This is the scene in which Korra goes to Pema to "ask her for a certain herb concoction."

FLUFFY FLUFFY FLUFFINESS. Also, if there are any boys reading this, there's some serious girl talk here, so if that makes you uncomfortable, don't say I didn't warn you. ;)




Left, right, left, right.

One step at a time.

She watched her feet as they carried her closer and closer to the door of Pema and Tenzin's quarters. The smooth pattern they made calmed her somehow.

She reached the screen door. Taking a deep breath, she lightly tapped a fist on one of the wooden braces.

"Come in!" came Pema's voice.

Korra slid the door open slowly and walked in. Pema shared a room with her family that was only slightly more spacious than Korra's, with a queen-sized bed and several tables and drawers leaning against the walls. Everything was made of wood that was stained a deep chestnut colour, and it gave the room a rustic feel. The room was empty except for Pema and her baby son. Pema was changing Rohan's diapers.

"Hey, Pema!" Korra called out.

Pema turned and smiled when she saw who it was. "Why, hello, Korra," she replied brightly. "Nice of you to drop by."

"Let me help you with that," Korra offered.

"Thank you. That would be a great help."

Korra took the soiled cloth away from Pema and dropped it in the nearby receptacle, pinching her nose to block out the stink. She picked up a fresh one from inside the dresser drawer and helped Pema wrap it around Rohan's bottom.

Rohan didn't make it easy for them. He kicked and fought, and his cooing melted away any annoyance that Korra or Pema might have developed for him.

"Phew, he's a feisty one," Korra remarked, when they'd finally managed to wrangle it on.

"He is, isn't he?" Pema replied happily. Her eyes crinkled when she smiled. "He'll fit in perfectly with his brothers and sisters,"

"Yeah, definitely," Korra said with a grimace. The three airbender children were already a handful. She couldn't imagine would it be like to have to take care of another one as well.

Korra was silent for a moment as she worked up her courage.

"Pema... ," she began hesitantly. "Can I ask a favour from you?"

"Of course. Ask away."

"I was just wondering if you have any extra...uh, erhu...that you'd be willing to give to me...?"


She cringed. "You know...a herb mixture for birth control?"

Pema's eyebrows flew up. "Oh, that erhu. As a matter of fact, I think I do have some." Then she gave Korra a knowing grin. "So. Does this mean you're finally getting serious with Mako?"

Korra wished a cave would open in the floor beneath her feet and swallow her up.

Finally? What do you mean by 'finally?' she thought, but couldn't say. Instead, an incredibly intelligent sounding "Uh..." escaped her mouth.

Pema chuckled at the expression on Korra's face. "Don't be embarassed," she said, flapping a hand at her. "It's a natural part of life. Nearly everyone goes through this stage at one point or another." She moved towards to the cupboard at the far corner of the room. "I'm just glad you remembered you needed it and came to me beforehand."

"I'm just glad Katara drilled it into me enough that I didn't forget," she replied honestly.

"Oh, so it was in the heat of the moment that you remembered, was it?"

Korra nodded sheepishly. "Yeah."

"I'm impressed! I have to admit, I forgot my third or fourth time. That's how Jinora was born," Pema told her, and Korra tried her best to block out that mental image.

Pema rummaged around in the cupboards. A few bottles and packets of things unknown to Korra dropped onto the floor.

"Let me see...erhu...I'm sure I have some lying around...yes, here it is!" With a triumphant flourish, she produced a glass jar filled with finely ground plant stems of burgundy and dark green colours. She set it down on a table and began to unscrew the cap.

"Now, listen carefully," she said. "You have to take two spoonfuls every day for the first week of your monthly cycle before it comes into effect. That is, the first week after your bleeding ends. And it lasts for the rest of your cycle. After that, well, it works continually as long as you take it every first week."

She spooned some into a smaller jar for Korra to take, continuing her explanation as she did so.

"It tastes awful, of course" - she made a face - "but it works without fail each time."

Korra nodded. "Two spoonfuls, every day for first week, tastes bad, got it."

Pema smiled warmly at her. "Here you go, my dear."

Korra took the jar in her hands and studied the mixture inside it through the glass. It looked strange enough that she could tell, even without tasting it, that it wouldn't be pleasant thing to have to swallow every day. Once again, though, there was no way around having to take it.

"If you need more, don't be afraid to ask," Pema added. "And you can come to me any time if you have questions."

"Thanks a lot, Pema." Korra dropped the jar carefully in her pocket. She helped Pema put the fallen items back in neat order on the shelves. Then she added, "But please don't tell Tenzin about this."

"Of course not! It's our little secret," Pema affirmed, winking at Korra. The wink made Korra nervous. Pema turned back to Rohan and picked him up, cradling him in her arms.

"Okay. Thanks again, Pema," Korra said. "Bye! See you at dinner!"

"Have fun!" Pema called, winking at Korra again as Korra exited the door.

Korra twitched. Terribly.





Bolinlover123, I stole the name 'erhu' from one of your stories, because it's a neat little word, and because I thought you might find it funny if you read this. Sorry :D

Aaand that's a wrap, folks. This scene was fun to write, and I hope it was fun to read too. See ya around :J