gasping.

The first words out of his mouth were, "You little shit."

Eren couldn't stop laughing.

The two curled up on the bed in their fresh pajamas. Levi had a leg hooked around Eren's waist possessively, and he crushed his face into his neck. Eren wasn't quite sure how late it was; he guessed maybe three or four in the morning. He was dreading the hangover tomorrow.

He felt Levi tighten his grip."Are you okay?" Eren asked.

"I should be asking you that." Levi mumbled into his hair. "You handle all this shit way too well."

Eren played with the fingers around his waist, "Yeah, well, you forget where I come from."

"That scares me." Levi admitted. Eren's breath caught in his throat. "I don't want anything to hurt you."

Eren smiled even though Levi couldn't see it, "I'm alright. You're here…so…I'm alright."

"Are you sure?" Levi's voice was a nice contrast against the clean silence. "You sound like something's off."

"Well…" Eren continued to play with Levi's long fingers. "I guess I'm…a little disappointed I didn't get to dance with you tonight."

It was quiet again, and Eren instantly regretted the words. He winced as he felt hands slip away and the presence behind him leave. Damnit…is he really that against it? He was almost afraid to roll over. He heard the click of the lamp and the room lit up slightly. I should have kept my mouth shut. He suddenly heard music, and he rolled over. Eren asked wearily, "Umm…what are you..."

Levi scrolled through his phone and turned on a random song before throwing it back onto the bed. He outstretched his hand, "Well?"


"Are you going to dance with me or not, idiot?"

Eren couldn't believe it, "Now?"

"Yes now." Levi grabbed Eren's hand and tugged him onto his feet.

Eren stumbled forwards, and Levi held out his arms to steady him. Eren scolded himself for being nervous as Levi took his hand.

The two stood in the middle of an apartment bedroom and dressed head to toe in pajamas; slow dancing to the Xx.

I find shelter, in this way
Under cover, hide away

Only one tiny lamp was on, so most of the light came from the city that they could see clearly from their window. It was the most at peace either students had ever felt.

Can you hear, when I say?
I have never felt this way

The music was low, but it echoed around the room. Eren wrapped his arms around Levi's neck, and he felt hands on his waist.

Maybe I had said, something that was wrong

They didn't do much but rock back in forth but… was enough to make Eren want to cry. He didn't of course. But he wanted to.

Can I make it better, with the lights turned on

Levi squeezed him tighter and Eren buried his face into his neck. Eren felt him say in a low voice,

"I'm sorry."

"Stop." Eren whispered.

"I'm so sorry-"

"We've been over this." Eren allowed one of his hands to pull gently at the shorter hair at Levi's nape. His fingers trailed over his ears, and the piercings jingled slightly.

Could I be, was I there?
It felt so crystal in the air

"It seems like you can never catch a break." Levi sighed. "The world is just dead set on screwing you over."

"I dunno." Eren scratched his scalp with his nails, "I have you, don't I?"

I still want to drown, whenever you leave
Please teach me gently, how to breathe

They continued to sway back and forth; Levi mumbled, "We'll get out of this shitty town one day. We'll get a house. We can-"

"That sounds great, for one day." Eren lifted his face away to look Levi in the eye, "But I'm happy with the way things are now."

The song ended, but they still stood there, dancing at four in the morning.

Levi woke up to a splitting headache and the sound of Eren spewing his guts out in the bathroom. Levi hesitated half a second before fully waking up, and booking it across the room to see if Eren was okay.

He threw open the door and saw Eren sitting cross legged on the rug, pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

"You alright?" Levi's voice was groggy.

"Yeah." He allowed Levi to help him onto his feet. Eren immediately grabbed his toothbrush, "Are you okay?" He began to scrub his teeth.

"It feels like I just watched a marathon of glee." Levi knelt down by Eren's knees and opened up the cabinet underneath the sink.

Eren spat, and then replied, "Wow, that bad huh?"

"Yeah, do you know if we have advil?" Levi pulled out a can of disinfectant and went to town spraying the toilet. Eren rolled his eyes and opened the medicine cabinet.

"Probably. We have work today though." Eren swapped out the can in Levi's hand for a bottle of Advil.

Levi tipped back his head and groaned "Fuck" as he walked out of the room.

"You two look like death." Erd stated.

Levi shot him a glare, "Thanks, you observant asshole."

"Ignore him." Eren shut the drawer to the cash register. "We're both a bit hammered still."

"Oh yeah!" Erd held up a finger. "I saw you guys last night. Have fun?"

Eren and Levi shared a look before mumbling,



"Did you?" Eren asked.

"Hell yeah." Erd said excitedly. He went on to explain a long story about how he, Hanji, and Gunter went on some crazy adventure. Eren could honestly only pay attention to half of it-his head hurt like hell.

They worked a couple more hours before their boss, Pixis, walked into the room claiming that they could take the rest of the day off. Something about closing early? Levi and Eren absolutely didn't argue- they had to wait until they were outside to shout for joy.

Levi actually burst out laughing as Eren ran, jumped into the air and kicked his ankles together. He then, in turn, nearly fell from the headache that followed.

"You fucking dumbass."

Eren chuckled to himself; at least he laughed.

The rest of their day was spent moping around the house and watching random marathons. They drank tea and studied for tests; all the while Levi didn't leave his side once. Eren realized he didn't mind what they did, as long as he was with him. He was starting to feel that this relationship wasn't just something small, and Eren absolutely adored every minute of it.

That night Levi was woken up by Eren thrashing.

A nightmare?

Levi called out his name, but got no response. Instead, he rolled over sleepily and tugged Eren into his arms. Levi silently stroked his hair and noticed the younger begin to calm down. Eren never woke up, so he just sat there listening to the faint noise of Eren's breathing and the cars outside.

Eren didn't hear, but at one point Levi whispered before falling asleep;

"I love you, idiot."

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