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Warning: Mature

"Hey, hey!"

Levi felt weight on his stomach, and peeped open an eye. Eren was straddling his lap while wearing a goofy grin. As soon as he saw Levi was awake, he leaned down and for a kiss. Levi returned the kiss tenfold, until Eren pulled away. The younger laughed, "Happy Valentine's day!"

"Morning breath," Levi grimaced. Eren flicked his nose. Levi let out a short laugh and pulled him back down, "Happy Valentine's day." He felt Eren smile against his mouth, and he slipped his tongue past Eren's lips. Eren suddenly pulled back,

"Ugh, yeah, you're right. Morning breath." Both broke out laughing.

Together, they made waffles for breakfast. They ate on the couch, legs crossed underneath them and pillows for tables. Eren was adamant that they watch Great Gatsby.

"This is a sad movie." Levi huffed.

"You're a sad movie." Eren shot back.

Levi joked, "Wow, I make you waffles and this is how you repay me?"

"Um, excuse you," Eren replied back in a matched tone, "I helped make these waffles, thank you very much."

"After you somehow burned half of them."

"No comment." Eren said with his mouth full. Levi just rolled his eyes. Eren added, "So, what are we doing today?"

"Well we have class." Levi pulled on his ear, and Eren whined.

"We can't! It's a holiday."

"You've skipped too much school young man."

"Yes father."

Levi pulled on his ear again, and Eren yelped. "But, we're going to dinner tonight. Wear something nice."

"Ooh!" Eren rubbed his red ear, "Where?"

"Like I'd tell you." Levi grabbed his plate and Eren's to take them to the kitchen.

He heard Eren yell as he walked away, "You are so mean to me!"

"Yes, I am so terrible."

Class couldn't have gone any slower. Eren honestly just wanted to spend time with Levi (which was pretty ironic, considering they were together all the time). Eren couldn't stop watching the clock. Armin sat next to him; Eren could tell he was just as anxious to leave. He didn't know a whole lot about all of his friend's plans for Valentines. He just knew that they were all having a hangout at some park tomorrow. As soon as the professor dismissed them, everyone fled the room in seconds. Eren knew that his senior wouldn't get out for another hour, so he went home. He got to work; cleaning the entire apartment in 60 minutes.

He vacuumed, dusted, and mopped every available spot. He rushed to clean all the dishes and managed to make the bed in time. Eren was putting away all the supplies as he heard the lock of the door begin to turn. He practically leaped for the couch, and flicked on the T.V. He placed himself into a lazy position as soon as Levi walked into the room.

"Yo, I'm back. You in here?"

"Watching T.V." Eren replied back.

"How was-oh woah it smells like bleach and flowers." Levi dropped his keys and bag on the counter.

"Hmm?" Eren flung his head over the side of the armrest so he was looking at Levi upside down.

The senior looked around the room and then raised an eyebrow, "Did you do this?"

"I just dusted a couple things is all," Eren shrugged, but his smile gave it away.

Levi nodded, "Not bad, not bad. I give it like a…" He extended his hand and shook it left and right, "B plus, maybe an A minus. Maybe."

"You are such an ass!" Eren laughed. He sat up straight as the senior made his way across the room. Levi straddled his lap and Eren wrapped him in a hug.


"How was class?" Eren changed the subject. The older student occupied himself by playing with Eren's shaggy hair.

"Boring." Levi brushed Eren's bangs out of his face. "The teacher is an asshole. He keeps giving us essays on dumb topics that don't relate to the class."

"That's annoying." Eren half purred; Levi scratched his nails over the nape of his neck.

He pushed Eren's bangs so that his forehead was exposed. "You should wear your hair back."

"I almost have enough to put it in a ponytail." Eren noted.

Levi snorted, "That means its haircut time."

"People like my hair longer."

"Says who?'

"This girl in my math class."

"She's probably a nerd, don't listen to her."

"You're mean. She's perfectly normal and she's super pretty."

"Are you trying to make me jealous?"

"No-I'm just saying-"

"Stop saying." Levi slipped his arms down by Eren's waist. "And take a shower. We're leaving in an hour."

"Only if you take one with me." Eren grinned.

