It's Here I Lie

Grell POV

I lie in between two men.
I'm stuck.
To my right, Sebastian Michaelis, the one I've been yearning to have for so long.
To my left, William T. Spears, my long term friend.
To love them both is troublesome, to not know their true feelings for oneself is tragic.

I lie in between two men.
My arms out stretch to both of them.
I stared straight ahead.
If I were to be standing, I'd look like I'd been tied to a cross.
I love them both but I feel my love waver.

I lie in between two men.
My head faces the right while my body faces forward.
My love is corrupted and favours one.

I lie in between two men.
My left hand clutches my head as I face right.
It hurts.
I need to choose one and my love tells me of who to decide on but I fear for the out come.

I lie in between two men.
Fear disappeared, I now face right fully.
No further feeling being produced to the left, I've gained faith in the right.

I lie in between two men.
I reach right.
It's time I do something.
It's time I tell someone.
Not the man to the left, it would only cause trouble.
No, but I must tell someone.

I lie between two men.
I speak with the man on the right.
Confessing, he watches my every move.
Then he laughs.
I feel my heart crumple into a rotten apple.
What was I really expecting to happen?

I lie in between two men.
I'm stuck again.
I hug myself tightly as tears stream down my face.
I still face right towards what is now a shadowed and cold nothing, my back to the left where a friend looks on disapprovingly and hatefully.
How foolish I've been.
Will I ever be loved?


No, I don't think I will.