Based heavily off of the Captured series and my own, twisted imagination.

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Part 1


Screams of and terror and anguish echoed around me like an out of control tornado, getting louder and louder, and then, all at once, fading into nothing. Don't be stupid. Don't be stupid. I pushed myself to keep going, fought with the reckless and selfless girl that wanted to break free, but, as if my limbs were being controlled by strings, my feet continued to pound against the merciless ground beneath me.

Sharp twigs and nasty rocks persisted to embed themselves deeper into my sore flesh, but I didn't feel any pain. All I felt was fear.

Red and orange and yellow flames, like whips, destroying everything in their path, had somehow spread everywhere. My once beautiful forest was now an oven, its inhabitants and beautiful trees, unable to run like the coward I was proving to be, being cooked to a sickening crisp.

They had caught us completely off guard this time.

The Vampires.

My father and his men, paranoid that our village would soon be discovered, had made sure that the area was secure countless times. My home had been equipped with some of the best remaining fighters, healers, and leaders there were, but that meant little to nothing when it comes to the Vampires; they're smarter, faster, more resilient, and stronger than us––oh! And I almost forgot to mentionthat they're nearly impossible to kill!

On either side of me, striving to get away, were at least a dozen other members from the Resistance. We were lucky, but we had also been forced to abandon our family, friends, and neighbors. My conscience was screaming at me to go back and help, but, even if it was disgusting and selfish, I knew better.

I could not get caught.

Faster. Faster.

I had been able to convince myself that the faster I went, the less I would be able to think.

The screams in the distance became more muffled as our party ventured further and further. We had no idea where we planned to go, we just kept running blindly in the opposite direction of the enemy's village, into unfamiliar territory.

The man next to me, Hodge, was noticeably beginning to slow down. He was an older man, in his late fifties, but seeing as he was constantly training and out hunting, his endurance was spectacular. "Keep going," I encouraged him. I had to leave my father and brother behind and I was not going to let anyone else go if I could prevent it from happening, especially not the kind, old man that used to read and tell me stories when I was little.

He sent me a strained smile that didn't reach his eyes and a muscle in his jaw jumped as he fought to keep up with me.

A sudden wail tore through the air and I stopped abruptly, my legs burning and numb. Hodge, in a frenzy, followed my actions and caught hold of my arm, panting heavily. "Clary, there's no time! They're right behind us!" The other people that I had been leading kept going, completely ignorant of us, driven with fear. I could make out a little heap a few yards away, accompanied by sobs. My heart clenched.

"Hodge, you need to go. I'll be right behind you," I said, already feinting towards my desired destination.

"No!" he shouted. "I promised your father that I would do everything in my power to keep you safe. I am not leaving you."

"Just go!" I said, aware of the time that I'd already lost. "GO!"


"I'll be right behind you!" I screamed, the poor child's cries never ceasing.



Hodge shook his head, knowing that arguing with me, having watched me grow up, was futile. His calloused fingers trailed across my cheek and stopped at my hair momentarily, giving my thick tendrils a firm squeeze. "I'm not leaving you."

"Hodge!" I shouted. "Please. It's not safe."

Without warning, he took off towards the helpless figure in the distance, leaving me with no other choice but to follow him. "Hodge!" I cried. "Go the other way!"

He kept going.

I picked up my pace, my frustration proving to be overwhelming, my legs, seemingly as heavy as cement moving faster than I ever thought possible. The victim was a young boy, scrawny and helpless, clutching his arm to his chest. I slid on my knees to reach his side, Hodge already attending to him, and placed my hands on his shoulders. He was Max, the only other girl in our village that was my age, Isabelle Lightwood's little brother. "Max! We need to go!"

"My arm," he cried, his bottom lip quivering. "It hurts!"

"I know buddy," I pressed. "But we need to go! We can make it all better soon, okay?"

Hodge shook his head in frustration. "I'll carry him."

"Are you sure––"

"Yes. We need to get out of here," Hodge barked.

Then, out of nowhere, a set of feet landed on the ground beside us, as light as a feather. The tree's branches that he had launched himself out of were vigorously shaking, its leaves crunching in its wake. "Aw, leaving so soon?" he cooed, his voice as smooth as velvet.

