When everything was finally done and dusted, Jack drove Phryne home.

"Don't get too used to having a police vehicle and driver at your beck and call," he cautioned. "This is strictly a one-off."

"Of course."

They both knew it wasn't true: she'd always be able to convince him to do almost anything she wanted and, if she couldn't win him over, there was always Constable Collins. Saying it was almost a ritual, a game they had been playing since the day she first inveigled her way into his investigations.

"Would you like to stay for supper?" she asked, as he pulled up outside her house.

He hesitated for only a moment. There was no meal waiting for him at home, and no wife either. Here was warmth, and welcome, and the woman he loved.

"I would, thank you."

And so he stayed for supper. And then he stayed the night.