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Chapter 4

Hamton left Dizzy's first as Fifi had to stay with Taffy, Jessie and Mitzi to help clean up the bar. Aside from the Alley Cats, the rest of the night was another success. After an hour the girls were done cleaning and were ready to lock up. The girls left with Dizzy while Fifi drove off alone, with Hamton already at home waiting for her. On the way there she drove past this other car with a big splat of what appeared to be red paint along with some fabric. It looked weird but the skunkette thought nothing of it and continued driving. She was getting a little tired so she sped her driving a little more to get home sooner.

Fifi finally arrived at the home she shared with Hamton, she was ready to collapse so she quickly made her way inside. The skunkette quietly made it to her room but was interrupted when the sound of their bedroom door closed by itself! Startled, she turned around to see Hamton with a seductive smile and a rose in his mouth. Fifi gave him a tired smile for his attempt as he goofily danced his way to her. "Pardon, 'Amton," she apologized and softly turned down his advances, "but je is too tired tonight."

"But Fifi," Hamton spoke up, "we've been together for almost three years, we've grown up and graduated already."

"I know, my love, but je eez' just not ready."

Hamton's smile faded into a disappointed look, "you say that every time I try, is it me? Am I doing something wrong?"

Fifi shook her head, "non, non, eez' not vous, eet'z me, je eez' steel' not ready yet," with her last bit of strength, she put her paw behind his head, "but vhen' I am, only vous will be ze' lucky one." She kissed him and left him there hoping that that thought would help him sleep at night. Fifi hated turning down Hamton's advances, she did care for him but wasn't ready to take that feeling to the next level. The skunkette was surprised and very happy that they've waited this long but wondered how much longer was Hamton willing to wait.

The pig's smile resumed, though half-heartily, "I understand," he said in that kind voice, "I love you too much to argue over something that little." Fifi walked over to their bed and collapsed, Hamton walked to her and kissed her forehead, "I'm not really tired right now," he softly told her, "I'm going out for a jog, maybe that will wear me out," his girlfriend replied with a soft moan as she soundly slept. Hamton stepped back to see her sleep so peacefully until he changed and left the house.

The pig was upset, he knew not to advance on Fifi when they first started dating as that would be rushing it but he was starting to get a little tired of being the only one in his group of friends to not have sex yet. Hamton knew Babs and Buster did it when they were still in their senior year at Acme Loo but that was because they were careful. And due to the two bunnies knowing each other their whole lives, Babs was more prepared before her friends were. The pink bunny knew the risks and knew Buster well enough to know that she was in good hands. Same thing with Plucky and Shirley, they slept together during their senior year as well. The difference was that they did it not long after they became official but had to keep their relationship a secret. From what Hamton heard from Plucky's exaggerated bragging was that they only did it once but for the sake of their relationship and Plucky's ego, Shirley cut him off until she knew they were ready to do it again.

Be that as it may, his friends were having all the fun while he was still waiting. Fifi always assured him that he would be her first when the time came but that time didn't seem to be coming at all. Hamton didn't know what to do, maybe it was envy that for once, Plucky was getting something that the pig really wanted but couldn't have while the green mallard was probably getting that very minute. The fact that Plucky kept bragging on about it didn't help much either. Hamton continued jogging, hoping that it would get his mind off of these thoughts, "maybe it's because of…" Hamton thought, "no, no it can't be, he disappeared a long time ago, she had to have moved on by now." The next thing he knew, he received another thought in his head and continued to jog at his desired destination. The pig stopped until he found himself in front of a brick house, he reached for his phone and scrolled down until he saw the number. He hesitated at first but with his mind replaying the events of the night caused him to dial.

The other line rang a few times until he heard it being picked up.

"Uhh…hello?" the voiced answered, it was a female's voice, Hamton was about to respond but hesitated again. "Hello?" the other line asked again, but still, the pig didn't speak up. "Hello?!" still nothing. Hamton started thinking about what Fifi told him right before he left the house and knew that he couldn't go through with it. "Hamton?" the voice asked again but by this point Hamton knew what he was doing was wrong so he hung up and turned back to head home.

Whisk walked back to see Lious and Nicus, not only was he upset but he was starving! "Hey, Boss!" he shouted, "where's that little runt O'Wildec? Don't tell me he ran off wit' our food again!"

"Deh, he's got a point dere' Lious," Nicus pointed out, "remembah' he's only got da' one life, maybe somethin'…?"

"Ehh, maybe," said a calm Lious, "it has been a while, Whisk, go find Mestic and see if you both can find O'Wildec, if he's got our food stashed somewhere then his last life will be our main course."

"Well I am in the mood for stuffed turkey!" Whisk laughed at his own joke while Nicus joined in until they noticed Lious wasn't laughing with them. Nicus cleared his throat professionally just as the white cat excused himself to find Mestic, "I bet my entire dish that they find him dead," Nicus stated, "how much you wanna' bet he actually killed himself?"a sarcastic Lious retorted.

Mestic sat across the sewer tunnel from Lid, she in turn saw he was avoiding eye contact and conversation. She glared at him while her blue-shaded companion looked away with a careless expression, "you gave up a life," Lid finally spoke out, "for…me?"

"I did what I had to," Mestic responded, "the way that blow looked…I thought if it hit you then maybe…you wouldn't get back up."

"I can take care of myself."

"Oh don't give me that crap, I've been hearing you say that ever since we joined Lious."

"Well what do you expect me to say, Mestic?! You think I like doing this?! You think this is the life I wanted to grow up in?"

"They gave you a choice, if this bothered you so much then why did you stay with us?"

"Because I'm done running, I ran away from dogs, I ran away from animal catchers, Hell, I even ran away from my own owner, I had no one to turn to.

