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Chapter One

The young agent stood waiting nervously trying to calm his inner wolf, as he had yet to turn so he didn't always understand the messages the wolf sent him, more so in the last couple of months, but right now he did understand the anxiety that both his wolf and human sides were feeling. He had called the murder case response team a little over three hours ago, upon arriving at the scene, and thought it would be at least another hour before they arrived. Right now what was making him nervous were the events that had happened since that call was made, within the last sixty minutes to be precise, and the arrival of his new alpha uncle and his father that was imminent. Yet again, he lightly brushed his right hand over his ribs on his left side, wincing as he did so.

The McGee pack was small, but unlike most other packs they were empathic which meant they could talk to one another via the mind. Another ability they had was that they could feel peoples/wolves feels and desires, if they so wished. As far as Tim knew they could communicate over a distance of several hundred miles if necessary, but only feel things when they were in close proximity to others. Distance in this case wasn't that far - only a few miles if the truth be told, but Tim knew that the entire pack, including his cousins away at university, had heard his inner cries for help, though he had managed to mask the full extent, of what had happened, from them somewhat. Now he just had to hope that the MRCT didn't arrive whilst he was being ripped a new one for being weak and not being able to put up enough of a fight.

A green car screeched to a halt and his father was first to him, pushing him to sit down on the crate that was just behind were he had been standing, all the while examining the damage to his face and silently talking to him calming him down.

[What happened son?]

[Not really sure father, I was working, documenting the evidence, didn't catch their scents in time, so they caught me off guard] Tim responded, knowing full well he was the only one that could hide things from the rest of his pack, as he indicated towards the dead body, hearing his uncle grant in disgusted, Tim's anger grew from no where

[It's my job!] Tim hissed defending his actions along with his inactions at the same time

[So more wolves are coming] the alpha stated in distaste

[Yes, the same ones as last time] Tim replied.

[Well at least we now we have no contest with them] his father reassured, the alpha merely grunted again, so Daniel McGee continued on [They kept they're word last time so I'm sure Gibbs and his pack won't cause us any problems, right now I'm more concerned over Tim]

[If he wasn't such a weakling this wouldn't have happened] stated the alpha

[I'm not weak!] Tim shouted before thinking and the alpha's back-hander hit him hard and fast across his already badly bruised face, causing him to yelp out load.

[Alpha, please you know that until we change, not all our senses are available to us, or not as strong as they could be] his father appeased [Timothy apologise]

[I'm sorry Sir] Tim said simply lowering his head in submission, his uncle never one much for talking just grunt again, so Tim turned to his father

[I'm sorry father I….]

[Forget it son, Michael isn't upset with you, well not entirely, it's the situation with this new pack, the threats they're making and all the changes that have happened recently]

[You mean Grandpa and Uncle Karl's deaths…what threats?] Tim said sadly looking downward at the ground before looking up questioningly clearly startled, as his father's word sunken in

[This new pack isn't just trying to add to their domain by claiming this territory, their after something much more import to us and with our packs recent losses its left us even more vulnerable, you need to be more careful son] Daniel McGee reflected sadly

[What he needs is to be able to shift and be mated - dammit he's nearly past the age of turning] Michael stated almost at a shout, just as he heard car doors slam indicating another car nearby, as four people got out watching silently, Tim looked up when he felt his uncle realisation that others were present only to see the MRCT getting out they're vehicle

[Well isn't this just great] Michael stated sarcastically before storming off, knowing not to leave his alpha unguarded Daniel threw his son an apologetic look and moved to go after the McGee alpha.


They had watched the altercation between Tim and the two older men almost from the start, obviously arriving unnoticed and unexpected, but then Tim hadn't been in a vehicle when Gibbs drove so he probably hadn't expected them to arrive so soon.

"Boss should we….?" Tony query as he waited for instructions, Gibbs just held his hand up to indicate that they should wait. His inner wolf had become excited the moment he had been informed of the new case and more specifically its location. Now upon arrival, the wolf started to become aroused at the sight of the young agent, just as it had the last time they were here.

