True Nature

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"Tetsuya, where have you been?" A marginally taller redhead inquired as he approached the younger blue-haired male.

"Oh, Seijuurou-kun, I apologize. I got lost and then I ran into Aomine-kun." Kuroko politely replied. A small smirk emerged on the other male's face.

"Daiki must have been surprised…"

"Yes, but it will be an even greater surprise to see all their faces once they learn that I have decided to attend Rakuzan with you." The blue-haired boy's face was blank, but Akashi understood his teammate quite well to know that the teen was smug. "Anyway, it seems we will be facing Midorima-kun soon, provided Shuutoku continues their winning streak."

Rakuzan's captain gave a quiet hum of approval. Seeing as their work was complete, the red-haired teen took hold of his partner's hand, gave a charming smile, and then guided them towards the exit.

Seirin was enveloped in a pregnant silence as they made their way towards their home district. Riko didn't know what to make of the appearance of the rumoured Phantom Sixth Man of the Generation of Miracles. He definitely couldn't compare to his former teammates physically, but Aomine's statement threw her off. Despite his cocky nature, she could detect an undertone of fear in his voice.

"Hmm…" This barely audible sound drew everyone's attention to the female coach.

"What's wrong, Riko?" Hyuuga asked, slightly cautious when he caught the pensive look on her face. After all, that face often meant she was concocting up crueler ways to torture—uh, train them.

"Nothing. I just can't put my finger on that Kuroko character."

Kiyoshi cheerily smiled and put a large hand on her shoulder, "Don't worry about it! We'll deal with him when we get to him."

"I know… but we don't even know anything about him! Not the school he attends, what position, and a whole lot of other things!" Riko griped. She groaned and continued, "Oh, never mind. You have a point, Kiyoshi."

And so, Seirin didn't give any further thought to the mysterious Sixth Player.

Aomine told Momoi of his brief encounter with Kuroko, who immediately sent out text messages to the remaining members of the Generation of Miracles. She got a variety of replies.

[Ehh?! Did you say Aominecchi saw Kurokocchi?! ∑(;°Д°)]

[Not that I care about Kuroko, but where did he disappear to?]

[Eehh… Kuro-chin? It's been a long time~]

[I know.]

As the pink-haired manager for Touou read through her received messages, she paused at the most recent one. Her grip tightened around her phone as she inferred the meaning behind Akashi's text.

He knows..! Which means that Akashi-kun has been in contact with Tetsu-kun! Momoi mentally fumed at their former captain. The pink-haired manager stomped her feet angrily and resisted the urge to throw her phone on the ground.

"Oi, Satsuki. What are you doing?" Aomine lazily opened up an eye while leaning against a nearby wall.

"That-‼ Ugh!" Momoi had to take a breath to calm herself before she could continue, "Akashi-kun… He heard about your meeting with Tetsu-kun, before I even told him!"

"Eeh?" Both of the tanned ace's eyes were no longer half-mast. "So that bastard does know where Tetsu went after Teikou."

Kise was currently attending practice at Kaijou when his special ringtone for his ex-teammates was heard throughout the gymnasium. Obviously, Kasamatsu didn't appreciate any interruptions and kicked the poor blonde.

"Kise! I thought I told you to turn your phone off for practice!"

"Eeh, sorry, Kasamatsu-senpai. I did! But it's gotta be something urgent."

The model rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, while inwardly wincing a bit at the strength behind the attack. Kaijou's captain snorted and left him to his business. Kise ran over to where his bag was located and scrolled through the dozens of text messages from his fangirls to the latest one from Teikou's former manager. He quickly opened it up and read its content.


The blonde hastily sent a reply back.

Murasakibara had been munching on a bag of chips that he just opened up, which was generously bought for him by his teammate, Himuro. He heard his phone vibrate inside his pocket and he wrestled with the large bag in his hand to grab it. Flipping it open, he mumbled around his mouth's contents to read it aloud.

"Hmm… Mine-chin saw Kuro-chin…"

Himuro glanced upwards at the gigantic purple-haired basketball player in curiosity. He knew who 'Mine-chin' was, but he had never heard anything about a 'Kuro-chin' before. Most peculiar.

"SHIN-CHANNNN~ Your phone is ringing!" Takao waved from the other side of the schoolyard. Midorima placed a hand over his forehead, hoping it would alleviate his oncoming headache. His teammate was racing towards him with no sign of slowing down.

"What are you doing with my phone anyway?" The green-haired teen inquired, looking the other oddly.

"… Ehh… You may have dropped it? And I happened to recognize it?" Takao replied back with a wide grin adorning his face. It was very suspicious behaviour, according to the shooting guard. Nonetheless, he shrugged it off, since the shorter male was constantly creeping him out. He took his mobile from the other and flipped it open.

"Hm, what's this about Kuroko?" Midorima muttered. Takao perked up beside him when he heard a name that was foreign to him.

"Ne, ne, Shin-chan, who's Kuroko?" The shorter male prodded, but the green-haired teen was too focused on typing a reply back.

When Akashi received the message from Momoi, he could only smirk smugly.

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