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At the Library, Part 3

Following along in the Spirit of the Haircut and Laundry stories, Dominant Sam, Submissive Dean

Sam chased the Librarian and the Assistant Librarian away.

"Go on, you've had your fun. "

The Librarian had ended up sucking Dean off and Dean was currently in a state of collapse.

Sam was annoyed. He shook his brother. "Come on Dean, pull it together and get dressed."

Dean moaned. "Sam, you pass me around like a party favor then expect me to snap to when you whistle?" He started picking up his clothes.

"Really?" Sam replied. "You're the boss now?" A hard swat to the ass became Dean's latest sensation; now he also felt pain.

Sam found the Register of Births and Deaths that they needed and carried it out the library carrel. Dean trailed behind, tucking in his clothes.

They sat next to each other and poured over the records. Sam raised a hand to the back of Dean's neck and played softly with the fine hair.

"I'm sorry," Sam whispered. "I really shouldn't have treated you like a piece of meat, even if it was hot as hell."

Dean dropped his head; basking in his brother's adoration. "No harm done; I know you love me."

They gathered their notes and Sam took Dean's hand and led him past the hungry eyes

Outside it was raining. Dean raised his face and let the rain wash his sins away.