"He looks hurt" Ziva, one of the newer additions to the pack and new team member, stated as they observed, just as one of the older men lashed out hitting Tim's already bruised face

"I thought only an Alpha was allowed to punish pack members" Tony quantified

"They are" Gibbs growled as he continued to watch the silent exchanges "More's going on here, than just the murder of that marine over there"

"Tim spoke out of turn, without meaning too, the change in leadership has been recent" Kate surmised, feeling sorry for Tim knowing it only meant one thing

"But he didn't say anything" Ziva said clearly confused by what Kate had said

"The McGee's are a rare pack Ziva, one of the oldest in fact, but one of only a handful left that can talk empathically" Kate informed her

"That means that the pack is weaker now, than it was the last time we were here, that's not a good thing boss" Tony stated latching onto Kate's earlier comment, as his guard to protect his alpha rose up a notch

Gibbs nodded, before getting out and slamming his car door, not only to help announce their arrival but to allow the tension that was building up in his inner wolf out just a fraction. The new alpha glared at the team for just a moment before storming off, being quickly followed by the other male, that Gibbs recognised from their last visit as Tim's father. All four agents sniffed the air without even thinking

"There's been another pack in the area" Kate stated, as she picked up a scent that wasn't recognised.

"Yes and they were here in large numbers, the other scent, which I assume is the McGee's is a lot weaker, so I'm guessing only our agent was present at the time" Ziva said as she was the only one not know the McGee scent

"Correct on both accounts" Gibbs said, he however picked up the fear that the young McGee was so busy trying to keep under wraps, and had seemed to go unnoticed by the older McGee's. Before anything else could be said Tim stood gingerly, his whole body aching from the earlier assault. Taking only a couple of limp steps before Gibbs raised his hand indicating him to stop as the team made its way over to him instead.

"Hi" Tim smiled softly, trying to appear calm

"McGee?" Gibbs questioned looking at the young agent and the man his inner wolf wanted to claim badly as his mate

"The dead marine's a John Shawl, command….." Tim started his reported, still trying to control the confused feelings his inner wolf was sending his brain, that seem to, suddenly, go into overload upon seeing the team leader, only to find a finger place over his mouth stopping him. The finger then slid down and under his chin turning his face left and right, as Gibbs took in the full extent of his visible injuries. Closer now the other members of the team also noticed Tim's unusual dishevel appearance, including his ripped shirt

"What the hell happened to you man?" Tony demanded, completely not caring about the case, he knew of his alpha had an interest in this young wolf, though he wasn't really sure why - as to Tony he seemed nothing particularly special - but right now an injured wolf, pack member or not meant that Tim was more important than a dead marine at least as far as Tony was concerned.

"It's nothing" Tim replied trying to get away from the scrutiny he was feeling

"This is not nothing" Ziva stated as she pointed to the blood seeping through the cut in Tim's trousers that looked like a small knife wound, on Tim's Calf.

"Sit" Gibbs instructed as he pushed Tim backwards and then down onto the crate he left just moments before "Kate get the first aid kit" he took hold of Tim's leg lifting it up onto his knee as he knelt down

"Agent Gibbs…." Tim protested

"Your hurt and this needs a bandage, I take it you still haven't changed?" Gibbs explained and queried at the same time, knowing full well that if Tim had changed the cut would already be healed or healing.

Tim hung his head sadly "No" he admitted in a barely orderable whisper filled with shame

"Hey, there nothing wrong with you, just because you haven't changed" Gibbs growled

"Tell that to Uncle Michael" Tim retorted without thinking

If any of his pack or team had talked to Gibbs like that he would have head slapped them – hard – but Tim wasn't part of his pack so he had no jurisdiction over the young man other than his position as team leader and Kate's arrival with the first aid kit put a stop to that.

Ripping away the trousers Gibbs cursed when he saw the long jagged cut on Tim's right calf "Who did this?" He demanded

"There's a new pack in the area, arrived shortly after your last visit. It's a large one, and they want to add this area to their existing domain as it has more woodland" Tim explained

"Can't your Grandfather negotiate?" Tony questioned without thinking, immediately regretting it when a sadness filled Tim's eyes before he quickly looked away from them, but not quick enough for them not to notice him blinking hard to stop the tears from falling.

