Title: The Things That Lonely People Do
Summary: She didn't think it was a big deal and he didn't care. And in the end, it almost broke them all.
Notes: This is a Daryl/Beth story, but it's not like you think it might be. It's not a love story, it's a way I see a romance between Daryl and Beth going. If you like Daryl and Beth as a couple, you probably won't like this. You could probably call this Dark!Daryl.
Warnings: Some very slight sexual stuff in this chapter, not graphic at all. Please see other chapters for any warnings.


"Hey," Beth said as she poked her head round the curtain covering Daryl's cell door.

He looked up from his task of sharpening his knife. "Hey," he said, turning back to the knife in his hand paying her little attention.

"Carol said you hadn't been down for dinner so I thought I best bring you something to eat." She placed the bowl on the bed beside Daryl.

He frowned at it, casting the knife to one side and moving the bowl onto the chair. "That's what you came for?" he asked.

Beth stepped a little closer and looked behind her, made sure the curtain was closed and no one was snooping around. She shrugged her shoulders slightly and smiled at him hopefully.

She made her way over to him and sat beside him on the bed, leaning forward to kiss him, enjoying the feeling of his rough facial hair scratching against her skin.

He kissed her neck, the smooth skin underneath untarnished by life, unlike his own and he liked that most about her. The way her skin was smooth, so pure and untouched. So unlike his and Merle's.

He made sure he didn't kiss the same spot too much, didn't want to cause her the tell tale signs of his beard scratching her skin, a rash that couldn't be explained away.

Her hands reached for him, held his face as they kissed deeply, hungry for one another. He pulled back a little, breaking the kiss before he pushed her hands away from his face and kissed her hand, her wrist, moved up her arm until he was back at her neck again. She closed her eyes with delight, reached blindly for his shirt, fumbled about for buttons, but his hands pushed her touch away, as always.

She pulled away. "Daryl, I'm ready..."

He looked at her with an unreadable expression. "No," he shot her down firmly, no room for argument, no explanation.

"You've seen mine," she tried attempting to sound seductive but unsure of herself.

Jimmy had never been difficult to read like Daryl. She didn't know what to do to progress things with him.

She reached for his shirt again and again he pushed her hand away, before he pushed her back. She yelped as she fell back on the mattress and he straddled her, pinning her leg with his own, and then using one hand to hold both her arms over her head.

He kissed her again, using his other hand to run down her side, slid it underneath her shirt. She moaned as he kissed her throat, he loved the feeling of the vibrations her vocal cords made as his mouth sucked on the skin gently.

His hand made it's way underneath the cup of her bra, groped her breast with rough hands and just as Beth started to let out a moan, Daryl's hand retreated from her top and he was pulling her back to a sitting position and by the time she had adjusted her top and realised the footsteps were getting closer to his cell, Daryl had the bowl of food in his hand and a mouthful of food.

Carol poked her head in the door. She smiled brightly at the pair.

"Ah, I see you found him. Food okay?" she asked and Daryl nodded before giving her a mumbled "S'good," around the food he still chewed on.

"I told Rick I'd ask you if you'd swap watch shifts with him. He wants to take Carl out on a run tomorrow and wants you to take the morning shift. Will you be okay with that?"

Daryl nodded, "Yeah, sure. Ain't got nothin' else to do," he stated flatly.

Carol smiled. "Great, I'll let Rick know. Beth, I told Rick I'd have Judith while him and Carl are busy, but I really wanted to get some crops picked, do you think you could have her?"

Beth's brow creased. With the news Daryl was on watch, she'd planned to visit him for some alone time in the watch tower, but she could hardly do that with Judith. "I could have her for a bit, but I could do with an hour in the morning, if that's okay?"

"Honey, you don't have to take her for long. Just while I get the veg and prepare dinner and I'll have her straight back," Carol explained.

Beth nodded, smiled sweetly.

"Thank you," Carol said. "I'll leave you to it. Enjoy your dinner," Carol said as she left the pair alone.

Beth waited until the steps had faded away before she looked to Daryl, alarmed. "Do you think she suspected anything?"

Daryl shook his head, putting the bowl to one side again. "C'mere," Daryl motioned for Beth to come back closer to him.

"Gross, you'll taste of dinner," she teased, smiling. "Clean your teeth first is you want some sugar,"

His expression darkened slightly at her teasing manner but Beth stayed oblivious and moved closer to him, planting kisses on him, his lips, cheek, jaw. Her hands moved down and he thought she was going to try and unbutton his shirt again, but kept going down, reached for his pants this time.

Her hand lingered at the zip as she looked up to the hunter. He eyed her carefully.

"I want to do this for you," she said.

So he let her.


A/N: So yeah, this is alternative Deth. Daryl & Beth but not in the way most people have written it. If you like it, let me know. If you hate it, well then go and read something fluffy and cute- there's plenty of stuff like that on here too. :D