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Chapter 20

Meetings that occurred with multiple Alpha's present, where always tense affairs and today's meeting seemed to be no different, and there was six Alpha's, including Gibbs, present at the meeting of the different federal agency. However the control of the meeting was always relinquished to the agency where the meeting was being held, out of professional courtesy rather than respect.

This being the case, it meant that Vance as the Director of the agency was heading up the meeting, allowing Gibbs to observe and take in the reactions of the other Alpha's and their attending pack members. Vance had quickly rattled off the minutes of the last meeting and the handful of apologies, when Tobias, DiNozzo and Sacks arrived, all tilting the heads with respect to the Alpha's before moving over to the side where their pack members where congregated.

At the beginning of all these meetings, any changes to status's of pack was always on the agenda, Gibbs had quietly instructed Vance to get the other packs to report their changes first, there was the usual reports of births, deaths and the like, finished off with the correct head count from each of the packs spoke's person, when the last spoke's person finished and sat back down, Vance glanced over to his Alpha and received the silent order to go ahead

"Pack Gibbs, has had one pack death and two new members join, including our Alpha's mate" Vance informed the visiting group at which several of them turned and looked over the present members of Gibbs group. Gibbs pack could tell that most automatically assuming that Gibbs mate was Ziva, who was sitting behind Tim who was next to Gibbs, causing much amusement in the residential pack, prior to Vance finishing what he was saying, as he gestured with his hand to Gibbs mate.

"I would like to present to you, Timothy McGee, True Omega and mate of Alpha Gibbs"

Tim, for his part, had been sitting quietly next to Gibbs, only vaguely paying attention to what was going on, as a familiar old sensation started tingling in his mind, he tried to remain focused but it wasn't easy especially as the intensity grew. As Vance started talking Tim stiffen as he began to realise what was happening, there was no time to prepare, nor warn anyone what might happen, all he managed to do was reach out and grab the back of his mates arm, as the full force of his empathic ability came back online. Tim barely had time to register the meeting descending into complete chaos or Gibbs saying his name before darkness descended.

Gibbs really hadn't been paying any attention to Tim, as the formal part of the meeting started, he was listening to the other packs official status reports, he also wanted to gauge the other pack reactions to Tim being his mate first hand, however he started to become aware that something was wrong as he registered the stiffening of Tim's posture, just as Vance started on their own packs details. The sudden grasp of his mates hand on his arm made him jump and he turned, questioningly just in time to see his mate eyes slid shut as his body slacken and slid to the floor.

Chaos erupted, as all the other pack spokes persons and Alpha's started demanding answers, however Gibbs focus was now completely on his mate, kneeling down next to him, holding Tim in his arms Gibbs gently taped the side of his face trying to rouse him as Ducky knelt down the other side, Palmer immediately alongside as they started checking Tim over. Gibbs sighed with relief when his mate's eyes fluttered open mere moments later, only to see Tim's face scrunch up as if he was in a great deal of pain, his hands moving to cradled his head as he curdle up into himself

"Tim?" Gibbs questioned

"Too loud" Tim whimpered

"Too loud Timothy?" Ducky queried

Tony had been hovering next to his Alpha, barely hearing what was being said due to the ruckus being made by the others in the room, but he heard Ducky and immediately acted, turning around whistling sharply he gain the attention of the whole room which suddenly went quiet.

"Tim?" Gibbs questioned again now that there was silence in the room

"Too much, too soon" Tim informed, not really registering that none of the others had any knowledge of what he was telling them

"Going to need a bit more of an explanation Tim" Gibbs pressed softly, the murmurings in the room where starting up again.

"Too angry, they're all really angry" Tim stated as he shifted to sit up as he corrected his statement "No, not all a lot of them, some just surprised" now that he was able to focus again, Tim was putting up his mental barriers blocking out as much as possible, a lesson he had been taught by his grandfather as his empathic abilities had come on line during his early teens, to be able to managed the constant barrage.

"Angry….." Kate stated as realisation passed over her face, kneeling down next to the Alpha, Kate dropped her voice so only those in the immediate area could hear her "Tim you can feel their emotions, your ability to feel is back?"

"Yes" Tim whispered, as he indicated he wanted to get up. "It's back"

Gibbs queried what his mate had stated earlier as he helped him back to his feet "So too much, too soon?"

"Wasn't ready, it was like someone just flicked a switch, I'll be alright in a couple more minutes, just need to get a couple more barriers up" Tim replied as he reassured his mate with a small smile

"Barriers Timothy?" Ducky queried

"What the hell's going on?! Are we having this damned meeting or not?!" Alpha Park's, from the DOD, angry voice cut across the room, causing Tim to flinch, Gibbs immediately push his mate back into his chair

"Yes Michael, we are. Apologies everyone please take a seat and we will explain" Gibbs replied tersely, before turning back to Tim and Ducky "Tim can explain the barriers later"


"That's impossible!" Alpha Parks, roared just as Vance finished explaining the events leading up to the mating of his Alpha Gibbs to Tim

"Would you accept it if you had proof Alpha Parks?" Vance questioned with respect, he was frustrated by the fact that Gibbs had indicated for him to explain, as soon as the group had settled after the early commotion, especially as he still didn't have all the facts himself, but as lead spoke's person for Gibbs pack, in these types of meetings, he had taken on the responsibility.

