Chapter 3

"Is everything well?" Splashpaw asked "Yes except I have a tick on my flank and I just can't reach it" Sandfire said as she tried to get the tick of "Don't worry Sandfire, I'll go get some mouse bile from Blackpool" Splashpaw offered "Thank-you Splashpaw" Sandfire thanked. "Before I leave have you had your prey?" Splashpaw asked "Yes we have, thank-you for asking and could you also get some water mint this belly ache is killing me?" Dovesong complained. Splashpaw smiled and nodded then left to get the mouse bile and water mint. Splashpaw trotted to the medicine cat den, "Hello Blackpool" she greeted "Do you need something for the elders?" Blackpool asked, "Yes I need mouse bile for Sandfire's tick and water mint for Dovesong's belly ache. "Alright, here is the mouse bile and don't forget to wash your paws in the stream near to the camp don't lick it off or you'll have a foul taste in your mouth for days" Blackpool told her, "better if you first give the water mint and then use the mouse bile for the tick sunshine" she recommended "Then Dovesong won't have the foul tasted in her mouth" Splashpaw said.

Blackpool nodded as Splashpaw left the den. "Alright I have the water mint and mouse bile" Splashpaw said "Thank-you Splashpaw" Sandfire said "No problem, Dovesong it's better if you eat the water mint before I use the mouse bile" Splashpaw told her "Good recommendation" Dovesong told her a she bent down to eat the water mint. "So you said you had a tick on you flank?" Splashpaw asked "yes, near to my tail" Sandfire replied. Splashpaw looked for the tick and found it hiding in Sandfire darker patch of fur, she put her paw in the mouse bile and dapped the tick with it, and then it fell off. "Thank-you Splashpaw that feels better already" Sandfire praised "I need to have a word with Dawnstar could find her and ask her to talk to me?" Sandfire asked, Splashpaw nodded respectively.

"Dawnstar, Sandfire says she needs to talk to you" Splashpaw told her mentor "What for?" Dawnstar asked "She didn't say" Splashpaw "Alright I'll go see her, make sure you wash that paw at the stream" Dawnstar advised, Splashpaw nodded and left the camp to wash her paw. When she came back Dawnstar beckoned her tail so she would come to talk to her, "Sandfire has been talking to me about your behavior with them and she said you were the best apprentice that has ever taken care of her, so she suggested that you get an extra piece of fresh-kill tonight" Dawnstar told her "Really? But all I did was my apprentice duties" Splashpaw told Dawnstar. "Yes but you were the only apprentice that has never been grumpy or angry about it" Dawnstar said "Thank-you Dawnstar may I go thank Sandfire?" she asked "Of course I have to tell Sunpaw and the warriors about this anyway, I'll make sure to tell your father and mother first" Dawnstar told her.

"How did you get an extra piece of fresh-kill?" Sunpaw asked annoyingly "Taking care of the elders" she replied as she finished her water vole "No fair! I worked extra hard to catch that prey" Sunpaw growled "Not my fault" she spat back "Thank-you StarClan for the fresh-kill our clan can eat this day" Splashpaw thanked StarClan and went to the nursery. "Hello, Tansyclaw, Dusktail, Jaywhisker. And how could I forget those little warriors" Splashpaw greeted.