Chapter 5

Splashpaw woke up; she felt warm fur press against her flank. She turned around to see Sunpaw sleeping soundly, as he had been sleeping for a life time. "Glad to see your awake Splashpaw" a kind and gentle voice said; it was Blackpool, ThistleClan's medicine cat. "Here eat these, there juniper berries it will help you recover from your shock, as I am assuming you must have been shocked when you fell onto the Jagged Rock" Blackpool said and rolled some purple-blue berries towards her, Splashpaw nodded. Her mother had always said to listen to a medicine cat, Splashpaw lapped them eagerly, "Well sis, glad you're ok" Sunpaw said behind her then began to groom himself. "I'm going to put some marigold on your scratches it may sting though" Blackpool told her "I'd better get going I have to go back to apprentice duties, see you later Splashpaw" Sunpaw told them, Splashpaw waved her tail to say good bye.

"Blackpool?" Splashpaw asked


"Is it possible that SilverClan sent me a message?"

"They did?"

"Yeah, this beautiful ginger tabby she-cat came and said her name was Honeyfrost"

"Honeyfrost? Did she have blue eyes?"


"She was the medicine cat before me and my mentor, what did she tell you?"

"She told me of a prophecy, one that only me, you, Dawnstar and Embertail should know. The prophecy went like this, Fate be lost, Darkness will fall, but Lion's kin, will save us all"

"Interesting, I will inform Dawnstar and Embertail immediately. Stay here a hold some marigold on the worst scratch"

Splashpaw nodded as Blackpool left the den. When Blackpool came back she said that Splashpaw was fine and that she could return to apprentice duties. "Before I leave, how long have I been asleep?" Splashpaw asked "Half a moon, I'd be surprised if you weren't hungry right now" Blackpool giggled, half a moon! Splashpaw thought She's right I am hungry… the kits! Tansyclaw's kits!. Splashpaw ran to the nursery and peaked inside; three kits were suckling at her mother. "Splashpaw! I am so glad you're ok" Tansyclaw said "Are those my kin?" Splashpaw asked "Yes the first one is Dewkit, the first born. Eaglekit is the one next him and the little she-kit is Goldenkit" Tansyclaw replied "They're beautiful" Splashpaw said.

Goldenkit parted from Tansyclaw's belly and ran to Splashpaw "Hi! Who are you? Are you a warrior?" the little kit jumped up and down asking questions enthusiastically, her blue eyes twinkled. "Whoa there little warrior" Splashpaw laughed "I'm Splashpaw, your kin. And no I am not a warrior yet". "What does that mean? You're not a warrior yet?" Goldenkit asked "It means I'm an apprentice, training to be a warrior" Splashpaw replied, "Attack!" a little voice shouted and all of a sudden Dewkit, Eaglekit and Goldenkit jumped on top of Splashpaw. Splashpaw played the same trick as she did with Graykit and Birchkit.