Levi matched his smile.

With wet hair, Eren sat on top of the counter in boxers watching Levi shave. He swung his feet back and forth and leaned closer to him.

"Fuck Eren, back away. One of us is going to get hurt," Levi pulled the razor out of reach, and Eren laughed as he leaned backwards.

"Sorry. I wonder what you would look like with a beard?"

"Like Thorin."

"Who's that?"

Levi paused and looked over, shaving cream still half on his face, "You know? Thorin Oakinshield?" Eren still had a blank face. Levi prompted, "From The Hobbit?"

"Ooooh," Eren shrugged, "I haven't seen it yet."

"What?!" Levi blinked, "No way."


"We definitely have some pop culture lessons to catch up on."

A bit later Eren stood in front of the mirror and shoved his hands in his pockets. He didn't look too terrible; he had to literally dig to the back of the closet to find pants that weren't jeans. Even then, he was wearing Levi's dress shirt.

"You look good."

"Hmm?" Eren turned around. Levi leaned up against the doorframe of the bathroom. He looked about a billion times better than Eren did; he had a cardigan over his button up with really nice dress pants. Wow, he always looks amazing. It's rare for me to see him not in all black.

"Even if it is my shirt," Levi continued. "Come here."

"Why?" Eren asked slowly.

Levi rolled his eyes, "Just do what I say."

Eren walked towards the senior. Levi grabbed him and pulled him into the bathroom. Eren stumbled and Levi steadied him in front of the bathroom mirror. Levi stood behind him and ran his fingers through Eren's hair, smoothing out the cowlicks and random curls. Eren watched him run gel through his fingers.

"Hey what-"

"I'm slicking it back."


"Because," Levi stepped back, "Now I can see your face."

Eren stared at the mirror, silent and a little flushed. Oh.

Levi kissed neck and left the room.

"Please tell me where we're going?"

"Damnit Eren we're almost there." Levi drove with his left hand, as Eren currently occupied his right.

Eren fake groaned, "I can't stand surprises." He traced the pads of his fingers over Levi's palm.

"I know," Levi smirked. Eren reached over and smacked the driver's leg, hard. Levi let out a short laugh and flinched away, "Ow!" Eren then laughed and squeezed his hand. They listened to music the rest of the drive. The sun had gone down about an hour ago, so they passed lit up buildings and car lights. Eren stared as they pulled into a busy parking lot. He sat up, interested, and began to look around.

"This place looks packed." He glanced up at the restaurant attracting all the attention.

Levi shrugged and spun the wheel to make a turn, "It's a holiday I guess."

Eren suddenly got a glimpse of the sign, "Woah! We're at that fancy place where you can eat by the shipyard?"

Levi smirked, but didn't say anything; he was looking out for pedestrians that were seemingly everywhere.

Valet, wow. Eren unbuckled his seatbelt. He definitely put effort into this. I'm not sure if I want to kiss him now or wait until I get food.

"I think I'm going to go in debt just looking at the menu." Eren stared.

"Well don't. I'm paying." Levi idly stirred his straw in his drink, "Just pick something."

"But I can't. We have to make rent next month."

"Eren." Levi rolled his eyes. "I know you want the steak, just get it."

Eren sputtered, "But, but-"

Levi dipped his fingers into his drink and then flicked towards Eren. The younger jumped and shielded himself with a menu. He hissed, "Levi! We are at a nice restaurant."

"Yeah, so stop freaking out and enjoy this dumb holiday with me."

Eren paused, and then smiled. He then started to laugh and set down the menu. Levi rolled his eyes again, but relaxed back in his seat, content. Eren reached into his own drink and flicked Levi back with water. The older jumped, "Hey, brat, what was that for?"

"For being sweet."

"…you're a confusing idiot."

Eren laughed and Levi kinda laughed with him. From where they sat, Eren could see the all the sailboats lined up at the port. There lots of noise such as people talking and waiters distributing food, but, Eren wasn't really paying attention to all that. They sat at a small table; there was just one candle, but it was enough for Eren to see all of his partner's features. Levi was ranting about something, waving his arms around and huffing. Eren was paying attention, honestly he was. But he just couldn't stop smiling.