My blood turned to ice and my eyes widened. Vampire. Max cowered against Hodge and let out a whimper. The demon with a human's face grinned maliciously and stalked towards us. "How unfortunate," he said. "I'll never understand humans. Why risk your lives for a…" his eyes loomed over Max as he seemed to be groping for the right words, "little, pathetic thing that's completely useless to you?"

"Hodge," I said through clenched teeth, my hand inching towards my belt as my eyes stayed glued on the monster, "get out of here now."

Despite feeling as if I had turned to stone, as the Vampire took his next, taunting step, I swiftly jumped to my feet, whipping out my dagger and holding it out in front of me with a steady hand. "Hodge, get out of here NOW!"



In my peripheral vision I watched as Hodge gathered Max in his arms and hesitantly began to sprint in the other direction, towards safety; he respected me enough to not let my sacrifice got to waste. The Vampire stared me down with an amused glint in his eye. "You know I could've easily taken all three of you, I still can, but you sure are a pretty little thing," he said, my pathetic, little weapon the only thing separating me from him. "Surely someone will pay me enough money for you that it won't matter that the others got away."

"Stay back!" I mustered, raising my dagger a little higher.

He let out a melodious guffaw and threw his head back. "That's rich! You really think you can defend yourself from a Vampire with that?" His laughter cut off abruptly and he cocked his head to the side, his thin lips pulling into a devilish smirk. "No, you look like a smart girl. You know that you're as good as dead. You're just trying to be brave, aren't you?"

I took a sloppy step backwards, almost losing my footing, a cold sweat crawling up my spine. "Your hair is so red," the Vampire observed. "Almost as red as blood. Mmm, I can smell your blood... You would be so delicious, sweet and intoxicating." He took another bold step forward as he inhaled heavily, his haunting gray eyes never leaving mine. "I think I've struck gold."

He grinned. "But...You're going to make this harder than this has to be, aren't you?"

To confirm his sentiment, I fortified my grip on the hilt of my dagger and got into my fighting stance, the one that I had been trained for years and years to perfect. The Vampire didn't show any signs of anger, he just kept his sickening grin plastered to his face and chuckled. "I thought so. You're feisty, I like that."

"Go to Hell you demon!" I hissed, lunging forward. Caught off guard, he was just barely able to avoid my offense.

Shock appeared over his disgustingly beautiful features, clearly not expecting me to be able to put up a fight. Every time he darted towards me I managed to jump out of his reach, boosting my confidence despite being aware that I stood no chance. I was fast, but I was nowhere near Vampire-fast. All too soon the Vampire grew tired of our little game and swung his fist at me, barely giving me enough leverage to duck under his arm.

With a shaking hand I stabbed my dagger into the Vampire's chest, shocked that I had managed to do so. I had been trained to fight, but I hadn't ever fought against a Vampire, much less a real threat, until now. Black blood oozed from his wound and he let out a ferocious snarl, his eyes narrowing into slits. To my horror, the Vampire didn't crumple to the ground like I had hoped, but, all while hissing and glaring at me harshly, his hands reached for the weapon protruding from his flesh and ripped it free.

His scream pierced my ears and I stumbled away from him, completely defenseless. His face was red and he was panting heavily. "That was a mistake," he snarled. He threw my only hope to the ground, its tip lodging itself into the soil, and showed me his fangs, startling me into taking another step back.

But he was there.

My back rammed into his chest, and, in a state of panic, I tried to dart away, but his arms, corded with muscles, wrapped around my torso. He pulled me into him, despite my vicious attempts to get away. "You're a good little fighter, but too bad you missed," he laughed cruelly.

In a perfect world, Vampires would be as easy to kill as humans––hell, in a perfect world, there wouldn't even be any Vampires. Even if you managed to injure them, no matter how severe, their wounds would heal in a matter of minutes. Unless of course you stabbed their heart, which I had clearly failed to do.

His cold blood soaked through my shirt and I cringed at the feel of it. I froze suddenly when I felt his nose graze over my cheek, my chest heaving up and down. "Please!" I cried, tears welling up in my eyes. I had never belittled myself into begging before, never wanted to make such a fool out of myself, but there was no other option for me. "Just kill me! Kill me now––"

"Now why would I do that?" he taunted me, his arms constricting painfully. "It's tempting, little one...I could drain you in a matter of seconds." He seemed pleased with the thought and I shuddered when I felt his lips on my neck. "But you're valuable. Beautiful, young, pure, undoubtedly a virgin," he whispered, his body throbbing against mine with anticipation. "You're worth thousands, millions even."

