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Chapter 3

Furrball looked around the abandoned house, the years haven't been kind to it. Neither have the neighbors, the revived cat noticed a few things such as rocks, shoes, garbage and even marks and stains splattered on the floor, the neighborhood kids must have really not liked that family. Before he could stumble on the thought of how he returned, he also noticed something else, newspapers. There was a huge pile of them stacked up in front of the house, it was so big that they were starting to pile up over the window and fall in. Furrball walked over to the pile and picked up a random paper, it was dated about a year ago.

'Looney Tunes Push for Bill to Be Passed, Organize Investigation for Missing Student.' "Investigation?" Furrball shifted his attention to the story and skimmed through paragraphs, "so there really was an investigation."

He looked at another one, 'Bill Postponed, Student Still Missing and Former Tiny Toons Take Over Investigation.' He skimmed through paragraphs until he picked up a third one and read it, 'Bill Rejected, Alley Cat Still Missing and Investigation is Called Off!'

"Alley…cat?" he spoke softly, "I've been dead for almost three years and I went from student to alley cat in less than a year?"

The crow flew down beside him and landed on another paper. Its caw nearly startled him and almost sent him up the wall. Furrball noticed where the bird landed, on another newspaper, this one from six months prior. The cat picked it up and read it, 'Former Tiny Toons Speak Out: Furrball, Please Come Home!' He didn't skip anything, just read the article all the way through and saw that his friends fought as hard as they could to get the Bill to be passed, even went as far as to start their own investigation and plead on TV. for him to come back. They really did care. All this time he thought they forgot about him but he was wrong, even his own fan base offered homes for him in honor for his return.

He looked at the photo taken by the press as the cover for the story. His former classmates, how much they've grown but how sad they looked, Furrball noticed something different about two Toons in particular, "Babs? Shirley?" He noticed that they didn't look as sad and hopeless as the others, they looked almost worried, their expressions could almost give it away. Whatever it was they felt or how they looked while feeling it didn't really matter, it was the same negative sadness over a missing classmate who they've known since the beginning of their Acme Looniversity run that randomly disappeared.

He continued examining the photo and saw Calamity, "why isn't he standing with…?" Furrball scrolled his paw until he found her, Fifi LaFume. He gazed at her, she grew into a very beautiful skunkette, a lot more mature than he remembered. That's when his memories started rushing through his head, causing him to drop the paper.

Come here my lee'tle pepperoni of passion! Fifi eez' going to gobble you up!

I know my love, I vant' you to meet my family, no?

Je vill' see vous there, and try not to eat Sneezer and Sweetie on ze' way home, moi's watching vous!

"Fifi…" Furrball quickly went back for the paper and saw the photo again, this time he paid close enough attention and saw in the photo that she was far from Calamity and holding hands with Hamton. Stunned, he started to quiver as sadness started to overwhelm him. Furrball yelped out a sad meow as he let go of the paper and let it fall to the ground. He lost her, he lost her to Hamton, he lost his friends, and he lost his life, what more was there for him? He collapsed to the ground and buried his face in his paws and softly sobbed.

After a few seconds, the crow cawed at him and Furrball's sobbing stopped. He picked his head up and glared above him, the memories came flooding back, this one of that night that changed everything, the day he died. Although these visions hurt, he was more heartbroken than pain stricken, "Lious," Furrball muttered, "this is your fault…" he stood up as the crow flew past him to land in front of the paint cans by the doorway. Furrball followed him, "there's a reason I've been brought back…to make you pay."

Furrball walked over to the crow sitting on top of a few paint cans, the revived cat recognized them, he kept them whenever he needed to paint his back with a skunk stripe to avoid the Alley Cats and their antics. The fact that he would sometimes hide in Elmyra's abandoned house made it safer than he last remembered it. Furrball touched one of the cans and a new vision appeared in his head, this one featured him running from Fifi, the vision changed to when he confused her sense of direction and unintentionally made her crash into a few cans of paint, covering up all her skunk features. The vision ended with what appeared to be the can's point of view because what he saw was a burlap sack being tossed through a window and smashing the glass in the process. Furrball's visions ended and he looked at the window to realize that what he just witnessed was Lious' doing. He pushed his long head-fur back and embraced the sorrow he felt.

