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OK, to set the scene, as this is an AU fic, Christian and Ana are both 15, but Christian has yet to succumb to the wiles of Mrs Robinson.
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As I stare up at the brick building in front of me I can't help but feel a deep twinge of sadness, along with anxiety and a giant helping of nausea. I wish I wasn't in this city with my mother and her new husband – we were only here because of him. Eventually he wanted to move to Las Vegas and I was dreading the day that came. I wish I was back in Montesano with Ray, husband number two and the man who selflessly raised me as his own child, and whose name I bear – I refused point blank to take Stephan's. I knew that going back to Ray wasn't going to happen anytime soon, especially since my mother and Stephan had expressly forbid me to get in contact of any kind with him.
Sighing softly I make my way up the steps to my new school. I hated the fact that I had started halfway through term, as it meant people already had their own cliques and wouldn't want a newcomer disrupting them. As I glance around nervously my gaze is held by a commotion – there is clearly a fight going on as crowds of my peers are standing in a circle, yelling and jeering. The crowd parts slightly and I see a boy with copper coloured hair who is clearly one of the brawlers however the gap closes before I can get a good look at him. I start to make my way over but as I do the circle of onlookers separates as someone, who I assume is a teacher, strides angrily towards the two boys who had been fighting. The copper haired boy is clearly the victor of this fight as his opponent, a blonde haired pretty boy, is curled up on the ground moaning with blood pouring from his nose. Upon seeing the copper haired boy clearly I can't help but marvel at how gorgeous he is. Regardless of the fact he has a split lip and is obviously going to have a black eye, he has a beauty about him I've never seen before. I'm broken out of my reverie by the teacher yelling at the two boys: "Christian! This is the third time and we are still only in our first term! You are going to see Mr Grant and you can explain yourself to him!"

She starts walking, with the copper haired boy trailing behind her when she suddenly stops and says in an irritated voice "for goodness sake Ethan, suck it up! Stop acting like such a baby and go and see the school nurse." The last of the onlookers snicker before splitting up and wandering away.
I can only assume Mr Grant is the head teacher and where the head teacher is, the reception area is not far away so I quietly follow along behind them.
I was grateful to find that, upon entering the building, reception was relatively easy to find and I simply watch as the teacher and the copper haired boy carry on down the hall. After being handed my timetable and the combination for my locker the receptionist informs me that I have been assigned a 'buddy' to help me get settled and find my classes. She presses a button and asks that Katherine Kavanagh come to reception. I look around for somewhere to sit to wait for her and am surprised to see the copper haired boy sat in one of the chairs in the hall. Taking a deep breath I decide to go and sit next to him. I don't say anything to him, I just sit silently, waiting for my 'buddy'. I glance up and see him looking at me intently. I give him a slight smile before looking down at my timetable, hoping he doesn't notice me blush. I still feel his eyes on me and my stomach twists. I look up at him again and smile softly. He returns it and I have to physically stop myself from drooling as his smile seems to light up his whole face, but it doesn't quite reach his beautiful grey eyes. Unfortunately, the act of smiling causes his busted lip to split open and he winces slightly as it begins to bleed. I fish in my bag until I find what I'm looking for, and triumphantly pull out a tissue. I silently hand it to him and go back to memorizing my schedule. A comfortable silence passes between us which is eventually broken by him saying "thanks."
I look up at him and nod "you're welcome."

I look back down at my timetable in the pretence of doing something, and as I look over it again I feel his eyes on me once more. I remain silent so once again he initiates conversation: "you're new here, aren't you?"

I roll my eyes and reply "what gave it away?" in the most sarcastic voice I can muster.

He smirks slightly before saying "the fact that I don't remember seeing your beautiful face around here before, that's what."

Inwardly I swoon – that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. But instead of squealing with glee I roll my eyes at him again and give him a sad smile before responding "how many girls have you used that line on, huh?"

He opens his mouth to reply but before he does a voice from down the hallway screams "Christian Grey! What the hell did you do to Ethan?"
I turn my head to see the source of the voice and my eyes are immediately drawn to a tall, immaculately dressed, strawberry blonde haired girl who is powering her way down the hall towards us. I turn and look back at Christian and am surprised at the change I see in him; instead of being relaxed and cheeky he is tense and seems pissed.
The wannabe model has stopped in front of us and is stood with her hands on her hips, glowering at him. "Well?" she asks expectantly.