"That's not true."

"Oh yeah? Then why did you stay with us?"

"I stayed because of…you."

Before Lid could respond, Whisk appeared, "hey, Gata Fiera," he said sarcastically, "Ima' need your little friend here to go out an' help me look for that bottomless-pit stomach, O'Wildec."

"What happened?" Mestic asked, "did he gorge himself again? I don't even know why Lious let him out, do you know how many times that idiot has died on us? They probably jumped him by now."

"Maybe," Lid pointed out, "but if he's dead then we're all gonna' die with him from starvation if we don't get that food, now go!" The two male cats quickly left before their appetites worsened, "Mestic gave up a life, for me," Lid quietly said to herself, the female cat looked on at the direction the aforementioned cat ran off to.

Furrball sat on top of a house watching the night go on with itself. He looked back on the events that transpired earlier in the night, the whole night to be exact. He has pretty much risen from the dead, realized that he's been dead for almost three years, everyone has moved on with their lives, including Fifi, and most recently, he caused a life to end. "I…killed him," the painted cat's voice had a hint of sadness and regret, "was it really worth it? Ending his life?" His crow landed right beside him and a vision clouded his sight.

So what do I do? Just take it like this an- the sound of that bullet echoed in his ear as his vision cleared, "he killed me," Furrball sadly said, "they…all killed me, they each took a life from me…" Furrball lifted his head fiercely, "they have to pay!" The crow cawed at him and led him to another location. The cat ran and jumped from building to building and still managed to land on his foot paws. He noticed that his agility increased than when he was still living, back then he was only able to jump from fences, this was an amazing upgrade. The night was still young for a while longer and Furrball decided to call it a night and head back to Elmyra's old house after this final deed the crow was making him do.

In a few minutes the two arrived at a very familiar place, Furrball was surprised it was still there, the carnival where he was supposed to meet Fifi years ago. The cat slowly paced around the rides and game booths, "why do carnivals always have to look so creepy at night?" Furrball wondered. He stopped at a game that consisted of hitting the bell hard enough to ring it but the mallet was nowhere in sight. He turned around to look at the ferris wheel, his crow flew close by and noticed the bell on the game behind him was a little loose. At the first sign of movement, the crow cawed at Furrball causing him to turn around to see what the black bird was cawing about. Through the crow's eyes, Furrball saw the bell unlatching itself and fell right down to him. Fortunately, he dodged it just in time and saw the bell fall in front of him and bounced off in another direction.

"Still unlucky," he frowned. Furrball then remembered something else, he ran outside the carnival with the crow flying behind him. After going through a few blocks and avoiding streetlights shining on him, the undead cat arrived at the junkyard. "This is where Fifi lives," Furrball stated to himself, "where's that Cadillac house?" He lurked around the junkyard for a few minutes until he realized that Fifi's home wasn't there anymore. "Where is she?" he asked himself, "maybe she moved? But where? Where did everyone move on to?" His mind raced with so many questions regarding his former classmates until he came up with a clue, "the articles," he concluded, "I must return to the house." The crow cawed in agreement and showed through his vision the sun almost coming up. Furrball then scatted away as the crow led him back to Elmyra's old house to recover and plan out for the next night.

Hamton returned back home, he quietly made his way upstairs to sleep. He entered the room and saw Fifi in the same position as she was in when he left. His phone started vibrating, interrupting that moment. "Who could be calling me at this hour?" the pig looked at the caller I.D. and saw the name. Hamton hesitated in answering but he still rejected the call, "why did I even call you?" Knowing that his phone would probably ring throughout the night and Fifi wanting answers regarding it, he turned it off and went to sleep. But part of him wanted to leave it on.

The sun's rays were peeking out and the new day was starting, unfortunately for the Alley Cats, their supper would have to become their breakfast. The cat gang rambled all at once in front of Lious and
Nicus, demanding to know why their food still has not arrived. "Alright shutup an' listen up!" Lious boomed, "we all know O'Wildec's known for keeping our food for himself but I just sent Whisk and Mestic to go look for him, if he doesn't have our food ready to be eaten they you all can have him for breakfast!" Nicus stepped forward, "duh, he'll even be nice n' have you decide who gets to beat 'im up!" the grey cat announced, "he'll be all yours!"

This still didn't please the cats, it eased them up a bit but finding O'Wildec wasn't going solve everything. Before they could complain some more, Whisk and Mestic appeared with a sack in their paws.

"About time!" yelled Clawz

"Yeah, we're dyin' over here!" yelled Tus.

"Bring it," ordered Lious, the other two cats obeyed and handed him the sack of food. The bigger orange cat looked inside and looked back up at them with a vicious look, "there's barely enough to feed us, Hell, there's barely enough to feed me!"

"He's been holdin' out on us again," Nicus stated, "how can such a small cat have a huge appetite?!"

"Speakin' of which, where is that walkin' stomach?!"

Whisk glanced back at Mestic and the blue-shaded Alley Cat pulled out what appeared to be O'Wildec's broken shades. The others saw them and gasped, assuming the worst. "Well," Nicus calmly said, "that takes care of that." Lious glanced back at Lid, "now I know what you see in him, you girls love your bad boys." Lious and Nicus laughed while the embarrassed Lid scoffed and looked away. "Keep it," Lious told Mestic, regarding the shades, "he had it comin' anyway."

"It wasn't us, Boss," Mestic shook his head, "we didn't kill him."

"Yeah," agreed Whisk, "we found his shades in this one alley."

"And then we found him…or what's left of him."

"What are you talkin' about? Speak up!" Lious ordered again.

The two Alley Cats were looking pretty traumatized, "they was scrapin' him off this car, they was talkin' bout how he was thrown in front of it."


To be continued…

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