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"Where's the coolest place here?" the words that he says the moment Marina wakes up.

After the Pirates of the Caribbean marathon, Eight with visible difficulty of walking, was supposed to get help from John or anyone until the magnificent Nine suggested about his legacy.

A misshapen smile spreads his face showing or hiding utter embarrassment. Poof.

He sits on the chair, volunteering to guard the sleeping beauties from Malcolm.

Eight settles himself at the side of the queen-sized bed, near Marina's position. Ella slept in the middle while Sarah occupied the other side.

After Nine's sweet penthouse was attacked, the Garde needed a place to sleep in. After rendezvousing with the others, the best solution was to rent an apartment. Nothing special to avoid arousing suspicions since Nine still has access to his fortune.

"A cliff overlooking the city just a few miles from here," Marina stifles a yawn. "Why?"

"You fix yourself first," he says with a mysterious smile. Marina didn't hesitate and goes to the bathroom.

From the couch, a guy in tattered clothes tosses and turn. Clearly, he isn't used to sleeping in uncomfortable places. Or he is having a bad dream, due to his contorted face giving it away?

Rex! He observed him further. It is funny to think that enemies would have traitors on each side. But Eight knows Rex was not brainwashed. He voluntarily went to save him. He is a perfect example of knowing the ways of the mogadorians. Despite that, Rex saw the dirt in the actions and the belief of people. It was entirely different from what Five wanted.

He eyes flicker open and he smiles smugly. "You're okay, kid."

"Thanks to you." Eight gives out a small smile and his head turns to Ella. "And her." He is eternally grateful.

Rex sits up on the couch. "Adamus was right." Eight waited for him to explain but Marina comes out of the bathroom, looking fresh.

"We are going to train so are you up to it?"

Eight shakes his hand, waving his finger from side-to-side. "Not now."

Marina sighs. "The wa —" Before she could make a valid argument, Eight grabs her hand and together, they teleported.



Eight laughs he got the location for the first time. Marina was right. By the road's side, a small clearing that is actually a cliff overlooks an enormous city. Amazingly, the vast buildings have a wonderful sunset as a backdrop. The hues of pink, blue, orange and yellow spread like a paintbrush, handed by a God. And the clouds look heavenly as light passes through them, like any minute God would appear and wink at them. Eight thinks it is the work of Vishnu. A warm sensation collects through his body, he'd want to collapse on the ground and enjoy the view. Enjoy life.

Rejuvenation, that is what sunsets are there for. Peace.

Surprisingly, Marina drops and lies on her side. Eight follows suit, so they are side-to-side almost facing each other, but able to see the view.

"This is beautiful," Marina breathes.

"Yes," Eight agrees, his voice cracking.

Marina takes notice of the unusual. "Eight? Are you?"

Eight nods once. "I thought I was actually going to die."

Marina takes his hand, squeezing it briefly for comfort. He felt a little better because of the act.

"You know Nine told me," she says; her voice soft. She looks at Eight with solemn eyes. "I got angry about it. You should've told me so we wouldn't go to Everglades."

Eight's gaze drop slowly, avoiding those pained eyes, because it was enough to make him guiltier than the last time. "I don't want to worry anyone, Marina. I'm sorry. We all thought Ella and John could be saved by whatever item was inside Five's Chest."

"But nothing inside Five's Chest was even going to help us. It was a trap." Marina could not help it but burst out the argument. It was true; Five could have told a lie just to lure them into his heinous trap. It was all Five's...

Then the next thing happen, he is looking again at her, almost happy. "I would still die. We can't prevent the Legacy of Precognition, but I was revived." He is smiling now.

For minutes, they look at the sunset, admiring the wonderful view. It reminded him of his last vision.

Marina in his vision looked older, a few creases showing underneath her eyes, but still beautiful and happy. He imagined what age would she, holding the baby. And even him happy to announce his commitment to her. Perhaps somewhere in the middle? That made him smile. He would finally have a family for himself. After years of running and hiding, they have the upper hand. They will soon be safe. More importantly, he wouldn't be alone.

"What are you thinking?" Marina interrupts softly.

It would be easy to just say about a vision of you. He could have told her that a happy ever after for Lorics like them is possible. Or even let her hear basically that they would win this war.

"Yes?" Marina urges.

But he hesitated in spoiling her. What good is knowing your future? When you already know the outcome, what is there to look forward to? If the vision is bad, it will give unbearable stress toward the person. If it is good, it will thrill the person so much that they tend to expect on the unnecessary. Certainly, it is both a gift and a burden.

Then Eight realizes, he have handled the Legacy of Precognition well. He haven't told Marina because if he had not died, her Legacy of Cyrokinesis might not have manifested. If he told her about the last vision, there might be a tendency they will expect too much.

"Eight?" Marina speaks up, getting his full attention.

"Ah, yes. You." Eight smiles and moves closer to her. He whispers; his lips barely touching Marina's ear. "Always you."

So this is the end, ya guys! See You Soon ends with Eight and Marina enjoying the sunset, because sunsets are personally my favorite scenery. Still, the Legacy of Precognition is a darn mysterious thing, controversial, too. I always wanted to go philosophical about it, since Eight is a wise thinker. So I somehow did a fine job-it was stressful though, contemplating about it.

I wonder what happens to the next installment of the Lorien Legacies. Deep inside I wish Eight still hasn't die. The gang is quite imbalance due to it. (So many serious characteristics.) Anyway, it was nice working on See You Soon. I love it that it good a good number of reviews. Thank you everyone for the support and love! I love you, lots. For those, who can't get enough of Navrina, please do read my series of one-shots: Lemniscate. Thank you again and have a good day!