Angered by it, he furiously ripped off his bloody and raggedy shirt, popped open a can of white paint and began smearing it all over his face. He continued this until his face was painted pale-white, then he reached for the thinnest paint brush he had next to him and dipped it in black paint. Furrball raised the brush over to his face, "angst," he whispered as he painted a black line down to his eye and another on the other eye. "Sadness," he whispered again when he painted two new black lines underneath the bags of his eyes, they practically resembled tears. "And…joy," Furrball painted his mouth black and painted two lines that outstretched out of his mouth resembling a Glasgow smile.

Furrball looked at the crow and the bird looked back at him and cawed in a different direction. Furrball followed the gaze and saw that he was looking at the closet, he went to open it but the crow cawed at him again, Furrball almost ignored it and opened the door only to have a few things fall out. Fortunately the crow's caws were warning enough for the cat to avoid getting hit by the falling debris of clothes. He quickly searched until he saw a small black shirt with buttons on it, Furrball remembered how much he hated the outfits Elmyra forced him to put on so he scratched and clawed this one until it was slashed all over. He saw how it looked and liked it, so much so that he put it on. His shorts were barely intact so he ripped off whatever was left of them and wrapped a thin black belt around his waist. The last thing he noticed was an oversized black leather jacket, he remembered bringing it home after finding it in the alley one day, it was cold and he needed something to wrap around himself for warmth…He slowly put it on and embraced the warm feeling.

Furrball headed for the window but looked back at the newspaper article of his friends and the investigation. He went back for it and used his claws to rip out the picture. The painted cat looked at it one more time then put it in his coat pockets. After looking at Fifi again he stripped himself out of the coat, "something's missing," he whispered, the cat laid it on the ground facedown. Furrball grabbed both black and white paint cans and mixed them together to create a darkish grey color. Once mixed, the cat took a paintbrush and painted a line down the middle of the back of the coat. He put it back on and looked in the mirror, Furrball gave out a low growl and headed back to the window, "I'm coming for you, Lious," he said to himself, "you're gonna' pay for killing me." Furrball leaped out while the crow led him into the night.

Dizzy closed the bar, another successful night has passed. If the Tasmanian Devil didn't have to take matters into his own jaws then that's a good a night as any. His customers left after last call and he just gave out his cut to Arnold and Arnolda, now he was busy counting tip money from the girls and organizing it for them. The girls, Mitzi, Taffy, Jessie and Fifi sat at a nearby table discussing the night, "Hamton did a great job as always Fifi," said Jessie, "you're so lucky you get to work in the same place as him."

"Oui," Fifi agreed, "je 'opes zhat' he knows it too." They looked back at Hamton who was wrapping up his equipment and fumbling with some of the stuff slipping out of his hands, the girls giggled at him and returned to their conversation.

"Say, Fifi, just out of curiosity, have you and Hamton eveeeer…you know," Mitzi asked. Fifi was confused, "ever did vhat'?" she asked, "vhat' is vous say'eeng?"

"She's asking if you and Hamton ever, you know, because, well I for one don't sense that vibe coming from you," Taffy pointed out.

"Je has no idea vhat' you mean."

All three girls looked at each other and back to her to answer but once again, interruptions were unavoidable in Acme Acres as Fifi finally caught on.

"Oohh," Fifi blurted out in surprise, "oh, umm," the skunkette was so embarrassed so she hung her head in shame, "non." She expected for the girls to laugh at her for being with Hamton for nearly three years and not having slept together yet. To her surprise, their tones were different.

"Oh my-Fifi, I can't believe it."

"Yeah, I mean, you have the look, mind you, but you don't give off the vibe that you did it."

"Kudos to you, you and Hamton must have some willpower if you've been waiting this long for-awwww, are you guys waiting for marriage?" That was unexpected, Fifi looked up, "Non non, not yet, but maybe in ze' future, no?" The girls smiled, Mitzi put a hand on Fifi's paw, "don't worry about still being a virgin," she said to her, "you have no idea how many young girls want to rush into it only to realize that that one decision can change their lives, you're still young, you have all the time you need, you'll know when you're ready." Fifi smiled at her and received a hug from her, "now come on," Mitzi said motioned for everyone, "let's go see if the boss man ate our money again."

"I'm not reaching in his mouth for it this time!" claimed Taffy.

O'Wildec finished gathering up the food for the Alley Cats and placed it in a bag he found on the way through the alleys. He had enough to feed the gang throughout the night and the next day, "I guess I could help myself to some early leftovers," he chuckled to himself. The small orange cat ran behind a garbage can and opened the bag revealing loads of leftover food such as pizza crusts, fish, plates of sauces still stuck to it, to some, it was trash and deserved to be thrown out, to him, he hit the jackpot.

