I wasn't going to update this story; it was sort of a stand alone piece. But I had several request so here it goes. I don't own The Undertaker, I wish I did, LOL Uhh later on there will be some sex in this story. So I'm changing the rating to R.

I Sat in Taker's truck running my eyes over him. Damn he was fine. He was taking me and my kids out to dinner, after I had kicked Bishoff's ass. Damn that was fun. Kaylaa, my granddaughter was in the back seat hollering questions to Taker. Which he was answering patiently. Matt was   telling Taker about the finer points of playing Yu-Gi-Oh.

I was pretty sure Taker didn't have a clue, but he was listening patiently. The noise level in the cab of the truck was up to a roar, but I was pretty much used to it. I flipped on the radio and found the song 'From her Mama' By Juvenile. "Hey Kaylaa, it's our song, I cranked it up and me and Kaylaa sang along, wiggling to the beat. Taker looked at them, amused. They were something else. Matt just shook his head and rolled his eyes. "You guys always this loud." Taker said. "Yep, it gets even louder when you throw my daughter in the mix." I said and grinned.

                                                  Taker stopped the truck in front of Charley's   a local restaurant. We all piled out. Kaylaa insisted Taker carry her. Hell girl I thought, I don't blame you. I wish he would carry me. I laughed at my own thoughts. We got a seat and went through the torturous ritual of children trying to order a meal. Matt always acted like he was picking a college to go to or something. Finally he made a decision. I ordered for Kaylaa, Mashed potatoes and corn. That was her two food groups this week. I looked up to see Taker looking at my knee. "Ya got blood on ya Darlin." He said. I laughed. "It aint the first time." He looked at me strangely. "I'm a meat cutter." I said Laughing. "Oh, that's a unusual occupation for a woman." He said. "Not really, there are more women getting into it." I said. The kids once again took over the conversation. I picked up my cell phone and called my daughter. She owed me one, hell a million is more like it, and I was about to call in the favor. "Tara its Mom, I need you to keep Matt tonight and take him to school tomorrow." I said. "Sure." she said.  "How was wrestling?" "Great, I'll talk to you when I bring the kids over." I said. "Okay, Bye."  Taker had caught the conversation. What was she up to, and was it what he thought. I seen Taker looking at me and just grinned at him. "What's wrong handsome, you look like a deer caught in headlights." I said. Taker swallowed hard. "Kids why don't you go play some video games", I handed them some quarters and they went over to the games. "Say where I can see you." I yelled to them. "Okay they said in unison. I leaned over and put my mouth right next to Taker's ear. "I hope I aint intimidating you." I said. Taker about jumped out of his chair. Her warm breath on his ear had certain body parts acting up. She just grinned and licked her lips in anticipation. Boy Taker thought, I'm in for a very interesting night.