His words were hot against my skin, but I had goosebumps everywhere. I was terrified.

", no, no," I repeated over and over, squirming helplessly in his vice-like hold. "Please! Just kill me!"

Prolonging the inevitable made matters insurmountably worse. There wasn't anything I wouldn't do to have a quick death, no matter how painful, but my captor was going to take me to the Selection, something I had only heard horrifying stories about; I was going to be sold, and when I was, I was going to become someone's permanent snack and slave.

My wrist and ankles were bound together tightly, his shoulder jutting into my stomach with each step he took. His hand stayed possessive on the backs of my thighs to keep me from squirming around. But I had given up fighting hours ago.

I had watched intently as the terrain had changed from a solution of grass, rocks, and pine cones, to the smooth, dirt path that lead you to the Vampire's village. In the past, over the thick stone walls, I had never been able to see anything other than the massive castle, that housed the royal family, from my perch in the trees. But now, I was getting carried right past the barrier that contained the very depths of hell.

It hurt when I tried to lift my head up to see my surroundings, but I could make out the bottoms of what looked to be little cottages and shiny leather shoes of the people––no Vampires crowding around us. They were everywhere. I was concealed by them, trembling with fear, suffocated by their presence. I could feel eyes on me, watching me hungrily as I was carried off to the Selection.

"We're right on time," the Vampire exclaimed happily, not even winded by carrying another person over his shoulder for countless miles. The ringing in my ears almost blocked out the commotion going on around us.

I could hear a sudden voice, enhanced by a microphone, getting louder and louder. "Do we have any takers? You sir––750,000 dollars! Going once, going twice, sold to the man in the blue jacket! NEXT!"

I was horrified to find that the stories were true.

The Vampires really did auction us off as if we were pieces of meat.

This was sick.

I was going to be sick.

The savage restraining me came a halt and, not even seconds later, he was setting me down carelessly. I was dizzy from all the blood that had gathered in my head and not being able to stand for an excruciatingly long amount of time. I tumbled into him and his hands secured around my upper arms to keep me still.

Tears welled up in my eyes erratically, once again. We were standing in a line, a line of Vampires with the human or humans they had caught, surrounding what looked to be a large, wooden stage, lit up by large lights that I had never seen before. The sky was dark and the air was heavy with despair, fear, and evil.

Those who were not in the line stood off to the sides in a large mass. Some Vampires already had sickeningly pale and malnourished humans with them, secured by leashes around their necks, as if they owned them. I was going to be like them, I thought miserably. In a matter of days, my eyes would look like theirs, unseeing and pained. I was going to have all of those bite marks puncturing my skin.

I didn't want to think like that, but it was stupid to give myself any false hope. There was no escaping my fate.

"NEXT!" The auctioneer, positioned near the center of the stage, called. I forced myself to watch as a little girl, no older than twelve, wearing rags, was lead onto the stage and held out by her captor for all of the disgusting beasts to examine.

"Let's start the bid at 100,000 dollars."

A hand shot up in the air to the right of me and its owner, greasy and disgusting held up his money. "200,000 dollars!"

The poor, helpless girl kept her eyes glued to her feet, sobbing uncontrollably. I wanted nothing more than to wrap her up in my arms and tell her that everything was going to be okay. But I was in no position to do that.

Everything was not going to be okay.

Never again.

The auctioneer grinned triumphantly, excitement lacing his features. "200,000 dollars going once, tw––"

"500,000 dollars!" Someone else screamed.

"500,000 dollars go––"

"700,000 dollars!"

"750,000 dollars!"


"800,000 dollars going once...twice, sold! Come up here to claim your new prize."

My stomach did a cartwheel into my throat and I winced. Prize?

The line went by slow, so slow that by the time we were at the front of the line, the sun was just barely beginning to rise. I had witnessed defenseless, innocent people being forced into the hands of hungry Vampires too many times now, and my knees were trembling. I was going to be sold next.

"SOLD!" The auctioneer said, the energy in his voice having yet to run out. "Next!"