"He's dead?" Gibbs asked softly

"Uncle Karl and Grandpa were murder, a couple of weeks ago, whilst hunting, I found their bodies, early the next morning, down near the creek, when I went for a walk"

"Murdered? How?" Questioned Ziva

Tim didn't answer straight away, in fact he looked like he was going to be sick as the memories resurfaced "They'd been ripped apart limb by limb"

"Oh Tim, I'm sorry" Kate sympathised as she sat down on the edge of the crate and wrapped an arm round his shoulder pulling him into a gentle hug

"The other pack" Tony queried needing clarification

"Yeah, I could smell them all over the place, made me want to hurl" Tim laughed shakily

"What's been done about it?" Gibbs questioned

"Not much, Uncle Michael's sons are both at university, I haven't changed yet - even though I'm older - so I'm no good in a fight and Uncle Karl's three sons aren't even of age, so they don't even know what they really are yet"

"So that just leaves your Uncle Michael, who's the new alpha and your father" Gibbs stated as the full extent of the problem revealed itself


"So this happened between your calling in the dead marine and our arrival" Tony said guessing at how recent the injuries really were

"I arrived on the scene, called you guys and started working on documenting the evidence when they came out of nowhere. Err they weren't all in human form so I knew who they were, but there were just so many of them…." Tim's voice trailed off.

"How many?" Tony questioned without thinking

"Well gee Tony I really didn't get time to ask if I could do a head count!" Tim retorted sullenly

"A rough ball park" Tony pushed

"At least twenty" Tim responded

"Did they say anything?" Kate asked

"Enough" Tim said without elaborating

"McGee" Gibbs pushed

"They attacked me, the whole time telling me how they were looking forward to taking my ass, whether or not I was turned, and making me their packs' slave, they said that my 'talent' was something they needed"

"Talent?" Tony asked but his question went unanswered as Daniel McGee's voice filtered into Tim's head

[Not happening son] Tim looked up to see his father and uncle approaching the group. Having heard the conversation his nephew had been having with the other pack Michael face was filled with concerned

[You hide this? Why didn't you tell us, Timothy?] Michael admonished questioningly, feeling guilty for hitting his nephew, now he knew what had really happened and that there was more of the other pack there than he had realised

[You have enough problems to deal with right now Sir] Tim replied respectfully [and they can't hear us]

"You're right son, we're being rude Agent Gibb, we apologise" Daniel stated as he held his hand out to shake the over man's hand

"No need, your father informed us of your – shall we say – unique communication method" Gibbs replied shaking Daniels hand

"You should have at least told us how many there were Tim and your inner wolf betrays you Gibbs" Michael stated causing Tim to blush as he made the connection to what was being implied through hearing his uncle's thoughts

[Uncle!] Tim exasperated, there was no way Gibbs thought of him like that

Raising an eyebrow at his nephew Michael turned to him "Now whose being rude?"

"I'm Sorry, Sir" Tim mumbled immediately lowering his eyes, however his uncle stop him by simply placing his hand lightly on his nephew's bruised cheek

"We are all learning to deal with this Timothy, but your father wants you safe, as do I, so as I see it we have three options" Michael stated

"Michael?" Daniel queried

"Well I hadn't actually intended to discuss this right now but here goes. Option one, if it's alright with Agent Gibbs - which I'm sure it will be - once they wrap things up here, Timothy will go back to DC with them, whilst you and the rest of our pack take up our distant cousin's offer and join their pack" Michael explained, a brief smile ghosted cross his face when he felt Gibbs inner wolf happily agreeing with this idea, as Gibbs just gave a slight smile and a brief nod to show his agreement

"What…..No!" Tim exclaimed astounded at what his uncle had decided for him

"If we decide on that option it will be for the best Timothy, from what Daniel tells me the Gibbs pack is large, you'll have better protection with them"

"But…..what about you?"

"A pack can't have two Alpha Timothy you know this" Michael said before cupping Tim's face in his hands

"You're going to sacrifice yourself…No uncle please" Tim started protesting only to be cut off by his uncle

"Option Two you still go with Gibbs and we gather the remaining pack and head to Australia, there's still has some unclaimed territories up for grabs so it will be a good chance to start over"

"What….Why can't I go with you?"

"Because you need protecting, and we are now too small of a pack to do that anymore" Daniel explained

"Why does everyone always make such a fuss about needing to protect me?" Tim queried clearly confused and embarrassed by the fuss, it was obvious to the others that this was something that came up frequently much to his annoyance.

"The night before you're Grandfather died he told me something, something your father already knew"

"What?" Tim asked looking from one man to another for answers

"You have your great uncle's ability, it is rare amongst wolves and it's why that other pack wants you, especially once you've turned but even if you don't"

"Okay you're really going to have to tell us what this talent is" Tony said in frustration

"It's not a Talent as such, once Tim turns, he will be an Omega" Michael stated factually