This story came to me one night, begging to be written. I find the idea of the Dashing Potions Master seducing innocent Hermione incredibly sexy. I'm not sure how much of a plot this story has, it's really just good old fashioned smutty sex. Rated M. I hope you enjoy it. Please be sure to take a moment and hit that review button. Even if it's only one word, reviews mean the WORLD to me. It makes the time I spend writing seem worthwhile.

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Hermione glanced up as the piece of parchment hit her elbow and landed on the table. Smiling she unfolded it and read. "He's looking at you again." Blushing she cut her eyes to Ginny and then to Professor Snape. If he had been looking her way, he wasn't now.

Scribbling quickly, she tossed the parchment back to Ginny. "No he isn't."

Hermione stirred her potion and added a few more ingredients. She looked down as the parchment landed back on her desk. "Oh yes he was. With lust in his eyes." Glancing around carefully, Hermione wrote her response and tossed the note back to Ginny. "I wish."

Looking nervously at Snape and then back at Ginny, she continued to focus on her cauldron. The Parchment fell on her desk again. "LOL. I can imagine what you wish." Ginny had written. Feeling a little wicked, Hermione quickly wrote. "Oh just Severus, naked and shagging me from behind as I lay across his desk." She tossed the note back to Ginny, who flushed as she read it. Scribbling frantically, Ginny lobbed the parchment back in Hermione's direction. They both gasped loudly as a large hand flew up and snatched the note from mid air. Hermione flushed darkly as Professor Snape strode up the aisle and settled himself behind his desk. She watched in horror as he slowly unfolded the note and began to read. When he was done, his face remained impassive. He folded the note, stood and slipped it in his pants pocket. Fearing the worst, Hermione was mystified when he did not say or do anything. She watched as he barked at a Gryffindor who had failed to stir their potion correctly and then moved on to torment a Hufflepuff who had added ingredients in the improper order. Hermione and Ginny glanced fearfully at each other. Surely this was not an infraction he would just overlook?

As the minutes ticked by, Hermione tried to focus on her potion. Thirty minutes had passed with no response from Snape. Hermione found herself becoming lost in her potions task again. She jumped when a warm body pressed against her back. Wide eyed, she stared straight ahead as a large hand settled on her waist and lightly caressed her through her robes.

"See me after class, Ms. Granger." he whispered in her ear, his mouth so close his lips tickled her skin. He was gone again before she had a chance to nod her head. She looked over at Ginny who mouthed, "What?" to her. Shrugging her shoulders she glanced nervously at the Potions Master.

The end of class arrived to soon for Hermione. Sitting nervously she watched as the other students filed out. When everyone was gone, Snape flicked his wand and the dungeon doors swung shut and locked. Standing behind his desk, he motioned Hermione to approach his desk. She slowly made her way up and stood before him, her head bowed.

"Remind me why you are here at Hogwarts again, Ms. Granger?" he asked in his silky baritone voice.

"To review and take the Newt exams I missed while I was out looking for horcroxes and fighting Voldemort." she whispered quickly. Glancing up at him, she was surprised to see him unhooking his outer robes and lowering them off his shoulders.

"That's right." he murmured, as he tossed his robes on his chair. Reaching into his pants pocket he pulled out the folded piece of parchment. Holding it out to Hermione, he forced her to take a step closer to his desk to take it from his hand. "Will you please read this to me?" he asked, his voice silky. "And be sure to identify the writer as you do."

Hermione took a deep breathe and began to read slowly, her voice shaking slightly. "Ginny writes 'He's looking at you again.'. I responded "No he isn't."

Hermione glanced up when he interrupted her, she was surprised to see that his nimble fingers were unbuttoning the tiny buttons on his brocade waistcoat. "And tell me. Who is the 'He' mentioned?"

"You, Sir." Hermione croaked, her voice barely a whisper.

"Me." He repeated. "Please continue."

Hermione lowered her head and begin reading again. Snape had raised his arm and was unbuttoning the tiny buttons at his cuff. "Ginny says, 'Oh yes he was, with lust in his eyes.' I wrote, 'I wish," she glanced up and noticed that the Potions Master had finished with one cuff and had moved on to the other. "Ginny wrote, "LOL."

He interrupted her again, "LOL?" he asked, shrugging off his waistcoat and tossing it on his chair with his robe.

"Laugh out loud, Sir," she explained as she took a tiny step back. Professor Snape had moved to the front of his desk. He was wearing a crisp white shirt. He leaned against his desk and stretched out his long legs. "Go on." he whispered.

"LOL. I can imagine what you wish." Hermione read, her face crimson. I wrote "Oh just Severus, naked and shagging me from behind as I lay across his desk." Her voice trailed off in embarrassment.

"You didn't get to read Ms. Weasley's response, did you?" he asked. Tilting his head at her, he motioned her to continue.

"Ginny wrote, 'You hussy. Why don't you just grab him?'" Hermione hung her head as she finished reading.

"Ahhh. Interesting advise. Don't you think Ms. Granger?" he held out his hand for the note. Hermione was forced to step even closer to him to hand him the note. Placing it on his desk, he looked back at her. "How old are you now?" he asked.

"19 in three months." she answered.

Reaching up, he begin to unbutton his white shirt. "19." he repeated. "An adult now, wouldn't you say?"

"I would. Yes, Sir." she struggled to make her voice sound firmer, stronger. She watched, both fearful and fascinated, as he pulled his shirt out from where it was tucked in his black pants. He finished unbuttoning, but did not remove the shirt, leaving it to hang open. Hermione caught a glimpse of pale muscles, covered lightly with black hair.

"So tell me Ms, Granger." his voice sultry, "Are these the ruminations of a schoolgirl or the desires of a woman?"

Hermione gasped as his hand darted out lightening fast and grabbed hers, she stumbled against his chest as he pulled her forward and locked his hands behind her back. Finding herself pressed against Snape's lean muscular body, Hermione was unable to speak.

"Come now, Hermione." he pulled her even closer to him, she could feel the hard length of his excitement pressed against her stomach. "I need an answer. I will tell you that if they were mere ruminations and not true desires," he pointed his wand towards the door. It unlocked and opened slightly. "I would suggest you leave now and I would encourage you to do it, very, very quickly." He removed his hands from her waist, freeing her to leave.

Hermione looked over her shoulder at the open dungeon door. Turning back she looked directly into his black eyes. "And if they are my true desires?" she asked huskily, pressing herself against him slightly.

"Well," he said slowly, a small smirk playing on his lips. "I would tell you that I share your desires and I would offer you one last chance to leave before I ravage you."

Hermione continued to stare into his eyes. She was shaking slightly, from both fear and the desire his words had ignited in her. She slowly raised her hand to his chest. Hesitating and unsure, she placed her hand on his shoulder instead. Smirking he reached up and gently grabbed her hand. Lowering it to his chest, he brushed aside his open shirt and placed her palm on his bare chest. Leaning in closely he whispered ominously. "I'm sure you realize that it would be very unwise to tease me."

Their eyes remained locked for what seemed like an eternity to Hermione. She jumped when he straightened up suddenly. "Very well." he waved his wand and the door shut and locked again. Grabbing her up in his arms, he pressed his lips firmly against hers. She moaned as his tongue entered her mouth and rubbed delectably against hers. She returned his kiss fervently, clinging to his shoulders.