Disclaimer: This is it, we're finally here! The conclusion to Furrball's disappearance! We've been waiting for this since my TTA one-shots so here it is. And speaking of my one-shots, I strongly recommend reading them before you start with this one, especially 'Furrball's Confessions,' just to get more background info and so as not to be lost. This idea came to me upon joining this site, I thought that our favorite blue cat didn't get the revenge he rightfully deserved which in turn reminded me of 'The Crow' story. That thought stuck in my head and I pictured him in Brandon Lee (Bless his soul) and Vincent Perez's attire from their respective Crow films. As funny as it was imagining him in them, I think Furrball could pull it off. The fact that the world always seemed against him made it all the more fitting for this story to be thought up. Let's not waste any more time, I don't own the Tiny Toons, Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. do and 'The Crow' idea is owned by James O'Barr, God bless that man for the story. The idea of mixing Tiny Toons and 'The Crow' together is the only plot owned by me so enjoy! Also, this first chapter takes place within 'Confessions.'

Chapter 1

2 years ago…

Furrball prepared himself for his meet-up with Fifi, he had just professed his feelings to her, albeit to a chair, and was ready to tell her face-to-face. He looked back on his therapy session with Penelope and to his surprise, he still felt better after the session. He laughed at himself when he remembered talking to the chair, "at least I can do it better than Clint Eastwood," he assured himself. He stepped outside of his cardboard box and sniffed the night air, it was still pretty warm but he could sense a little chill in the midst, fall was not far away.

He double-checked his attire, like all the other Toons, he too grew a little so his wardrobe had to change as well. He wore a plain white shirt and blue shorts, it was the only outfit that was decent enough to wear compared to everything else Elmyra had for him, and since they were now older, wearing pants became mandatory. "I wish I had a small gift for her," he thought, he ran back inside to retrieve it, "Tomatte,' this should back up my claim," he giggled to himself and strolled his way to the Acme Carnival where he and Fifi 'first encountered' each other. He couldn't hold his excitement, as long as he had no unfortunate things happen to him, he'd be fine. It didn't really matter if it did anyway, after his long-awaited rant earlier and the fact that he was meeting Fifi put him in a very content mood.

On the way there, the blue cat heard footsteps, but to him, they seemed too soft and silent to be human footsteps, they sounded more like…paw steps. Furrball turned around and saw no one there so he shrugged it off and continued walking. He heard something again and turned around only to see nothing there again, "maybe walking alone at night through an alley wasn't a good idea," he said to himself. The blue cat increased his speed to get out of that alley but the paw steps he heard seemed to do the same as well, every time he turned around he saw no one behind him and that's what started freaking him out. He ran until reached a nearby fence to hide and catch his breath but he right away heard a sound that sent him up that fence with his fur standing on their ends followed by screeching meows.

He looked at the cause of his scare and saw that it was a little black crow. Normally Furrball would've pounced on him had it not been for his therapy session but even he knew about the mythological theories about those type of birds, that's why he never chased after the other school staff, Jose and Manuel. He softly jumped off the fence and slowly went up to it. The sound of the crow's claws and the wings flapping made it sound like what Furrball was hearing this whole time. "Sooo…are you related to Sweetie or Concord?" he chuckled, "all you birds must love scaring everyone, don't you?" The crow cawed in response, the cat gave a sarcastic smile, "guess that answered my question." The cat saw the crow fly away as Furrball laughed at himself for ever being scared in the first place. But just as he turned around he was grabbed by the neck and his head was thrown into what appeared to be a burlap sack that reeked of something from beyond. Whatever it was, it knocked him out cold. The crow sat on a rooftop and witnessed the whole thing.

A few minutes later…

"Remove the sack!" commanded a mysterious voice, the others followed and removed the sack, revealing Furrball's unconscious face. The cat was strapped to a chair, his paws and foot paws were tied, and seemed to be extremely restrained. A pair of hands grabbed a bucket of water and carelessly tossed it on him, bucket included, bonking him on the head. Furrball woke up, "wh-what happened?" He looked around his surroundings and noticed that everything was dark, the only light there was in wherever they were at was a small lamp above him. "What's going on?!" Furrball yelled, "Let me out of here!" Just then, a yellow cat in a camo vest appeared in front of him and smacked his face.

"You're not goin' anywhere!" a voice boomed in front of the blue cat, everyone else walked under the lamp causing Furrball to see their faces, he recognized them, all of them, they were alley cats. Furrball struggled to get out of his chair but it was no use, he was strapped in too tight. There appeared to be at least seven cats in attendance, they divided themselves and allowed another cat to walk down in between them. This one was grey and with a bowtie, tossing and flipping a coin, he walked over to Furrball and he right away recognized him.

"Cata-" he was slapped across the face again before he could finish that sentence by this new cat.

"It's Nicus now, brat!" he snapped.

