One year later

The Order had won the battle. Voldemort and his followers, except few who had been sent to Azkaban, were dead. It was the 5th of December. It was exactly one year after the victory of the Order. Everyone was at Hogwarts. Dumbledore was at the front of the tables inside the Great Hall and he was talking about the people who died one year ago for a free world. Everyone had tears to their eyes. James was crying. After a few minutes he kissed his daughter to her head and put her at his mother's arms. His son was beside Remus who had his arm wrapped around his shoulders. He walked outside and towards the graveyard which the Order had built for the people who died one year ago at the battle.

''She was so young. Her whole family is inside. You should go and see them. They asked me where you are.'' James said and went and stood in front of the grave beside her.

''I will go in a bit'' She said and wipped her tears. She turned towards James. He put his palm to her cheek. She leaned to his touch. He took a deep breath and looked her ''Hermione at least you are alive. I miss my father and everyone terrible but at least I have you still in my life. At least I haven't lost you. I love you''

Hermione opened her eyes and looked at him ''I love you James.'' The couple kissed each other. Few moments later James took her hand and the coupled walked inside Hogwarts holding each other.


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