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"I'm bored!"

In the underground terrain directly below the former New York City, two young men were conversing with each other. Or rather, one was talking while his friend listened quietly.

"Aren't you the least bit bored, Cain?"

"No, Koemai."

Koemai nearly yelled, "What do you mean 'no'? It's so damn quiet around here."

Cain closed his eyes briefly, "I like the quiet."

"You do?"

"With all the battles between Union, the Controller and the other corporations, quiet is not a common occurrence."

These young men may seem normal, but they are in fact Ravens. Highly skilled mercenaries with mechanical robots called Armored Cores (AC's)

"I could use a little action."

"We haven't received any missions."

"So. Why not fight in the arena?"

"Can't. The Ravens we have to fight are on there own missions." A slight smirk came up his face, "Unless you want to fight with me?"

Koemai laughed, "No. I'm saving you for last."

It was then that a low humming was heard in the distance. The two men looked toward the sky and saw a group of helicopters flying toward the city. In minutes, the copters started firing machine guns. People stopped what they were doing and fled as the machines continued their attack.

"Why would they attack here?"

Koemai smiled, "Doesn't matter. Now I get to have some fun."

His partner shook his head and the two of them ran off. The helicopters continued their assault, shooting large amount of bullets through every building there.

"This is Team Gamma. Continuing to move down southwest."

"Affirmative. Team Beta, what's your status?"

"Everything is clear. Moving…wait. What the…!"

The sound of an explosion came over the comm.

"Team Beta; respond! Team Delta; move in on Beta's position."


The copters flew over the building to the street were Beta was.

"My god!"

The team was completely destroyed. Charred remains of the helicopter team smoked the ground.

"Alpha, this is Delta. Team Beta has been destroyed."

"What? Stay alert. Find out who did it."


The answer didn't take long. A hail of bullets flew up and destroyed two of the copters.

"What the…? An AC? It's a Raven!"

Indeed, a massive machine stepped out from behind one of the buildings, colored in red and black. It held a long gray rifle, the Karazawa. It was also equipped with a chain-gun and multi-missiles on its back. The machine looked up at them with a menacing glare.

"All remaining units destroy the AC!"

The helicopters began shooting at the AC, who just stood there, taking in the bullets as if it wasn't affected. Then it swiftly raised its rifle and fired an energy beam. The beam soared and instantly destroyed the copter. More beams flew and they each fell, one by one.

"All units, we need back………."

The AC stood there, monitoring the damage and noticing another swarm of helicopters coming at him.

"I guess these guys just don't get it yet. Guess I'll have to teach them old-school style."

The AC burst forward and a missile flew out from its back. The missile split into four and destroyed a few helicopters. The AC then stopped and its chain-gun unfolded and let loose a shower of bullets. The pilot laughed as he did so, hitting a copter with every bullet. He was so into it that he neglected to notice that another group was approaching him from the rear. They locked their missiles on the AC.

"Got ya."

Suddenly, a fiery bolt flew out of nowhere and destroyed the helicopter next to him. The pilot in the first AC looked in shock at the group behind him. But he wasn't surprised about the bolts flying up and wiping out the helicopters behind him. From out of the side of the next building came another AC, this one colored in dark blue and gray. Attached to its right arm was a grenade launcher.

"You really should keep an eye on your radar, Darkhand."

"Hey, what's the point if you're watching my back, Glaive?"

Glaive shot down another copter, "My ammo is more limited than yours."

"Hey, that's not my fault." A rocket hit his AC. "Let's talk later."

The two AC's then turned back and began firing on the helicopters.

"Emergency! We need back-up!"

On the streets, a group of tanks and MT's rolled in and began firing rockets at them. The two AC's dodged the fire.

"Darkhand, I'll handle this. You finish off the helicopters."

"Sure thing, Glaive."

The blue-gray AC jetted toward the tanks, avoiding most of the rockets that flew at him. When he got close enough, a white-blue glow emitted out of the left arm and sliced through the tank. Glaive (Cain) continued on, ripping apart the tanks and MTs with his lazerblade. Meanwhile, Darkhand (Koemai) was annihilating the helicopters.

"Come on guys. Give me a workout here."

Meanwhile, Glaive finished off the last tank when he caught something on radar. Hmm. Its too fast to be an MT. The object then came into view. A blood red AC stood before him. Guess it was only a matter of time.

A female voice came over the comm., "Identify yourself."

"Strange words for a Raven."

"I'd just like to know whom it is I'm going to defeat."

"You first."

"I am Firewave."


"Well Glaive. Sorry I can't talk any further, but my mission is to destroy you."