"Ready to go?" my captor chuckled, his arm wrapping around my waist to carry me up the small set of steps off to the side of the stage. My heart was pounding against my chest so hard that it hurt. Thousands of eyes were on me, eyeing me like I was the most delicious thing they had ever seen. I refused to cry.

Someone whistled, making my chest cave in, my breathing turning into labored pants.

The auctioneer, with eyes the color of the bark on a tree, scanned me up and down, a sick smirk playing his lips. The Vampire who had kidnapped me once again secured his hold around my arms, keeping me in place. "Look what we have here! Quite the beauty, eh?"

In response, an eruption of cheers echoed throughout the audience. "Let's start the––"

"700,000 dollars!" Someone shouted desperately. I was so scared that my vision began to blur, muddling the humans and Vampires into one giant blob.

"800,000 dollars!"

"1,000,000 dollars!"

1,000,000 dollars. How could anyone have that much money on them? That had been the highest bid by far, and for nothing; I was a thin wisp of a girl, scrawny with more bruises and scrapes than clear skin. They were all disgusting, speculating me like some kind of animal, feeding off of my fear. I wanted to scream, 'You can't have me!' but I forced my tears back, and held my head up high. Be brave. Be brave. Be brave, Clary.

"Woahhh! 1,000,000 dollars! Raise that money high in the air! Okay...going once, going twice, sold! Congratulations!"

My captor released me, and though my back was to him, I could see his smile vividly in my mind. My vision cleared and focused on the man that was making his way up to the stage. Oh no.

I wanted to wrap my arms around myself and curl up on the ground. My new...owner looked terrifying, even for a Vampire. He was huge, double the size of an ordinary man, and strong, muscles covering every square inch, layered under rich, white flesh. His hair was black and his eyes were big and blue, wide with hunger and desire. I tried taking a step back and nearly fell over, the hands of the auctioneer the only thing from keeping from falling on my butt.

I watched in slow motion as my captor and the hellion that had bought me exchanged handshakes. Then a new voice rang out into the open, his voice like liquid gold. "2,000,000 dollars."

Followed by gasps of surprise was an eerie silence. My head swiveled to the left and there, surrounded by men dressed in similar armor, was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Even with glasses covering his eyes I could make out the strong features of his face and the contrast of his surprisingly tan skin against the gold of his hair.

Unlike the other bystanders, he was equipped in fancy attire, a perfectly white top tucked in black pants with shiny, leather boots.

"She was already sold to me!" the man with black hair shouted in protest.

Even from this distance, I could see the "fancy" Vampire's brow arch up from behind his glasses. There were more gasps.

The auctioneer looked over at him as if he were crazy. Before he could say anything though, the Vampire with the gold hair spoke out crisp and clear, sending unpleasant chills to run down my spine. "How dare you. I am your prince, you have no right to speak to me that way. If you have a problem I would be more than happy to cut off your tongue. But because I'm feeling generous, I could drive a stake through your heart if that's what you'd prefer."

The man with the black hair, though seemingly impossible, got even paler. "No, no––no your majesty. P-please forgive me, please––"

"Get out of my sight," the prince growled and the man that was at least a hundred pounds heavier than him disappeared from the stage within the blink of an eye.

The auctioneer straightened up and flashed a tremulous smile. "Sold to the prince!"

Rather than smiling at his victory, the prince's face darkened. "Get your hands off of her," he barked, and that was when I realized that the auctioneer still had his hands secured around my elbows.

"Of course, your majesty," the Vampire cowered, releasing me at once and taking two giant steps away from my trembling form.

The prince's knights made a move towards the stage, as if to retrieve me for him, but he stopped them abruptly by holding up his hands in frustration. The audience was silent as the Vampire with golden hair stalked further out into the open and rounded the stairs, the closer he got, the more I wanted to disappear.

The prince crammed a wad of cash into my captor's open hand, shoving his shoulder as he made his way past him, his pace quickening in order to get to me faster. To my horror he pulled out a dagger, much like mine, from his belt. I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting to feel pain, but opened them when I felt the ropes around my ankles being torn away.

"Walk," he ordered me suddenly, his hand gripping onto my wrist. As I tried to comprehend what he had just said, I was harshly tugged forward, trying to regain my footing as he dragged me away for all of eternity.

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