Kyara stormed through the hospital, tears running down her face, as confusion swamped over her. Why was César here? He was supposed to be dead. Kyara never forgot how shortly after she first came to the island, the Event happened. It was terrifying to learn of the nanite cloud enveloping the planet and infecting the earth. However, even with the breakup in the front of her mind, learning that none of the original scientists had survived except Meechum, had devastated her. Perhaps it was because the breakup was so fresh in her mind, that it hadn't clicked how César had hurt her. Perhaps it was because she still hoped that he would come back and find her, apologizing profusely and begging to take her back.

She had mourned his death as much as any other loved one. She had read his name among the dead in the explosion. She remembered reading how no bodies could be found or expected to be found because the incident would have eradicated any physical presence.

After she came to terms with César's death, she came to terms with their breakup. She realized that it didn't matter if she mourned or not, because she didn't matter to César anymore. She was nothing to him. It was shortly after that that Rohan's father had approached her about living with him.

Two years had passed since the Event. Kyara was still angry at everything that had happened, but only Kyle had the ability to calm her down. She had found a certainty, a constant in her life that she hadn't ever had before. Even César had not offered her this comfort since months before their breakup.

A knock at the door sounded throughout the small house. She was trying to make dinner for Kyle with the scarce variety of ingredients in his home. She growled to herself at the interruption, but left the the stove burning, and picked up Rohan who was crying in the corner. Placing him on her him, she cooed softly before opening the door.

Van Kleiss was standing there.

He looked different, older and more worn out. Besides this, the only obvious difference was the gold machine on his left arm. His clothes were the same and the same hunger that had always made Kyara nervous was still in his eyes. Those eyes still made Kyara nervous, especially when they latched onto Rohan greedily.

"Ah, Kyara Maston. It's a pleasure to see you once more."

"What do you want?"

"My, my, what a handsome boy. He looks like he's only like he's a year and half. Kyara, is this what you were hiding from all of us before the Event? Is he really César's child?"

Kyara gasped at the mention of César. It had been many months since that name had been spoken. Anger boiled up inside Kyara, but she had nowhere to release it.

"I see that it is. Congrats. Too bad César didn't survive to see his son."

Kyara had had enough. "Get out, Van Kleiss. I don't care why you're here. Just get out!" She shouted, slamming the door in his face. She collapsed against the door, determined not to let anything inside. Rohan started to cry in her arms from her outburst. She sung softly a lullaby from her early years though she could never remember where it came from. Before her breathing had even calmed, the small boy was fast asleep in her arms. She waited for Van Kleiss to knock down the door, to try to continue their "conversation," but nothing came. It wasn't until Kyle came home from work did her mind stop thinking about the strange encounter.

Kyara walked into Rohan's room and watched her son sleeping. She was unsure why Van Kleiss thought that he was César's son. Sure, Rohan was small for his age, but he wasn't that small. She always got defensive over Rohan's size, especially when the tourists criticized her for not giving him enough to eat. The charity at times could sometimes be unbearable.

Footsteps echoed from behind her as the person entered the room. She didn't even turn, but she still knew those footsteps well, even though they were older and heavier. Though he was older now, almost a young man, she would always remember the little boy she played games with to teach him his lessons. If she was honest with herself, she had missed him. Even her issues with César could not taint the relationship she had with the boy.

"Hey, Rex," she whispered as she walked over to stand by Rohan's beside. She stroked his hair away from his forehead gently. He was the only reason she had left to live. She hoped Rex could do what she needed him to do.

"Kyara." His tone was formal and awkward. She could tell he was put off by her rage at César.

"Please help him," she begged. "I don't know if you remember me - you didn't last time - but I can't lose Rohan. He is the only thing I have left in this world."

Without even saying a word, Rex walked up to the little boy in the bed. He was small for his size, and whatever reason he was in the hospital had taken a serious toll on his body. Already, his face had gone beyond pale, his eyes were sunken. Rex, though he admitted he was unsure of why he had to activate the same nanites he had deactivated only weeks before. It was rather annoying, but seeing the boy, Rohan, he knew he had to do something.

Rex laid his hands on the boy's tiny chest and closed his eyes. Instantly, he felt the the deactivated nanites throughout Rohan's body. Though off, they held a certain power, as if begging to be turned back on. Taking a deep breath, Rex did the last thing he had ever imagined himself doing in a thousand years after the Cure Event. He felt his nanites tingling with the others following suit. Rex opened his eyes.

The boy glanced up at Kyara. A weak smile spread across his face. "Ky, you're here."

Kyara laughed as tears streamed down her face. She clutched Rohan to her chest, beaming with joy. Rohan pushed away from her, confused by the attention. Kyara pulled back, smiling. She glanced over at Rex. She stood up and embraced him tightly, whispering under her breath, "Thank you."

Kyara could not describe the gratitude and joy she was feeling in her heart. Her soul was leaping with happiness as her son had come back to her. He was no longer on Death's door waiting to enter into his home. He was back. All thanks to Rex.

"You're Rex!" Rohan gasped as soon as he saw Rex standing there. "You saved me!"

"Yeah, kid. Thanks to your mom."

Rohan smiled. "Yeah, she's cool. But you're Rex! You cure EVOs. You saved the planet! How cool is that?"

Rex smiled, enjoying the attention he was getting. "You can tag along sometime if you want."


"When you're older, Rohan," Kyara pitched in quickly. She had just gotten her son back. She was not going to let him throw his life away just yet.

"Aw..." Rohan grumbled as he slid back down into his bed. Though he had not changed physically - he still looked as if he was on the verge of dying - there was now a certain light in his eyes that had previously been lacking. Rex smiled as the kid started to fire questions at him, like what was it like to save the planet. He answered every one patiently. Kyara only interrupted after Rohan started asking if Rex had girlfirend and what it was like to kiss her.

Rex glanced at Kyara. She was different from the person he met ages ago. Instead of the girl whom he had started to think of as an older sister, he saw a gentle mother. Instead of César's girlfriend, she was a young woman with endless love for those she cared about. Even though her life had been difficult, Rex still saw the same soul inside her.

"I don't believe it." A voice came from behind. Rex turned and saw a tall man with unruly blonde hair, but deeply tanned skin. His eyes were a piercing blue. However, despite the labcoat saying he was a doctor, something inside of Rex clamored that he couldn't be trusted. "He was right."

"Dr. Kid, what are you talking about?" Kyara asked, her smile becoming confused.

"He said that it would work," Dr. Kid muttered. "I didn't believe him. It should have been impossible. But he was right."

Kyara's face twisted into concern. She stood up, and in front of Rohan protectively. Rex did the same. Something was definitely off. Kyara's voice, filled with worry, asked, "Dr. Kid, who was right?"

He said is so softly the first time, that no one heard him. Kyara asked him to speak up. When he finally said the name, Kyara gasped and Rex confirmed that this man could not be trusted. The name chilled the room. Shivers of fear went through the spines of everyone as the name was uttered. Rex had hoped, no, begged to any and every higher power that he had been gone for good. That he had ended up in the fiery pits of hell and that he would never show his face again. Some might have called it wishful thinking. To Rex and Kyara, it was their deepest desperate desire.

"Van Kleiss."

Dr. Kid glanced at Kyara, a wave of sorrow passing through him briefly. But he had to do what he had to do. It was the entire reason for giving Rohan the virus in the first place. He reached inside his white coat and pulled out a pistol. "Kyara, I'm so sorry."

He pulled the trigger.

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