Christian looks up at her and in a deadly calm voice replies "he got what was coming to him. After what he did to Mia - ,"

He is cut off by a scoffing laugh. "You believed her? Jeez Christian, your sister has been all around the school and then some!"

Christian is suddenly on his feet and in this girls face. His voice is quiet and menacing as he says "if I were you, I would really consider stopping that train of thought right now. I believe my sister, and I also believe a lot of the other girls who have dated your brother. You might want to consider getting him some therapy as it seems he can't take no for an answer."

The blonde girls face pales and she looks as though she has been slapped. She steps back away from him and turns to look at me, almost as if she is just noticing that I'm there. "Are you Anastasia Steele?"

I nod and she gives me a bright smile "I'm Katherine Kavanagh, but everyone calls me Kate, and I'm going to be your 'buddy' as you settle in. What is your first lesson?"

Having already memorized my timetable I reply quietly "maths."

"Great," she beams "I'll just show you to your locker and we can head over there." This girl is getting on my nerves – she is way too perky to be going to maths, particularly on a Monday morning.

I slowly stand up and for some reason I find myself not wanting to leave Christian. I turn and look at him and give him a small smile "I'll see you around…Christian."

He nods and replies "yea, see you around…Anastasia," before I find myself being pulled down the hall by my 'buddy'. We make our way through the hallways until we get to the lockers. I quickly find mine and stuff my books in it. Kate is watching me silently, as if she is trying to make a judgement of me. Eventually she says "stay away from Christian Grey. He has no friends and is always starting fights."

This surprises me so I reply "he was nice to me…"

Kate actually laughs at this before saying "Christian Grey is not nice. He just sees you as fresh meat to get into your panties."
I'm unsure what to say about this so I keep quiet and we make our way to maths.

After a gruelling morning of new classes, new faces, awkward front-of-the-class introductions and getting lost, I'm relieved when the bell for lunch rings. I've managed to get rid of Kate. Her incessant questions were driving me insane! That girl will no doubt become a journalist when she's older. I'm looking forward to an hour to myself where I can sit and read and eat my lunch in peace. However, as I'm putting my books in my locker I become aware of someone stood next to me. I look over and am surprised to see Christian Grey standing there in all his glory, a slight smile on his face. I quietly close my locker before I turn and say "wow, the education system here must really be going to hell if they didn't suspend you for your little brawl this morning."
Christian raises his eyebrows and chuckles slightly "such a smart mouth Anastasia. I nearly was. Luckily it is public knowledge this school is underfunded. A generous cheque from my parents and I'm graciously given another chance."

I nod and look around, wondering why he was standing here talking to me. He tilts his head to one side and in a quiet, almost shy tone asks "would you like to join me for lunch?"

I blink and stare at him for a few seconds before blurting out "why?"

He looks slightly stunned and I detect a hint of hurt in his fathomless grey eyes as he replies "because I want to get to know you, but if you don't want to…"

I jump in with an overly enthusiastic "I DO! I mean yeah, sure. I was just going to find somewhere to sit and read but I would love to join you for lunch."
He smiles brightly at me and we make our way down to the cafeteria.

We collect our lunches, mine - a small salad and a bottle of water, his – a baguette, a packet of crisps, a cake, an apple and a can of Coke, and we make our way to a free table. As we sit down I become aware of the fact that a lot of people are staring at us. The look that some of the girls were giving me, well, let's just say I'm surprised I didn't drop dead! We eat our lunches as another comfortable silence passes between us when Christian startles me by asking "so what do you do for fun Anastasia?"
I glance up at him, stunned to find he has finished his lunch already and is looking at me expectantly. "I read. And I cook," I answer quietly. I hate talking about myself so I turn the question round to him "and you?"

He doesn't answer straightaway. Instead he leans back in his chair and gives me a cool smile before saying "you're not like most girls are you Anastasia?"

I blink, unsure whether to be offended. "I guess not. That doesn't answer my question though."

He opens his mouth to answer but once again before he gets the chance to he is interrupted by the tenacious Kate Kavanagh: "Ana! There you are!" She glares at Christian coldly "is he bothering you?"

Surprised by the cold tone in her voice when she refers to Christian I reply "no, he invited me to join him and I accepted," I shrug as I take a small sip of water.

A look of disbelief crosses her face as she says "oh, ok. Well, I'll see you in English?" I smile and nod and watch as she flounces off.

I turn to Christian and give him a wry grin "she has the uncanny habit of interrupting you!" I laugh. He chuckles slightly and we resume our conversation, the rest of lunch passing by uneventfully but far too quickly for my liking.

