Here it is... section 2 of the X-Files Episode-Making Clause: Mutants!

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2. Mutants
Any and all episodes involving mutants or other such freaks of nature must include at least one scene in which the main
character(s) find(s) him/her/themselves alone in a hotel room, the mutant having followed them there. All shapeshifters must
enter underneath the locked door, although mutants possessed of intangibility powers may choose their point of entrance.
All mutants possessed of abnormal mental capabilities must will one of the hotel doormen to open the locked door for them.
Under no circumstances should the hotel staff check the air ducts for suspicious sounds until at least three quarters (3/4)
of the way through the episode. When they do investigate, only one person is to go at a time. When the first investigator
has been dispatched, a second is to be sent in. Repeat with as many investigators as necessary to take up an interval of
space between two commercial breaks.
If the hotel does not have sufficient room to fit an actor in the ducts, they must have a brief hand-to-hand fight with the
main character(s). This fight must result in Mulder losing his gun.

Mulder: DAMN it!

The agent's partner is then to a) find a way out of the hotel room (but is not to evacuate the other guests), or b) to
unwittingly scare away the mutant. If choice B is taken, the agents must proceed to have a long, thoughtful discussion as to
the cause of the departure of said mutant. This discussion is to be interrupted by the agent's boss informing them of either
a clue as to the identity of the killer (see section 1, paragraph 2) -

*Skinner holds up a photo album titled 'Random Suspects'*

- or another death/killing.

Scully: Sigh.

The mutant is then to reveal themselves to one of the agents, but is to disguise themselves or otherwise avoid detection from
or contact with the other agent for as long as possible. If possible, Mulder should lose his gun again.

Mutant & Scully: Yay!
Mulder: Excuse me?
Mutant & Scully: We mean boooo!

There is then to be a confusing conclusion, involving the local authorities and the agent's boss and a touching scene of
respect and trust between the two agents.

Mulder & Scully: Jesus, not AGAIN...


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