Levi suddenly paused, and rose an eyebrow. "Are you in there?"

"I'm listening!" Eren laughed.

Levi looked down at the candle and tapped his nails against it, "A penny for your thoughts?"

"Oh uh," Eren rubbed his nose, "I'm just happy, I guess."

"Really?" He almost looked surprised. "That's good."

"Thank you." Eren took his hand away from the candle and thread their fingers together. Levi gave him an amused look. "This is super awesome."

"Whatever." Levi sounded nonchalant, but his face said otherwise.

They talked the rest of the evening; not about anything special. They just talked. Nothing catastrophic happened the rest of the evening. No bad guys, no drama. Except…at one point Levi made Eren laugh so hard soda came out of his nose. When their food came Eren dropped his fork twice, and Levi laughed while drinking, causing him to nearly choke to death. It would have seemed like a disaster to anyone else, but it just made Eren realize how wonderfully strange the pair was. For that, he was immensely grateful.

On their way back to the car Levi offered to walk down the beach. "It's only a block away."

So, they did. Hand in hand, the odd pair kicked off their shoes and walked along the water. They rolled up their dress pants and undid their top shirt buttons. Both were a little out of it- Levi had ordered alcohol and gave Eren sips when the waiter wasn't looking. It was dark, but the city lights lit up enough of the beach.

"So-so," Eren laughed, " So we grab the fuckin' kid and book it out of there. Holy shit the mom was not happy later."

"I didn't even think that was possible," Levi marveled.

Eren continued to laugh, "Now that I think about it, none of us ever babysat after that."

"You're pretty good with kids though," Levi noted. Eren's balance wavered when his foot stepped in a hole; Levi shifted his weight so the younger wouldn't trip. "I remember you with that little girl a month or two ago."

"I mean," Eren kicked at the sand, "I'm not terrible with them. I actually really like them. The whole ordeal wasn't even my fault! Jean just had to invite everyone over and then Reiner brought drinks and- don't give me that look." Eren pouted.

Levi chuckled and squeezed his hand, "Whatever you say."

It was quiet except for the waves; Eren looked up to see if there were any visible stars. "You know…we've come pretty far," Eren rambled. "Since you kicked me in the face the first day we met."

Levi let out a smile at that. Eren thought to himself; which is pretty astonishing…I remember being surprised the first time he smiled.

"Yeah. Sorry about that..."

"You've definitely made up for it." Eren nudged him with his shoulder. "I know you don't like to be all sappy, but I never thought I'd find anyone who'd tolerate me. Thank you."

"It's definitely a chore." Levi replied in a joking tone. Eren slapped his arm, and the older chuckled, "Ouch, kidding! It's more like the other way around. You've practically changed my life, kid." The senior spoke slowly. Eren smiled and stopped walking. Their hands were interlocked, so Levi was pulled to a stop as well. Eren chuckled and threw his arms around the others neck.

"Thank you."

A bit surprised, the older returned the hug. "Stop thanking me."


Levi chuckled and the two pulled away, sort of. They now both stood facing the ocean; the senior had his arm around Eren's waist.

"I'm not gonna lie," Eren slipped off his jacket as Levi closed and locked their door. "That was the nicest date I've been on."

"You claim to have dated all these girls, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's the only date you've ever been on." Levi chucked his keys onto the counter and slipped off his shoes.

Eren sputtered, "Pssh, I've been on dates. Now, they weren't exactly super classy dates but they were totally dates."

"Yeah, okay." Levi walked into the bedroom. "Whatever you say."

"I was a total player and all the chicks digged m-."Eren turned around to see no Levi. He huffed and jogged into the bedroom. That jerk thinks he can ignore me. "Don't 'yeah, okay,' me-"

He ran straight into Levi's awaiting grasp. He was pleasantly surprised to find himself suddenly kissing the senior. Oh. I mean, I guess this is okay. It was short; Levi pulled back only far enough to make eye contact. "Shut up."

"You can't keep cutting me off like that." Eren rolled his eyes and laced his arms around the other's neck. "It's not going to work forever." Maybe. If he keeps looking at me like that I'll probably melt.

