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"You will not even look at her..!" Naruto threw another punch at Hidan's bloodied face. The white haired male grinned, his teath coated in blood.

"That ugly thing? Why would-" Sasuke kicked Hidan in the stomach, making the male keel over. "That bitch isnt..." Hidan gasped. "Worth..." He spat the blood from his mouth. "My time.." He leaned heavily against the wall behind him.

"You better not bother her. Or it will be worst."


Hinata stared at her phone, waiting for HIS reply. CrimsonNight. She ended up texting him "To be heard, one must be seen... Why cant people hear, without judjing what they see...?" It was true, she wanted to share her thoughts, to be more open... But people were judgemental and harsh. Thats why she stuck behind her pen name PaleMoon. That way their harsh words ment less.

"Hinata..." She looked up at Gaara, her eyes locked on his auqua ones. Ever since the incident he kept hovering above her like a hawk, always watching her. "Do you really want to go back to class?" His low voice was comforting to her. Its low vibration soothed her rapidly beating heart. With a sigh, she looked back to her phone.

Still no reply. Her gaze lowerd. It wasnt like she was top priority for him anyway...

"Yes..." She trotted over to his side. Silently, they begain walking with eachother.


Partway into the class, CrimsonNights reply came. Her heart begain to race as she opened her phone, a small smile playing on her lips.

CrimsonNight: People arnt perfect. Not one person is. People only judge to feel better of their own flaws. Are you being bullied again?

Hinata blushed. The last time she was being bullied she was almsost found out by him. She almost blurted her name and who was doing the bulling. This time, she would keep quiet.

PaleMoon: No... Im just confused, seeing how this world now is built on looks. To be heard, you need to be beautiful. To be popular, you need to have designer cloths. Everything is materialistic. What ever happened to morals?

Maybe it was just her. Her morals were rather high, and her curtosy knew no bounds.. But she couldnt help it. It was how she was. Her father couldnt understand where she got it, since the rest of the family's children were ego-listic and spoiled. But Hinata could care less for material things, she cared more for smiles and thank yous. Like if she held the door open for an elderly couple, when they thank her it makes her heart swell.

Yes, maybe she was just weird.

CrimsonNight: Why not teach them? Remind them of how a person should act. Lady's and gentlemen are no more, but that doesn't mean morals need to fade as well.

Hinata froze.

Teach them...? Never once did that pass threw her mind. Yes, become more open. But... Teach..?

That was a whole other story.

PaleMoon: I don't know... That's... No one would listen.

CrimsonNight: You never know until you try, right?

PaleMoon: Yes...

CrimsonNight: Arnt you in class?

PaleMoon: Yes, but I felt a need to text you, Knight.

Hinata blushed at her bold words. Only since she never seen Her Knight was why she could be so forword. But she had no doubt in her mind she liked him.

CrimsonNight: I wish you would stop with that ridiculous name already...

PaleMoon: Never, your reaction to it it the best 3

Hinata hurried her face in her arms after sending it, her whole face flaming. She liked him, there was no doubt at all.


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