"Your damn right we want proof!" Alpha Fox, who just happened to be the head of the FBI, growled with anger

"Very well" Vance conceded before turning around to his own pack "Tim?"

Tim looked between Vance and his mate, then quickly glanced over at Alpha's Parks and Fox, with such strong emotions coming off both the men Tim wasn't able to separate the two and felt threaten by both of them, with another quick glance at Gibbs, who just smiled encouragingly Tim started to remove his jacket whilst at the same time moving to toe off his shoes, Gibbs had already explain to him, during their journey to work, that the other Alpha's may demand proof.

Once he was stripped to the waist, with his shoes already kicked off, Tim turned his back on the visitors, before he finished removing his clothes, this earned him some sniggers from the younger visitors as they mocked his need for privacy, they in turn where quickly quieted after receiving glares from not only their own Alpha's but also from many in the Gibbs pack, all of which Tim ignored and with one last glance at his mate, he shuddered and turned into his wolf form.

The gasps of amazement from the visiting group when Tim turned back around, stopped any and all questions that they may have had. Gibbs pack dutifully fell back a couple of steps leaving Tim and Gibbs alone, near the centre of the room, whilst the other five Alphas approached the pair, but both Gibbs and Tim knew that all of their pack where ready to step in if it became necessary.

Alpha Jenkins, was an elderly man and as such had the respect of the other Alpha's who allowed him to go first, he shook Gibbs hand before he kneeling down in front of Tim "Aren't you a pretty little thing" he stated as he ruffled the hair on top of Tim's head "I knew you're grandfather, young man, he always seem to know what I was thinking – no that's not right – it was more like he knew what I was feeling, he made sure that I understood things others did not, he warned me to anticipate surprises from you, but this wasn't quite what I was expecting"

Getting back up Alpha Jenkins looked at Gibbs, lowering his voice "You're going to have to tread carefully, loose lips will talk, other Alpha's may not be as accepting as you would like."

"We are honoured by your acceptance Alpha Jenkins" Gibb replied

"Yes, as you should be, but tell me what's happened to the rest of McGee pack?" Jenkins queried

Tim whimpered brushing his nose into Gibbs hand "This isn't the time or place Alpha Jenkins, we should arrange to meet privately on that matter" Gibbs suggested

"Very well" Jenkins took the hint, ruffled Tim's hair once more and move out of the way of the remaining Alpha's.

Parks approached next, Tim growled warningly, albeit softly, and the Alpha laughed as he turned to Gibbs "Well it's good to see he's not as timid as he looks, Gibbs"

Gibbs just nodded his acknowledgement and Tim noticed the two didn't shake hands as he expected, he whimpered his query, expecting Gibbs to answer but Alpha Parks got in first as he stroked Tim's head showing his acceptance of the young wolf "Our packs are equal in numbers, young man, it means that as Alpha's we don't give into each, it's a respect thing"

Looking back at Gibbs, Parks next comment surprised Tim "He's newly turned and untaught, his growling at me should be punished but I will let it slide this time, Alpha Gibbs"

"Thank you Alpha Parks, you are correct he is untaught, he will learn" Gibbs acknowledged

"See that he does" Parks retorted and moved off back to his own pack, Tim whimpered questioningly at Gibbs, who just ruffled his hair in return.

The next two Alpha's all paid they're expected respects with little comment, but it was the last Alpha Aaron Fox that surprised everyone, as he approached Tim felt the anger the man had displayed earlier direct specifically at him and had to make a sustained effort to stay at Gibbs side.

"You're an abomination! An insult to everything wolf! You should have been executed the moment you turned!" Fox growled and instead of stroking Tim's head like the others had done Fox yanked Tim's tail hard, the ultimate insult to any turned wolf, causing Tim to yelp in pain.

"Hey!" Tony and Ron shouted at the same time stepping forward only to have Gibbs put his hand out to stop them, as Fox round on Gibbs "I wouldn't expected anything better from you Gibbs, you were always one who thought too much of himself, I will be sure to make the wolf council are informed of your inappropriate actions!"

Fox turned quickly to his pack "We're leaving!" he barked, part way to the door he turned "Fornell, Sacks if you know what's good for you, you'll join a proper pack and come now!"

Ron Sacks had been taken in as a baby and raised by the Gibbs pack there was no way he was leaving now, he grabbed his badge from his waist and threw it at Alpha Fox's feet stating simply "I resign"

Clapping his young colleague on the back, Fornell looked at Gibbs quickly, before looking at Fox "I think it's time for me to retire"

"You're lose" Fox growled before storming from the room.