"Nicus?" Furrball asked him as he slowly turned back to face him, his face was still feeling the sting from that slap. "Please, just let me go," the blue cat bargained, "if you want I can set up an appointment so all eight of you can make my life a living Hell for another day but just please not today, I really have to go!" The cat known only by the name 'Nicus' slapped Furrball again to shut him up, "duh, da' boss called ya' in Furrbal," he turned around, "he's all yours, Lious!" The ninth cat known as 'Lious' walked up to them and revealed his face too, Furrball knew him too. He was a huge orange cat with a cigar in his mouth, "I've got you at last," he said maliciously, "Furrball, tonight…is the night!"

Furrball gulped, "what do you mean?"

Lious lowered his head to Furrball's gaze, "it means I'm gonna' do what I shoulda' done years ago!" He got up and turned around, "you see," he started, "this alley has a rule, 'only the strongest survive', you don't fit that category, you're small, you're weak, and you're pathetic! I'm gonna' do this alley a huge favor by getting rid of you for good, just like I planned all those years ago." Lious turned away from him, "this alley has no place for you, Furrball, and it's my job to secure this alley's rep, as long as you are in it, we're all gonna' look weak to the other alley cats and opposing alley threats."

"Is this about the pizza?!" Furrball asked confused, "cuz' if it is then why are you and Nicus hating me for it? I mean, how did you expect a broke alley cat to pay for that?!" Nicus grabbed Furrball's head, "dah, shut up an' listen!" Lious continued, "it's not about that crap anymore, you're an excuse of an alley cat, you belong on the streets but instead you'd rather live in a home, what's worse is that they all wanted YOU! You're not anything special! Why should you get a home and not us?!" Lious turned back and stared a death glare at Furrball, "that's what I hate about you, Furrball, you go to school, you have different owners every other day, and you have a future career in comedy…that does not sit well with the alley." The tall orange cat then turned around and pulled out a Tommy gun causing Furrball to gasp, Lious scowled at him, "you, me, the alley," he told him, "are better off…with you dead."

Nicus let go of Furrball's head and took the gun from his partner, as Furrball struggled for his life, all nine of them. "Come on, Lious, you can't do this!" Furrball claimed in fear, "this is too low even for you! Everyone's gonna' notice I'm gone, they'll have an investigation!" Lious rolled his eyes, "if anyone gave a damn about you then you wouldn't be livin' in a cardboard box!"

"But I'm a Toon, you can't kill a Toon!"

"Way ahead of ya'!" Lious grabbed the lamp and shined it on Nicus with the gun carefully fueling it up bullets. "You see those bullets? They's not like the ones from Elmer's days, those couldn't kill Bugs of Daffy, no, these are soaked in DIP!" Now Furrball was really terrified for his life, he needed to get out of there or this would be his end! He used up all his strength to struggle out of the straps in the chair, even biting on them. Tears started filing his eyes, he was going to die without fulfilling his academic goals! He was going to die without telling Fifi how he really felt! Fifi! That's when the cat realized that the purple skunk girl is still waiting for him, what will she think if he doesn't show up?! He pleaded with the alley cats again but they coldly refused, others just ignored him. Furrball started screaming and meowing for help while Lious shook his head, "scream all you want, Furrball," Nicus mocked as he walked up to Lious, "no one can hear you-"

"-And no one will interrupt us either!" Lious yelled as he grabbed the gun and aimed it at Furrball as the poor cat screeched in fear. Lious paused, he instead pulled the gun back and called over another cat, the yellow one that struck Furrball earlier, "Clawz!" Lious called for him and he walked over to him, "there's a reason I called all seven of you here," he announced, "cats have nine lives and since he's a Toon I think it's fitting that you all take part in this!" Lious gave the gun to Clawz and the yellow cat pointed it at him, he smirked, "this one's for pizza!" and he pulled the trigger!

Furrball felt it, it hurt more than anything Sweetie or Sneezer ever put him through during their old 'Tiny Toon' days. His screeching stopped, too much pain yet not enough lung power to scream it out. Lious called over another cat, "Whisk!" a white cat appeared, this one was dressed in a bandanna wrapped around his neck, he took the Tommy gun and aimed it at Furrball, "rest in pieces," and pulled the trigger. The bullet dug deep into Furrball's stomach, the fact that it was practically empty made it hurt even more, still, he made no sound. "Tus!" This cat wore an eye patch on his left eye, he grabbed the Tommy gun and aimed, "and then he said…" he preached, "let there be light!" Furrball took the bullet to the chest, he struggled for air.

"Lid!" A brown female cat with a longer tail than the others approached Furrball before Lious. She had her tail pick up Furrball's head to face her, he winced in pain as she touched him, "please…don't do this anymore," he begged her.

"I'm just following orders," she told him, "and Lious does have a point," she walked to her leader and grabbed the gun to take another shot. Furrball yelped for this one but none of them were paying attention as Lious called for the next cat, "Feral!" Another grey cat walked up, this one was a little larger than the others and his face seemed to resemble his name. Feral had a big red scar coming down his face from his eye, he had to have been that feral in order to receive that. He said nothing, just took the gun and fired, this time in the shoulder. "O'Wildec!" a smaller orange cat stepped up, this one with shades, "so what do I do?" he asked as he took the gun, "just take it like this an-" he interrupted himself when he realized that he already took the shot and made it in to Furrball's leg.