Halfway through English I excuse myself and go to the bathroom. As I'm washing my hands a girl who bears a striking resemblance to me walks in. As soon as she sees me she narrows her eyes and in a cold tone states "you must be the new girl."

I nod "yea, I must be. But most people call me Ana."

She doesn't smile. Instead she walks closer to me and I try to swallow down my feeling of dread. She is wearing stilettos so she is a bit taller than me, making her seem more threatening. She glares down at me and says in a menacing tone "listen new girl, do yourself a favour and stay the hell away from Christian Grey. He's mine, do you understand?"

My brain to mouth filter has a habit of malfunctioning and despite the fact I'm intimidated by her I find myself saying "really? That's funny because I don't see his name anywhere on you that would dictate ownership. Do you have a receipt for him?"

I hear rather than feel the slap across my cheek. It doesn't hurt – not when I compare it to the slaps I've received from Stephan but still – who the hell does this girl think she is?
"Listen to me you little bitch, stay the hell away from him. You have no idea what I can do."

I frown as I watch her retreating back as she leaves. I decide to keep this little meeting to ourselves – I don't know either Christian or Kate long enough to burden them with it. After applying some make – up to my bright red cheek I slowly make my way back to English.
The last lesson passes by without incident and soon the bell is ringing for the end of the day. I dash out as quickly as I can but I'm stopped by a male voice yelling "Anastasia!"

I turn and see Christian making his way towards me. As he gets nearer I see him narrowing his eyes at me and I automatically hang my head. I see his trainers stop in front of me and in a gentle tone he says "Anastasia, look at me, what's wrong?"

I look up at him and as soon as I do he is narrowing his eyes again. He raises his hand to touch my cheek and I flinch away from his touch. "What happened to your cheek?"

I can't look him in the eye as I reply "I don't know what you're talking about Christian, nothing happened to my cheek. If you'll excuse me, I need to go."

"Where?" he presses.

I sigh and tell him "I have a job, ok? And today is my first day and I really don't want to make a bad impression by being late. I'll see you tomorrow."

Without waiting for him to respond I turn and make my way out of school, jogging slightly as I make my way to my new job. I answered an ad for a temporary evening cook and my duties include making the main meal, the dessert and washing up afterwards. I consider myself to be a good cook and the wage is far above average, paid in cash weekly. I'm glad I got it as it means I don't have to go home straightaway, to a mother that barely gives me the time of day and a step father whose mission in life, it seems, is to torment and beat me.
As I arrive at my destination I stare dumbly at it. The most beautiful house I've ever seen. And I'm going to be cooking in it! I press the security intercom to be let in and as I make my way up the drive I see a stunning older woman standing at the front door, it seems, ready to greet me. I stop in front of her and she beams at me and in a gentle tone says "you must be Anastasia, we spoke on the phone? It's lovely to meet you."

I give an awkward smile and nod "it's lovely to meet you too Dr Trevelyan – Grey."

"Oh, please! Only my work colleagues call me that, please call me Grace. And come in! I'll show you where the kitchen is."

The interior of the house is just as beautiful as the exterior and the kitchen is beyond stunning. I would happily work here for the rest of my life. I set my bag and coat down and gaze happily around at the kitchen, taking in all of the state of the art appliances. Grace smiles at me and says "if you'll excuse me Anastasia, I have some work to do so I shall leave you to it. Please be aware my three children will be arriving home soon. The two boys shouldn't give you too much trouble but Mia may get under your feet a bit. If she does, send her to my office."

I nod "thank you Grace and please, call me Ana."

She nods and leaves me alone. Having already been given a list of the family's general food preferences and allergies I wash my hands and set to work.
A couple of hours later Grace pops her head around the kitchen door and beams at me "how is everything?"
I sigh softly and grin at her "I could quite happily never leave this kitchen. But if you are referring to dinner, the table is laid and your dinner will be served in about five minutes."

Grace chuckles softly and as she does the front door slams and a male voice calls out "mum?"

I freeze. That voice. Oh my God. I'm vaguely aware of Grace calling back "in the kitchen! Come and meet our new cook!"

I turn to the sink and start to wash the cooking utensils in a desperate attempt to appear calm. I hear the kitchen door swing open and a familiar voice say "mum, what are you doing in the…Anastasia?"

I slowly turn around and face the beautiful man I met only this morning and smile softly at him "hello Christian."

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