"Where should I start? Ooh, fish!" O'Wildec hungrily gobbled up the fish leaving the bones, he then began eating a few bags of popcorn, "Ima' have two servings tonight, and if I'm lucky, tomorrow!" He laughed at himself as he continued his supper. Just then, he heard something and down landed a crow, it cawed at him.

"Buzz off, bird."

The crow cawed at him again, "you know, you're disturbin' my meal," O'Wildec growled, the crow didn't leave, it looked at him. The cat had enough, "here," he threw the fish bones at the crow and actually hit him, "now leave me alone!" The crow cawed at him once again and the small orange cat had enough, "look bird," he pulled out a switchblade, "I have no problem guttin' ya' so leave now or it's bye bye birdy!"

O'Wildec stopped when he heard fast-paced footsteps, no, not footsteps, pawsteps. He turned around and saw no one there, he ignored the crow and went back to his food but he heard them again, "who's there?!" he put the switchblade in front of himself and stood his ground. He paced a few steps all over his perimeter still holding out the blade until he heard someone land right behind him. Cat reflexes made him turn around to strike but his weapon was slapped out of his paw and he was shoved to the ground. He quickly recovered and saw his attacker.

There before him stood an average-sized cat with a white face and black markings, he was dressed in black but his fur was blue. "Wh-who are you?!"

"Does I not has a familiar face?" the black-clad cat mocked, O'Wildec retaliated with a cheapshot kick to the cat's leg and ran off but was caught again.

"What do you want?!" he was now restrained against the wall while the other cat held the blade close to his neck, knowing he only had one life left, O'Wildec tried to stay calm. "I want you to answer this one question," the dark cat ominously stated, "where can I find Lious and the rest of your gang?"

"My gang? How do you know about 'bout us?"

"Just answer the question!" the cat held the blade closer to the orange one, "alright I'll tell ya' just put that blade down!" he obeyed and awaited his answer, "wherever Lious and the rest of dem' Alley Cats are at, you won't live long enough to see him!" O'Wildec pounced on his attacker and began clawing him but was pushed off. He crawled a few inched across the alley until the lamp lights shined on him, "but I'm already dead…thanks to you," the attacker said as he walked under the light and revealed his face for O'Wildec to see it clearly. He gasped, "you! But…! You're supposed to be dead! We killed you!"

"Yeah, you did." Furrball gripped his paws around O'Wildec's neck and pulled him up until their eyes met, "this is your last chance," he said, the small orange cat was so terrified that he was already having regrets on coming out for food, "tell me where the rest of you are." Furrball stayed calm, not wanting to scream out should anyone walking by would see him and he didn't want his return getting around. "Tell me where they are!" he demanded again, "they usually at Dizzy's Bar & Grill at night, you can catch 'em tomorra' but they's gonna' catch you!"

Furrball felt O'Wildec's pulse and concentrated on it, a vision was brought to him. In it, he saw what appeared to be O'Wildec himself getting crucially hurt in various situations. The vision ended and Furrball finally came to, unfortunately he let go of the small orange cat during his trance and that was more than enough for O'Wilodec to grab the switchblade he dropped and lunge at him. He tried to slash and cut Furrball but the painted cat kept dodging every jab. He tried restraining O'Wildec but in the struggle the blade was getting closer to him.

The crow stood there watching them fight until its attention shifted to its right. Through its vision, Furrball saw exactly what the crow did, a truck driving down the alley! The two cats continued the struggle, "I'm gonna' make sure you stay dead this time," O'Wildec threatened, "I'll even bury you myself, in those ridiculous clothes and all!" The truck grew closer which made the crow caw, Furrball only had one chance. With the crow's eyes, Furrball saw the truck and looked at its direction causing O'Wildec's cat senses to do the same. O'Wildec saw the car and in a split second thought nothing much of it until Furrball used his hind legs to kick him off and into the alley. O'Wildec shrieked when he saw he was right in front of the oncoming truck. Furrball and the crow saw the whole thing, they heard the sound of the impact while the truck just kept on driving, the only thing left was O'Wildec's shades that tossed their way to Furrball's foot paws.

The cat and his crow walked over to the alley and saw the truck still going until it was out of sight. He bowed his head in mourning then turned to his left to see the big bag of leftover food. Furrball walked over to it and helped himself while the crow flew to him and landed on his shoulder. Once he ate something he saw how tasteless and bland the food was to him now, not wanting it to go to waste again, he fed the crow instead.

To be continued…

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