"I'll believe it when I see it." Levi tugged Eren down for an open kiss. Eren felt his tongue suddenly pressed against the roof of his mouth. He took the opportunity to grab it between his teeth and suck. As soon as he released it, Levi pulled back. He licked his lips, "You're getting better at that and I don't like it."

Eren's laugh filled the quiet room before Levi forcefully kissed him again. He almost didn't notice the other popping the buttons of his shirt one by one. Levi got to the last button and peeled the shirt off his arms as they kissed. Levi didn't waste time running his fingers over his abdomen. Eren made a noise in his throat when Levi grabbed his crotch. He could practically feel Levi's smug look as he kissed him. Eren began to walk backwards until he felt the bed hit the back of his knees. He grinned and jumped backwards into the mattress; he bounced slightly. In seconds Levi was on top of him; somehow shirtless as well. Eren didn't complain.

He took the senior's face between both his hands and brought their faces together. He felt a hand slide underneath his hip and another brace itself next to Eren's ear. He slid his fingers into Levi's hair and pulled; he felt the growl in the other's throat. Levi separated their kiss and attached his lips to Eren's neck. Eren trailed his fingers down Levi's spine therapeutically. Levi bit down quite hard, and Eren naturally let out a yelp. He felt it burn, and then a tongue slide across the mark.

"J-jerk." Eren couldn't process words anymore. He felt the other smile against his throat, and then bite again; somewhat softer this time. Eren occupied himself by moving his nails down Levi's stomach. Holy shit he' so beautiful. Everything about him is just perfect.

He rested his hands on his belt and tugged. Levi was satisfied with the red marks he'd left and returned to Eren's face. He kissed his cheek, his nose, his ears. Meanwhile Eren pulled the belt buckle loose and immediately shoved his hands down the senior's pants. Levi's teeth were occupied with Eren's ear when the younger shoved his palm against his groin. Eren could feel him swallow, and then groan.

"That didn't take long." Eren stroked him again.

"Are you fucking teasing me?" Levi dipped his tongue into Eren's ear and the younger squealed. "Because I will win."

"I'm sorry I'm sorry," Eren slipped his hand out and began to pull at the slacks. "Off." Levi sat back and tossed his pants onto the ground, only to reposition himself between Eren's legs within seconds. He kneeled as he leaned forwards to kiss down his stomach. Eren sighed, content, and rested his hands in Levi's hair. He struggled to hold in a laugh when he kissed his right side. He felt Levi grin against his skin.


"Absolutely not."

"Good." Levi bit the same spot, and Eren let out another laugh. Levi took the opportunity to slide his hands down his hips to catch both his underwear and pants. In one swift tug he had them down Eren's knees and onto the floor. Levi leaned forwards once again to now kiss his naval. Eren brought his hands back up to play with the elastic band of the other's boxers, a bit embarrassed now.


"Hmm?" He kissed the junction of his hip and Eren let out a breath.

"Sleep with me."

Levi rested his hands on his upper legs and spread them slightly. "I sleep with you every night." He kissed the inside of Eren's thigh.

"No, I mean," Eren swallowed and resisted the urge to both flinch away and thrust upwards, "Let's have sex."

As Eren expected, Levi stopped, now at his inner knee, and looked up at him through his lashes. "What?"

"Please." Eren's face was red. He tried to fix his eyes on anything but Levi. He felt the older let go of his knees and reposition himself upwards. Two hands grabbed his face and forced him to look up at the man now inches away from his nose.

"Do you really want to?"

"Yes." Eren flushed, "It's my valentines day present." Levi laughed and Eren continued, "You know I love you, asshole."

Levi showed a genuine look of relief and smiled. He leaned in to give Eren a slow, almost romance-movie-like kiss. It caught Eren a bit off guard, but he was willing to return it. He pulled back ever so slightly, catching Eren's lip as he did so. Levi was so close; as he spoke Eren could feel his lips move. "Good. Because I love you too….asshole."

Eren felt the biggest wave of relief in the entire world wash over him. He covered his eyes with his right hand and just laughed. He heard a snap of a lid in the distance, but he could only think Holy fucking shit he said it. He means it. He said it and he actually means it.

