"Yo! Where's Romeo at?" Asked a tall muscular man.

"Simon. You know Jellal hates being called that?" Asked a woman with long purple hair.

"Oh Ultear. Why are you so uptight today?" Simon asked. The woman known as Ultear stood up and looked at him.

"I have a feeling that our cousin will make a horrible decision today."

~The Guild~

"So I'm Jellal's cousin eh?" Ultear asked with a smirk. Everyone looked at Ultear. Levy turned to the silver-haired barmaid.


"Yes Levy?"

"I thought you said that only Erza and Jellal were in that universe."

"I did."

"But Mira-Nee, why are Simon and Ultear there?" Lissana asked.

"Well. They are in a different dimension, so I guess that every dimension there's another us." Mira answered. Everyone's attention went back to the Lacrima.

~The Fairy Tale~

"Who is she?" Jellal asked himself as he looked out into the distance, looking over the ocean, which had the setting sun upon it.

"Who is who, Romeo?" Jellal turned around to see Simon.

"I hate it when you call me that Simon." Jellal said as he turned around to continue looking at the view. Simon put a hand on his shoulder.

"We're going out." Simon said as he looked at his cousin with a smirk. Jellal could only look at him with fear. Simon had a plan, most likely a blind date, and those always backfired.

A girl with scarlet red hair looked out her window, her left arm resting on the windowsill, she sighed.

"ERZA!" Shouted a male voice. Erza turned around in time to see a short old man burst through her bedroom door.

"Hello Father."

"Erza….where….have…you….been?" He panted heavily.

"Here, in my room."

"You're such a troublesome child." He stated as he looked up at the scarlet haired girl. "I just came to tell you to get ready. The party starts in an hour." He turned around and made his way to the door, he turned around again to look at his daughter.

"Give him a chance. Ichiya is very good at what he does; he's the founder of Blue Pegasus Perfume. Very rich, noble and respected throughout the kingdom." He said before he exited her room.

Erza looked at herself in the mirror and started getting ready. She looked at all the make-up that was on her dressing table. She frowned and put all of it in a bag.

"I keep telling them, 'I don't want this stupid crap'."


Jellal and Simon stood outside of a house, which had music booming from it. Jellal looked at Simon in realization.


"What Jellal?"

"This is Makarov Fairy's mansion. We can't be here."

"Relax. We're not going in…yet."
"What do you mean 'yet'?" Jellal asked. Then just in time a bright red sport's car with flames painted on the sides rocked up, playing Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio. The figure stood up in his place of his car and took off his glasses right when the song finished.

"'Supp my brother's." He said with a goofy smirk, which revealed his sharp canine-like teeth. But what was really familiar to the two of them was the Rosey Pink hair.

~The Guild~

"WWWHHAAAAAAAATTT?" Everyone in the guild shouted out even the master.

"NATSU'S DRIVING?" Macao asked surprisingly. Everyone was so confused and asking question's about why Natsu was driving, realization hit them when Mira had already said that it's Natsu, but a different dimension Natsu.

"I'm confused." Wendy innocently. "Who's playing who?" Meredy looked at the small girl and patted her on the head.

"Oh Wendy your so cute. I'll explain it to you. Jellal and Erza are Romeo and Juliet, Simon I believe is playing Benvolio, Romeo's cousin, Ultear is I think playing the role of Balthasar, Romeo's other cousin, Natsu as Mercutio, Ichiya as Paris and Master Makarov as Juliet's father."

"I think I get now. A little." Wendy smiled up at the pink haired girl.

"Anyway…let's get back to the story." Ultear suggested as she and everyone else looked at the Lacrima.

~Fairy Tale~


Jellal, Simon, along with Natsu walked into the party with their masks on. Simon slapped Jellal on the back playfully.

"Let loose, have some fun, and find that lucky lady." He said as he walked away grinning leaving Jellal alone in the crowd. Jellal walked through the crowd and he looked up at the right time. A girl with Scarlet red hair, who was wearing a purple strapless kimono-like dress, was descending the stairs. Jellal could only see her beautiful brown eyes because of the mask she was wearing. She got down the stairs and started running off in the opposite direction of someone coming towards her. Jellal looked over at the man who was currently following her, he knew who he was; it was Ichiya the founder of Blue Pegasus Perfume. He started running after her of hoping he would catch 'Scarlet' before Ichiya.


"Why won't he just leave me alone? He's twice my age. He's creepy. And he's a little bit of a pervert." Erza said to herself mentally as she continued to look for somewhere to hide. She looked around as she stood behind the crowd near some curtains.

"My honey? Where are you my honey?" Erza could hear Ichiya calling her 'My Honey' she could see him drawing nearer. At the right time she was grabbed and pulled into the curtains and through an open window.

'Did I really just do that?' Jellal asked himself mentally as he kept a hold of 'Scarlet'. Scarlet pulled away and turned around.

"Thank You." She said gratefully; as she bowed the mask she was wearing fell off.

"Wow." Was all Jellal could say, Erza heard this and looked at the man with suspicion.

"What is it?"

"You're so beautiful." Jellal said as he took off his mask to get a better look of her. Erza blushed as the man took off his mask. He had the appearance of strong and built young man probably in his late teens or early 20's, he had blue messy hair and on the right side of his face across his eye was a red tattoo that he pulled off and made it look hot.

"Thank you. Right back at you." Erza said in a rush. Jellal raised an eyebrow; Erza blushed even harder in what she realized she had just said. "Oh umm I mean, you look really handsome."

