Sense and Sensitivity: Epilogue


Deborah Brown


Detective Conan is copyright Aoyama Gosho. I only wish I could come up with so many plots.

Much thanks to Ryo Hoshi, without whose beta-read this fic would have many more comma related errors than it did before. Not to mention a few other problems. Any grammatical errors still existent in the story are probably due to my post-edit edit. (rubs back of head ruefully.)

An hour later I sat with my shirt off and an ice-cold stethoscope pressed to my chest. "Heart rate's normal. EEG is flickering strangely." Professor Agasa sat back and sighed. "Other than that, though, you're perfectly healthy. I could wish for a physique as good as yours."

"If you laid off the white breads and the sugary snacks you'd stand a better chance," Ai sniped and Conan – who had gotten permission from Ran to stay over the night – grinned. "And you're not much better. Just because you have the body of a little boy doesn't mean you have to eat all the snack foods kids eat. Do you want to end up looking like Genta this time round?"

I fought back laughter, knowing it'd lead to hysterics, and Ai turned seriously to me. "I'd downloaded as much information as I could about the lab's work while you were unconscious. As near as I can tell from a quick scan, the drug is intended to augment certain mental abilities. ESP, if you insist on the pop-culture term."

"And? Is there a cure? Or am I stuck with it?" At the look on her face I sighed. "It's not going to go away, is it?"

"I don't know. This is a neurological change – a deep one. I'm not sure if you're seeing ghosts or if you're seeing memories"

"They're ghosts," I said flatly. "I saw her disappear when we solved the case. A memory wouldn't disappear."

"Not unless it's your mind creating the idea of it," Ai corrected me, obviously still unhappy with the idea of there being real ghosts out there. "And seeing what you think the ghost would do if its murder was solved. I'd much prefer to believe that some sort of ESP is picking up some sort of resonance than to accept that you're seeing real ghosts."

"Whatever," Conan said. "Does it really matter?" As Ai shook her head with a sour expression, he grinned at me, "Hey, Hattori-kun. Looks like you've got yourself an edge over me, now. How can I rival someone who can talk to the dead? Especially when I have to use people like Mori to cover myself."

"They don't talk to me," I pointed out haughtily. "I solved this last case with observation and investigation. Okay, so some of that observation was of the ghost's 'body', but come on. Do you really think that's going to help me much?"

"Besides," Ai added, "Unless Hattori-kun wants the world to know he's now the Great Psychic Detective of the West, he's still going to have to solve cases the old-fashioned way."

"Oh man," I muttered. "Don't remind me." I looked at Conan. "I know, you still beat me out when it comes to challenges. After all, people will listen to me as long as I have a plausible story. But this is going to be a pain trying to cover up how I know stuff. Worse luck, I don't think there's any neat gizmo the Prof. can make me to help out with this."

"You'll deal," Conan said quietly and for an instant I saw his older self form around him. "I don't need to be a psychic to know you'll deal."


So. Here we are. You on your side of a divide that most people don't even sense, much less see. And me. Gifted or cursed with an ability that doesn't make solving crime any easier but does mean I have all the more reason to want to do it.

So. I suppose I'm ready now, kid. As ready as I'll ever be. Show me what I need to know. Stop swinging and help me find your killer.

The End

Author Note: This is quite definitely an Alternate Universe fic., since I'm not sure how well the supernatural really suits the original Detective Conan series. I will note for interest's sake, that there's at least one incident in which Hattori-kun displays some sort of precognitive ability when he dreams that Kudo is in some sort of danger. I do have plans for more in the series, once I find some copious spare time to write it.