There were lips against his chest again, but now there was pressure on his backside. Out of practice, Eren lifted his hips and allowed Levi to slip in the digit. Eren groaned, and Levi tried to kiss the pain away. Levi curled his finger and Eren threw his head back to breathe.

"Shhh," Levi's voice was calming, "I've got you remember? It's okay." He moved down to kiss the bone of his right hip. "Relax."

He added a second finger and Eren bit at his hand to keep his noise down. Levi scizzored his fingers hard and Eren cried out. Levi demanded, "Don't do that-I want to hear you."

Eren panted, and nodded his head, unable to really form words. Levi hummed and leaned down to place an open mouth kiss on his groin. When he added a third finger, he took all of Eren into his mouth simultaneously. The younger twisted his hands into the sheets and gasped. Levi was careful to go slow- he was always careful. The person underneath him was precious-so, so precious.

Eren's hair was stuck to his head from sweat. Levi lifted his mouth away from his dick and brushed his fingers against a spot inside him. Eren groaned and his back arched off the bed.

"So beautiful." Levi was quick to wrap his hand around his base to keep him from coming. Eren cursed and Levi whispered his apology. He withdrew his fingers, finally, and Eren took a moment to breathe.

"You're sure right?" Levi kneeled between his legs; he now rubbed circles into Eren's thighs. The younger was still a bit out of breath, but spoke:

"I've never been more right about anything." He pulled Levi down for a short peck. "You won't hurt me."

Apparently, that was what Levi needed to hear. He stripped his own boxers off and pressed himself closer. Eren hooked a leg over Levi's shoulder, and the senior grinned.

"Well aren't you the flexible one?"

"Shut up or hurry up," Eren teased back. Levi's fingers seemed to burn into his leg and his thigh. He suddenly felt pressure again at his backside. Levi jerked forwards and surprisingly, easily slid into Eren. The younger cried out and arched his back again. He twisted one hand in the sheets next to him. Levi hissed above him, body still. "Fuck, fuck, fuck¸ Eren." He nearly chanted under his breath. Levi was still for another moment to let Eren adjust. Finally Eren exhaled and nodded his head.

The older moved and fuck Eren was gone. He pulled Levi forwards for a kiss and the other held a steady rhythm.

Eren watched the senior's composure fall apart; it was amazing. His eyes were blown wide open and his hair fell messily. Eren lifted his hips to meet a thrust, and they both groaned in response.

Eren panted an almost laugh, "Ha..happy valentine's day." Unable to really respond, Levi leaned up as best he could to kiss him.

They had surprisingly good rhythm; it was like their bodies were made for each other. Honestly, they didn't last that long. A certain thrust sent Eren screaming and then his body spasmed. Levi followed only seconds after; his head fell onto Eren's chest and he panted. Both were breathless.

Levi hadn't bothered to look at the clock, but he guessed it was around really fucking early- a.m. Eren was wiped out. Levi had about three minutes afterwards to grab a towel and wipe him down before he passed out. Levi couldn't sleep; it wasn't unusual. Fortunately, it was not for the reasons he was used to.

He wove his fingers through the head of hair that was currently asleep on his chest. He pulled his hand upwards, letting the strands fall through the spaces between his fingers. Levi eventually fell asleep to the sound of Eren's steady breathing.

He didn't wake up until later; sun began to stream through the curtains and he could hear Eren begin to stir. Levi took in a deep breath and arched his back. He stretched his arms above his head and peeped open an eye. Eren was on his side just watching Levi.

It was quiet for a few moments, and so the senior rose an eyebrow, "Good morning."

Eren responded with the straightest face Levi had ever seen.

"I'm naked."

Levi blinked, letting the words sink into his brain. He suddenly burst out into the heartiest, loudest laughter he had. It filled the room and broke the soft aura. Eren looked a bit surprised. Levi laughed, covering his eyes with his hands. Eren didn't respond, he just gave him a questioning look.

Levi responded, semi composed. "I'm sorry babe, but that was the fucking funniest pillow talk I've heard in my entire twenty four years of life."

Eren began to laugh too, and Levi broke out into snickers.

He sighed, content. "Well, I'm happy I could make you laugh."

"Fucking hell, what am I going to do with you."

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