"Why thank you…." Jellal trailed off waiting for Scarlet to say her name.

"Erza." She finished of for him. "And you are…"


"Interesting name." She said as she crossed her arms.

"Not as interesting as yours." Jellal said with a smile. Erza giggled and she and Jellal started talking.

~The Guild~

The whole guild started to smile.

"AWWWWWWW‼!" All the girls screamed out in happiness. All the men were covering their ears, hoping to block out all the fan-girl screams.

~Fairy Tale~

Erza and Jellal stopped talking and kept looking into each other's eyes.

"Erza." Jellal said as held onto Erza's hands. Erza blushed tomato red. Jellal closed his eyes and kissed her passionately, Erza was shocked by his actions but started to enjoy the kiss, she kissed back and then pulled away after she heard someone scream her name.


"Lucy?" Erza said as she turned around. A girl with blond hair came through the glass door, which was covered by the curtains. She ran up to Erza and grabbed her hand pulling her inside. Jellal ran after the two girls hoping to catch up to them. Jellal stopped at the bottom of the stairs when he saw Makarov Fairy, talking to Erza. Makarov then walked away. Jellal stared at her as she stared back.

Lucy walked up to her friend and whispered in her ear.

"That's Jellal Heaven. The only son to the Tower of Heaven guild." Lucy said as she grabbed onto Erza's wrist and pulled her away.

As Jellal watched the girl he had fallen in love with walk away he found Natsu and Simon, and left the party.

~The Guild~

"MIRA-NEE!" Lissana cried out worriedly to her older sister. "Why didn't they come back?"

"I-I-I don't know." Mira looked at her younger sister worriedly.

"Mira…" Master Makarov said seriously, "They have to die." Everyone in the room gasped worriedly. Makarov just sat there as if nothing was happening.

~Fairy Tale~

"Who broke your heart Romeo?" Simon asked with suspicion. Jellal didn't answer. Natsu pulled over and turned to his friend sitting in the back seat.

"Look man. I don't know who she is, but if you've fallen for her, make her your's, make her your reason to live." Natsu said with a smile.

"Since when are you 'Mr. Romantic'?" Simon asked with a smirk. Natsu turned to face him.

"Luce told me that."

"Luce?" Simon asked.

"She's a good friend of the daughter of the Fairy's, Erza Scarlet." Natsu and Simon looked up to see Jellal bolting from the car heading back to the Fairy Mansion. Simon and Natsu just sat in the car watching Jellal run back.

"Drive." Simon said. Natsu looked at his friend and nodded, he started the car and drove off.

Jella climbed over the stonewall into the mansion of his rival guild. He walked into the garden to see a glimpse of Scarlet red hair whip past the green hedges. Jellal ran up to the glimpse of red's direction, he turned the corner to see Erza, talking to herself.

"Crap! Why? Why? Why? Did I have to fall for someone from the Tower of Heaven? I'd leave to be with him but…father need's me here, but if I stay I'll have to marry Ichiya. GOD DAMMIT! What do I do?"

"Your so cute when your confused." Jellal said Erza turned around and hit him as hard as she could. When she looked down at the person who had just scared half to death.

"Oh my god! Jellal? What are you doing here?"

"Came here to ask you one thing."
"What is it?"

"Will you marry me?" Jellal asked as he got down on one knee and picked up a red rose that was lying on the grass. Erza blushed.

"Yes. YES! YES!"

~The Guild~

"HE PROPOSED! EEEEEEEEEKKKK!" All the girls cheered.

"YEAH! MY DAUGHTER'S GETTING MARRIED!" Master Makarov shouted out with big smile, he raised his beer and cheered like everyone else.

~Fairy Tale~

"I don't think so." Said a girl wearing a cloak that was covering her face.

"Milliana?" Erza questioned.

"Er-chan. I will not allow you to marry scum like him." Milliana said as she removed her cloak, she was loaded with weapons, and she had short brown hair with fair tan skin and she had the appearance of a cute human cat. She raised her gun that she was holding to Jellal. Milliana pulled the trigger to be shocked at what had just happened. Erza had jumped in front of Jellal to protect him from the killing blow.

"Er-chan? I killed Er-chan. I will punish myself the exact same way she left." Milliana dropped all her weapons, picked up one of her guns, and walked away. Jellal heard a gunshot in the distance. A tear came from his eye.

"Milliana. I remember you; you were a victim of the Tower of Heaven, I'm sorry about your parents, but I had nothing to do with it. I don't blame you for being so angry." Jellal said as he looked at the direction which Milliana had gone, he looked up into the dark sky, he looked at Erza and removed the hair from her face.

"The moon is nothing compared to your beauty, Erza." Jellal said as he kissed her forehead and then her lips. Jellal reached over to grab one of the guns that Milliana had dropped.

~The Guild~

"No." Mira said aloud in a frightened voice. Everyone watched carefully as Jellal put the gun to his head.

"MIRA-NEE‼! Bring them back!" Lissana cried out.

"Mira-san. Bring them back, I think I'll be ably to heal Erza-san." Mira looked at the little girl.

"I- I- I cant. I'm sorry." Mira said as she began to cry. Ultear and Meredy began to cry too because the loss of their friend was about to happen before their very eyes.

~Fairy Tale~

"I love you Erza." Jellal said as he kissed her one more time. He put the gun to his head, and pulled the trigger.

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