"Please stop this," Furrball begged weakly, "I've had enough." The other cats looked on, blood was starting to surround the chair he was strapped in, better that it was him than them should they have disobeyed Lious and Nicus. "Mestic!" this cat was in a dark shade of blue and wore a fedora hat, "show's over," he coldly said and the shot was made, Furrball felt it go through his other shoulder. Now it was Nicus's turn, he took the gun and stared at the battered and bloody cat, "duh, remember that skunk from da' carnival all those years ago?" Furrball shuddered at the thought of what Nicus was implying, "I know it was you who painted our backs and had her chase us! We smelled worse than trash cans for weeks!" the stubby cat aimed the gun at Furrball's chest, "now you'll smell even worse than that when your corpse rots!" he fired and the helpless cat nearly fell backwards from the impact! Furrball was barely moving, before every cat that stood in front of him, he was now staring at Lious.

The big orange cat took the gun from Nicus and walked around Furrball's chair with it. Furrball didn't follow his motions, he had his head down, barely breathing, "please…Lious," he begged once more, "it's my last life…don't take it away from me." Lious stopped in front of him, "don't see it as a bad thing," he told him, "see it as a way out, you'll never have to roam the alley or deal wit' us again, in a way I'm doin' you a favor, I'm givin' you what you want, what you've always been lookin' for." He turned back around and began to walk away, leaving Furrball with his final thoughts, "I'm sorry, Fifi," he whispered to himself, "I hope you can forgive me, please don't forget about me." Lious stopped once again, "goodbye, Furrball," he said coldly and he cocked the gun, "I'm sendin' you to a new home," he turned back to face the blue cat and aimed the gun at his heart, "and this time, your stay is permanent!" and he fired.

The cats watched as Furrball gasped for his last ounces of air until the DIP-soaked bullets took effect, within a few seconds, the cat's body was still and with smoke emerging from him. "Duh, what do ya' want us to do wit' da' body, Boss?" Nicus asked Lious, "have Lid help you wrap up the carcass," he replied, "the rest of you can clean this up, leave no traces!" Lid walked up to the two, "I'm not touchin' that!" she claimed, "I'm not getting' blood all over my claws." Lious grabbed her by her ear, while Nicus quickly ran around her and restrained her tail, Mestic on the other hand attempted to get involved but Lious pointed the gun at him, "you can either help Nicus wrap up that body and bring it to me to bury it or you can help them clean up the mess!" Lid stood silent but she quickly changed her tone, "why bother cleaning up?" she flirted while Mestic scowled at her, "when I can do a whole lot more for you?" Lious chuckled, he let go of her ear but Nicus still held her tail, "you know," the orange cat told her as he gently put his paw on the side of her face, "there is actually a third option in it for you," he then turned to the side and looked at Furrball's lifeless corpse, implying that that would be her fate. Lid looked back at Mestic but he turned back around to help the other cats clean up the bloody mess, "well," she said to Lious, "that body isn't gonna' wrap and bury itself you know."

An hour later…

"Put him in here," Lious pointed at the burlap sack they had earlier, O'Wildec and Feral placed Furrball's carcass in it. "Where we gonna' bury him?" Clawz asked Whisk, "they didn't say," Whisk replied, "alright, you two," ordered the orange cat, "you both will be taking the front and stand guard so no one will see us, it's already night but I'm not takin' any chances." He faced the others, "Feral and Mestic will carry the body to our destination, I know exactly where to go!"

In a few minutes the cats reached their destination, some of them shuddered in fear while the others turned away and attempted to run but Nicus' order was clear and unquestionable so they stayed. "So what now? We go inside an' bury him?" O'Wildec asked Lious, "are you insane?!" the big orange cat grabbed him, "no one is goin' in there! Do you know who lived there?! You can still practically hear her gibberish!" Lious ran up to Feral and Mestic, "give me that!" he grabbed the sack and ran to the nearest window and threw it in there, they heard cluttering and other objects falling in the process. Lious ran back to join his crew, "no one is gonna' find him there," he announced, "no will move in cause' no one wants to move in, look at this abandoned piece of crap, they'll never find out." His entire gang turned around and began walking away with Nicus leading and Lious guarding the rear. He looked back at the house he tossed Furrball in, "I did say I was sendin' you to a permanent home," he said to himself, "pet cemetery, fittin," as he walked farther away from Elmyra's abandoned house.

A crow flew by and watched them leave.

To be continued…

A/N: Well, that's my first chapter, I was pretty sad killing off Furrball and I know his death was pretty dark and gruesome but trust me, this story has been planned since April so please don't judge it just by the first chapter, thank you. Just so you know, Nicus and Lious's names are pronounced as Ny-kiss and Lee-iss. I'll be back next week with an update, this next one will make up for the sadness in this one, kind of but seriously, I promise. Until next time!