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Hinata smiled softly at the message on the screen of her computer.

CrimsonNight: Do you remember how we met?

PaleMoon: I posted "In this world, there is no such thing as a true person. Everybody hides behind something; a mask of sorts. It can be anything, a smile, indifference, even a shy exterior."

CrimsonNight: And I wanted to know where you got it from. You said you thought of it on a whim.

PaleMoon: Yes. That was three months ago now... Funny, how it all started.

CrimsonNight: When can we meet?

PaleMoon: I would... But I'm afraid.

CrimsonNight: Afraid of what?

Hinata stared at her key-bored, not knowing how to answer. This guy, she talked to him on the computer every night, even texted him during the day... But they never revealed each-others names.

Threw the time they spent talking, they shared their ways of thinking, deep logical thoughts, views... She knew him so well, yet not at all.

Since she was able to hide behind her pen-name, Hinata was able to be open and share her thoughts. In real life, she would never be able to do such a thing a thing. Carefully, she typed her next sentence.

PaleMoon: "Whatever I take, I take too much or too little; I do not take the exact amount. The exact amount is no use to me." ~Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943, translated from Spanish by W.S. Merwin.

CrimsonNight: In other-words, it's better for me not to know. May I ask why?

PaleMoon: It is better to know some of the questions rather than all the answers. With answers, there is no questions. With questions, there is always an answer.

CrimsonNight: Your thinking intrigues me, as usual. , Perhaps, you think I would find you bland in person?

PaleMoon: You read me well.

CrimsonNight: Moon, You know I would not dis-regard you so.

PaleMoon: Look at the time... Midnight.

CrimsonNight: Great subject change. Will you text me tomorrow?

PaleMoon: Don't I always?

CrimsonNight: Sleep well, PaleMoon.

PaleMoon: You too, Knight.

CrimsonNight: Do you still insist on calling me that ridiculous name?

PaleMoon: Of course :)


Hinata yawned, her eyes blurry with sleep. She really had to stop staying up late to talk to Knight. She smiled at the thought, the name was a simple play on words, yet fitted Night so well. He was exactly like knight in shining armour, which is why it suited him so well.

Another yawn broke her thoughts. Groggily she dressed herself in her usual garb; baggy back pants, a white tank, with her tan jacket covering her body from sight.

"Hinata-sama! Hurry, I'm going to leave without you." Neji's voice drifted up the stairs. Hinata blinked, her eyes going wide. She glanced at her brush, then her toothbrush. With a quick decision, she grabbed both. With great speed, she barrelled down the stairs, her brush in one hand, her toothbrush in the other.

Blue eyes met white.

"Naruto! Your...Your.. Your catching a... Ri-ri-ri-ride too..?" Hinata stuttered, attempting to brush her hair and brush her teeth at the same time. Naruto chucked, his hand motioning to the hair brush. With a slight pout, she handed him the brush and turned around. With that, Naruto started to brush the knots and kinks out gently. "Ow.. Car-Careful.." She whimpered when he started yanking on a rather large knot.

"Sorry Hinata, but it's so hard..!" He yanked harder, trying to get the brush threw her hair. Her whimpers grew louder, while Naruto grunted with each pull. But the knot refused to let the brush past.

"Narutooo.." Hinata whined, her eyes closing in pain. Her scalp was rather sensitive, more so than she would like to admit.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Neji burst into the room, his pale eyes blazing. Hinata blinked, her head getting pulled back as Naruto yanked his hand back, which was connected to the brush, which was stuck in the knot. Needless to say, it hurt.

"Naruto..!" Hinata gasped, her hands going to her hair. She glared at him half-heartily, rubbing her aching scalp.

"Sorry! Sorry!" Naruto yelled, his voice frantic. Hinata looked back to him, her cheeks puffed out in a pout. Naruto had his hands up in the air, she blinked when she realized he was blushing-his blue eyes wide.

"Whats wrong?" She asked, eyeing him up as she carefully tried to get the brush out of her hair. It stayed stuck. Oh, how she disliked her long hair.

"No.. Nothing." His eyes moved from Neji to her, his blush dying down.

"Hinata-sama.." Neji sighed, it almost sounded like relief. Hinata turned to stare at him for a moment, not understanding what made the two boys act so strange.

A moment later, Naruto resumed to try get the knot out. After more yanking, and great pain-they finally got the knot smoothed out and the brush free.

Naruto pumped his fist into the air, a look of victory on his face. "I HAVE CONCURRED THE KNOT OF DOOM!" He yelled, his voice echoing down the empty halls of the Hyuuga mansion.

"Naruto..!" Her cheeks heated as she ran her fingers the long tresses, checking for any other knots. "Thats... Not... Very nice..." She huffed. Naruto gripped onto her arm, his bottom lip jutted out. She resisted to smile at his antics.

"But Hinataaaa~" He whined, pulling on her arm. Playfully, she ignored him, a laugh bubbling in her throat as his eyeborws pulled together in a mock way. "Hinataaaaa~!" She burst out laughing when his cheeks puffed out as well. The combination of the tree made him look like a monkey.

"So-so-sorry..." She huffed, bitting the side of her cheek in an effort to contain her giggles. It did nothing because when she met Naruto's eyes again she burst into another fit of giggles.

"Break it up you two. Time to go!" Neji gripped her wrist, pulling her out the door with ease. Naruto followed, his head and shoulders drooped. She continued giggling, the monkey face stuck in her head.

Hinata giggled harder, her laughter finally dyeing as her eyes met obsidian. Sasuke. He was leaning against Neji's Jeep, his arms crossed in a haughty way.

"Good morning, Sasuke." She greeted him, her smile widening. It was rare for Sasuke to join them in the mornings. He was another childhood friend of hers, just like Naruto.

"Hn." He stared at her, his expression blank. Grouchy. She tilted her head, questioning him. After a moment, he mouthed 'Tell you later...' She nodded.

It was probably THAT again.

"Well... Off we go..." She smiled brightly. Today was going to be a good day. Her two best friends and cousin by her side, and Knight to text.

Defiantly a good day.


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