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Chap. 23

With The Controller no longer in control and the surface now open, things in Layered moved in a rapid pace to once again move to the surface. Corporations worked to build as quickly as possible. And as they did, they fought with each other, thus the need for Ravens continued. It seemed as the more things changed, the more they stayed the same. But the surface, fro the most part remained untouched. Also, Mars became aware of Earth's new ability and the hope of Mars benefiting from this aroused and travels between the two planets became more frequent.

And of course, no one knows why the surface opened or who were the ones who stopped the Controller, aside from a few vague reports of a group of Ravens that were involved.

Delta Spaceport...

Koemai, Diana and Cain were in the lobby.

"So you're really going, huh?"

"Yeah. Don't worry. I'm just going to check it out there because I heard of the new space technology. If they're right, AC's will be able to travel through space without assistance."

"So you're not worried about Aria?"

"Nah. But I am a little nervous about....you know."

"Don't worry. I'm sure her mom will like you.

"Flight 3749 now ready to leave."

That's my flight. Guess I'll be seeing you later."

Diana moved and hugged him, "Take care, Cain."

She moved away and Cain looked at Koemai. The two clasped their hands together in a firm handshake.

"Remember, we still have a match to finish."

"Of course."

Cain nodded to him and made his way to the spacecraft deck. As he lifted up in the elevator, he waved at them and they waved until he disappeared inside. Cain entered the ship, passing the holding area where Glaive was held. He made his way to his chambers where he was to seat himself. The ship rumbled and rocked and finally lifted off. As it did, Cain looked at surface, remembering how beautiful it is and how beautiful the Earth looks from outer space. The shutter finally closed and a glint of light hit his finger, shining off a ring with a raven engraved upon it. At that time, his chamber door opened and in stepped Aria.

"Hi. So you found me first after all."

Aria didn't respond as the chamber door closed. Quietly, she moved to Cain and sat on his lap, holding him in a tight embrace.

"You're going to love my mom, really."

"I'm not worried. Well, maybe a little bit."

Aira looked at his eyes, "What is it?"

Cain looked back, "I just can't believe all that has happened. The surface opening, me going to Mars, and especially you."

"What? Too much to handle?" she teased.

"Nah. I just never thought I could...feel like this." Cain looked away.

"Like what?"


She smiled and snuggled close to him, "I'm glad. I feel the same way."

The two sat together in a peaceful silence and then Cain spoke up again.

"So... what should we do in the meantime? We could always practice in the simulators..."

Aria suddenly turned on him, "Oh no. You've escaped me one time too many and you certainly not getting away from me now..." Her hand held on to his and it was also bearing a ring with the same raven symbol on it.

Aria grinned, "Especially not on our honeymoon. Face it. You're all mine now, Glaive."

Cain saw the look on her face and grinned as well, "Alright, Firewave. Let's just see how hot you really are."


Several months later, Mars has developed new components that allow for AC combat in open space. At the same time, Earth developed it and used it for standard equipment. As a result, the possibilities of space-faring ecosystems began. In this time, a new set of Arenas have opened and a new battlefield has been set.

As well as missions...

"This is unit 2349. The forces are all clear to go. Preparing to attack the target."


"What was that? Two AC's? They hired Ravens!"

"Aw crap! It's them! The Hands of God!"

The two Ravens, decked in their Seraphim parts came at them.

"The dark hand of vengeance is here!"

"With this blade, justice will be served."


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