"I understand. But you should know that that is not going to go down easily, if at all."

"My, aren't we being modest."

"Just stating the facts. Let's go!"

The two Ravens jetted to the side, passing the buildings until they were in open land. Then Firewave started firing from her machine gun. Glaive managed to back away from most of it, but was getting hammered. Stopping for a brief moment, Glaive fired from his grenade launcher, which hit her dead on. However, that didn't stop her and she continued to pelt him with bullets. Glaive saw his radiator beginning to burn and he hit a button. A set of new boosters opened and the AC shot forward at a high speed, passing Firewave. Hitting another button, Glaive stopped the over boost and two jets on his shoulder fired out, turning him directly to his target.


The grenade launcher fired, but Firewave suddenly sent her AC in the air and the grenade missed. Turning completely around, she continued her assault and Glaive found himself once again on the receiving end.

I hope Darkhand is having better luck than I am.

Meanwhile Darkhand was still firing off the enemy helicopters. He couldn't last this long and was running out of ammo. And more copters were on their way.

"They just keep coming. Like cockroaches."

Darkhand backed off and hid behind a building. Checking his ammo, he saw that his chain-gun was empty; he only had two missiles and six bullets left in his gun. He would have to use them sparingly, since he didn't have a blade equipped on him. Then he thought of a plan and suddenly shot out of the alley.

"Come and get me, boys!"

The copters responded with another slew of gunfire and Darkhand over boosted and took off, with the enemy following behind. He then stopped and turned back around, taking a careful aim with his rifle.

"Let's see how you like this!"

He fired the beam and it flew through the helicopters, taking apart some of the helicopters and destabilizing them. They were out of control and they wound up crashing into each other, exploding in flames.

"Hahaha…Uh, oh."

The copters came again and Darkhand flew away again.

I wish Glaive was here.

Glaive and Firewave continued their fight, with both AC fairly damaged. Firewave was able to hold onto a lock longer and pelt him with bullets, but all he had to do was lock on once for the grenade to do its work. Fireblade suddenly over boosted away and Glaive stopped fighting. It wasn't until she stopped, turned around and sat down that he realized what she was doing. A large cannon unfolded from her back and Glaive could see the electricity sparkle around it.

"No way!"

A massive beam of energy fired out and Glaive barely avoided it. However, the beam continued on and destroyed a nearby building. Glaive looked in shock.

I don't believe it. She got a linear cannon!

Another bolt fired and Glaive avoided it again, but it came close enough to short out his launcher. He would have to wait until it cooled down, but he could see Firewave charging for another blast.

It's risky, but it can be done.

Glaive suddenly over boosted, heading full speed toward her. Is he crazy?, she thought as she prepare to fire. Her hand pulled the trigger and the deadly bolt flew out. But at the last instant, Glaive managed to dodge it while still in over boost. The white-blue blade came out again and in one slash, he sliced the cannon on her back and followed with another blade, cutting off the right arm and pushing the AC down.


As the AC smoked, a female form was seen coming out of the cockpit. But he didn't see her face due to the helmet she was wearing.

"Congratulations, for now. We'll meet again"

A cloud of smoke suddenly covered her and when it left, she was gone. He began to wonder where when he heard a transmission.

"Um, Glaive. I could use a little help here."

Checking his ammo, he saw that his grenade launcher was still damaged. Jettisoning it, he then picked up Firewave's machine gun. Hmm. 300 rounds left. It'll have to do. With this in mind, Glaive took off.

Meanwhile, Darkhand was in a lot of trouble. He used the last of his missiles and had only two rounds left in his energy gun. It was then that Glaive appeared beside him.

"So I'm saving you again. How many rounds do you have left?"

"Only two. How about you."

"My grenade was damaged, so I'm borrowing this. 300 rounds."

"Is that enough?"

"It is for you."

Glaive then tossed him the machine gun and then turned around, "I'll go first and distract them and you get them from behind. Just try not to hit me this time!"

"Just don't get in my way."

With that, Glaive flew up and into the enemy squadron. They focused on him and started to follow. But with their backs turned, Darkhand suddenly came out and unloaded a fresh load of bullets on the unsuspecting troops.

"What the…? Re-converge on the first Raven. This one is a decoy."

Unfortunately, when they turned, so did Glaive. He flew after then and began to chop them down with his blade. Now in utter confusion, the enemy squad was brought down to a finish, leaving behind charred remains, wrecked buildings, and two Ravens.

"Ha. Now that wasn't so bad, now was it?"

Glaive remained quiet, but muttered, "Not so bad, he says."

The two machines walked away; Glaive and Darkhand, the AC team known as the Hands of God.

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